WORDS FOR SUCKING USELF Discord: lack of agreement or harmony, disagreement Undue: un-due, not yet due, beyond the normal limits, lacking justification or authorization Concede: admit, agree Otherwise XX would be far away from xxx Otherwise we learn far more from xxx than from xxx Oppose: against Under some circumstances Counterproductive Impede: blocking passage through Aside from two previous

Abase 每 to humiliate, degrade, to make feel shame Abash 每 to bewilder, confound, cause to be embarrassed Abate 每 to remove, lessen, to make less active or intense Abdicate - to forsake, give up Aberration 每 deviation, irregularity, abnormality Abeyance 每 inactivity, Abhor 每 to detest, hate Abject 每 degraded, miserable Abjure 每 to recant, revoke, formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief. Abnegate 每 to deny, denounce Abominate 每 to dislike Abort 每 to be unsuccessful, fail to develop Abrade 每 to scrape out, wear away, rub or scrub

Abrogate 每 to abolish, revoke formally Abscond 每 to bolt, decamp, flee Absolve 每 to pardon Abstemious 每 eating or drinking sparingly( avoiding waste) Abstract 每 summary (⑹煦 distract ) Abstruse 每 profound, hidden, hard to under-stand Accede - to consent Accessory 每 accomplice Acclivity 每 incline rising slope Accolade 每 honor, award Accord 每 to grant, allow Accost 每 to greet aggressively Accretion 每 adhesion, concretion Accrue 每 to accumulate Acerbity 每 sharpness, bitterness Acme 每 summit, peak, the highest level attainable Acolyte 每 attendant, helper, Acrimonious 每 sharp, acrid, marked by strong resentment or cynicism Actuate 每 to put into action, put into motion or move to act Adamant 每 immovable Adduce 每 to give as proof Adjudicate 每 to decide (a case) Adjunct 每 auxiliary, appendage Adjure 每 to state on oath Admonish 每 to caution, warn

Adroit 每 skillful, clever Adulation 每 flattery Adulterate 每 to corrupt, contaminate Advent 每 coming Adventitious 每 accidental Advocate 每 counsel, defender Aegis 每 protection Aesthetic 每 pertaining to beauty Affability 每 politeness, courtesy Affinity 每 relation, alliance Affluence 每 wealth Aggrandize 每 to increase in power Agnostic 每 one who doubts the existence of God Agrarian 每 relating to farming Alacrity 每 willingness, agility Albeit 每 although Alchemy 每 chemistry of the middle ages Alimentary 每 supplying food Allay 每 to soothe, calm Allegory 每 parable, fable Allocate 每 to distribute Allude 每 to insinuate, refer Altercation 每 quarrel Alternation - recurrence, succession Altruism 每 unselfish devotion Amalgamate 每 to combine, unite

Ambidextrous 每 using both hands equally well Ameliorate - to amend, improve Amenable 每 responsible, liable Amenity 每 pleasantness Amiable 每 pleasing, loving Amorphous 每 shapeless Anachronism 每 something misplaced in time Analogy 每 similarity, affinity Anarchy 每 absence of government Anathema 每 ban, curse Anchorite 每 hermit Ancillary 每 subordinate Anecdote 每 tale, story Animate 每 to inspire, encourage Animosity 每 enmity, hatred Annals 每 historical accounts Anneal 每 to heat glass, metal, etc. Annotator 每 commentator Anomaly 每 abnormality, deviation Antagonist 每 opponent Antecede 每 to come before (in time or place) Antedate 每 to assign a date earlier than the actual one Anterior - front Antimacassar 每 cover used to protect furniture Antipathy 每 aversion, dislike Antithesis 每 contrast, direct opposite

Aperture 每 opening Apex 每 highest point Aphorism 每 saying, adage Apiary 每 place where bees are kept Aplomb 每 self-confidence Apochryphal 每 of questionable authenticity Apogee 每 farthest orbit point from the earth Apoplexy 每 sudden loss of consciousness Apostasy 每 abandoning of faith Apothecary 每 druggist Apothegm 每 short, pithy statement Appall 每 to terrify, shock Appellation 每 name, title Apposite 每 suitable, appropriate Apprise 每 to inform Approbation 每 approval, consent Arbiter 每 arbitrator, judge Archaic 每 no longer used Archipelago 每 chain of island Archives 每 place where records are kept Arduous 每 difficult Argot 每 slang Array 每 rank, order, finery Arrears 每 in debt Articulate 每 to speak or write clearly Artifice 每 mastery, trickery

Asperity 每 acrimony, harshness Aspersion 每 slander, false accusation Assay 每 to analyze chemically Asseverate- to state positively Assiduity 每 care, diligence Assimilate - to absorb Assuage 每 to pacify, calm Astral 每 starry Astringent 每 contracting (tissues), severe Astute 每 shrewd Atheist 每 one who denies the existence of God Atrophy 每 to waste away, deteriorate Attenuate 每 to weaken Attrition 每 a wearing away, weakening Audacious 每 bold Augment 每 to increase Augur 每 to predict August 每 majestic, noble Auspice 每 protection Auspicious 每 fortunate, favorable Austere 每 rigid, severe Authoritative 每 powerful, commanding Autocratic 每 arrogant, dictatorial Autonomy 每 self-government Auxiliary 每 assistant, helping Avarice 每 greed, cupidity

Aver 每 assert Averse 每 unwilling Aviary 每 place where birds are kept Avidity 每 eagerness Avoirdupois 每 weight Avow 每 declare Awry 每 crooked, bent Axiomatic 每 principle accepted as self-evident

Badger 每 to harass, nag Badinage 每 banter Baleful 每 harmful, evil Balm 每 something that soothes Banal 每 meaningless, commonplace Bandy 每 to exchange (word) Band 每 cause of harm Barrister 每 court lawyer Bedizen 每 to dress in a gaudy, vulgar manner Beguile 每 to deceive Belabor 每 to attack verbally, drag out Bellicose 每 warlike Beneficient 每 liberal, kind Benign 每 gentle, mild Berate 每 to scold Bereft 每 bereaved, deprived of Bestial 每 savage

