锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com 印尼求购卡车底盘(truck 6 X 4 Cab Chassis) 详细内容 印尼求购卡车底盘(Truck 6 x 4 Cab Chassis)

Truck for off road Project


John Quinn

Wmi Indonesia

sales@autoguide.com Add:PO Box 18 Cileungsi, Bogor Jakarta, West Java, Indonesia Contact Person: Mr. John Quinn Telephone: 62-21-867 4042 E- mail:sales@autoguide.com 联系方式 苏里南共和国求购太阳能自行车灯(solar Bike Light) 详细内容 苏里南共和国求购太阳能自行车灯(solar bike light)

500 pcs ~1000 pcs order

tech@treehugger.com Add:8 Dugmore Street, Miramar Sounth African, Suriname Contact Person: Mr. bill bill Telephone: 27-82-786 7316 E-mail:tech@treehugger.com

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com 意大利求购服装(clothing) 详细内容 意大利求购服装(clothing)

We need clothing now

opc@o-p-c.it Add:Via Luigi varanini, 6,20127 Milano Italy Contact Person:Mr Chung Tel: 39-02-26113662 / 26893343 Fax: 39-02-26113663 南非求购工具刀(tools Knife) 详细内容 南非求购工具刀(tools knife)

We need tools knife to crave the stone now

lesley@madge-wallace.co.za Add:perol street,South Africa Contact Person:MURA YOLA Telephone: 011 447 6059/95. Fax: 011 447 1202. Cell Email: lesley@madge-wallace.co.za 拉脱维亚求购丝网垫圈(wire Mesh Gaskets) 详细内容 拉脱维亚求购丝网垫圈(Wire mesh gaskets)

Dear Sirs,

Please let us to know can you supply - Wire mesh gaskets

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com From Metal Type M3 = Monel circular knit rope?

wire mesh diameter - 3.45mm

Required quantity 3000 - meters per shipment What is the price FOB?

In looking forward to hear from you

Best regards Leonid Briskin

Rence?u 10, LV-1073 Riga Latvia

trade@beloteks.lv tel. +371 67624857 fax. +371 67600793

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com mob. +371 26673091 美国求购丝网(wire Mesh) 详细内容 美国求购丝网(WIRE MESH)

Aperature: 5mm Width 2m Length: 50m Material: HDPE (not recycled) Quantity: 1000 m2 Weight: 500 to 750 g/m2 Thanks for your quotation

martin_infinity@gmx.net martin_infinity@gmx.net 巴基斯坦求购服装(garments) 详细内容 巴基斯坦求购服装(Garments)

Dear Supplier We are looking for all kind of Kids, Women & Mens Garments to import from china we are looking for the direct manufacturer & factories with a strong production setup of machinery and workforce as our orders are large on quantity so only the sound manufacturer are welocme to send their company details. Trading company, trade agents, & comission agents will not get reply from us.

our requirents are as follows Kids 1.Dress Pants & shirts

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com 2.Jeans Pants & shirts 3.Party Wear 4.Casual Wear Women 1.Trousers 2.shirts 3.Tshirts 4.denim 5.party wear 6.Dresses 7.Wedding dress 8.t shirt 9.skirt 10.undergarments 11.lingeria 12.Sports Wear Mens 1.cotton trousers 2.dress shirts 3.denim pants & shirts 4.t shirts 5.suits

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com 6.casual wears 7.sports wear 8.party wear 9.under garments 10.accessories

we need all the above in large quantites for whole year so send us ur factory details with weaving, stitching and workforce details to elaluate the posibilities of production according to our requirements


intmrk@za.suninternational.com Physical Address: Postal Address:27 Fredman Drive, Sandton, Gauteng Private Bag 700, Sandton 2146 Telephone:+27 11 780 7000 Telefax:+27 11 780 7701 英国求购女士自行车(lady Bicycle) 详细内容 英国求购女士自行车(Lady bicycle)

We are seeking products for spring season in our market, so we are looking for quotations for city bicycles for women. With the following specs:

- 26 or 28 Wheels - Wheel chain cover

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com - Resistant pedals, hopefully made out of metal. - Option of logos and designs

I would be very grateful if you could send catalogs.

