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⑥Inside the box is a nice watch.

NSEFC Book 5 - Unit 4 Making the news Period 3: Grammar Inversion 班别: 姓名: 学号:

⑦In the distance lies a car. ⑧Sitting in front of the house was a little girl. 第①例句是我们熟悉的 There be 句型,主语 中 be 可换作 由第④⑤⑥例句归纳: 副词 置于句首作状语时,而谓语动词 用完全倒装。 由第⑦⑧例句归纳:表示地点的 词组,作表语的 、 或 短语位于句首时, 用完全倒装。 The door opened and in came Mr. White. The door opened and in she came. 等,且句子主语为 位于谓语 之后,是完全倒装结构。其 等动词,如第②③例句。 等 词时,

Learning goals(学习目标) 能够识别倒装句并理解其含义 学会使用倒装句 Learning procedures(学习过程)
一、观察下面的句子与一般正常的句子有什么不同。 ①Only then did we decide to answer violence with violence.(B1U5) ②Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project. (B4U1) ③Only if you put the sun there did the movements of the other planets in the sky make sense. (B5U1) ④There followed St Paul’s Cathedral built after the terrible fire of London in 1666. (B5U2) ⑤Inside was an exhibition of the most up-to-date inventions of the 31st century. (B5U3) ⑥Never will Zhou Yang forget his first assignment at the office of a popular English newspaper. (B5U4) ⑦Not only am I interested in photography, but I took an amateur course at university to update my skill. (B5U4) ⑧Only if you ask many different questions will you acquire all the information you need to know. (B5U4) ⑨Here comes my list of dos and don’ts. (B5U4) 在英语中, 主语和谓语的语序通常是 在前, 在后。 但有时谓语的全部或者一部分 (通 ”。

Here comes the car. Here it comes.
※由以上两组句子对比可以看出,当主语是 词时,不用倒装。 语保持一致。

【注意】在完全倒装句式中,谓语动词的数要与后面的 练习:用倒装结构重写下面的句子。 1. The boy went away. 2. A beautiful girl sits under that tree.

倒装分为 (1) (2) 如例句第

倒装和 倒装的结构:把



全部 提到主语前面,即……+ .. 句。 、 、

+主语。 / /

三、部分倒装 观察下面的句子 ①Never shall I do this again. ②Seldom does he go to school late. ③In no case will I turn against my motherland. ④Not only do students come to school early, but also the teachers do. ⑤No sooner had I set off than it began to rain. ⑥So loudly did he speak that even people in the next room could hear him. ⑦Only when he told me did I know the truth. ⑧His brother likes football and so does my brother. ⑨You don’t know the way. Neither do I.


放在主语之前,即 句。

+主语+ 谓语剩下的部分。如例句第 二、完全倒装 观察下面的句子 ①There are many students in the classroom. ②There stands a temple on the top of the mountain. ③There lies a lake at the foot of the hill. ④Here comes the bus! ⑤Out rushed the boy.

1. 由第①②③例句归纳: 2. not only…but also 连接两个 用部分倒装。 4. “so + 如第 例句。 (或 5. Only + /



短语放在句首时,如 等。 倒装,如第 例句。 时, 倒装,

时,含有 not only 的句子用

3. hardly…when, no sooner…than, not…until 引导的句子,当 hardly, no sooner, not until 位于 ”和“such + )位于 ”位于 时,主句用部分倒装,但从句 例句。

时,句子(主句)用部分倒装,如第 情况时,用“

6. 如第⑧例句,表示一种 况也适用于另一方或同时具备两种 【注意】 1. few, little 作 或修饰


+ 倒装” ;而表示一种 + 倒装” ,如第⑨例句。


eg. Few students are in the classroom after 10 o’clock in the evening. 2. only 修饰 时,句子 倒装。

eg. Only he can help me. 练习:用倒装结构翻译下列句子 1. 不仅空气被污染了,而且街道也很拥挤。 2. 只有完成了作业他才会回家。 3. 他没通过考试,我也没有。 4. 他讲话很大声,大厅里的人们都能听见。

6. ____,I will not buy it. A. Much as do I like it B. As much I like it C. Much as I like it D. As I like it much 7. So _____ in the darkness that he didn't dare to move an inch. A. he was frightened B. was he frightened C. frightened he was D. frightened was he 8. —You have an English class every day except Sunday. —_____. A. So we have B. So we do C. So have we D. So do we 9. Only after I read the text over again _____ its main idea. A. that I knew B. did I knew C. 1 could know D. I did know 10. _____,I would accept the invitation and go to the party. A. Were I you B. Was I you C. Had I been you D. Would 1 be you 11. _____ and caught the mouse. A. Up the cat jumped B. The cat up jumped C. Up jumped the cat D. Jumped up the cat 12. Not only _____ a promise, but also he kept it. A. did he make B. he made C. does he make D. has he made 13. ____,he would have passed the exam. A. If he were to study B. If he studied hard C. Had he studied hard D. Should he study hard 14. —Do you know Jim quarreled with his brother? —I don't know, and ______ . A. nor don't I care B. nor do I care C. I don't care neither D. I don't care also 15. —This is one of the oldest trees in the world. —_____ such a big tree. A. Never I have seen B. I haven't never seen C. Never have I seen D. I have seen never

1. Not until I began to work ____ how much time I had wasted. A. didn't I realize B. did I realize C. I didn't realize D. I realized 2. Only by practising a few hours every day ____ be able to master the language. A. you can B. can you C. you will D. will you 3. No sooner ____ to the station ____ the train left. A. had I got,when B. I had got,than C. had I got,than D. did I get,when 4. Never in my life ____ such a thing. A. I have heard or have seen B. have I heard or seen C. I have heard or seen D. did I hear or see 5. —Here ____!Where is Xiao Liu? —There ____. A. comes the bus,is he B. comes the bus,he is C. the bus comes,is he D. the bus comes,he is



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