2014 高考英语完形填空抓分练习精品题(66)及答案

The party began shortly after Mr. Wood, who lived in the flat below, signed to himself as he heard excited voices and the noisy music. Luckily he had 36 some work home from the office, 37 he kept himself busy for a couple of hours, thus managing

to pay no attention to the noise 38 . But by eleven o’clock he felt 39 and was ready to go to bed, though from his earlier experience he knew it was 40 trying to get to sleep. He undressed and lay for a while on the bed, trying to read, but he 41 himself reading the same page over and over again. He then turned off the 42 his head in the pillow. But 43 he could not shut 44 the noise,

light and

finally, after 45 seemed hours, his 46 was gone. He jumped out of bed, 47 some clothing, marched 48 up the stairs, and walked into his neighbor’s flat. The owner of the flat, who 49 him in his dressing gown, came 50 the room and, 51 Mr. Wood could say anything, cried, “My dear fellow, come and 52. I know our parties 53 you. I meant to send you 54.” Mr. Wood’s anger disappeared then and there. He said, “I’d better go and get 55.” Minutes later, he returned, properly dressed, only to find that the party was nearly over. 36.A. taken fetched 37.A. with which 38.A. outside 39.A. bad 40.A. useless helpful 41.A. had 42.A. buried 43.A. till then so 44.A. away B. off C. down D. up B. found B. rested B. worse still C. caught C. shook D. felt D. turned D. even B. from which B. overhead B. tired B. necessary C. where C. downstairs C. sick C. possible D. when D. nearby D. hopeless D. B. carried C. brought D.

C. strange enough

45.A. it 46.A. sleep anger 47.A. pulled on wore 48.A. sadly 49.A. made fun of caught sight of 50.A. across 51.A. as 52.A. meet as scold me 53.A. may trouble bother 54.A. a notice apology 55.A. washed

B. what B. strength

C. that C. patience

D. which D.

B. dressed up

C. selected


B. proudly B. stared at

C. quietly

D. firmly D.

C. was angry with

B. around B. before B. sit here

C. towards C. though C. join us

D. by D. until D.

B. would trouble

C. may bother



B. a message

C. an invitation



B. changed

C. dressed

D. prepared

第二节:完形填空(共 20 小题:每小题 1.5 分,满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出可以填入空白处 的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项涂黑。 (2012·苏州五市区调研) Last night I was driving from Harrisburg to Lewisburg, a distance of about eighty miles. It was late and I was in a hurry. However, if anyone asked me how fast I was__36__ , I'd say I was not over?speeding. Several times I got__37__behind a slow?moving truck on a narrow road, and I was holding my fists tightly with__38__. At one point along an open highway, I came to a crossroad with a traffic light. I was alone on the road by now, but as I__39__the light, it turned red and I braked to a stop. I looked left, right and behind me. Nothing. Not a car, no__40__of headlights, but there I sat, waiting for the light to__41__, the only human being for at least a mile in any direction. I started wondering why I__42__to run the light. I was not afraid of being__43__, because there was obviously no policeman around, and there certainly would have been

no__44__in going through it. Much later that night, after I met with a group of my friends in Lewisburg and climbed into bed near midnight, the question of__45__I'd stopped for that light came back to me, I think I stopped because it's part of a contract(合同) we all have with each other. It's not only the __46__, but it's an arrangement we have, and we trust each other to__47__it: we don't go through red lights. Like most of us, I'm more likely to be__48__from doing something bad by the social custom that disagrees with it than by any law__49__it. It's amazing that we ever __50__each other to do the right thing, isn't it? And we do, too. Trust is our first__51__. We have to make a deliberate effort to mistrust someone. The whole thing we have going for us would__52__apart if we didn't trust each other most of the time. It happens often that we don't act in a__53__ manner, but we all consider it unusual, and we're angry or__54__with the person or organization that violates(侵犯) the trust we have in them. I was so __55__of myself for stopping for the red light that night. 文章大意:在一处空旷的十字路口,你遇到了红灯。你会闯过去吗?本文作者没有这样 做,而且作者分析了他没有这样做的原因。 36.A. thinking C. speaking 37.A. stopped C. stuck 38.A. horror C. understanding 39.A. passed C. approached 40.A. symbol C. influence 41.A. stop C. turn 42.A. refused C. tried 43.A. abused C. injured B. driving D. running B. changed D. lost B. strength D. impatience B. watched D. found B. sign D. gesture B. change D. die B. wanted D. decided B. fined D. killed

