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UNIT5 Topic1 一 单词: ⒈Invite ⒉ none ⒊moving ⒋proud ⒌taste ⒍mad ⒎express ⒏peace ⒐thankful 邀请 I want to invite you to go to the party. Here was none left.

无一人,无任何东西 感动的

The movie is moving. I’m proud of Liu Xiang. The food tastes evry good. The boy went mad. The guesture expresses"Yes". we all like peace. Tom is thankful with the help of Jane.


v:尝,品尝;n:味道 发疯的,生气的 表达,表示 和平


语法: ⒈invite sb to do sth ⒉invite sb to ? ⒊say hello to sb ⒋say goodbye to sb ⒌a ticket to/for ⒍ring up 打电话给 因为 使振奋起来 ?的票,入场券 邀请某人做某事 邀请某人去(某处)

⒎because of? ⒏cheer up ⒐What?for=Why ⒑pay?for?

付钱 产生,诞生

⒒come into being ⒓end with?


⒔seem to do sth 看起来?,似乎

例句: ⒈You ook excited.你看起来很兴奋。 Look+形容词 ⒉We can spend the evening at my house.我们可以在我家度过晚 上。 Spend sth (in) doing sth , Spend sth on sth. ⒊Why all the smiling faces? 为什么大家总是笑容满面? ⒋I went to buy tickets,but there was none left.我想去买票,但是 没有剩下的。 ⒌What a shame/pity! 多么可惜! 他得不到一张

⒍He can't get a ticket to/for The Sound of Music. 《音乐之声》的票。 ⒎I hope everything goes well. 我希望一切顺利。

⒏The sound of Music is one of the must poopular American movies. 《音乐之声》是美国最流行的影片之一。 one of the most+可数

⒐Maria taught the children to sing lively songs and perform short,funry plays to cheer themselves up. 演生动总之,有趣的发挥了自己的欢呼。 ⒑The Titanic had a accident on the way to America. 道路上发生了一场事故。 ⒒The mother was so worried that she looked for him everywhere. 位母亲非常着急,以至于她到处找他。 ⒓Beijing Opera is our national opera with around 200 years history. 拥有两百多年历史的京剧是我们的国剧。 ⒔It come into being after 1790. 它形成于 1790 年。 这 泰坦尼克号在 玛丽亚教孩子们唱的歌曲和表

⒕How nice! 可数名词复数



What a/an+形容词,What a/an+

⒖The food tastes so delicious! ⒗I feel terrible. ⒘Guess what!



猜一猜看! 向某人表示感谢。 他发烧了。 我希望他能打电话给我。

⒙Say thanks to sb. ⒚He has a fever.

⒛I hope he will ring me up.

UNIT5 Topic2 单词: ⒈baddly exam. ⒉experience after some bad experience. ⒊suggestion me? ⒋normal adj:正常的 It is normal to feel sad when n:建议 Can you give your suggestions to n:经历, 经验 They may have unhappy feelings adv:坏,恶劣地 She did badly in the Enlish

something bad happens to us. ⒌stranger ⒍accept ⒎carefully ⒏clap ⒐elder ⒑hit n:外地人 v:接受 adv:仔细地 v:拍手 I'm a stranger here. My classmates don't accept me. Helen is as carefully as Maria. Let's clap our hands. He has an elder brother. There is a car hitting a cat.

adj:年纪较大的 v:撞,击中

⒒though happy.


Though I have much money,I am not

短语: ⒈at one's age 在某人的年龄 age. ⒉at the age of 在?岁时 At the age of seven,he could swim. 在某人二十几岁/三十几岁 A man You father began to work at your

⒊in one's twenties/thiries in his thirties. ⒋happen to do sth home. ⒌what's more 更有甚者 碰巧干某事

I happened to meet her on my way

What's more,it seems that my

cassmates don't accept me. ⒍fit in 被他人接受 即使 I'll learn to fit in soon. I'll help you,even though/if I don't

⒎even tough/if sleep for a night.

⒏not?any longer=no longer Beijing any longer. ⒐cheer sb up 让 某人振作 up. ⒑take it easy yourself. ⒒get angry ⒓feel upset ill. ⒔talk with sb 于某人交谈 变的生气 感到苦恼 别紧张


He doesn't live in

I'm sending this e-card to cheer you

Take it easy and don't be too strict with

He gets angry because he lost his pen. She feels upset,because her son was

Why not talk with other about it.

⒕take pat in you. ⒖deal with ⒗in public turms red. ⒘calm down ⒙fall asleep he's talking to me.