sales@chainreactioncycles.com Add:jude street ,London,UK Contact Person:Luise TEL : +44 (0)28 9335 2976 FAX :+44 (0)28 9332 4868 E-mail:sales@chainreactioncycles.com 美国求购二手集装箱(used Containers) 详细内容 美国求购二手集装箱(used containers)

We need good one

sales@ieeforklift.com 212 S. Water St., Suite 1-H Wilmington, NC 28401,USA Contact Person:Adma Toll Free: 800 627-4007 Tel: (910) 763-4007 Fax: (910) 763-4008 E-mail: sales@ieeforklift.com 巴西求购动臂起重机(derricks) 详细内容 巴西求购动臂起重机(Derricks)

We are importers in Brazil for the industrial transportation equipment to haul cargoes onto trucks as per pictures enclosed.

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com We need the complete equipment with hydraulic pump and accessories for distribution in our country. If you manufacture such products please contact us and send us your indicative price lists and catalogs via email.

info@olimpusglobal.com.br Rua Isaac Annes, 52 - Lapa Cep: 05075-040 S?o Paulo - SP Brasil Contact Person:HOUYTER Tel./Fax: (55 11) 3873-7877 email: info@olimpusglobal.com.br 美国求购卡车轮胎(truck Tyres) 详细内容 美国求购卡车轮胎(truck tyres)

truck tyres LING LONG BRAND

info@dunntire.com Add:Dunn Tire LLC - 475 Cayuga Road - Cheektowaga, NY 14225,USA Contact Person:Holatere E-mail:info@dunntire.com Tel:(585) 295-2157 韩国求购化油器(carburetor) 详细内容 韩国求购化油器(carburetor)

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com cg125 carburetor wanted

ryanchoi@autowini.com Add:96-1, Yangpyeong-dong 3ga, Youngdeungpo-gu Seoul S.Korea Contact Name : Han Ji Young Tel. : 82-2-2672-0112,0167,0169 Fax. : 82-2-2672-0118 Email : ryanchoi@autowini.com 印度求购多聚甲醛/苯酚(melamine /paraformaldehyde/phenol) 详细内容 印度求购多聚甲醛/苯酚(Melamine/paraformaldehyde /phenol)

Please quote your best offer for: Melamine, paraformaldehyde and phenol (in 200kgs drum) with certificate of analysis CIF nhava sheva(Mumbai) for 5 FCL each.

ashoksaraf@sunitacommercials.com Company Name: Sunita Commercials Pvt Ltd. Company Address: A 204 Amargian Complex, Lbs Marg, Thane, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India City/Town: Mumbai Province/State: Maharashtra Country/Region: India Zip/Postal Code: 400601 Phone Number: 91-22-21720033 Fax Number: 91-22-21720036 Mobile: Contact Person (Department): Mr. Ashok Saraf 联系方式 意大利求购毛衣(sweaters) 详细内容 意大利求购毛衣(sweaters)

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com

Dear sirs, We want buy 10000 pieces sweaters now

alecita260@hotmail.com Add:New street,Rome ,Italy Contact Person:TOLA Tel:+3942569834 Fax:+3942578414 E- mail:alecita260@hotmail.com 南非求购门窗(door And Windows) 详细内容 南非求购门窗(door and windows)

We need door and windows for constructions,if you are manufacture ,please supply your price we will consider the order to give you

info@sdt.co.za Add:495 Prieska Street Pretoria South Africa Contact: Sharostone Tel: +27 (12) 360-0100. Fax:+27 (12) 360-0110 Email: info@sdt.co.za 联系方式 新西兰求购 t 恤(t Shirt) 详细内容 新西兰求购 T 恤(T shirt)

T shirt wanted

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com helpdesk@kamar.co.nz Add:5700 ,liseta City, New Zealand Contact Person:Josh Yorla Phone: 07 575 2627 Fax: 07 575 4497 E-mail:helpdesk@kamar.co.nz 印度求购磁铁(magnet) 详细内容 印度求购磁铁(magnet)

We need magnet

sadananad8bhave@yahoo.co.in Add:las street,New Delhi,India Contact Person:Jjalawa Tel:+91302154478 Fax:+91314578554 E- mail:sadananad8bhave@yahoo.co.in 加拿大求购活扳手(adjustable Wrench) 详细内容 加拿大求购活扳手(adjustable wrench)

