一.高级词汇 1.occur 替换 think of Suddenly I had an idea that someone had broken into my house. → An idea occurred to me that someone had broken into my house. It occurred to me that someone had broken into my house. 2.devote 替换 spend He spends all his spare time in reading. → He devotes all his spare time to reading. 3.seek 替换 want / look for They sought ( wanted ) to hide themselves behind the trees. 4.average 替换 ordinary I’m an average ( ordinary ) student. 5.but 替换 very The film we saw last night was very interesting. → The film we saw last night was nothing but interesting. The film we saw last night was anything but boring. 6.seat 替换 sit On his way to school, he found an old lady seated (sitting) by the road, looking worried. 7.suppose 替换 should He is supposed to ( should ) have driven more slowly. 8.appreciate 替换 thank Thank you very much for you help. → We appreciate your help very much. / Your help is much appreciated. 9.the case 替换 true I don’t think it is the case ( true ). 10.on 替换 as soon as As soon as he arrived, he began his research. → On his arrival, he began his research.. 11.due to 替换 because of He arrived late due to ( because of ) the storm. 12.cover 替换 walk/read After covering (walking) 10 miles, we all felt tired. 13.contribute to 替换 be helpful/useful Plenty of memory work is undoubtedly helpful to English study. → Plenty of memory work will undoubtedly contribute to English study. 14.round the corner 替换 coming soon/ nearby ① The summer vacation is round the corner ( coming). Do you have any plans? ② Li Ming studies in a school round the corner (nearby). 15.come to light 替换 discover The family were so pleased when they discovered the lost jewels. → The family were so pleased when the lost jewels came to light.

16.have a ball 替换 have a good time/ enjoy oneself After visiting the workshop, we went back to school. Every one of us had a ball ( had a good time ). 17.come up with 替换 think of Jack is very clever. He often comes up with ( thinks of ) new ideas. 18.set aside 替换 save Some students think that they should set aside some of their pocket money for books. (2004 天津卷) 19.be of + n. 替换 adj. The products are of high quality (very good ) and are sold everywhere in China. 20.refer to 替换 talk about/of, mention The professor you referred to (talked about ) is very famous. 21.can not but / can not help but 替换 have to do I could not but (had to) go home. 22.more often than not 替换 usually More often than not (Usually), the meaning of many words can be easily guessed. 23.lest 替换 so that /in order that I wrote down his telephone number so that I would not forget it. → I wrote down his telephone number lest I (should) forget it. 24.be long for sth. / be long to do sth. 替换 want to do sth./wish for I want to see you very much. → I am long to see you. 25.be caught up in/be crazy about/be absorbed in/be addicted to 替换 be interested in He is caught up in ( very interested in ) collecting stamps. 26.more than 替换 very ① I’m very glad to learn that you are coming in September. → I’m more than glad to learn that you are coming in September. ( NMET 2003 ) ② If there is anything I can do for you, I would be more than glad to help.(2004 全国卷) 27.perfect (ly) 替换 good/ very well He speaks perfect ( good ) English./ He speaks English perfectly ( very well ). 28.do sb a/the favor 替换 help Would you please do me the favor ( help me ) to turn down the radio? 29.the other day 替换 a few days ago The other day my brother and I went to the cinema by bicycle. ( NMET 1997 ) 30.in the course of 替换 during In the course of (During) the mountain-climbing, please help each other and pay special attention to your safety. 31.the majority of 替换 most The majority of (Most of ) the interviewees prefer watching TV at home to going to the cinema. 32.consist of 替换 be made up of Our class consists of ( is made up of ) 50 students.