Bestride 每 to mount Bicameral 每 having two legislative chambers Biennial - every two years Bilious 每 bad-tempered Biped 每 two-footed animal Bivouac 每 encampment Bland 每 mild Blas谷 每 indifferent Blasphemy 每 profane abuse of anything sacred Blatant 每 noisy, vociferous Blazon 每 to adorn, proclaim Bluster 每 to swagger, boast Bogus 每 counterfeit Boisterous 每 violent, furious Bombast 每 pompous speech Botch 每 to ruin Bounty 每 generosity Bourgeois 每 middle class Bovine 每 ox or cow Brandish 每 to wave menacingly Bravado 每 pretense of bravery Breech 每 lower part of the body Brigand 每 robber, bandit Broach 每 to start a discussion Browbeat 每 to intimidate Brusque 每 abrupt in manner

Bucolic 每 rustic Buffoon 每 clown Buoyancy 每 lightness, animation Bureaucracy 每 government of specialized functions and hierarchy of officials Burgeon 每 bud, sprout Burnish 每 to polish Butte 每 hill Buttress 每 prop, protuberance

Cabal 每 intrigue, faction Cache 每 hiding place Cacophony 每 harsh sound Cadence 每 measured movement Cajole 每 to coax, flatter Caldron 每 kettle Calligraphy 每 penmanship Callous 每 hard, obdurate Callow 每 unfledged Calumny 每 slander, defamation Canard 每 hoax Canker 每 ulcer Cant 每 tilt, whining speech Cantilever 每 supporting bracket Canvass 每 to make a survey, solicit Capacious 每 roomy, ample Caper 每 frolic, mischievous act

Capitulate 每 to surrender Caprice 每 whim, fancy Captious 每 touchy, cross Captivate 每 to charm, fascinate Carnage 每 slaughter, massacre Carnivorous 每 flesh-eating Carom 每 rebound Carp 每 to complain constantly Carrion 每 decaying flesh Castigate 每 to punish Casuistry 每 false reasoning Cataclysm 每 violent change or upheaval Catalyst 每 agent of change Cathartic 每 purifying Catholic 每 universal Caustic 每 sarcastic, corrosive Cavil 每 to quibble Celerity 每 rapidity, velocity Censorious 每 fault-finding Censure 每 to criticize sharply Centrifugal 每 moving away from center Cephalic 每 of the head Cerebration 每 thought process Chafe 每 fret, irritate Chaff 每 worthless material Chagrin 每 embarrassment

Charlatan 每 faker Charnel 每 place where corpses are deposited Chary 每 discreetly cautious Chastise 每 to castigate, correct Chattel 每 slave Chauvinism 每 fanatical patriotism Chicanery 每 deception Chimerical 每 imaginary Choleric 每 irascible, easily angered Chronic 每 always present Churlish 每 ill-bred Circuitous 每 roundabout, tortuous Circumlocution 每 evasion in speech Circumspect 每 watchful, cautious Circumvent 每 to avoid Citadel 每 fortress Civility 每 politeness, affability Clairvoyant 每 able to perceive something not readily apparent Clandestine 每 secret, hidden Cloy 每 to overindulge with an initially pleasing thing Coagulate 每 to thicken, clot Coalesce 每 to unite, join forces Coda 每 ending section distinct from the main body of a work Coerce 每 to force Cogent 每 forcible, convincing Cogitate 每 to think seriously

Cognate 每 related Cognizant 每 aware Cohesion 每 a sticking together Collate to put together in proper order Colligate 每 to group together Collocate 每 to arrange in position Colloquy 每 conversation, dialogue Collusion 每 secret agreement to defraud Colophon 每 inscription in a book Colorable 每 plausible, ostensible Comestible 每 edible Commensurate - proportionate Commodious 每 spacious Commute 每 alter, exchange Compatible 每 consistent Compendious 每 spacious Compendium 每 abridgment, abstract Compunction 每 uneasiness, remorse Conclave 每 secret meeting Concomitant 每 accompanying Concupiscence 每 strong desire Condign 每 appropriate Condone 每 to overlook as unimportant Conduce 每 to lead toward a desired end Configuration 每 shape, arrangement Confiscatory 每 seized by authority

Conflagration 每 destructive fire Confute 每 to disprove, refute Congeal 每 to change to a solid state Congenital 每 existing from birth Congruous 每 appropriate, in agreement Coniferous 每 cone-bearing Conjecture 每 guess, conclusion Conjure 每 to summon solemnly Connive 每 cooperate secretly Connoisseur 每 expert, critic Connote 每suggest, imply Conscript 每 to force into service, draft Consecrate 每 to sanctify, dedicate Consonance 每 harmony Consort 每 associate, companion Constellation 每 group of stars Consternation 每 sudden confusion, panic Constituency 每 voters in a district Constrain 每 to restrict movement, limit Constrict 每 to shrink Consummate 每 to complete Contemn 每 to despise, scorn Contemptuous 每 scornful, insolent Contentious 每 argumentative Contiguous 每 adjacent, touching Contingency 每 casualty, occurrence

Contravene 每 to contradict Contrition 每 remorse, repentance Contrivance 每 plan, scheme Controvert 每 to debate, dispute Contumely 每 rudeness Contusion - bruise Conundrum 每 riddle Conversant 每 familiar with Convivial 每 joyous, festal Convoke 每 to assemble Convulse 每 to shake violently, agitate Copious 每 abundant Corollary 每 inference, result Corona 每 crown, luminous circle Corporeal 每 pertaining to the body Corpulent 每 fat, stout Correlate 每 to be in mutual relation Corrigible 每 amenable, tractable Corroborate 每 to strengthen, confirm Coterie 每 group Countenance 每 facial expression, composure Countermand 每 to cancel with a contrary order Covenant 每 contract Covert 每 clandestine, secret Covet 每 to desire, aspire to Cower 每 to cringe in feat

Cozen 每 to trick Crag 每 steep projecting rock Crass 每 grossly stupid Credence 每 belief, faith Credible 每 believable Credulity 每 simplicity, gullibility Crimp 每 to bend into shape, pinch together Cruciate 每 cross-shaped Crux 每 vital point Cryptic 每 mysterious Cudgel 每 club Culmination 每 highest point, climax Culpable 每 deserving blame Cumbrous 每 unwieldy Cupidity 每 avarice, greed Curry 每 to seek favor by flattery Cursory 每 hasty, superficial Cynical 每 sarcastic, sneering Cynosure 每 center of attraction

Dalliance 每 dawdling Dank 每 chilly and wet Dastard 每 coward Dauntless 每 valiant, intrepid Dearth 每 scarcity Debacle 每 complete failure, fiasco