We are lookng for adjustable wrench for 10“,12” ,every size is 5000 pcs

cecs@uwaterloo.ca Add:200 University Ave. W. Waterloo, ON, Canada Contact Person:Terry Tel: 519-888-4026 Fax: 519-746-4103 E-mail: cecs@uwaterloo.ca 联系方式

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com 美国求购厨房毛巾(kitchen Towel) 详细内容 美国求购厨房毛巾(Kitchen Towel)

100% cotton terry kitchen towels with check design in 10 colors WEIGHT: 3.4 pounds per dozen Size: 20x28 Ring spun 20/2 pile 16s weft & 20/2 ground Marvin

marvin@gkccorp.com Gross Kobrick Corporation 1000 Alabama Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11207 T:(718) 257-1212 F: (718) 257-1205 澳大利业求购插座和开关(wall Points And Switches) 详细内容 澳大利业求购插座和开关(Wall Points and Switches)

We need Australian wall power points and switches. Do you have a catalogue you can send with your best prices. We need about 100 power points and 100 switches and some fuses. We also need about 300 down lights - LED or fluorescent type. Regards

manzoor@optusnet.com.au Australia Tel: (61 2) 402070554 E-mail: manzoor@optusnet.com.au

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com 联系方式 阿拉伯联合酋长国求购向日葵油(sunflower Oil) 详细内容 阿拉伯联合酋长国求购向日葵油(sunflower oil)

We are in URGENT NEED Sunflower oil in packing of: - 18Ltrs, about 10,000 Plastic jerry cans - 200Ltrs about 1000 drums Kindly quote your best CIF DUBAI-UAE prices for the same mentioning your analysis data and delivery schedule. Looking forward to hear from you URGENTLY at your EARLIEST Sincerely SJ HUQ

wwmarketing@terra . es Address : P.O.Box: 3014 Ajman , United Arab Emirates Phone : 971-50-3836810 Fax : 971-8-4689929 Position : Commercial Manager / Trading Contact : SJ Huq (Mr.)

美国求购复印纸(copier Paper) 详细内容 美国求购复印纸(Copier Paper)

Dear Sir or Madam. Please provide your best prices for copier paper with the following specifications: Weight: 80gsm, 75gsm and 70gsm Sheet Size: 210mm x 297mm, International Size A4 Quality: 100% Virgin Wood Pulp Whiteness: 102-104% & 98-100% Color: Natural White Capability: High Speed Copying >100ppm, Laser

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com Capable, Inkjet Capable, Fax Capable, Low opacity, High smoothness, Extreme low jam rate 1/3500, high whiteness, Easy to use, Low dust

dey-aaa@hotmail.com dey-aaa@hotmail.com 联系方式 Buy Chip Block 详细内容 We are one of the leading packing and suppliers of packing materials (wood) in the market. Established in the year 1975 and have been providing prompt services to our esteemed clients. We are looking at chip block for wooden pallet Country:India / 网站/手机 系 联系方式 Co:NIRMAL INDUSTRIES Add:Kuvempu Main Road, 3rd Main, Dasarahalli, Hebbal Post, Bangalore, Karnataka, India Tel:91-080-65328029 Fax:91-080-23517059 Email:nirmalindustries@gmail.com Website:www.nirmal-industries.com Mobile:9886177766 LinkMan:Mr. Nakul Srinivas Buy Mr. Elnard 详细内容 Hello suppliers, We need stun guns. around 200kv to 500kv. very portable and pocket type. Pls send me your price quotation and packing details and minimum order country of origin. thanks Country:Philippines

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com 联系方式 Co:BECK SYSTEMS Add:Belair2, Don Jose, Laguna, Philippines 4026 Tel:63-917-544-8091 Fax:63-49-837-6075 Email:ecbarrion@gmail.com LinkMan:Mr. Elnard Buy Mr. Hozefa Bs Zumkhawala 详细内容 Currently we have a requirement for BX3500 PP IMPACT COPOLYMER We would appreciate if you could advise who we can contact for our requriements fot this item We need monthly 3 to 5x20ft fcl . payment by TT tks n best rgds Country:Singapore 系

