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Presentation: What is your ideal job after graduation from university?

What do you have to for We need to find ago job. before you begin your job?

A job interview!

How to ensure the success of your job interview?

Fast reading

1. What is an interview?
2.How many parts does the interview process have?

3. What should you do after the interview?

Fast reading : Structure 1 2 Para ___-___: Introduction 3 11 Para ___-___: Body/Tips 12 Para ___: Conclusion

3 parts of an interview
Para 3-7 Before the interview _________________ Para 8-10 During the interview _________________

Para 11 After the interview _________________

Careful reading : tips for interview success

Read carefully and find tips for a

successful interview. List them on a piece
of paper in no more than five words.

Task 2

Fill in the table. (Write no more than 3 words for each answer. 1._________
Advice on / Tips for / Suggestions for

Job interview success

Definition Introduction 3 _____ 2 _____ of the interview

A talk between an employer and a potential employee. Interviewer can assess the interviewee. Job candidates can find out more about the job and the interview.


Purposes 4. _____

Processes 5._____

Before the interview

Collect information 6._____ Prepare for possible question. Be dressed smartly. Be on time or a little earlier. 8._____ Be confident. Be enthusiastic Make eye contact 9._____ Use body language. Listen carefully. Show your interest in your job a thankSell yourself by sending 10_____ you letter

(para3- 11)

7. _____

During the interview

Conclusion 11._____ /Summary

After the interview


very easy Follow the advice given above ,and it will be 12._____ for you to land an interview.


finish the cloze text

When your application is successful you’re asked to go for 1 an interview. The purpose of the interview is not 2onlyto find the suitable person for the position, but also provides opportunity for job candidates to find out more about the job. Interview process can split to getting the job; into three parts: 3first, preparation, the key 4 second, the interview itself; and finally, what you should do after the interview. Next, think about some questions you might be asked. Don’t worry about having butterflies 5 instomach during the interview. when First impressions are important, so wearing smart clothes6 you’re going for an interview. When you arrive for interview, make sure you are 7on time . During the interview, remember to be enthusiastic. Using body language to express yourself in perfect time. Listen closely and answer carefully. After interview you should follow 8upby writing to the company to express thanks.


Observe the pictures and discuss what wrong things they have done. keep hair neat and tidy

use right body language

be dressed smartly

Translate this sentence into Chinese
1.A good interviewer is able to tell very quickly if you have done your homework about the company. 2.This allows you to prepare good answers and means you won’t have to answer questions off the top of your head during the interview. 3.Don’t worry about having butterflies in your stomach before the interview. 4.If you follow the advice I’ve given you today, landing an interview should be as easy as pie.

好的面试官能够很快地判断出你是否做 了“家庭作业”即去了解这家公司. do your homework
find out as much as possible about something.

这让你可以准备比较好的答案,而且意 味着在面试你不用临时信口回答问题。

off the top of your head
Answering sth quickly without having time to think about it.

不要担心在面试之前你会因紧张而 心慌意乱。
having butterflies in your stomach
feeling nervous

如果你照着我今天给你的忠告去做, 在面试中胜出应该是易如反掌。

as easy as pie
very easy to do

Activity: a simulated job interview

An English teacher is wanted... Xi shan School Tel: 0731-88888888 Web: http:// www. dongshan.com

A job interview

HR manager Three interviewees

Useful expressions
HR manager: Why do you want to be an English teacher in our school? Could you tell me what salary you expect? What are your greatest strengths ? …… Interviewee: I’m quite willing to start with a small salary. These experiences all rapidly expanded my knowledge of English . It is a perfect time to convey my interest and enthusiasm. ……


Preparation / Discussion The interview

3’ 4’



Make your judgment according to the tips.
? ? ? ? ? ?

? ?


Find information about the company. Consider interviewers’ questions. Practice interviews with a friend. Be confident Leave good first impressions. Be on time. Be enthusiastic. Use body language. Listen and answer questions carefully. Express thanks to the company.

Appear ance

Body language

Con Communication Total tent

Interviewee 1
Interviewee 2 Interviewee 3

Summary “This is not only a gesture of politeness, but also a final chance to sell yourself to the company”. (L55-56) What should we do to sell ourselves for a good price in five or seven years?

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