作业名称:2013 年春季大学英语(1)网上作业 2 出 卷 人:SA 作业总分:100 通过分数:60 起止时间: 2013-4-25 11:12:32 至 2013-4-25 14:13:41 学员姓名:411411 学员成绩:100 标准题总分:100 标准题得分:100 详细信息:

题号:1 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: I was on the highway when his car went past. He ____ at least 150 kilometers an hour. A、should have been doing B、 must have been doing C、 could have done D、 would have done

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5

题号:2 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: I ______ ten minutes to decide whether I should reject the offer. A、gave B、 was given

C、 was giving D、 had given

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5

题号:3 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: College students often complain that they only have little personal ______ with the teaching staff after class. A、link B、 direction C、 condition D、 contact

标准答案:D 学员答案:D 本题得分:5

题号:4 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: Scientists are trying to find more ______ ways to make full use of solar energy A、disrespectful B、 casual C、 efficient

D、 punctual

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5

题号:5 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: It won’t be long before she ______ living a new life in a foreign country. A、used to B、 gets used C、 gets used to D、 be used to

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5

题号:6 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: “You can’t have this football back ______ you promise not to kick it at my cat again.” the old man said firmly. A、because B、 since C、 when D、 unless

标准答案:D 学员答案:D 本题得分:5

题号:7 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: He immediately bought the bird and sent it to his mother. It ______ him $50. A、spent B、 paid C、 took D、 cost

标准答案:D 学员答案:D 本题得分:5

题号:8 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: I’d rather you ______ come here to see the film. It’s really long and boring. A、haven’t B、 don’t C、 didn’t D、 hadn’t

标准答案:C 学员答案:C


题号:9 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: The concert conducted by Mr. Andrews proved very ______. A、exciting B、 excited C、 to excite D、 being excited

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5

题号:10 题型:单选题 (请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: ______ I didn’t believe her but then I realized that she was telling the truth. A、Firstly B、 At first C、 First of all D、 First

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5

题号:11 题型:单选题 (请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: It’s useless trying to ______ her that she doesn’t need to lose any weight. A、reveal B、 convince C、 assure D、 encourage

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5

题号:12 题型:单选题 (请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: Some bookshelves have been moved out of this office to make ______ for more computers. A、space B、 place C、 room D、 position

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5

题号:13 题型:单选题 (请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: The doctors were amazed at his quick recovery from a ______ operation. A、important B、 slight C、 serious D、 major

标准答案:D 学员答案:D 本题得分:5

题号:14 题型:单选题 (请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: I’ve been telling her time and again that we can’t ______ another holiday, but she won’t listen. A、spend B、 save C、 afford D、 stress

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5

题号:15 题型:单选题 (请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: School life always has a great ______ on the formation of a child’s character. A、flexibility B、 conflict C、 influence D、 efficiency

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5

题号:16 题型:单选题 (请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: She is a woman too conservative to ______ the times, however, she is good-natured and treats others sincerely. A、come up with B、 keep up with C、 keep away from D、 put up with

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5

题号:17 题型:单选题 (请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: ______ only by one’s appearance, I’m sure, will have you get just half of him or less A、Judged B、 Judging C、 To be judged D、 Judge

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5

题号:18 题型:单选题 (请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: She and Mary not only look alike but also ______ the same tastes and interests A、produce B、 share C、 provide D、 copy

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5

题号:19 题型:单选题 (请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: That they have cheated the boys ______ now clear to us all. A、is B、 are C、 was D、 were

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5

题号:20 题型:单选题 (请在以下几个选项中选择唯一 正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: We ______ booked. Look, this restaurant is almost empty. A、must have B、 can’t have C、 should have D、 needn’t have

标准答案:D 学员答案:D 本题得分:5


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