联系方式 Co:Zamzama Traders Add:141 middle road #04-08A gsm building singapore 188976, singapore Tel:65-6728-0958 Fax:65-6785-7127 Email:zamzama@starhub.net.sg LinkMan:Mr. Hozefa Bs Zumkhawala Buy Truck Tyres 详细内容 Looking for truck tyres 11R22.5 295/80R22.5 These are main sizes BUT do have other sizes. Also look for shred tyres -- bales -- passenger casings. Please forwward ALL information including - Quantity available - Photos of tyres - Regularity on supply -- weekly / monthly - 40' containers? - Fob and CNF pricing Thanks and look forward to hearing from you Country:Australia / 网站 系

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com 联系方式 Co:Tyres Reclaimed Add:PO Box 336, Williamstown, Vic, Australia 3016 Tel:61 (0) 3 9399 3670 Fax:61 (0) 3 8080 5960 Email:sales@tyresreclaimed.com Website:http://www.tyresreclaimed.com/ LinkMan:Mr. Gavin Hartley

Buy Car/truck Voltage Stabilizers 详细内容 I want buy the car/truck voltage stabilizers you have that save the battery, save money on fuel stc. Thanks vey much Country:Canada

联系方式 Co:AIM Performance Products Add:2952 Argo Pl, Burnaby, Canada Tel:1-604-3381985 Fax:1-604-4211883 Email:andersen_keith@hotmail.com LinkMan:Keith Andersen Buy Steel Core Wire Ropes 详细内容 I need to purchase Steel Core Wire Ropes 12 mm. I am very interested in your product. Please provide me with detailed information on your product inventory as well as prices. I would like to know your rates for minimum orders and the bulk rate requirements. Please respond at your earliest convenience. Country:India / 网站 系 联系方式 Co:NVS GLOBAL EXPORTS Add:14,PRARTHANA DUPLEX ,VRAJDHAM RD,MANJALPUR, VADODARA, GUJARART Tel:91-265-2661779 Email:maunishah18@yahoo.com,vjshah.1957@gmail.com Website:http://www.nvsglobalexports.com

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com LinkMan:Mr. VIJAY SHAH Buy Potassium Chloride (kcl 详细内容 We specialize in International Trading, Global Sourcing and Marketing. The company organizes, manages and transacts its trading business, locally and internationally, dexterously and ingeniously using its network of information, manpower, know-how, and experience. Need Potassium Chloride (KCL), (98.5%Min, purity): 400 MT/month. Country:Bahrain /网站/手机 系 联系方式 Co:MALTA INTERNATIONAL CO Add:P. O. Box. 21486, Manama, Kingdom Of Bahrain Tel:973-17-405199 Fax:973-17-405188 Email:malta.bahrain@maltagroups.com Website:http://www.maltagroups.com Mobile:973 39451684 LinkMan:Mr. Tojo Alex Kulathooran Buy Glycine 详细内容 I was interested in getting some pricing and availability information on Glycine USP/FCC to be used in food grade application. I am interested in a full container price, CIF New York basis. If you could also attach your specification sheet for this product, that would be of great help to me. Thanks for your time, I look forward to hearing from you soon. Country:USA /网站 系 联系方式 Co:Parchem Add:415 Huguenot Street New Rochelle, NY 10801 Tel:914-654-6800 Fax:914-654-6899 Email:chris@parchem.com Website:www.parchem.com LinkMan:Manager Buy Diamond Segments, Saw Blades 详细内容