44.A. danger C. time 45.A. when C. where 46.A. virtue C. law 47.A. honor C. break 48.A. rejected C. stopped 49.A. against C. about 50.A. suspect C. teach 51.A. expression C. permission 52.A. turn C. fall 53.A. trustworthy C. conservative 54.A. shocked C. frightened 55.A. sorry C. sure

B. sense D. record B. how D. why B. suggestion D. order B. solve D. judge B. protected D. frightened B. for D. with B. trust D. care B. recreation D. preference B. keep D. live B. considerate D. merciful B. surprised D. disappointed B. doubtful D. proud

第二节 完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题 1.5 分;满分 30 分) 阅读下面短文,从短文后所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中选出能填入相应空白处的 最佳选项。 One day in September we were doing repair work on my parents’ old house to get it ready for my youngest daughter’s wedding. We had to 36 a great climbing plant that had grown the walls. When my husband was taking the plant away, he found a 39 of a blackbird that 37 a roof beam(房梁) ,so that we could repair the roof and 38

had made its home in the leaves. He then 40 something 41 among that mass of earth and straw of the nest. He broke the earth around it into pieces with his finger tips and, to his 42 ,saw glittering gold. It was a child’s bracelet(手镯). He ran into the house to 43 me. “You won’t believe that the we 45 44 blackbirds not only steal the best fruit

to feed on,” he said,“but they also want their children to 46 in a

cradle(摇摆)of gold!” When my daughter came over on the eve of the 47 ,we told her about this occurrence. “Don’t you remember, Mother?” she said with a loud you gave me a bracelet that I It was this one!” As the bracelet no longer into my safekeeping. In December of the following year, the young couple’s baby son was baptized (受洗礼).Among the 52 the newborn baby received, I placed his mother’s 53 . I hope that if my grandson 54 loses it, one of 51 its owner and was dirty, I decided to take it 49 .“When I was eight, 48

50 a few days later while out playing in the yard?

bracelet, now shining like the

55 that live in my backyard is somewhere nearby. B.cover B.over B.paint B.baby B.got B.colorful B.surprise C.body C.picked C.shiny C.delight C.grow C.across C.rescue D.egg D.noticed D.special D.water D.through D. print

36.A.remove 37.A.beyond 38.A.build 39.A.nest 40.A.moved 41.A.nice 42.A.horror D.disappointment 43.A.ask 44.A.working 45.A.buy D.collect

B.tell B.cheating B.plant

C.show C.dreaming C.store

D.give D.thieving

46.A.lie 47.A.party D.wedding 48.A.important 49.A.cry 50.A.hid 51.A.fitted D.interested 52.A.jewels 53.A.attractive 54.A.almost 55.A.blackbirds D.mice 读理解