Taking part in actinvities is good for

解决 当众

How to deal with them,do you know? Maria speaks in public,her face always

平静 入睡

Calm down an relax. He is so boring,I almost fall asleep when

语法: ⒈seem to do sth ⒉seem+adj 似乎? 看来? He seems to know the secret. Jane seems worried. 对某人要求严格 They were always very

⒊be strict with sb stict with their chaldren. ⒋be strict about/in sth homework. ⒌beworried about exam. ⒍fail to do sth girl's life.

She's evry strict about things like


She is so worried about her


Doctors failed to save the

⒎be/get used to (doing)sth


I am used to

getting up early./He can't get used to the weather here. ⒏as+形容词/副词原级+as+比较对象(表示两者在某一方面程度相 同) I am as tall as my father. He runs as fast as Tom.

⒐not as/so+形容词/副词原级+as+比较对象(表示某人或某物在某一 方面不如另一个人或另一物) Jim doesn't study as/so hard as Helen.

⒑refuse to do sth work. ⒒refuse sb/sth


How could he refuse to do the


He refused my offer. Thank you for helping

⒓thank you for doing sth me. ⒔why don't you=why not+do to someone when you feel sad? ⒕be afraid of doing sth speaking in public.



Why don't you/not talk


The girl is

afraid of

UNIT5 Topic3 单词: 1.affect 2.put on 影响 Many things can affect our feelings.

表演,上映 与......相处 Your mother gets along well

3.get along/on with with her workmates. 4.especially


Sometimes it makes me feel

sad,especially when the full moon is hanging in the sky on Mid-autumn Festival. 5.try out 试,试验 We can try out different colors if we

aren't feeling our best. 6.noise 7.decision 噪声 noisy 喧闹的 下决心



词组: 1.feel nervous 感动紧张 It makes me feel nervous.

2.in turn

依次,轮流 心情良好

They spoke in turn at the meeting. in a bad mood 心情糟糕

3.in a good mood in good health 4.play with...

健康状况良好 和......玩耍,玩弄 ......在去......路上 On his way to

5.on the/one's way(to) school. 6.in high spirits in low spirits 7.think over think things over.

情绪高昂的,精力充沛的 情绪低落的 He would like more time to


语法: 1.How long have you felt like this?=How long have you been like this? 你像这样已经多久了? 表否定猜测 表肯定猜测 He can't be at home. Maria must be at home because the light

2.can't must is on.

3.follow one's advice

采纳建议,此时的 follow 可用 take 替换

He refused to follow/take our advice. 4.take turns to do sth classroom. 5.Let sb.do sth 6.get along/on along/on? 7.try on 试穿,试戴 Try the shoes on before you buy them. 让/允许某人走某事 生活,进展,进行 Let's make a plan. How are you getting 轮流做某事 We take turns to clean the

8.get back to sth of the discussion. 9.a sense of... sence of happiness.


Let's get back to the main point


It will help you bring back a

UNIT6 Topic1 词组: 1.spring field trip 春游 2.go on a visit to ... visit to Mount Tai. 3.make the decision 做决定 Let's make the decision together. 4.find out 了解 elephant. 5.decide on 决定 I'm 18 now,i have right to decide my on future. Cao chong wanted to find out the weight of the We're going a spring field trip. 去...参观,旅游 We will go on a two-day

6.raise money 筹钱 It is very common to raise money in Canadian and American schools. 7. make a reservation 预定 8.work out 计算 trip. 9.come up with 赶上 you soon. 10.look farward to 期待 We are looking forward to your visit. 11.hear form 收到......来信 12.as soon as 一......就...... I heard form Mike yesterday. As soon as he comes, I'll tell him. You start fitst,walk on and I'll come up with I want to make a room reseruation.

Jane is helping Helen work out the lost of the

13.places of interest 名胜古迹 We can visit some places of interest together.

14.the sea of clouds

We saw the sunrese and the sea of on Mount

Tai and visited Dai Temple in the daytime. 15.the whole night=all the night 整个晚上 whole night to get to Wanghai Stone. It took us almost the

笔记 1.have sth to do. I have some exciting news to tell you. He decided\planed to stay and look after

2.plan \decide to do sth his mother. 3.主语+be+adj+to do sth. 4.主语(物)+cost+钱......

It's hard to say. It costs $700. It took us the whole night to

主语(物)+take+人+时间+to do sth go to Beijing.

主语(人)+spend+时间+(in)doting sth basketball. 主语(人)+paid+钱+for+物

He spent two hours in play

I paid $100 for shoes.