Debase 每 to degrade, lower Debauch 每 to corrupt Debility 每 weakness Debonair 每 affable, jaunty Decamp 每 to break camp, depart suddenly Decant 每 to pour Deciduous 每 shedding (leaves) annually Declaim 每 speak, debate Declaration 每 announcement Declivity 每 descent, slop Decorous 每 proper in good taste Decrepit 每 run-down, worn-out Decry 每 to censure Deference 每 honor, respect Definitive 每 explicit, conclusive Defunct 每 no longer existing Deign 每 to condescend Deleterious 每 harmful Delineate 每 to describe Demean 每 to behave properly Denigrate 每 to describe Demean 每 to behave properly Denigrate 每 to define, belittle Denizen 每 inhabitant Denote 每 to standard for, mean Denude 每 to strip, divest

Deposition 每 removal (from office), testimony Depraved 每 sinful Deprecate 每 to disapprove of Depreciate 每 to lessen the value of Depute 每 to appoint, entrust Derogatory 每 disparaging Descry 每 to discover, make known Desecrate 每 to profane, abuse Desiccate 每 to dry up Desist 每 to cease, stop Despicable 每 contemptible Desultory 每 loose, rambling Deterrent 每 constraint, preventative Detritus 每 product of disintegration Devious 每 rambling, errant, tricky Diametric 每 opposite Diaphanous 每 extremely delicate, insubstantial Dichotomy 每 division into two parts Dictum 每 positive statement Didactic 每 instructive Diffident 每 lacking confidence, reserved Diffuse 每 to spread without restraint Dilate 每 to stretch, widen Dilatory 每 tardy, lagging Dilettante 每 one who dabbles superficially Diligent 每 industrious, assiduous

Diluvial 每 pertaining to feeds Discern 每 to observe, perceive Discompose 每 to upset the order of Disconcert 每 to confound, disturb Disconsolate 每 sad, forlorn Discord 每 disagreement Discountenance 每 disapproval Discursive 每 rambling Disdain 每 to scorn Disingenuous 每 without candor Disparage 每 to belittle Disparate 每 distinct in quality Disputation 每 debase Disseminate 每 to spread widely Dissident 每 disagreeing Dissimulate 每 to put on a false appearance Dissipate 每 to scatter or use wastefully Dissolute 每 morally loose Dissonant 每 lacking harmony Dissuade 每 to advise against Distend 每 to stretch out Distrait 每 absentminded, distracted Distraught 每 mentally upset Diverge 每 to branch off, deviate Divers 每 various Divest 每 to deprive, strip off

Doctrinate 每 impractical theorist Dogmatic 每 arrogant stating of opinion Doldrums 每 low spirits Dole 每 something given sparingly Doleful 每 dismal Dolorous 每 mournful Dolt 每 stupid person Dotage 每 senility Dour 每 stern, gloomy Dowdy 每 shabby, styleless Dreg 每 undesirable leftovers Drivel 每 silly talk Droll 每 funny, amusing Dross 每 refuse, waste Dubious 每 uncertain Dubitable 每 open to doubt Dupe 每 to deceive Duplicity 每 deception Duress 每 restraint, force

Ebony 每 hard durable wood, black Ebullient 每 enthusiastic Ecclesiastical 每 pertaining to the church Echelon 每 formation of units or troops Eclectic 每 made up of elements from a variety of source Ecology 每 study of the relationships in an environment

Ecumenical 每 general, worldwide Edict 每 public announcement, decree Edifice 每 large building Edify 每 to enlighten Educe 每 to bring forth Effable 每 capable of being expressed Efface 每 to wipe out, erase Efficacious 每 effective Effigy 每 image, crud likeness Effluence 每 flowing out Effrontery 每 impudence Effulgent 每 illuminated Effusive 每 highly emotional Egocentric 每 self-centered Egregious 每 flagrant Egression 每 emergence Electorate 每 voting body Elicit 每 to cause a response Elision 每 omission Eloquent 每 pleasingly expressive Elucidate 每 to make clear Elusive 每 hard to grasp Emaciate 每 to make thin Emanate 每 to come out from Embellish 每 to ornament Embody 每 to make perceptible, personify

Embroil 每 to involve in an argument Emend 每 to correct or alter (as in a literary work) Emissary 每 messenger Emollient 每 soothing substance Emolument 每 salary, compensation Emulate 每 to rival or try to equal Enclave 每 distinct unit surrounded by foreign territory Encomium 每 glowing praise Encroach 每 trespass Encyclopedia 每 compendium of knowledge Endemic 每 restricted to a given locality Endogenous 每 originating from within Enervate 每 to lessen the vitality of Enfranchise 每 to give the right to vote Engender 每 to bring into being Engross 每 to take the entire attention of Engulf 每 to swallow up Enigmatic 每 hard to understand, puzzling Enjoin 每 to impose by order, prohibit Enmesh 每 to entangle Enmity 每 hostility Enormity 每 outrageous act Ensconce 每 to conceal, settle snugly Entity 每 something that exists independently Entomology 每 study of insects Entreat 每 to implore

Enunciate 每 to announce, pronounce clearly Ephemeral 每 short-lived Epic 每 long, narrative poem Epicure 每 one who has discriminating tastes for foods and liquors Epigram 每 terse, witty saying Epilogue 每 closed section of a literary work Epistle 每 letter Epitaph 每 inscription Epithet 每 word or phrase characterizing a person or thing Epitome 每 ideal example, embodiment Epoch 每 event or time that marks the start of a new period Equable 每 uniform, even Equanimity 每 composure Equivocal 每 purposely deceive Era 每 period of time marked by certain events Ergo 每 therefore Ersatz 每 artificial, substitute Erudite 每 learned Escapement 每 notched device regulating movement in a mechanism Escarpment 每 steep slope between level areas Eschew 每 to shun Esculent 每 edible Escutcheon 每 shield containing a coat of arms Esoteric 每 limited to a chosen few Esthetic 每 beautiful Estival 每 pertaining to summer

Ethereal 每 airy Etude 每 musical composition used for practice Eulogy 每 speech in praise of a dead person Euphemism 每 substitution of a less offensive word Euphony 每 agreeable sounds Euphoria 每 feeling of well-being Evanescent 每 fading from sight Evasion 每 avoidance Evince 每 to show plainly Evoke 每 to call force, produce Evolve 每 to develop gradually Exacerbate 每 to aggravate Exacting 每 making severe demands Exclude 每 to bar Excoriate 每 to strip the skin off Exculpate 每 to free from blame Execrable 每 detestable Execrate 每 to curse Exemplary 每 serving as a model Exempt 每 to excuse from responsibility others are subject to Exhort 每 to entreat, appeal urgently Exhume 每 to dig up Exigency 每 situation making extremely urgent demands Exigent 每 urgent Exiguous 每 scanty, meager Exogenous 每 originating from outside