B.sing B.Christmas

C.listen C.birthday


B.strange B.sigh B.threw B.satisfied

C.terrible C.laugh C.lost C.matched

D.funny D.sound D.broke

B.toys B.new B.just

C.clothes C.modern C.even

D.presents D.golden D.ever



In the face of tragedy(悲剧),you must of course let yourself feel:Cry without holding back, shake with fear, yell out in anger, accept and follow your feelings.This is part of the wise approach to tragedy:The Upward Path—the feeling of emotions(情 感),the acceptance of them,and the coupling of the emotional mind with wisdom.Along this path,you'll take the experience—no matter how sad or upsetting—as a learning event,just as all other points on your journey will prove to be.While tragic, you must recognize this is still a chance for all involved to grow.You should let both sadness and joy,fear and courage,dark and light fill your world,and learn to find your steady,calm center in the midst of the opposing forces.This is the Upward Path.Use the event as a chance to gain balance and discover wisdom—the wisdom of love and of letting go,of non?attachment and non?resistance,and using this experience to eventually help others in need of guidance. Being able to relate to others who have also experienced tragedy and inspire in them hope—of recovery, of ins ight, and of moving forward—is perhaps the greatest gift you can receive from tragedy.Turn the negative into positive,the pain into connection.After you've taken appropriate time to be sad,to feel your own pain, you should make it your work,your goal,your purpose to connect with others who need help.Show them how you've experienced feelings,achieved balance,and gained

wisdom that you would never have otherwise had the chance to learn. FEEL,but do not FEED on tragedy.Rather,let it inspire you to go beyond the person who you were before.With demise comes renewal,so let this loss be also your rebirth.No matter how hopeless it seems,no matter how difficult this becomes, you have the power to transform yourself into someone greater than you ever knew you could be. 67.When following the Upward Path,the person facing tragedy should ______. A.free his emotions C.fill his world with positive ideas forces 68.According to the author,the greatest gift one gets from tragedy is being able to ______. A.seek solutions from others B.understand and help others B.hold back all his feelings D.give in to tragedy and all opposing

C.stay calm and resist change D.forgive others and move on 69.The underlined word“demise”in the last paragraph probably means ______. A.sorrow B.problem C.difficulty D.death 70.The purpose of the passage is to ______. A.analyze the causes of tragedy B.tell people how to prevent tragedy C.suggest a way of dealing with tragedy D.encourage people to build friendship after tragedy A (2012·河南洛阳统考) In the USA,driving laws differ somewhat from state to state and considerably from what you are used to.Here is a list of some important differences. Speed Limits Speed limits are designated in miles per hour(MPH),not kilometers.One mile equals 1.6093 kilometers.Within cities the speed limit is usually 25 mph.Major streets with two or more lines may post a higher limit of 35 mph,but you should assume a 25 mph limit unless you see a sign with a higher limit.Highways have a speed limit of 55 mph,with some interstate highways posting a higher limit of 65 mph.Fines for speeding are heavy and can result in higher insurance fees and license suspension(扣留). Driving on the Right

Unlike the UK,some countries in Asia,in Australia,and in the United States cars drive on the right side of the road,and steering wheels(方向盘) are located on the left side of the car. Even if you don't drive a car,you need to be aware of this rule.Every year a few international students are hit by cars because they step off the roadsides into the path of oncoming traffic.On most streets cars will be coming from your left, not your right. Insurance Most states require you to maintain certain minimum levels of insurance on your car in case you are involved in an accident.The insurance covers your liability(责 任) for damage to other cars and injuries caused to all the people involved in the accident.We strongly recommend getting insurance that covers more than the legal minimum.You can also get collision(碰撞) insurance to cover the cost of fixing your car and theft insurance in case the car is stolen,but this is only worthwhile for a new car or a model of recent years.If you don't have car insurance,you won't be able to register the car. 56.When driving in an American city,you'd better limit your speed within about ______. A.25 mph B.35 mph C.55 mph D.65 mph 57.If you drive beyond the speed limits,you'll ______. A.be sent into prison B.get no car insurance C.have to pay much money D.be taken to the police station

58.We learn from the passage that international students in America ______. A.always drive cars on the left B.can hardly afford to have their own cars C.know about the rules clearly D.should pay more attention to the rules 59.Which car insurance should you get in order to save your money to repair your car? A.Liability insurance. B.Theft insurance. C.Collision insurance. D.Injury insurance. 【东北三省 2013 三模】C. Eco City Farms are becoming more popular in cities and towns around the Unites States Eco City Farms in Edmonton, Maryland, is located near shopping centers, car

