Senior English for China Student’s Book 1B

Unit 17

Scientists are exploring in the South Pole .

To enjoy yourself When by To To you listening walk tell are you easily ill to ,To the you music in directions snow can To or take learning or cook on some food ice medicine and keep so warm that. To To To keep light protect Don’t Used in fire touch for forget you sleeping with from to bring your the and sun family your having dig national or and a friends rest pick flag up to ice the South Pole Isthe the South Pole beautiful ? Would you like to To offer your To body keep energy warm Imagine you are travelling about outside youworld can get well soon. alone to the South

travel there ? you take with you ? Why ? Pole . What will

warm clothes



dried food


sleeping bag













ice pick



Animals living on the North Pole

polar bear







Animals living on the South Pole
sea lions whale seals

the South Pole





Countries that are part of the North Pole :
Norway , Sweden , Finland , Russia , US , Canada , Greenland .

Countries that are part of the South Pole :
Chile , Argentina , South Africa , Australia , New Zealand .

Why do polar bears never eat penguins ?
the North Pole

Because polar bears only live on the North Pole while penguins only live on the South Pole .

the South Pole

Answer the following questions :
1.Where is Antarctic ? 2. Who travel alone to Antarctic ? 3. How did the writer celebrate her 60th birthday ? 4. Has she ever been to the North Pole ? When ? 5. When did she begin her journey to Antarctic ? 6. Did she have a dog team to pull her sled ? 7. What is the weather like in Antarctic during the journey ? 8. What happened to her during the journey ? 9. Why did the writer say it was an experience she would never forget and would value for the rest of her life ?

1.Antarctic 1.Where is Antarctic is another?name for the South Pole . 2. Thayer . to Antarctic ? 2. Helen Who travel alone 3. The Howwriter did the travelled writer celebrate alone to the her South 60th birthday Pole to ? celebrate her 60th birthday 4. Yes Has .she At 50 ever she been travelled to the alone Northto Pole the?North When Pole ? . 5. When On November did she begin 1st , 1997 her journey . to Antarctic ? 6. No Did,she shehave didn’t a dog . team to pull her sled ? 7. first the weather was good . during the 7. The What isdays the weather like invery Antarctic journey ?
There was bright sunshine 24 hours a day . Thethe wind was icy not very strong On third day it but became stormy . . During the next week the wind grew stronger . On November 12th the storm died down .

8. What happened to her during the journey ? During the journey , she met with many difficulties. She had to struggle through stormy weather . One day she fell into a hole and was hanging on the ropes tied to the sled . The next morning , she had a bad accident with the sled and hurt her leg . 9. Why did the writer say it was an experience she would never forget and would value for the rest of her life ? Having overcome the difficulties , she had made a 400-mile journey on the South Pole and had enjoyed the challenges of solo travel in an extreme climate .

Choose the best answer according to the reading passage :
1. Antarctica is another name for __________________ . A. Australia B. B.the theSouth SouthPole Pole C. the North Pole D. Canada 2. The sun does not go down in Antarctica , so Helen’s workdays were usually ______________ . B.more morethan than12 12hours hours A. 2 hours B. C. less than 12 hours D. 24 hours 3. Helen Thayer was born on ______________ . A. 1 November 1937 B. 12 November 1937 C. 22 November 1947 D. 1 November 1997 4. On the 22nd day of the expedition Helen Thayer had an accident . What happened ? A.She was attacked by a polar bear . B. Her tent was blown away by the storm . C. She fell into a hole that was a few hundred feet deep . D. The sled knocked her over and hurt her leg . 5. What decision did Helen make after the accident ? A. She spent a whole day in her tent . B. She waited till she got better and continued her journey . C. She gave up and went back home . D. She was thankful for all the training she had had .

1. What kind of woman is Helen Thayer ? Describe her in a few sentences .
2. Do you admire Helen Thayer ? Why ? 3. What can we learn from the passage ?

1. What kind of woman is Helen Thayer ? Describe her in a few sentences .
Helen Thayer is a special woman who loves life and enjoys adventure travel . She has a very strong will and perseverance . She is so brave that she dares to challenge an unknown field , meanwhile, she is also very optimistic and responsible . She knows that the people in her life , such as her family , are more important than her personal achievement . She knows when to go on and when to give up . It shows she is wise to make a decision .

2. Do you admire Helen Thayer ? Why ?
Yes . I admire Helen Thayer very much . Because she is very brave and has a strong will . Besides , she is very wise and responsible . She made solo travel to the South Pole. It is unusual for women of her age to do things like that . I admire her not only because she dares to face difficulties and challenges in her life or because she never gives up when she meets with difficulties , but also because she knows when to go on and when to give up . Although she made a decision to stop her journey after the accident , we can’t say she is halfway . Instead , it shows that she is a wise and responsible woman .

3. What can we learn from the passage ?
Helen Thayer shows us that no matter whether we are men or women and no matter what age we are at , we can set ourselves goals and work hard to achieve them . In the process of getting there , we experience difficulties and set-backs . These experiences form our feedback and we use them to change our methods or ways to reach the goal . Along the way , we must make decisions . The most difficult decisions are when to go on and when to give up . Therefore , we must learn how to make a wise decision .

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