Exonerate 每 to clear from blame Exorcise 每 to expel (an evil spirit) Expatiate 每 to speak or write at length, wander Expedite 每 speed up Expeditious 每 prompt Expiate 每 to make amends Expound 每 to state in detail Expunge 每 to erase Expurgate 每 to remove passages (from a book) Exquisite 每 very beautiful, perfected Extant 每 still existing Extemporary 每 impromptu Extemporize 每 to improvise Extenuate 每 to lessen the seriousness of Extirpate 每 to destroy completely Extol 每 to laud Extraneous 每 not pertinent to the whole Extricate 每 to set free Extrinsic 每 to force out Exude 每 to discharge Exult 每 to rejoice

Fabricate 每 to manufacture, invent Fabulous 每 fictitious Faade 每 front or main face of a building Facetious 每 lightly joking

Facile 每 easily done Facilitate 每 to make easier Facsimile 每 reproduction Factious 每 producing dissension Factitious 每 artificially produced Factotum 每 general worker Fallacious 每 tending to mislead Fallible 每 capable of erring Fallow 每 cultivated land not in use Fastidious 每 hard to please, meticulous Fatuous 每 foolish Fawn 每 to court favor, grovel Fealty 每 intense faithfulness Feasible 每 possible Feculent 每 impure Fecund 每 fertile Fein 每 to simulate, pretend Felicitous 每 appropriate, pleasant Fell 每 dangerous, cruel Ferret 每 to search out Fervid 每 ardent Fervor 每 ardor, zeal Festoon 每 decorative chain Fetid 每 stinking Fetish 每 an object believe to have magical powers Fettle 每 condition, state of fitness

Fiasco 每 complete failure Fickle 每 capricious Figment 每 fine thread Filch 每 to pilfer Finesse 每 skill Fissure 每 cleft or crack Flaccid 每 soft and limp Flagitious 每 wicked Flagrant 每 outrageous Flail 每 implement for threshing grain Flair 每 aptitude, attractive quality Flamboyant 每 showy Flaunt 每 to show off Flex 每 to bend Flinch 每 to draw back Flippant 每 lacking proper respect Florescence 每 flowering Floriculture 每 care of ornamental plants Flout 每 to mock or scoff Fluctuate 每 to vary Foible 每 minor weakness Foment 每 to stir up Foray 每 to plunder Forensic 每 relating to court or public debate Forerunner 每 predecessor, sign warning of something to follow Forlorn 每 miserable

Formidable 每 dreadful, awesome Fortitude 每 courage Fortnight 每 two weeks Fortuitous 每 by chance Fractious 每 unruly Fraught 每 laden Fray 每 fight Frenetic 每 wildly excited Frugal 每 thrifty Fruition 每 accomplishment Fulminate 每 to explode, denounce Fulsome 每 disgusting Furtive 每 stealthy

Gainsay 每 to contradict Gambol 每 to frolic Gamut 每 entire range Garble 每 to distort Garish 每 showy, gaudy Garrulous 每 talkative Gastronomy 每 art of good eating Gauntlet 每 glove (medieval), ordeal Gelid 每 frozen Genial 每 cordial Genre 每 sort or type, category Genus 每 class, group with similar characteristics

Germane 每 fitting Germinate 每 to develop, sprout Gestation 每 development, pregnancy Gibber 每 to speak rapidly, chatter Gibe 每 to scoff, deride Gird 每 to encircle Glib 每 superficial, unconvincing Glut 每 to oversupply Glutton 每 one who overindulges Goad 每 spur Gourmet 每 expert on good food and drink Gradient 每 slope Grandeur 每 splendor Gratuitous 每 free of charge Gratuity 每 tip Gregarious 每 sociable Grimace 每 expression of pain Grommet 每 metal ring Grueling 每 very tiring Guild 每 organization of persons with common interests Guile 每 deceitful behavior Guise 每 false pretense Gyrate 每 to move in a circular fashion

Hackneyed 每 overused, trite Haphazard 每 not planned, random

Harangue 每 long speech Harass 每 to torment Harbinger 每 forerunner Haughty 每 extremely proud Hauteur 每 disdainful pride Havoc 每 great destruction Hawser 每 strong rope Heady 每 impetuous Hearth 每 fireplace floor Hegemony 每 dominance of authority Heinous 每 hateful, evil Heptagon 每 seven-sided polygon Heresy 每 anti-religious thought Hermetic 每 airtight Heterodox 每 differing from the accepted standard Heterogeneous 每 differing in structure, mixed Hexapod 每 something with six legs Hiatus 每 gap Hibernal 每 pertaining to winter Hierarchy 每 an ordering by rank of grade Hinder 每 to thwart, impede Histrionic 每 theatrical Hoax 每 practical joke, trick Holocaust 每 complete destruction Homily 每 sermon Homogeneous 每 uniform in structure

Homologous 每 corresponding in structure Horology 每 science of measuring time Hortative 每 exhorting, pleading Horticulture 每 the art of growing flowers, plants, fruits Huddle 每 to crowd together Humus 每 fertilizer, organic part of soil Hurtle 每 to speed Husbandry 每 cultivation and care of plants and animals Hybrid 每 of mixed origin Hydrophobia 每 fear of water Hyperbole 每 exaggeration Hypothesis 每 assumption

Idiosyncrasy 每 peculiar mannerism Idyllic 每 pleasing, simple, pastoral Ignoble 每 mean, base Ignominious 每 shameful, degrading Illicit 每 unlawful Illimitable 每 boundless Illusory 每 deceptive Imbibe 每 to absorb or drink Imbroglio 每 confused situation Imbue 每 to permeate Immolate 每 to offer in sacrifice Immutable 每 unchangeable Impale 每 to pierce through