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com We are egyption company and hope to do business with you so pls give us the price of the follow products : Diamond segments only : 1200mm 24x7/8x12mm for Granite 800mm 40x7x10mm for hard LimeStone 500mm 40x4.5x12mm for Granite 400mm 40x3.4x12mm for Granite Diamond saw blades :180x22.2x2.2x7x14 dry cut segmented (key Slot) 400x50.0x3.2x12x28 for cutting granite (U Slot) Blank saw blades (without diamond segments):- 400mm X thickness 3out/10middleX50mmx28T horizontal cutting balde for cutting granite - 720mm x 4mm (thickness) x 60mm (hole) x 40 (teeth) used for cutting hard marble - 860mmx5mm x60mm x46 used for cutting hard lime stone - 1050mmx5.5mm x80mmx72T used for cutting granite - 1200mmx6mmx80mmx80T used for cutting granite - 1300mmx6.5mmx80mmx88T used for cutting granite - 1400mmx7mmx80mmx92T used for cutting granite - 1600mmx7mmx80mmx108T used for cutting granite - 1800mmx8mmx80mmx120T used for cutting granite we are biggest company in our market and our order value per month is big quantity and we can be your biggest buyer in short time if we success in our deal also we can be your sole agent in our market if the quality of your products is satiesfey us you can visit our company in Egypt to know more info about our company and our market Country:Egypt 系 联系方式 Co:AYOOUD Co Add:Egypt Tel:20-012-765398 Email:ayooud@gmail.com LinkMan:Zoza

Buy Glyphosate 详细内容 F...s s.a. is a new company in a group of companies. Our group is dedicated to foresty, olive plantation and cattle feeding. Fernels is developing a new commercial area in the group, which objective is to import tractors, farm implements and chemical products in order to distribute this products in our country, Uruguay and other countries in this region of South America (Mercosur). We think we can take advantage of our knowledge and expertise of agroindustry to provide other agricultural producers excellent products and advice.

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com Country:Uruguay

联系方式 Co:Fernels S.A. Add:Rambla Gandhi 171/401, Montevideo Tel:598-2-7114295 Fax:598-2-7114295 Email:alanr@adinet.com.uy LinkMan:Mr. Alan Reis Buy Unc Nuts From China 详细内容 Dear Sir, For now, please advice if you could supply Hex nuts 25Kg bulk. The specification for the B18.2.2 Hex nuts, ANSI Zinc plated is grade 2. Please find the attached file request for nuts. Raw material: Low Carbon Steel *** Packing: 25 Kg bulk. Fob China Price. The first order will be about 18tons as a20Ft container. Hope for the best prices... Thanks in advance and best regards. PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FILE! UNC Nuts From China.xls Country:Israel /Skype

联系方式 Co:Dov Metal Washers Add:P.O Box 219, 3 Tevet st. Kiryat Gat 82101-Israel Tel:972-8-6811266 Fax:972-8-6811336 Email:finkd@barak.net.il Skype:dov-fink LinkMan:Dov Fink (Manager) Buy Plastic Faucet 详细内容 We are interested in buying Plastic Faucet . Please send us also the details of this product, price, payment terms and delivery time.

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com We would greatly appreciate it. Looking for a response ASAP. Country:India /网站 系 联系方式 Co:C L Gupta Exports Ltd Add:Delhi Road, Pakbara, Moradabad Tel:91-591-2477000 Fax:91-591-2477300 Email:info@clgupta.com Website:www.clgupta.com LinkMan:Mr. Ashish Vacher

Buy Trisodium Phosphate 详细内容 We in market Trisodium Phosphate 98%, we want purchase for our customer in Asia and Africa, detail as follow: a.specification APPEARANCE :White Powder ASSAY :97.5 % min PH : 11.5 - 12.5 (1% sol.) WATER INSOLUBLE : 0.1 % max IRON(FE):0.05 % max b. quantity : 100 MT Please send your competitive offer along with COA,ISO Certificate, Copy SGS Inspection, and CIQ that you have it. Best Regards Country:Indonesia 系 联系方式 Co:Tradeasia International Pte Ltd Tel:622157991823 Email:purchasechem09@gmail.com LinkMan:Achmad Jamhari Buy Tube

