高中英语语法训练试题解析 1---代词
Ⅰ.选词填空 it;each;any;one;those;that;none;neither;another;both 1.We have three sons but __________ of them lives nearby. 答案:none 2.Tom had broken his promise that he would give __________ of them a watch. 答案:each 3.She bought two pairs of shoes,but __________ of which wore comfortably. 答案:neither 4.They need __________ three hours to finish this work. 答案:another 5.Have you got __________ money with you? 答案:any 6.__________ is 112 miles from London to Birmingham. 答案:It 7.__________ the two sons of Mr.Wang have gone abroad,and he is alone at home. 答案:Both 8.The teacher gave the books to all the students except __________ who had already taken them. 答案:those 9.Cheap as the cars on show are,I really can’t afford __________. 答案:one 10.Most of the tourists think that the beauty of sea is greater than __________ of deserts. 答案:that Ⅱ.单项填空 1.(2012· 临沂质量检测)Usually there might be a lot of accidents in the heavy fog.I happened to witness __________ this morning. A.it B.those C.one D.that 解析:选 C。考查代词。句意:通常在大雾天会有很多事故。今天早上我碰巧目击了一 起事故。根据语境可知,此处指上句提到的“一起交通事故”,故用 one 代替。 2.(2012· 泰安一轮质量检测)__________ with any common sense can tell the difference between the two. A.Who B.Anyone C.Whoever D.That 解析:选 B。考查代词。句意:任何有常识的人都能够讲出这两者的区别。分析句子结 构可知,本句缺少主语,选项中只有 anyone 符合题意。with any common sense 是介词短语, 作为后置定语修饰 anyone。 3.(2012· 山东省实验中学诊断)—Who is making so much noise outside? —__________ our neighbor’s kids A.They are B.There are C.That is D.It is

解析:选 D。考查代词。句意:——谁在外面大声喧哗?——是我们邻居家的孩子。it 可以指不明身份、性别的人。 4.(2012· 济南模拟)Loud music is full of energy and __________ helps people to forget their problems and have fun. A.it B.which C.what D.one 解析:选 A。考查代词的用法。分析句子可知,两个分句由 and 连接,所以排除 B、C 两项。one 泛指同类中任一个;it 指代上文提到的某件事。 5.(2012· 德州模拟)The training is surely helpful, but it doesn’ t cover __________ I need for my new job. A.something B.anything C.everything D.nothing 解析:选 C。考查代词用法。句意:培训的确很有用,但它并未涵盖“我”新工作所需 要的一切东西。everything 意为“一切事物”。 6.(2012· 济宁模拟)—Hurry up!There’s a bus coming! —Why run?There will be __________ one in two or three minutes. A.another B.other C.the other D.any other 解析:选 A。考查代词。another 意为“另外的;另一个”,泛指三个或三个以上中的 另外一个。后句句意为:为什么跑呢?两三分钟后还会再有一辆公交车的。其他几项均不符 合题意。 7.(2012· 西安五校模拟)People working 10 or 11 hours a day are more likely to suffer from health problems than ________who go off duty after eight hours. A.those B.that C.these D.them 解析:选 A。考查代词的用法。句意:每天工作 10 或者 11 个小时的人比那些工作 8 小时后下班的人更可能出现健康问题。此处用 those 是为了避免重复,代替前面出现的 people。 8.(2012· 福建四地六校联考)The information tells me that the way of education in Canada is quite different from________in China. A.one B.it C.that D.those 解析: 选 C。 句意: 这个信息告诉我加拿大的教育方式和中国的教育方式十分不同。 that 可以替代上文出现的不可数名词或单数可数名词, 本句中 that 指代 the way of education。 one 虽然也可以代替一个单数可数名词, 但表示泛指意义, 此处“中国的教育方法”显然是特指。 9.(2012· 安徽皖南八校联考)Our company is seeking for a manager, especially________with creativity and imagination. A.the one B.each C.one D.that 解析:选 C。考查代词。the one 表示特指;that 表示代指,可以代替单数可数名词或不 可数名词;one 相当于 a/an 加单数可数名词,表示泛指。根据语意可知此处泛指有创造力和 想象力的人,所以用 one。 10.(2012· 温州五校联考)I wish I could offer you some cakes but there’s ________left. A.nothing B.none

C.nobody D.on one 解析:选 B。考查代词的用法。none 表示“没有一个,毫无”。句意:我想给你一些 蛋糕,可是一块儿都没有了。 Ⅲ.阅读下列短文,根据语境从括号内选择正确的代词形式 “Without the ball,I’m half complete of 1.____________ (myself,my), ”Luis Figo,one of the world’s greatest football players,once said. The Portuguese played 2.____________(his, him)first international match in 1991 at the age of 18 and has kept scoring ever since. He reached a new mark on February 18th by playing his one hundredth match for his national team in a friendly match against England.A crowd of more than 30, 000 fans watched and cheered for 3.____________(him,them)in Lisbon.“Figo!Figo!”4.____________(all,any)shouted excitedly when he walked onto the field. The Read Madrid player,31,wants to help his country in Euro 2004 and to win 5. ____________(another , other)Spanish Cup with Real Madrid.Madrid bought Figo from FC Barcelona for 82.4 million US dollars in 2000,and he showed 6.____________(everyone, anyone)what a great player he was by winning FIFA’S Footballer of the Year award in 2001. “Figo works like an artist and has the skills to be the most complete player, ”said FIFA President Joseph Blatter in 2001.Figo 7. ____________(himself , he)is a real leader 8. ____________(who,which)always tries his best on the field and a good team player.He doesn’t have any problems working together with his teammates at Real Madrid,star footballer David Beckham.In fact,Figo was the first 9.____________(one,some) to welcome Beckham when he arrived.“We have a strong team,and we can help each 10.____________(other,another)and work together to be successful.”Figo said. 答案:1.myself 2.his 3.him 4.All 5.another 6.everyone 7.himself 8.who 9.one 10.other



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