Impalpable 每 not understood, vague Impasse 每 deadlock Impassioned 每 ardent, fervent Impeach 每 to accuse Impeccable 每 flawless Impecunious 每 having no money, poor Imperceptible 每 slight, subtle Imperious 每 domineering Impertinent 每 rude Impervious 每 not influenced Impetuous 每impulsive Impious 每 lacking reverence Implicit 每 implied, not appearent Imply 每 to indicate by indirect statement Importune 每 to urge persistently Impromptu 每 insolence Impugn 每 to challenge as false Impunity 每 freedom harm Impute 每 to attribute (something bad) to another Inadvertence 每 negligence, oversight Inalienable 每 unable to be taken away Inane 每 lacking sense Inarticulate 每 unable to speak clearly Incendiary 每 one who excites or agitates Inception 每 beginning Incessant 每 never ceasing

Inchoative 每 just begun, initial Incipient 每 beginning to appear Inclement 每 stormy Inclusive 每 taking all factors into account Incognito 每 disguised Incongruous 每 unconforming, inconsistent Inconsiderable 每 trivial, small Inconspicuous 每 not readily apparent Incorrigible 每 not able to be corrected, delinquent Incredulous 每 not readily apparent Incorrigible 每 not able to be corrected, delinquent Incredulous 每 skeptical Increment 每 increase, addition Inculpate 每 to incriminate Incumbent 每 officeholder, obligatory Indefatigable 每 tireless Indigenous 每 native to Indigent 每 poor Indolent 每 lazy Indurate 每 hardened Ineffable 每 unspeakable, indescribable Inert 每 without power to move or resist Inexorable 每 unrelenting Infamy 每 unrelenting Infamy 每 bad reputation Inference 每 conclusion

Infernal 每 hellish, fiendish Infinitesimal 每 immeasurable small Infrastructure 每 basic framework of an organization Infringe 每 to encroach upon Ingenious 每 resourceful, inventive Ingenuous 每 frank, nave Ingratiate 每 to seek someone*s favor Inherent 每 belonging by nature Inimical 每 hostile Iniquitous 每 unjust Injunction 每 court order, command Innate 每 natural, existing from birth Innocuous 每 harmless Innuendo 每 hint, allusion Inscrutable 每 enigmatic, mysterious Insidious 每 treacherous Insinuate 每 to suggest, hint at artfully Insipid 每 dull, tasteless Insolvent 每 bankrupt Instigator 每 one who incites action Insular 每 narrow-minded, limited Insurgent 每 one who revolts against established authority Intangible 每 incorporeal, vague Intemperance 每 excessive indulgence Interdict 每 to prohibit Interment 每 burial

Interminable 每 endless Internment 每 confinement (of enemies) Interpolate 每 to change by inserting new material Interstice 每 space, interval Intractable 每 unruly, stubborn Intransigent 每 refusing to compromise Intrepid 每 fearless Intrinsic 每 inherent Introvert 每 to turn inward Intuition 每 insight Inundate 每 to overflow overwhelm Inure 每 habituate Invective 每 denunciation Inveigh 每 to complain bitterly Inveigle 每 to trick, entice Investiture 每 installation in office Inveterate 每 firmly established Invidious 每 offensive Invincible 每 unconquerable Inviolate 每 sacred Irascible 每 contrary to what was expected, sarcastic Isthmus 每 narrow strip of land Iterate 每 to repeat over and over Itinerant 每 traveling from place to place

Jaundice 每 yellow pigmentation of the skin

Jaunty 每 lively Jettison 每 to throw overboard, discard as superfluous Jocose 每 humorous Jocund 每 cheerful Jocular 每 playful, jolly Jostle - to elbow, agitate Judicious 每 showing sound judgment Juggernaut 每 massive destructive force Juridical 每 pertaining to law Juxtapose 每 to put side by side

Kaleidoscopic 每 changing Kindred 每 family relationship Kinetic 每 active Kismet 每 fate Kith 每 friends Knave 每 credit for an achievement, praise Labyrinth 每 maze Lacerate 每 to mangle, tear Laconic 每 concise Lambaste 每 to scold, censure Lampoon 每 satirical attack Languid 每 weak, dull Languish 每 to become weak Languor 每 lack of vitality Larcenous 每 thievish

Largess 每 generous giving Lascivious 每 lustful Lassitude 每 fatigue Latent 每 hidden Laudatory 每 expressing praise Lethal 每 deadly Lethargic 每 sluggish Levity 每 lightness, frivolity Lexicon 每 dictionary Libation 每 ceremonial drinking Licentious 每 morally unrestrained Limpid 每 cleat, transparent Lineament 每 a distinctive feature Lissome 每 nimble Litany 每 prayer, chant Lithe 每 flexible Litigation 每 lawsuit Livid 每 discolored by a bruise, enraged Location 每 style of speech Loquacious 每 talkative Lucid 每 shining, readily understood Ludicrous 每 absurd Lugubrious 每 affectedly mournful Luminary 每 outstanding person Lurid 每 sensational

Macabre 每 gruesome Machination 每 evil plot Macrocosm 每 entity representing on a larger scale, one of its smaller units Madrigal 每 song, ballad Magistrate 每 official who administers laws Magnanimous 每 generous Maladroit 每 awkward Malefactor 每 evildoer Malevolent 每 arising from an evil will Malfeasance 每 wrongdoing Malign 每 to slander Malinger 每 to feign illness Malleable 每 flexible, adaptable Martinet 每 very strict disciplinarian Masticate 每 to chew up Maudlin 每 foolishly sentimental Megalomania 每 illusions of grandeur Meliorate 每 to make or become better Mellifluous 每 flowing sweetly, smoothly M谷nage 每 household Mendacious 每 untruthful Mendicant 每 beggar Menial 每 servile Mercurial 每 changeable, fickle Meretricious 每 falsely alluring, gaudy Meritorious 每 deserving honor

Mesmerize 每 hypnotize Metamorphosis 每 change of form Metaphor 每 figure of speech using one idea in place of another to denote a likeness between the two Mete 每 to allot Meticulous 每 careful with details Mettle 每 spirit, courage Miasma 每 pervading corruptive atmosphere Microcosm 每 a small unit that is the epitome of a larger entity Mien 每 manner, appearance Militate 每 to work (for or against) Millennium 每 1000 years Minion 每 favored person Miscreant 每 villain Misgiving 每 doubt Misnomer 每 name wrongly applied Missive 每 letter Mitigate 每 to ease Mnemonic 每 memory aid Modicum 每 small portion Modulate 每 to regulate Mollify 每 to appease Moot 每 debatable Mordant 每 sarcastic Mores 每 customs Moribund 每 dying

Morose 每 gloomy Motley 每 composed of many elements Multifarious 每 diverse Mundane 每 worldly Munificent 每 generous, lavish Myopia 每 nearsightedness Myriad 每 very large number

