1. 重点单词拼写

1) One of the p 【答案】pioneers
2) The clothes are s 【答案】suitable

of farming in ancient China was Jia Sixie.

for cold weather.

3) Taking extra vitamins may r 【答案】reduce

your liability to colds.

4) Your’s
【答案】summary 5) We e

will need fleshing out before you present it.

our opinions about the event at the meeting.


6) There exist many b 【答案】bacteria

in water.

7) Metals e
【答案】expand 8) I always c 【答案】confuse 9) H

when they are heated.

the sisters; they look so alike.

and disease had weakened his constitution.

10) The people who are fighting to gain their f control. 【答案】freedom from foreign

2. 重点词词形变换 1) The result of the experiment was and the boss laughed with . He was with our work.(satisfy)
【答案】satisfactory, satisfaction, satisfied 2) Nowadays women have more anything they want to do.(free) . They can be to do

【答案】freedom, free
3) The teacher said with , “ you are to succeed so long as you study hard. , you will also meet with some difficulties to overcome on the way to success.” (certain ) 【答案】certainty, certain, Certainly 4) Success results from . If you want to succeed, you should . (struggle)

【答案】struggling, struggle 5) The school has much modern teaching are all with new desks. (equip) 【答案】equipment, equipped 6) He couldn’t walk any further because of can’t do anything if you are . (hungry) 【答案】hunger, hungry 7) On holidays, shops often sell goods at a huge

. And the classrooms

. As you know, you

. (reduce)

8) Do you know the of gases when they are heated? (expand)

9) The sky when the storm approached. (dark)

【答案】darkened 10) You had better find a place 【答案】suitable for a picnic. (suit)


1. 短语积累 graduate from less developed countries thanks to sth./sb. rid... of... be satisfied with... care (little) about lead a comfortable life would rather do sth. with the hope of doing... in need of... get rid of... get confused 毕业? 欠发达国家? 幸亏;由于/因为? 使……摆脱? 对……满意? 关心;忧虑? 过着舒适的生活? 宁愿做……? 希望做……? 需要? 摆脱? 弄糊涂了?

be concerned about 担心;忧虑? the need for sth. 需要? refer to... 提到;与……有关;查询;送交? rather than... 不愿;不要? be good for... 有利于? keep... free from... 使……不受伤害或影响? year after year 年复一年? insist on doing sth. 坚持做……? that is to say 也就是说? be free of... 不受伤害/影响? be suitable for 适合 2. 从上面列举的短语中选择适当的,填入下面的空格中 1)He came from the south and has few clothes for cold weather.

【答案】suitable 2) When I said some people are stupid, I wasn’t 【答案】referring to 3) The shop ordered 20 copies of the book and now it can’t 【答案】get rid of them. you.

4) I

by being asked so many questions.

【答案】got confused 5) I got up very early 【答案】with the hope of

catching the early bus yesterday.

1. Using his hybrid rice farmers are producing harvests twice as large as before.(P10) ? “倍数+ as + adj. + as ”是一个表示倍数关系的常用句型。? This classroom is twice as large as that one.? 表示倍数的另两个句型是:倍数+ adj.比较级 + than. ? 倍数+ the size/ length/ width... + of ? 上面句子亦可表示为:? This classroom is once larger than that one.? This classroom is twice the size of that one.?? 即时强化练习: 用上面句型翻译下面句子? 我的年龄是他的两倍。?

【答案】I’m twice as old as he. I’m twice older than he.? I’m twice the age of him 2.... your food is certain to be healthy and safe for people’s health.? certain的常用句型:? be certain to do 一定/肯定做……? be certain that... 某人对……是肯定的? be certain of... 对……有把握/肯定……? It is certain that... ……是一定/肯定的 The food supply is certain to arrive on time. It’s certain that he will agree.? He is certain to agree.?

I’m certain that he saw me.? I’m certain of what he wants.?? 即时强化练习: 用两种句型翻译下面句子。? 1) 他一定是诚实的。?

【答案】 It is certain that he is honest. He is certain to be honest. 2) 我敢肯定他是诚实的。

【答案】I’m certain that he is honest. I’m certain of his honesty.