repair shops and homes. The neighborhood is a working-class community. People do not have very much money. And they have limited access to fresh food in markets. Over the past two years, the farm has attracted volunteers form the community like Marcy Clark. She schools her four children at home. On a recent day she brought them to Eco City Farms for a lesson, Her son Alston Clark thinks his experience is very valuable.“I like coming out here,”he says,“You know, you connect with the earth, where your food comes from. You appreciate the food a little bit more.” Margaret Morgan started Eco City Farms. She thinks of it as a place where people can learn to live healthier li ves. “Growing food in a community brings people together,”she continues,“Every piece of what we do here is a demonstration to show people everything about how to have an eco-friendly community.”she say. From the Eco City Farms people come to know that they are not only growing food and raising chickens and bees, but improving the soil with compost(肥料)made from food waste. Ec o City Farms is an experimental operation. The farm gets its power not from the local electricity networks, but from the sun with solar panels. In winter, the green house use a geothermal(地热)system. Vegetables can be grown all year. So once a week, all winter long, neighbors like Chris Moss and her three children bike to the farm to pick up a share of the harvest. “I like eating the vegetables ”say five-year-old Owen Moss. 64. What is mainly talked about in the passage? A. Eco City Farms save a lot of energy. B. Eco City Farms are gaining popularity. C. Eco City Farms are influencing community life. D. Eco City Farms helps the working-class live better. 65. According to the passage, Eco City Farms are close to the following places EXCEPT______. A. shopping centers B. car repair shops C. fast-food restaurants

D. working-class community 66. What is the author’s attitude toward Eco City Farms? A. Enthusiastic. C. Surprised. B. Disappointed. D. Doubtful.

67.C【命题立意】考查考生对文章出处的判断能力。 【试题解析】根据文章的中心词 “Eco City Farms” 以及贯穿文章始终的信息 “you connect with the earth?learn to live healthier lives?how to have an eco-friendly community?improving the soil with compost(肥料)made from food waste?but from the sun with solar panels... the green houses use a geothermal (地热) system.” 可 推知。

The Alps are the youngest and highest mountain system in Europe.They stretch across the western and southern part of the continent in a broad arc.The mountain range starts near the Mediterranean Sea on the border between France and Italy.Then it curves north and eastward through northern Italy,Switzerland,Liechtenstein, southern Germany,Austria and Slovenia. The Alps are about 1,000 km long,and the broadest section is over 260 km wide.The highest peak , Mont Blanc , situated on the border between France , Italy and Switzerland,rises 4,807 meters above sea level.Other famous peaks are the Monte Rosa,the Matterhorn,the GroBglockner and the Zugspitze. Millions of years ago the area of today's Alps was covered by a large sea that separated Europe and Africa.The southern land mass started moving northwards.This movement folded rock layers at the bottom of the sea.Heat and pressure transformed the rock and pushed the_material upwards.Today these regions are the highest parts of the Alps.Most of the newly formed rock is granite and gneiss,but many ranges consist of limestone which also formed on the seabed. During the Ice Age, which started about a million years ago, the Alps were covered with a thick blanket of snow.Glaciers moved down valleys and made them wider and deeper.As they moved they took rock and other material with them , creating moraines(冰碛).When glaciers started to melt water filled up behind these natural

dams and created the alpine lakes we know today. The largest of these glaciers is the Alet sch in Switzerland which reaches a length of about 25 km.The longest glacier of the eastern Alps is the 8 km long Pasterze,at the foot of the GroBglockner. The ice and snow of the alpine regions helped create the large rivers of today: the Rhine,Rhone,Danube and the Po. 60.From the first two paragraphs we know the Alps ______. A.are about 260 km wide B.stretch across the western part of Africa C.are the youngest mountain system in the world D.have the highest peak 4,807 meters above sea level 61.What does the underlined phrase “this material” in paragraph 3 refer to? A.Sea water and rock. C.Rock layers that were folded. B.Rock that was transformed. D.Limestone which was on the seabed.