Nadir 每 lowest point Nape 每 back of the neck Narcissism 每 self-love Narrative 每 story, account Nascent 每 coming into being Nebulous 每 vague Nefarious 每 very wicked Nemesis 每 formidable rival, one who inflicts just punishment Neology 每 use of an established word in a new way Neophyte 每 beginner, convert Nepotism 每 favoritism shown relatives Nettle 每 irritate Nexus 每 link, connection Niggardly 每 stingy Nocturnal 每 pertaining to night Noisome 每 offensive, harmful to health Nomenclature 每 system of names Nonpareil 每 unequaled

Nonplussed 每 perplexed Nostalgia 每 sentimental yearning for the past Notorious 每 widely known Noxious 每 harmful Numismatic 每 monetary Nuptial 每 pertaining to marriage Nurture 每 train, rear

Obdurate 每 stubborn Obeisance gesture of respect Obesity 每 stoutness, fatness Obfuscate 每 to obscure Objurgate 每 to denounce Oblation 每 solemn offering Oblique 每 evasive Obloquy 每 widespread censure Obsequious 每 servile Obsolescent 每 falling into disuse Obstreperous 每 noisy, unruly Obstruct 每 to stop, close Obtrude 每 to push out Obtuse 每 stupid, blunt Obviate 每 to prevent Occidental 每 Western Odious 每 disgusting Odoriferous 每 giving off a smell

Officious 每 meddlesome Olfactory 每 pertaining to smell Oligarchy 每 government by a small group often for corrupt purposes Ominous 每 threatening Omnipotent 每 having unlimited power Omnivorous 每 eating all sorts of food Onerous 每 burdensome Onus 每 burden Opaque 每 not translucent Opprobrious 每 disgraceful, infamous Opulent 每 wealthy Opus 每 work, composition Orbit 每 revolving path Ordinance 每 statute Ordnance 每 artillery Ordure 每 excrement Ornate 每 showy Ornery 每 obstinate Ornithology 每 study of birds Oscillate 每 to fluctuate between two points Ossify 每 to change to bone Ostensible 每 apparent Ostentatious 每 showy Ostracize 每 to banish Overt 每 done openly Overweening 每 arrogant

Palatable 每 agreeable to the senses Pall 每 to lose effectiveness Palliate 每 to reduce the intensity of Pallid 每 pale Palpable 每 obvious, easily perceived Paltry 每 pretty Panacea 每 remedy for all maladies Pandemic 每 widely spread Parable 每 short story showing a moral Paradigm 每 model, example Paradox 每 statement that seems contradictory but may be true in fact Paragon 每 model of excellence Paramount 每 highest in rank Paraphernalia 每 personal belongings Pariah 每 outcast Parity 每 equality in value Parody 每 farcical imitation Paroxysm 每 sudden outburst Parsimony 每 stinginess, thrift Parsonage 每 pastor*s dwelling Pastoral 每 of shepherds, rural Patent 每 evident Pathos 每 something which arouses pity Patrimony 每 property inherited from ancestors Paucity 每 scarcity

Peculate 每 to embezzle Pecuniary 每 involving money Pedant 每 one who emphasizes trivial points of learning Pejorative 每 worsening Penchant 每 strong liking Pendant 每 ganging object Penitence 每 sorrow for sins Penology 每 study of prisons and prison reform Pensile 每 hanging Penurious 每 stingy Perambulate 每 to walk Perdition 每 damnation Perennial 每 enduring Perfidy 每 treachery Perforce 每 of necessity Perfunctory 每 routine, superficial Perigee 每 point of an orbit nearest the earth Peripatetic 每 itinerant Periphery 每 outside boundary Periphrasis 每 using long phrasing instead of shorter expressions Permeable 每 passable, penetrable Permutation 每 change, alteration Pernicious 每 destructive, fatal Peroration 每 end of a speech Perpetrate 每 carry out, commit Perpetuate 每 cause to continue

Perquisite 每 something in addition to regular pay, tip, bonus Personage 每 important person Perspective 每 sense of proportion Perspicacity 每 keen judgment Perspicuous 每 easily understood Pert 每 bold, cocky Pertinent 每 relevant Perturb 每 to upset, agitate Peruse 每 to read carefully Pervade 每 to spread throughout Perverse 每 deviating from what is considered normal Petulance 每 impatience Phalanx 每 massed group of individuals Philander 每 to court with no intention of marriage Philistine 每one governed by material rather than intellectual values Philology 每 study of linguistics Phlegmatic 每 sluggish Phobia 每 persistent irrational fear Picayune 每 of little value, petty Piebald 每 marked with splotches of color, heterogeneous Pillory 每 to scorn publicly Piquant 每 agreeably stimulating, pungent Pique 每 to offend, provoke Piscatorial 每 pertaining to fish Pithy 每 terse Pixilated 每 amusingly eccentric

Placate 每 to appease Placid 每 calm Plaintive 每 melancholy Plait 每 to braid, pleat Platitude 每 trite remark Plaudit 每 expression of approval Plausible 每 seemingly reasonable Plebiscite 每 poplar vote Plenary 每 full, complete Plethora 每 overabundance Plicate 每 folded lengthwise Plumb 每 straight down, vertically Ply 每 to use or practice diligently Poach 每 to trespass Poignant 每 pungent, touching the emotions Polemic 每 involving dispute Politic 每 prudent, expedient Polity 每 political organization Ponderous 每 unwisely, dull Pontificate 每 to orate, make dogmatic statements Portend 每 to warn, foreshadow Portentous 每 ominous Posit 每 to postulate Posterity 每 future generations Postulate 每 hypothesis, axiom Potable 每 suitable for drinking

Potpourri 每 mixture Poultice 每 soft heated dressing applied to wounds Pragmatic 每 practical, relating to fact Prate 每 to chatter Precarious 每 uncertain, risky Precipitous 每 steep Precipitate 每 hasty Preclude 每 to shut out, prevent Precursor 每 forerunner Predacious 每 predatory Predatory 每 tending to exploit others for one*s own gain Predicate 每 to affirm Predilection 每 preconceived liking Predispose 每 to make susceptible Preeminent 每 outstanding, high-ranking Preen 每 to dress up or adorn (oneself) Premeditation 每 preplanning Premise 每 statement forming the basis of an argument Preponderate 每 to surpass in weight or power Preposterous 每 absurd, ridiculous Prerequisite 每 something needed for performing a function Prescience - foreboding Prescribe 每 to establish as a means of action Presumptuous 每 too bold or forward Pretentious 每 showy, making unjustified claims Prevaricate 每 to evade the truth