1. If you had the chance to do one thing to help end hunger in the world, what would you do?? 这是个包含虚拟语气的句子。在if 条件句中虚拟语气的用法如下: 时间 从句虚拟语气结构 主句虚拟语气结构 would/could/should/ might+do would/could/should/ might+have done

表示对现在的虚拟 一般过去式(be动词 用were) 表示对过去的虚拟 had hone

表示对将来的虚拟 shuold do 或were to do would/could/should/ might+do 或did
If you had prepared for the exam well, you wouldn’ have failed. (对 过去)

If I were you, I would go there with him. (对现在) If I should have a chance to go abroad, I would go to America to take a journey. (对将来)? 2.Thanks to his research, the UN is trying to rid the world of hunger. (P10)? thanks to sb./sth. 由于/因为,相当于because of 。? The play succeeded thanks to fine acting by all the cast.? 由于全体演员的出色表演,那出戏才获得成功。? rid v. (rid, rid) 解除;免除;使摆脱;使去掉(常与介词of连用)? Tony was finally able to rid himself of all financial trouble.? Our aim is to rid this government of corruption. 【词汇网络】 get rid of sth/sb. 摆脱;除掉;打发(某人离开) ???

Have you managed to get rid of your old Ford yet?? We got rid of our unwelcome guests by saying we had to go to bed. 3. And he would rather keep time for his hobbies. (P10)? would rather 用法 ? 1) would (had) rather + do, 意思是“宁可??;宁愿??;最好??”。 例如: ? He’d rather work in the countryside. ? You would rather stay at home and do some reading this evening. 2)would rather + sb. did sth. 表示与现在或将来事情相反的愿望; would rather+ sb. had done sth. 表示与过去事实相反的愿望。 I would rather you hadn’t attended the party yesterday.? I’d rather you met her at the airport tomorrow morning. 3)would rather + have done 表示主语要做某事,而结果事与愿违的意

思。如: I’d rather have left a note on her desk. 4)would rather...than... 表示“宁可(愿)……(而)不要愿)??; 与其??不如??”。例如: ? I would rather watch TV at home than go to the cinema. ? The children would rather walk there than take a bus. ? 4. Dr.Yuan’s kind of rice is the most suitable for China’s farmland. suitable adj. suitable for/ to do sth 适合的;恰当的,适当的? My mother doesn’t like me wearing short skirts to church—she doesnt think they’re suitable.? These crayons are not suitable to use in very hot weather. Applicants for the position must have suitable work experience.? 【词汇网络】 suit v. (指衣服、发型、颜色) 适合于?

Does this skirt suit me?? suit sth to sth/sb. 使 ……适合于? be suited for sb./sth. 适合于 5. It also refers to crops growing with natural rather than chemical fertilizers. (P13)? refer to 意为 “谈及”,“提到”;“查阅”,“参考”。如: ? You are the very person I referred to just now. ? Please refer to the map of the city when you first drive here. ? refer...to 意为“把??提交给”,“把??归功于”;“让??处理 / 查找”,可用于被动语态。如: ? The dispute was referred to the United Nations. ? He referred me to the notes. ? We referred our great development to the correct leadership of the Party.

6. This is important because developing a healthy soil reduces diseases in crops. reduce sth. (from sth. to/by) 减少;降低? we should increase profits by reducing costs.? He has reduced his weight from 98 to 92 kilos/ by 6 kilos.? The reform has reduced us to servants of the State. ? 这一改革把我们都降为公务员了。? reduce sb/sth from sth to sth. 使人/事陷入某种状态或状况中? His failure reduced him to tears/ despair. ? 他的失败让他流泪/绝望。 7. But whatever they grow they make sure that what is left in the ground after harvesting becomes a natural fertilizer for the next year’s crop.?

whatever conj. 无论什么 常引导名词性从句和让步状语从句。? We will be grateful for whatever amount you can afford.? You can eat whatever you like.? Whatever(=No matter what) nonsense the papers print, some people always believe it. ? 不管报纸胡说什么都有人信。?



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