Unit 3

---Miluo No.1 Middle School Pan Wei

What can we do in order to look good and feel good?

try to lose some weight
choose suitable clothes make sure that you get enough sleep

keep smiling

have a balanced diet get regular exercise

Homework checking
Task1: Find the following words in the three (D1) emails and decide what they refer to. Task2: Match these new words from the (D2) e-mails with their meanings. Task3: Reading Strategy: understanding sentences with ‘however’ or ‘but’

Reading Strategy:
The sentences before and after ‘however’ or ‘but’ usually express something different and opposite(相反的 . )
Consolidation Practice
1. He shouted for help, ___________ his wife, Brenda, was asleep in their bedroom at the opposite end of the house. A. and B. but C. or D. so

2. (阅读理解第一段材料) Eating too much fatty food, exercising too little and smoking can raise your future risk of heart disease. However, there is another factor(因素) that can cause your heart problems more immediately: the air you breathe. The text mainly discusses the relationship between __________.
A. heart problems and air quality C. heart problems and smoking B. heart problems and exercising D. heart problems and fatty food

Lead in

In Tang Dynasty, the women who were a little bit overweight were considered to be more beautiful.
Yang Guifei—Tang Dynasty


In modern society, people usually regard the thin as beauties.

The modelNowadays


1. Where does Amy come from?

2. What kind of pills did Amy take?

Weight-loss pills called Fat-Less.
3. Can you guess the two possible meanings of the title? ① Amy is eager to be thin. ② To be thin, Amy is dying.


be dying/eager/ anxious for sth
be dying/eager/ anxious to do sth

Listening for main points
? Try to find the main point of each e-mail. ? Write one or two sentences to describe the main point.
Subject 1 Dying to be thin 2 Recovering 3 Re: Recovering Main point

The 1st e-mail


Main point

In order to lose weight, Amy takes 1 Dying to weight-loss pills and becomes slimmer be thin and slimmer.

The 2nd e-mail
Your liver would be destroyed if you continued taking the pills.


Main point

2 Recovering Amy is recovering from liver failure.

The 3rd e-mail
Subject Main point

3 Re: Recovering

Zhou Ling is sorry to hear about Amy’s problem, and she hopes that Amy and many people in China will value(重视) the importance of health.

Detailed reading E-mail 1---multiple choice
Keys: A D D B
1.What did Amy use to do to stay slim? A. She worked out in the gym. B. She took weight-loss pills. C. She went on a diet. C. All the above. 2. Why did Amy decide to take weight-loss pills? A. Because she was overweight. B. Because she was having problems. C. Because her clothes did not fit. D. Because she wanted to become slimmer. 3.What can we know according to the e-mail? A. Amy is going to act in a movie. B. In the last 2 months, Amy has lost 10kg. C. Amy’s mother approved of Amy’s taking the pills. D. Amy felt satisfied with her figure after taking the pills. 4. Which sentence about the weight-loss pills is Wrong? A. They are quite popular in Canada. B. They don’t have any side effect. C. They can help people lose some weight. D. They are called Fat-Less.

Detailed reading

E-mail 2--- Group work: Complete the table.
Amy’s feelings She felt 1.regretful ___________ for taking those weight-loss pills. She was hopeful that she was recovering. Reasons She suffered from liver failure because harmful of the 2.________ chemical in ______________ those pills.

Advice/ 5._______________
From her doctor: ① 6. ______________ Exercise/ half an hour every day. Work out ② Keep a balanced 7. _______. diet


She 3.____________ was sent From her mother: damage to hospital, where Don’t 8. ___________ she received good your health for a slim treatment and attractive figure. medical 4.________.

Detailed reading

E-mail 3--- Listening for information.
Title: Re: Recovering Reason Feelings

broken so she Zhou Ling’s computer was 1._________ couldn’t replied Amy on time.
· She felt sorry to hear about Amy’s problem. · She was glad that Amy was feeling better and was 2.____________ recovering · To Amy: embarrassed about our We shouldn’t be 3.__________________ weight. Nothing is important than 4._______________. health · To many Chinese people: learn from She hopes that they can 5.__________________ Amy’s story.


Write an article about Amy’s story for a magazine.

1. The title should be attractive! 2. Use the information in the

three e-mails.
3. Pay attention to the tense.

4. About 100 words.

1.Try to retell the three e-mails orally by yourselves. 2.Find out the language points in the three e-mails.


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