Pristine 每 uncorrupted by society Probity 每 integrity, honesty Proclaim 每 to declare proudly Proclivity 每 inclination Prodigal 每 spendthrift Prodigious 每 wonderous, enormous Profane 每irreligious Proffer 每 to present for approval Profligate 每 recklessly wasteful Progeny 每 offspring Prognosticate 每 to predict Proliferate to increase in number Prolific 每 producing abundantly Prolix 每 prolonged unduly Prominent 每 noticeable, well-known Promontory 每 high peak that overlooks lower land or water Promulgate 每 to announce openly Propensity 每 natural tendency Propinquity 每 neatness Propitiate 每 to appease Propitious 每 favorable Proponent 每 one in favor of Propound 每 to present foe discussion Prorate 每 to divided proportionately Prosaic 每 commonplace, dull Proscribe 每 to outlaw, prohibit

Proselytize 每 to convert from one belief to another Protagonist 每 main character in novel Prototype 每 standard example Provincial 每 having a limited outlook Prurient 每 lustful, lewd Puerile 每 childish, silly Pulchritude 每 beauty Punctilious 每 very exact Pundit 每 learned person Pungent 每 sharp sensation of taste and smell Pugnacious 每 belligerent Purloin 每 to steal Purport 每 to give an appearance of, intend Pusillanimous 每 lacking courage and resolve Putative 每 assumed to exit Putrefy 每 to rot Pythonic 每 monstrous

Quadrant 每 one-quarter of a plane Quaint 每 unusual, old-fashioned Qualm 每 misgiving Quandary 每 perplexed state Querulous 每 complaining Query 每 inquiry Quiescent 每 quite, still Quintessence 每 perfect form

Quivering 每 shaking, trembling slightly Quixotic 每 having high romantic or chivalrous ideals

Raillery 每 playful teasing Raiment 每 clothing Rambunctious 每 boisterous Ramification 每 offshoot, consequence Rampant 每 widespread, without restraint Ramshackle 每 loosely made, dilapidated Rancor 每 ill will Rankle 每 to cause resentment Rapacious 每 greedy Rapine 每 plunder Ratification 每 formal approval Raucous 每 rough sounding, boisterous Ravenous 每 extremely eager foe gratification Recalcitrant 每 disobedient Recant 每 to renounce Recidivist 每 confirmed criminal Reciprocal 每 complementary, mutually responsive Recluse 每 hermit Recondite 每 beyond ordinary understanding, concealed Reconnoiter 每 to survey Recreant 每 cowardly Recrimination 每 countercharge Rectitude 每 integrity

Recumbent 每 lying down Redact 每 to edit Redolent 每 fragrant Redoubt 每 temporary fortification Redress 每 to remedy, compensate Redundant 每 superfluous, wordy Refectory 每 dining hall Referendum 每 popular vote on a measure submitted by a legislative body Refractory 每 obstinate, unresponsive Refute 每 to prove wrong Refurbish 每 to renovate Regale 每 to entertain Regent 每 one who rules Regicide 每 killing of a king Regimen 每 system of diet, ruling system Regressive 每 going backward Relegate 每 to exile, to assign to a lower position Reliquary 每 container for sacred objects Remission 每 pardon, forgiveness, abatement Remonstrate 每 to protest Remunerate 每 to pay for work done, compensate Renascent 每 reborn Renegade 每 deserter, outcast Renege 每 to go back on a promise Renunciation 每 repudiation Repast 每 meal

Repine 每 to long for Replete 每 well field Reprehend 每 to criticize Repression 每 stopping by force Reprisal 每 act if retaliation Reproach 每 disgrace, cause of blame Reprobate 每 depraved, unprincipled Reproof 每 rebuke, criticism Repudiate 每 to refuse, reject, disown Repugnant 每 distasteful, disliked Requisite 每 requirement Requital 每 suitable repayment Rescind 每 to repeal, take back Resilient 每 able to spring back into shape Resplendent 每 dazzling Restitution 每 restoration, refund Restive 每 impatient Resurgent 每 rising again Resuscitate 每 to revive Retaliate 每 to get even Reticence 每 silence, reserve Retort 每 to get even Retribution 每 just reward Retroactive 每 extending to previous conditions Retrograde 每 to go backward Reverberate 每 to throw back, echo

Revile 每 to abuse verbally Ribald 每 offensive, vulgar Rife 每 widespread, abounding Rift 每 opening, breach Rigor 每 strictness Risibility 每 laughter Robust 每 healthly, strong Rote 每 mechanical repetition or action Rotund 每 rounded Ruckus 每 noisy confusion Rudiment 每 first principle, beginning of something Ruminant 每 meditative Ruminate 每 to meditate, ponder

Saccharine 每 overly sweet, affectedly agreeable Sacrilege 每 desecration Sagacious 每 shrewdly discerning Salacious 每 lustful Salient 每 conspicuous Saline 每 salty Sallow 每 dull greenish-yellow Salubrious 每 wholesome Salutary 每 curative Salutatory 每 welcoming address Sanctimony 每 pretended piety Sanguine 每 confident, optimistic

Sapient 每 wise Sardonic 每 scornful Sartorial 每 pertaining to tailoring Satiate 每 to satisfy, glut Saturate 每 to soak, fill completely Saturnine 每 sullen, sluggish Savor 每 to relish, enjoy Scabbard 每 sword sheath Scathing 每 searing, blasting Schematic 每 diagrammatic Schism 每 split, difference of opinion Scintilla 每 particle, trace Scion 每 descendent Scoff 每 derision Scourge 每 whip, devastation Scruple 每 small quantity, principle Scrutinize 每 to examine closely Scurrilous 每 coarse, vulgar Secular 每 worldly, not religious Sedition 每 rebellion Sedulous 每 diligent Semblance 每 appearance Senescent 每 growing old Sententious 每 given to moralistic expression Sequester 每 to isolate Serrate 每 having sawlike notches