62.It can be inferred from the passage that the Alps were formed ______. A.before the Ice Age C.because of seas' movement B.during the Ice Age D.because of glaciers' movement

63.From the passage we know Danube is ______. A.a kind of rock C.the name of a river B.one of the Alps' famous peaks D.one of the largest glaciers

(2012·南京学情调查) There is a boy called Bill in my gym class who has unbearable yellow teeth that almost make everyone feel unpleasant.Recently another boy told Bill that he should have his teeth scaled(刮除牙石).Bill was crushed.If the other boy had been thinking, he would have realized that there is a better way to handle such a situation.He could have dealt with it with tact(得体).He could have showed this hurtful truth in a more careful,sensitive way—that's tact. If a person isn't sensitive to another's feelings,there is no way he or she can be tactful.Yesterday, my 5?year?old brother proudly announced that he had cleaned the screen of our television set.Unfortunately,he used furniture polish,which produced an oily film on the television screen.My mother smiled and thanked him for his efforts and then showed how to clean the screen properly.Her sensitivity enables my brother to keep his self?respect.Yet,sensitivity alone does not make tact.

“Tactfulness” also requires “truthfulness”.Doctors,for example,must be truthful.If a patient has just been disabled in an accident,a tactful doctor will tell the truth but express it with sensitivity.The doctor may try to give the patient hope by telling him curing techniques under study or about advanced equipment now available.Doctors must use tact with patients' relatives as well.Instead of bluntly saying,“Your husband is disabled,” a doctor might say,“I'm sorry,but your husband has lost feeling in his legs and...” Tact should not be confused with trickery.Trickery occurs when a nurse is about to give a patient an injection(注射) and says,“This won't hurt a bit.”Instead of trickery , the nurse might guarantee the patient that the discomfort of the injection is a small thing compared to the benefits of it.It would also be thoughtful for the nurse to tell the patient about some of these benefits. Tact is a wonderful skill to have,and tactful people are usually admired and respected.Without tact our society would become an intolerable place to live in. 64. The underlined word “crushed” in the first paragraph probably means ______. A.surprised B.cheated C.regretful D.upset

65.According to the author,his mother was ______ to his brother. A.sensitive and tactful B.sensitive but not tactful enough

C.truthful but not tactful enough D.sensitive but tricky 66.Which of the following is true according to the passage? A.Trickery often occurs in hospital. B.Tactfulness means truthfulness.

C.We should be tactful in our society. D.Nurses are not honest to patients. 【东北三省 2013 三模】D. Statuses are wonderful human inventions that enable us to get along with one another and to determine where we "fit" in society. In our everyday lives whenever we meet people, we always try to judge them in terms of their statuses. For example, we must judge whether the person in the library is a reader or a librarian, whether the telephone caller is a friend or a salesman and so on. Our statuses often vary with the people we meet, and change through life. Most of us can, at very high speed, assume(表现出) the different statuses that various situations require. Much of social communication consists of recognizing and selecting among proper statuses and allowing other people to assume their statuses

in relation to us. This means that we fit our actions to those of other people, based on a constant mental process of assessment and understanding. Although some of us find the task more difficult than others, most of us perform it rather easily. A status has been compared to ready-made clothes. Within certain limits the buyer can choose style and material. But an American is not free to choose the clothes of a Chinese peasant or that of a Hindu prince. We must choose from among the clothing presented by our society. Furthermore, our choice is limited to a size that will fit, as well as by our wallet. Having made a choice within these limits, we can have certain changes made. But apart from small adjustments, we tend to be limited to what the stores have on their shelves. Statuses too come ready-made, and the range of choice among them is limited. 68. According to the writer, people often assume different statuses______. A. in order to distinguish themselves from others B. in order to better recognize other people C. as their mental processes change D. as the situation changes 69. In the last sentence of the second paragraph, “it” refers to “___” A. constant mental process B. selecting one’s own statuses C. recognition of other people’s statuses D. fitting our actions to those of other properly 70. What can be the best title for this text? A. Proper Relations. C. Judgment of Statuses. B. Limited Choices. D. Comparison of Clothes.


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