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com 详细内容 Please quote your best price for, 1) C70600 Copper Nickel 90/10 per ASTM B-111 specifications in an annealed condition. Size:3/4 OD x 16 SWG 16 min wall x 16 FT Lengths Quantity: 3200 EA 2)Tube Aluminum Brass solid drawn seamless to be per ASTM B-111 CZ110 Specifications in a soft annealed condition. Size: a-) 1 Dia. x 16 SWG wall x 16 Ft Lengths QTY: 1500 PCS b-) 3/4 O/D. x 16 SWG Wall x 16 Ft Long QTY: 2000 PCS Immediate response will be highly appreciated Country:United Arab Emirates /网站/手机 系 联系方式 Co:RAJ METALS TRADING LLC Add:Near Hayat, Dubai, U. A. E, United Arab Emirates Tel:971-4-2730304 Fax:971-4-2730150 Email:sajid.yakeen@gmail.com Website:http://www.rmtdubai.com Mobile:00971506853868 LinkMan:Mr. Sajid Yakeen Buy Stainless Steel 304 Brackets 详细内容 We are sourcing for stainless steel 304 brackets like the one shown. Quantity about 150 to 200 pcs for a start. Pls send pricing, catalog, dimension & pictures to us for consideration. Country:Singapore / 网站 系 联系方式 Co:EUREKAPLUS PTE LTD Add:Blk 4012 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, # 07-12, Techplace 1, S (569628) Singapore Tel:65-61001328 Fax:65-64523819 Email:intlsales@eurekaplus.com Website:http://www.eurekaplus.com LinkMan:Mr. Marcus Tan Buy Temperature Probe And Humidity Probe

锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com 详细内容 Founded in 1996, we are manufacturer of high quality spa fixture & accessories. Our products are engineered, manufactured, warehoused & shipped in compliance with CSA, UL & CE electrical and plumbing safety standards from the spectroscopic tested casting to the final assembly and conformance inspections. Temperature and humidity probe wanted by factory. Must be UL and cUL (csa) approved. Country:Canada 系 联系方式 Co:CNC PRECISION MACHINE SHOP LTD Add:Suite 123, 4261-A14 Highway 7, Markham, Ontario, Canada Tel:1-416-6165833 Fax:1-905-5346322 Email:jack_cnc@yahoo.com LinkMan:Mr. Jack Chen

Buy Frozen Fish 详细内容 Please price us as following 3-5oz, 5-7oz, 7-9oz CIF NY Price Per LB. Tab on - (means a little skin at the end of the piece about 3cm x3cm) Indidcate which kind of talapia you have Packing have 3 models, please price each way 1) individualy packed per poly bag 2) 12lbs per bag 3) 20 lbs per bag Glazzed before packing Country:United States /网站

联系方式 Co:ALL PRIME INTERNATIONAL, LTD. Add:193 Black Meadow Road, Chester, New York Tel:1-845-469-5000 Email:email@allprime.us Website:http://www.allprime.us LinkMan:Mr. Joseph Grunhut

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Dear Sir or Madam, We are interested in buying Brown, Kraft liner, Testliner and Fluting, White Kraftliner, Testliner in paper rolls. All in 112-150 gsm., for making corrugated box.(carton box) For your convenience we can also utilize side-runs of 160 cm width from your stock.(max 166 cm). Country:Greece / 网站 系

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We are listing here the specifications & remarks of the materials as attached: Please send us your Techno-Commercial details along with your technical specification sheets. Waiting for your prompt response. Country:India /网站/手机 联系方式 Co:Threads (India) Limited Add:Lohia Industrial Complex, Chaubepur - 209203, Kanpur Tel:05112 282001 - 9, Ext 438 Fax:05112-282880 Email:purchase2@threadsindia.com Website:www.threadsindia.com Mobile:+91-9839118022 LinkMan:Mr. Rohit K Verma(Imports & Purchasing Department) Buy Heating Device For Dish Heater 详细内容

We are looking for a reliable manufacturer for a heating device for a dish heating system. Manufacturing according to our drawings. Up to 20.000 PCS. Per year are needed. For furhter

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We are interested in producing 6.000 units of plastic rack similar to the one showed in attached picture. The material should be PP. If you can produce this kind of articles, please contact me and I will send you full details (color, measurements, printing...) Your prompt reply will be highy appreciate. Country:Spain / 网站

联系方式 Co:11 Quick, S.L. Add:Pozo De La Nieve, Torrejon de Ardoz, Madrid Tel:34-91-6770666 Fax:34-91-6772500 Email:monica_quick2004@yahoo.es,monica.rubio@11quick.com Website:http://www.11quick.com LinkMan:Mrs. Monica Rubio Buy Trisodium Phosphate 12h2o 详细内容 Please quote BEST FOB PRICE FOR 2fcl (35mts) Trisodium Phosphate, 12H2O, Supreme grade, Spec.: Assay (as PO3SO4) : 98.5% min. P2O5 : 18.5% min. Chloride (as Cl): 0.2% or lower