动词不定式: 1. I have some exciting news to tell you.(当定语) (当定语) (当主语) (当宾语)

It's hard to say.

I want to make a room reservation.

The best way to raise money is to sell newspapers.

Why don't we have a show to raise money?(当定语,当表语) Kangkang helped us (to) book the train tickets. (当宾语补足语)

UNIT6 Topic2 短语: 1.receive sth from sb my parents. 收到某人的东西 Ireceive the new bike from

这辆自行车是我父母给我的。 I'm busy preparing for zhong kao

2.be busy doing sth 忙于做某事 these days.

这些天我忙于为中考做准备。 时间状语从句 I was doing homework while he was

3.while/when sleeping in class.

当他在课堂上睡觉时,我正在做作业。 We were talking 当刘老师走进来时我们正在大声的说话。 Make sure all the windows are closed

loudly when Mr.liu came in. 4.make sure before you leave. 5.by the way 下,商店在哪里? 确保弄清楚

离开之前确保所以的窗户都关上了。 顺便问一下 By the way ,where is the shop?顺便问一

6.two hours and a half=two and a half hours


It takes

two hours and a half on foot to get there.=It takes two and a half hours' walk to get there. 7.in/to/on in: Taiwan is in the southeast of china. (在内部) to: Taiwan is to the east of Fujian. 接壤) on:Henan is on the nouth of Hubei. 8.be surprised at dragons. 对.....感到惊奇 河南在湖北的北部。(接壤) He is surprised at 台湾在福建的东部。(不 台湾在中国的东南部 走路到那里需要两个半小时。


9.be full of=be filled with water. 这个坑里充满了水。


This hold is filled with

10.be satisfied with sb with me.


My parents are satisfied

我的父母对我感到满意。 忍不住做某事 I feel very bored,so I can't

11.can't help doing help talking in class. 12.shout at 喊大叫。 13.out of sight of sight.

我觉得很无聊,所以忍不住在课堂上讲话。 You don't shout at me. 你不可以对我大



At last,we find he was out

最后,我们发现他已经不见了。 享受做某事,做某事很有趣。 我们正享受着打篮球 。 If you have trouble,you can ask We are having

14.have fun doing sth fun playing basketball. 15.ask sb for help teachers for help. 重点句型:



1.while you were enjoying you trip.I was busy preparing for my exams. 你在愉快的游戏时,我正忙于准备考试。 2.It would be great fun. 那会很有趣的。 你能告诉

3.Could you tell me something about the Ming Tombs? 我一些关于十三陵的事吗? 4.The Tombs spread over an area of 40km. 米。


5.They surveyed the area to make sure their tombs faced south and had mountains at the back. 而且背靠群山。 他们仔细勘察了整个区域,确保陵墓坐北朝南,

6.It's about two and a half hours by bike. 半小时。 7.Maoling lies to the ... of Tailing.



8...,they walked through the passage into Dingling and were surprised at the wonders... 很惊奇 9.As they were exploring happing,the crowd of people become larger and larger. 当他们高兴的参观时,拥挤的人群越来越大。 他们穿过通道进入定陵,对这些奇观感到

10.Someone stepped on Darren's toes while the crowd was pushing him in all direction. 人群从四面八方挤来时,有人踩了达伦的脚。

11.When Darren finally pushed his way out,he noticed his firends were both out of sight. 最后当达伦注意这条路时,他发现他的朋友都不见了。 直到有个

12.He didn't raise his head until someone called him. 人叫他时他才抬起头。

13.As soon as the three boys saw each other,they all jump up happily. 这三个男孩一看到对方,都高兴的跳起来。 请尽快给我发邮件。 我们忍不住和他们玩了起来。 我对中国的每件

14.Please e-mail me soon.

15.We couldn't help playing with them.

16.I'm very satisfied with everything in china. 事都感到很满意。

17.In the old days,common people like us had to get off their horse and walk. 古时候,像我们这样的普通人不得不下马步行。

UNIT7 Topic1

一、单词 ① successful adj.