33.be worn out 替换 be tired / broken ① After five hours’ non-stop work, we were all worn out (tired). ② My shoes are worn out (broken). Please buy me a new pair. 34.become of 替换 happen What do think has become of ( happened to ) him ? 35.attend to 替换 look after 36.on condition that 替换 as long as 37.nevertheless 替换 however 38.express one’s satisfaction with 替换 be satisfied with 39.spare no efforts to do 替换 try one’s best to do 40.many a 替换 many 41.be rushed off one’s feet 替换 be busy in doing 42.a handful of 替换 a little / some 43.meanwhile 替换 at the same time 44.get to one’s feet 替换 stand up 45.beneath 替换 under 46.occasionally 替换 sometimes /once in while 47.for instance 替换 for example 48.seldom 替换 not often 49.wealthy 替换 rich 50.amazing 替换 surprising 51.as a matter of fact 替换 in fact 二.高级句型结构 ◆ It 句型 ① It will be + some time + before… It won’t be long before humans visit the Mars. ② It is + adj./n.+ for sb to do sth. It is very important for us to learn computer well, because it has changed our life so much. He said since it was a new model in China, it was impossible to fix it without the right spare parts. ③ It is + 被强调部分 + that… 1) It is what Yang Liwei has done that encourages us a lot. 2) Those who like reading extensively say it is through reading that we get our knowledge. ◆ more …than any other 表示最高级 Among the optional courses, spoken English and computer study are more popular than any one else. ◆ 名词从句 ① It would mean a great deal to me to listen to the tape and learn what is covered in the talk. ② My hometown is no longer what it used to be. ◆ (非限制性)定语从句 ① The flat is in a building on Fangcao Street. It is not far from Jianxin Chinese

School.→ The flat is in a building on Fangcao Street, which is not far from Jianxin Chinese School. ② It was quite an experience for us both, which I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. ◆ 分词结构 ① I don’t know about others, but I used to have to work even at weekends doing endless homework and attending classes as well. ② We’ll mostly stay at home in the evening watching TV, playing games, and meeting people. (2004 全国卷Ⅱ ) ③ Hearing this, a few people began to run after him. ④ Born in American, Thomas Edison was a great scientist and inventor.(2008 年 湖南卷) ◆ with 结构 ① A terrible accident happened yesterday, with nine people killed and almost eighty injured. ② He was carrying a bedroll and a large bag on his shoulder, with a large suitcase in his left hand. ◆ 倒装句 ① The library is to the east of the teaching building. → East of the teaching building is the library. ② Although we are tired, we are happy.→ Tired as we are, we are happy. ③ Only in this way can he grow to be a useful man. ④ May all your dreams come true! May our friendship last till the end of the universe.! ◆ 被动语态 ① Opinions are divided on the question. ② All classes are taught by teachers with rich experience in teaching foreign students. ③ New factories, houses and roads have been built. ◆ 巧妙的改写 (1).Only 改成 no one but Only Tom passed the exam last week. → No one but Tom passed the exam. (2) . as soon as …改成 No sooner…than…/Hardly…when…/Immediately…/The moment No sooner had we arrived at the cinema than the film started. (3).have sb/sth do/done The girl was knocked off her bicycle and had her leg broken (her leg was broken.). (4).变换插入语的位置 ① However, they suggest fees should be charged low. → They suggest, however, fees should be charged low. ② I think this is a good chance for you to show your singing talent, and how

well you’ve learned Chinese. → This is a good chance for you, I think, to show your singing talent, and how well you’ve learned Chinese. (5). 用同位语代替非限制性定语从句 Meimei, who is seven years old, has been learning to ride a bicycle for several days.→ Meimei, a girl of thirteen, has been learning to ride a bicycle for several days. (2002 上海卷) Shakespeare, a son from a poor family, a man of little education, wrote plays and poems that are read all over the world. ◆ 其它 (1)注重句子的开头 ① 用 with 复合结构开头 With the sun setting in the west, we had to wave goodbye to the workers. With his help, we've learned how to analyze and settle problems. With the functions of inserting, deleting, moving and copying, it enables us to edit test, browse web page and download what we want. ② 用非谓语动词形式开头 ⅰ )In order to improve our English, our school held an English contest. ⅱ )Walking towards the cinema, he met a foreigner. (2)长短句交错使用(注意:应突出主题句;长句子并非越长越好) ◆ ◆ 相关过渡语 1). 表示时间顺序: first, then, afterwards, meanwhile, later,first of all, finally, at last… 2). 表示空间顺序: near, next to, far from, in front of, on the left, on one side… 3). 表示比较、对照: like, unlike, such as, but, however, on the other hand, on the contrary, nevertheless, otherwise… 4). 表示因果关系: because, for, as a result, therefore, thus… 5). 表示递进关系 : besides, what’s more, what was worse, moreover, furthermore, in addition, on top of… 6). 表示并列关系: and, as well as, also… 7). 表示总结性: in general, in a word, in short, on the whole, to sum up, in brief, to conclude…


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