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Buy Maize 详细内容 We usually use 40-50 containers. 10 fcls is for first grade maize, machine dress, 99% purity, 1% of foreign matters and damage seeds, 1% max of blackhead. The birdfeed market is very particular of maize appearance, so it probably need to be hand pick to remove the black head maize out. 40 fcls of regular grade of maize, althogh it's not strick as 1st grade, however, it could not be bad either. Plus, the price need to be competitive as well. Awaiting your reply Best Regards Country:Taiwan /Skype

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Dear Sir, Regarding to sample, please see attachment file enclosed. Can you find any of your Chinese manufacturers who will manufacture it? Please see below information of my sample such as: White transparent glasses Thickness 2.5mm, height 8cm, diameter 5cm, thickness of bottom 2.5cm. Printing two sides. Payment: LC Quantity of concern: 500,000 - 1,000,000pcs. Price: FOB or CIF HCMC. Please give me some advises. Thanks & regards. Country:Viet Nam

联系方式 Co:Cpm Coporation Add:96e Vo Thi Sau Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam Tel:848-3-202205 Fax:848-3-202160 Email:ngan@cpm.com.vn LinkMan:Ms Ngan Buy Plastic Dustbin 详细内容

We would like to import dustbins and garbage containers in the sizes of 50L, 120L, 240L, 320L, 400L, 700L and 1000L The dustbins need to be done with 100% PP or PE through the injection molding. We have interest in making an exclusive alliance with a company that could provide us. If you have these products and you are able to supply us, please get in contact at or add us in MSN and we will give you more information about what we are looking for. We wish to do good

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I need Rectangular Perfume Glass Bottles Because i am a startup, i need small qty ( maximal 1000 moq ) 50ml Size Country:Germany 系 联系方式 Co:TUMARO TRADE Add:Juedenstrasse. 34, Muehlhausen, Thuringia, Germany Tel:49-03601-404882 Fax:49-03601-404882 Email:tumaro.company@yahoo.com LinkMan:Mr. Nico Schoem

Buy Led Lighting For Vehicles 详细内容 We are looking for a 120 series market light. Operating voltage is 12 volts D.C. Country:United States /网站

联系方式 Co:Soundoff Signal Add:3900 Central Parkway, Hudsonville, Michigan

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联系方式 Co:HAMTECH Add:01 Rue Khodjet El Djeld Birmourad Rais Alger Algerie, Algeries, Bir Mourad Rais Tel:213-21-564774 Email:hamtech.sales3@gmail.com MSN:hamidhamila@hotmail.com LinkMan:Mr. Hamid Hamila

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Buy Grinding Media Balls 详细内容 We are interested in buying GRINDING MEDIA BALLS. Please send us also the details of this product, price, payment terms and delivery time. We would greatly appreciate it. Looking for a response ASAP. Country:Bangladesh / 网站/手机

联系方式 Co:Galaxy Trade International Add:Road# 32, House# 491 (1st Floor), New Dohs, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206., Bangladesh Tel:880-2-8856561 Fax:880-2-9883466 Email:galaxy23@galaxytradebd.com/galaxy3@galaxytradebd.com Website:http://www.galaxytradebd.com Mobile:01711-527806 LinkMan:Md.Manjurul Islam Rubel Buy Beer Keg 详细内容 We need 50 liters beer keg. (Din) Used or new Number Of 5000 units in the month of delivery to Russia .. Please reply us as soon as possible. Country:Poland

联系方式 Co:Firma Handlowa RICHARD Add:os. Sportowe 13,Krakow,Poland Tel:48-12-383-24-60 Fax:48-12-383-23-00 Email:office.chz@interia.pl LinkMan:Mr. Richard wach