Shallop 每 small, open boat Shamble 每 to walk clumsily Shunt 每 to turn to one side Sibling 每 brother or sister Sidle 每 to move sidewise Smile 每 figure of speech comparing two unlike things Similitude 每 likeness Simony 每 buying or selling of church pardons Sinecure 每 easy job Sinuous 每 bending, winding Slothful 每 lazy Sluice 每 artificial water channel Sojourn 每 to remain somewhere temporarily Solace 每 to comfort, console Solicitous 每 showing care or concern Soluble 每 able to be dissolved Somatic 每 physical, of the body Somnolent 每 sleepy, drowsy Sonorous 每 full of sound, resonant Sophistry 每 misleading but clever reasoning Soporific 每 causing sleep Sordid 每 dirty, ignoble Spasmodic 每 intermittent Spawn 每 to deposit egg, bring forth Specious 每 deceptively appealing Specter 每 ghost

Sporadic 每 occasional Spurious 每 false, not genuine Staid 每 sedate Stigma 每 mark of disgrace Stilted 每 pompous Stint 每 restriction Stoicism 每 impassiveness, indifference Stolid 每 showing little emotion Stratagem 每 trick, device Strategy 每 careful plan Stricture 每 adverse criticism Strident 每 harsh-sounding Stultify 每 to appear foolish, impair Stupor 每 loss of sensibility Suave 每 polite, urbane Subjoin 每 to append Subjugate 每 to force to submit Sublimate 每 to direct actions into more socially acceptable forms Subservient 每 inferior, submissive Subterfuge 每 deception used to evade something difficult or unpleasant Subversive 每 destructive Succor 每 to help Succulent 每 juicy Suffuse 每 to overspread Sully 每 to soil, stain Sumptuous 每 lavish

Supercilious 每 haughty, contemptuous Supernal 每 exalted celestial Supersede 每 to replace Supervene 每 to happen additionally or unexpectedly Supine 每 indolent, prone Supple 每 flexible Supplicate 每 to ask for humbly Suppress 每 to keep from public knowledge Surfeit 每 overindulgence Surreptitious 每 acting in a secret and stealthy way Surrogate 每 deputy, substitute Sustenance 每 nourishment Sycophant 每 self-serving flatterer Syllogism 每 conclusion based on two premises Synchronous 每 occurring simultaneously Synopsis 每 summary Synthesis 每 combining of elements to make a whole Synthetic 每 man-made

Tacit 每 silent Taciturn 每 tending toward silence Tactic 每 means of accomplishing a purpose Tactile 每 perceived by the sense of touch Tantamount 每 equal in value Tautology 每 needless repetition of an idea Tawdry 每 gaudy, cheap

Taxonomy 每 classification (of plants and animals) Temerity 每 foolish boldness Temperate 每 moderate Temporize 每 to compromise Tenacious 每 persistent, tough Tenet 每 doctrine Tenuous 每 unsubstantial, flimsy Termagant 每 nagging woman Terminus 每 end point Terse 每 brief, to the point Tertiary 每 third in order Thespian 每 actor Thrall 每 slave Timorous 每 timid Tirade 每 long, vehement speech or denunciation Tithe 每 tenth part of something paid as a tax to a church Titular 每 having a title without performing the functions involved Tome 每 large book Torpid 每 inactive, sluggish Torrid 每 very hot Toxic 每 pertaining to poison Tractable 每 easily managed Traduce 每 to slander Tranquility 每 calmness, serenity Transfuse 每 to transmit, imbue Transgression 每 violation

Transitory 每 temporary Translucent 每 permitting the passage of light Transpire 每 to become known, happen Transverse 每 placed crosswise Travail 每 hard work Travesty 每 ridiculous representation Treble 每 to increase threefold Tremulous 每 trembling Trenchant 每 sharp, clear-cut Trepidation 每 fear Tribulation - misery, distress Truculent 每 cruel, belligerent Truncated 每 shortened, curtailed Truncheon 每 club Tumid 每 swollen, inflated Tumultuous 每 violently turbulent Turbid 每 muddy Turgid 每 swollen Turpitude 每 vileness Tutelage 每 guardianship Twit 每 to taunt

Ubiquitous 每 present everywhere simultaneously Ulterior 每 lying beyond what is openly expressed Umbrage 每 offense Unctuous 每 oily, suave

Undaunted 每 determined in spite of adverse conditions Undulate 每 to move in waves Unerring 每 without fault Ungainly 每 awkward, clumsy Unmitigated 每 not lessened, absolute Unobtrusive 每 not aggressive Untenable 每 Unable to be occupied or defended Untoward 每 unfavorable Upbraid 每 to scold, reproach Uproarious 每 boisterous Urbane 每 refined Usurp 每 to take by force Uxorial 每 pertaining to a wife

Vacillate 每 to show indecision Vacuous 每 empty, stupid Vagary 每 eccentric idea or action Valorous 每 courageous Vanguard 每 front part of a movement Vapid 每 tasteless, flat Variegated 每 marked with different colors Vaunt 每 display boastfully Vegetate 每 to lead an inactive life Vehement 每 impassioned Venal 每 open to corruption Vendetta 每 extended bitter feud

Venerate 每 to show deep respect Venial 每 excusable Veracious 每 honest Verbosity 每 wordiness Verdant 每 green in color Verisimilitude 每 truth Verity 每 truth Vermillion 每 bright red pigment Vernacular 每 native language of a region Versatile 每 able to change easily Versification 每 metrical structure Vertex 每 highest point Vestige 每 trace Viable 每 capable of living or functioning Vicarious 每 experienced through the activity of another person Vicissitude 每 changeability Vilify 每 to defame Vindicate 每 to clear from blame Vindictive 每 wanting revenge Virago 每 domineering woman Viridity 每 greenness, naiveness Virility 每 masculinity Virulent 每 deadly, hateful Viscous 每 sticky, lacking easy movement Vitiate 每 to debase Vitreous 每 pertaining to glass

Vituperate 每 to berate Vivacious 每 spirited, lively Vivid 每 vigorous, clear Vixen 每 female fox Vociferous 每 noisy Volatile 每 quickly evaporating, explosive Volition 每 act of determining Voluble 每 talkative Voracious 每 greedy Votary 每 zealous follower Votive 每 expressing a wish or vow Vouchsafe 每 to grant

Waft 每 odor or sound carried through the air Wan 每 pale Wanton 每 reckless, immoral Weal 每 well-being Welter 每 confusion, turmoil Wheedle 每 to coax Whet 每 to arouse, stimulate Windfall 每 unexpected gain Wizened 每 dried up, withered Wraith 每 ghost, apparition Wragle 每 to quarrel Wroth 每 angry Wry 每 twisted

Zany 每 fool, clown Zealot 每 fanatic Zephyr 每 mild breeze