Lesson Planning

Lesson Planning Background information: Students: 40 high school students, Grade1 Date & Time: 8:00-8:45 am, Tuesday, 1st Nov.2013 Type of Class: speaking and vocabulary Teaching Aims: Ability 1. Learn and master the useful words and phrases. 2. be able to use new words to practice Ss speaking ability. 3. Talk about old friends and friendship; how to maintain friendship. Emotion 1. To cultivate the spirit of cooperation. 2. To make students become more confident. 3. To arouse students’ interest in learning English. Teaching Contents: Learning the following words and expressions. Add up/be concerned about/calm down/have got to/upset/ignore/…… Teaching Aids A multi-media computer system/pictures/blackboard/PPT Teaching Procedures Step1. Warming up & Lead in (6 minutes) 1. Look at many pictures which are related to friendship. 2. Students talk about their old friends in Junior Middle School. The following phrases and structures may be helpful. He/She likes……and dislikes…… He/She is very kind/friendly/…… Step2. Make new friends (5 minutes) 1. Students ask their new friends information 2. Report to class: who will probably be your friends? Why? Step3. Do a survey (5 minutes) 1. Students do the survey in the text. Are you good to your friends? 2. Find the new words from the text. 3. Write your choice and the new words you find on your notebook, and then discuss to your classmates. Step4. Learn the new words and phrases (20 minutes) 1. Use pictures and actions to introduce the words. 2. Ask the students translate example into Chinese. 3. Students learning to say the words with the help of the pictures. Step5. Group Work (4 minutes) 1. Divide the students’ four in one group and each group finish the activity 2. through these activities to review the words and phrases that we learned. 3. As a summary of the words learned in this class, Ss can be asked to put the word into the right categories as a way to help them to remember words.



Add up/suitcase/loose/ German/concern/highway Have got to/survey/vet/ Suffer/upset/calm/recover/ Go through



Step6. Whole Class Work (5 minutes) 1. Teacher chose a volunteer to express the meaning of word by using him body language, let the rest of Ss to guess the meaning. 2. Turn to page 9; Ss can finish the learning about language. Homework 1. Write a short passage about your unusual friends. 2. Review the words and phrases that we learned in class. 3. Continue to finish the learning about language. After Class Reflection The class went on well. Ss were quite excited and motivated. This class teaching difficulty is moderate. The majority of Ss can accept it. But not enough time was given at the practice of learning about language.