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We are interested to put up a Mini Cement Plant of 100 tpd at asansol West bengal(India) Can anyone please provide us a detailed project report for the same. Please offer your idea about participation and we like to have a meeting during our trip in China March first week. Country:India /网站/手机 联系方式 Co:Emta Group Add:29 Gc Avenue, Kolkata, Wb., Tel:91-9434-004444 Fax:91-341-2253719 Email:emtagran@rediffmail.com,emtagran@vsnl.com Website:http://www.emtaindia.com Mobile:91-9434004444 LinkMan:Mr. Kumar(Marketing Dept.) Buy Steam Iron 详细内容


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锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex.com GLOBALSOURCE 买家 http://globalsource.todaytex.com Twill fabric wanted. Goods : cotton twill fabric Use for : men's trouser Color : men's color ( beige , grey, black , ..... dark colors ) Width : 58/60 Lot : good lot Weight : 270~ 290g/yd Certification Requirements: required origin certification Country:South Korea / 网站/手机 系 联系方式 Co:KP Add:# 4 350-1 Samsung-Dong, Yangju-SI, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea Tel:82-31-841-4201 Fax:82-31-841-4202 Email:kptrade8989@yahoo.co.kr Website:www.kptrade.com Mobile:821075668689 LinkMan:Mr. Jin Kim

Buy Floor Tiles 详细内容 We like to take 03 X 20' container of 600X600 sizes Mirror polished super glossy soluable floor tiles (Light Gray sample available) soon for our project in Chittagong,Bangladesh. Please contact soon though you are closed at this moment Country:Bangladesh 系

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2010年107届广交会买家_五金 - 2010年107届广交会买家_五金 CO


107届广交会买家-2_专业资料。107届广交会买家-2锦日外贸论坛 http:


2010年107届广交会买家_休闲用品_经管营销_专业资料。2010年107届广交会买家信息含邮件地址 广交会数据 2010年107届广交会买家_休闲用品 COMPANY MANETATE S ...


2010年107届广交会买家_化工 - 广交会数据 TOMOEGAWA USA


2010年107届广交会外商求购信息 - 2010年107届广交会外商求购信息


关于申请第107届广交会展位的通知 - 【发布单位】深圳市 【发布文号】 【发布


107届广交会策划 - 107 届广交会 活动策划 时间:2009 年 12 月


107届广交会温州市参展企业名单 - 107届广交会公示名单 浙江省瓯海对外贸


107届广交会新闻发布会陈朝仁_军事/政治_人文社科_专业资料。第 107 届广交会新闻发布会 广交会新闻发言人、外贸中心副主任 2010 年 4 月 14 日 广州 ...

2010-04-14 第107届广交会新闻发布会.doc

2010-04-14 第107届广交会新闻发布会_文化/宗教_人文社科_专业资料。2010-04-14 第 107 届广交会新闻发布会时间:2010-04-23 16:53 来源:口译网...


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107届广交会出口企业展位申请已超过11.5万个 - 广交会新闻发言人、中国对外贸易中心副主任陈朝仁3月19日在北京举行的第107届广交会新闻发布会上说,目前国内出1...


107届广交会邯郸申报企业情况一览表 - 第 107 届广交会邯郸市申报企业情


关于做好第107届广交会广东交易团证件办理工作的通知 - 关于做好第 107 届广交会广东交易团证件办理工作的通知 发布时间:2010-03-25 09:33:04 来源:人事处 ...

企稳回升 隐忧仍存记第107届广交会一期展会情况调....pdf

企稳回升 隐忧仍存记第107届广交会一期展会情况调研 - 选业。 第 届 广


2010 年 107 届广交会外商求购信息 2000 条,各行各业,保证有适合你的. 美国...锦日外贸论坛 http://bbs.todaytex.com 世界买家网: http://buyer.todaytex....


107届广交会温州市参展企业名单 - 107届广交会公示名单 浙江省瓯海对外贸


103-108届广交会全国参展商名录15_调查/报告_表格/模板_实用文档。广交会展商名录 广交会参展商 展会名录 展会参展名录 108届广交会展商 107届广交会展商 106届...


菏泽市 107 届广交会(一期) 工作总结 (二一年四月十九日) 月十九 107 届广交会是在金融危机尚未过去,形势依然复杂, 挑战仍然严峻的大背景下举办的,本届交易...


暖风频吹忙“春耕”直击第107届广交会 - 2010年4月23日,广州琶洲展