try one's best 尽某人的最大

努力 例句:Let's try our best to make it successful. 翻译:让我们尽最大的努力使它成功. ②imagine v. 想象 例句:I imagine (that) a lot of people will come to the party. 翻译:我想将会有很多人来到这个聚会. ③soup 汤 n. 汤 biscuits n. 饼干 pancake n. 薄煎饼 例句:I think they need to cook soup/ make biscuits/ make pancakes. 翻译:我想她们需要煮汤/做饼干/做薄煎饼. ④westem adj. 西方的,西部的 例句:I think a lot of students will buy westem food. 翻译:我想许多学生会买西方的食物. ⑤Indian adj. 印度人的 Russian adj. 俄国的 例句:I plan to cook Indian curries./ Russian black bread. 翻译:我计划做印度的咖喱食品/俄国的黑面包 ⑥supply n. 日常用品 v&n. 供给,供应 例句:It has only o few school supplies. 翻译:它只有一点点学校供给. 二、重点词组 ① chat with sb. 与某人聊天. 例句:I'll chat with Jane on the Internet to get more information about him. 翻译:我会和简在网上聊天了解更多关于他的信息. ② have a sweet tooth. 爱吃甜食 例句:I have a sweet tooth ,and I think a lot of students will bug western food such as American chocolate cookies and Greek cheese pies. 翻译: 我喜欢吃甜食,我认为许多学生会买像美国巧克力饼干,希腊奶油派这样的 西方食物. ③ later on 过后,以后 例句:I will send you an e-mail later on. 翻译:我过后会给你发邮件. ④ hold on 等一等(别挂电话) 例句:A:Hello!Extension six zero zero six, please. B: OK! Hold on, please. 翻译:A:你好!请呼叫 6006. B:好的,请等一等! ⑤ be pleased with 对?感到满意、高兴 例句:I'm very pleased with what you are doing for us. 翻译:你为我们做的一切我感到非常满意. ⑥ come true 变成现实 例句:Let's make his dream come true. 翻译:让我们使他梦想成真. 三、重点句型 ① I know that he is a Canadian athlete. 我知道他是一位加拿大运动员.

此举含有一个由 that 引导的宾语从句.并与从句是指充当宾语的句子.当陈 述句充当宾语时,由 that 来引 导,that 在口语或非正式文体中常省略. 如:I believe we will win the game next time. 我相信下次我们会赢得这项 比赛. ② Mmm, shall we have a food festival to raise money for his school ? 嗯,我们举办一次美食节来为他的学校筹款好吗? have/hold/organize a food festival 举办美食节 ③ I will turn to our teachers. 我向老师们求助. turn to sb = ask sb for help 向某人求助. 如:Jim is going to turn to his parents.= Jim is going to ask his parents for help. 吉姆打算向他的父母求助 ④ I will think about how to organize the food festival. 我将认真考虑 如何组织美食节. how to organize 在句子中作宾语 . 有些动词 , 如: know, ask, decide, understand, show, find out, think about, remember 等后面常用带疑问 词的不定式作宾语. 即:who/whom/how/where/what/when + to do sth. 如:I don't know who to ask. 我不知道该问谁. Do you remember what to do ? 你记住该做什么了吗? 此外,疑问词+不定式在句中可作主语、表语. 如:How to use the computer is a question. 怎样使用计算机是一个问题. ⑤Let's try our best to make it successful. 让我们尽最大努力使它成功. try one's best (to do sth) = do one’s best (to do sth) 意思为“尽(某 人)最大努力做某事” 如:She tried/ did her best to solve the problem. 她尽了最大努力以解 决这个问题. ⑥ What's more, I'm sure that selling fried rice and dumplings will make a lot of money. 而且,我确实卖炒饭和水饺会挣到许多钱. what's more 意为“而且,更重要的是”,表示更进一步. 如:He enjoyed the meal, and what's more, he ate up all the food. 他喜欢这顿饭,而且吃光了所有的食物. ⑦ That's good enough. 那就够好了. enough 在这里作副词,意为“足够(地)”,修饰形容词或副词时,放在形容 词或副词之后. 如:She is not old enough to join the army. 她年龄不够大,不能参军. enough 作形容词时,意为 “足够的”,修饰名词时,放在复数名词或不可数名 词之前. 如:I have enough money to buy a coat. 我有足够的钱买一件外套. ⑧ We student will sell many delicious international foods in order to raise money for a village school in Nigeria. 为了给尼日利亚一所乡村学 校筹款,我们学生将出售许多美味的国际食品. In order to do sth. 意为“为了做某事”,它引导动词不定式短语在剧中

作目的状语,可放在句首,也可放在句 末,其否定形式为 in order to not to do sth. 意为“以免做某事”. 如:He went to the hall early in order to get a good seat. 他很早就去了大厅,以便能找到一个好座位. Jim put on his coat in order to not to catch a cold. 吉姆穿上大衣,以免感冒. In order to catch up with her mother, the girl asked her to walk slowly. 这个女孩要她母亲走慢点,以便能赶上她.

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