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Module 4

Music Born in America

说写作 --书面表达品经典

经 典 例 文 假定你班最 近要举行一次主 题为“太空探 索”的班会。你 将作为小组代表 在会上发言。请 你按以下内容要 点准备一篇英文 发言稿。

范 文 背 诵 Good morning, everyone! I feel greatly honored to be here to speak about space exploration. As is known to us all, space exploration is of great importance. First, through exploration, we can get a better understanding of space. Second, the technology used in space exploration is essential for the advancement and development of many other helpful technologies widely used today.

Last but not least, space exploration 1.太空探索的意义; has proved helpful in determining the 2.太空探索的成就; theories of where the earth came 3.你的希望。 from. 注意: 1.词数 100 左右;To our joy, great achievements have 2. 可以适当增加细节,been made in space exploration. The moon has been explored, the 以使行文连贯; 3.发言稿的开头和结 International Space Station has been 束语已为你写好, 不计 orbiting around the earth for years and the robot has been sent as far as 入总词数。 to Mars.

What makes us proud is that our 参考词汇: 太空探索 space astronauts have been sent up exploration into space. Good morning, everyone! In the end, my hope for us I feel greatly honored to students is that we will pursue be here to speak about careers in science and use our space exploration. knowledge to explore new worlds and better understand our universe. Thank you for listening. Thank you for listening.



一、重点单词 1. technique n.技巧;手法 2. approach n.方法;步骤 3.decline n.衰退;下降;减少 4. touch v.触动;感动;使动心 5. boom v.繁荣;兴起;迅速发展 6. harmony n.融洽,一致 7.virtue n.美德

8. budget v.制定预算,按预算来安排开支 9. vain adj.自负的,自视过高的 10.pace n.速度,进度 11. schedule n.计划表,进度表,日程表 12. deadline n.截止时间,最后期限 13.otherwise adv.否则,要不然 14. allowance n.津贴,补助

15. quit v.离开,辞去 16. protest n.抗议 17 . emerge v . 出 现 →emergence n . 出 现 ; 显 现

→emergency n.紧急情况;危急形势 18. devote v.为??付出时间/努力/金钱等→devotion n.献身;挚爱→devoted adj.忠实的;挚爱的

migrant n. 19. 移民→migrate v. 迁移; 迁徙→migration
n.移居;迁移;迁徙 20. humorous adj.幽默的→humor n.幽默

二、必备短语 1.take advantage of 利用 2. rather than 3.in order 4. try out 5.be blessed with 而不是 有序的 尝试 有幸

6. come out 7. far from 8.be devoted to

出版 完全不 对??专一,专注

9.make an impression on sb. 给某人留下印象 10.be short for 是??的简称

三、经典句式 1.“ The moment I heard it ,”he said,“I knew it was a completely new kind of music.” “我一听,”他说,“就知道这是一种全新的音乐”。

As well as attracting huge audiences in its Hong Kong 2.

home, Cantopop has spread offshore, and its stars are known in Beijing, London and New York. 粤语流行音乐不仅仅吸引了香港本地的大量听众,而且 传到海外的其他国家,香港的歌星在北京、伦敦和纽约都很 有名。

3.Songs that are spoken rather than sung are called rap. 说出来的而不是唱出来的叫做说唱音乐。 4.Hip hop took advantage of that and provided a kind of disco music for people who hated disco! 嬉蹦乐利用了那一点,为那些不喜欢迪斯科的人们提供 了别样的迪斯科音乐。

5 .“My message is that

it doesn't matter if you're

black, white, fat, thin, old and young —we're all the same, it's a great world and you can do something with your life.” “我想告诉大家的是,不管你是黑人还是白人,肥胖还 是瘦小,年长还是年幼,这些都不重要——我们都是一样的, 这是一个美妙的世界,你可以在有生之年做些事情。”





1.arise vi.发生,出现,呈现;由??产生;起床,起 身 (1)作“呈现;出现;发生”之意时,主语多为抽象名词 argument/problem/quarrel/question/movement 等。

(2)arise from/out of 由??而引起,由??而产生; 从??中产生 A new crisis has arisen. 新的危机已经出现。 Problems arise from/out of the lack of communication. 由于缺乏交流而产生问题。

【易混辨析】 arise, arouse, rise 与 raise arise(vi.) 出现,发生,起因于; arose/arisen/arising arouse(vt.) 唤醒,激起;aroused/aroused/arousing rise(vi.) 升起,起身,上升;rose/risen/rising raise(vt.) 举起, 唤起, 提高, 饲养; raised/raised/raising


用 arise, arouse, rise,raise 的适当形式填空 (1)The river has (2)He (3)Smoke (4)Her behavior by several metres. his eyes from his work. from the chimney. the suspicions of the police.


(1)risen (2)raised (3)arose


2.devote vt.为??付出时间(努力、金钱)等;献(身); 贡献 ?归纳拓展 devoted adj. 忠诚的;全心全意的 devotion n. 奉献;忠诚;专心 devote oneself (one's life/time/energy) to/be devoted to... 致力于, 献身于, (把某人的生命/时间/精力) 献给;对??热爱/挚爱

【易错警示】 devote 后的 to 为介词, 后面要加名词或动名词; 当 devote 后没有宾语时,要考虑用其被动语态或过去分词形式。


完成句子 (1)He devoted all his life children. 他一生都致力于教育残疾儿童。 (2) everything about himself. 他一心扑在研究上,几乎忘记了自己的一切。 his research, he almost forgot disabled

(3)He was still chemistry. 他仍专心致力于化学研究。 (4)The developed countries decided to

the study of

(devoted) some money to supporting world economic growth.

答案 (4)devote

(1)to educating

(2)Devoted to

(3)devoted to

3.protest n. 抗议 (书);反对 v.抗议;反对;断言; 申明;(坚决)表示 The people made a protest about the rise in prices. 人们对价格上涨提出抗议。 He protested against intervention. 他对干涉提出抗议。 They protested one accord that they had not used any drug. 他们异口同声地声明他们没有服用毒品。

protest about/against/at sth. 抗议/反对(某事物) enter/make a protest about/ against sth. 对某事物提出抗议 under protest (经抗议后)心有不甘地 without protest 乖乖地;心甘情愿地;毫无反对表示地 protest against 抗议,反对,对??表示不满 protestation n.声明,断言;主张;抗议,拒绝,反对 protester, protestor n.声明者;抗议者;提出异议者;拒 付(汇票)者 protestingly adv.抗议地;不服地


完成句子 (1)The people made 人们对价格上涨提出抗议。 (2)He 他对干涉提出抗议。 intervention. the rise in prices.

(3)They any drug.

they had not used

答案 (1)a protest about (2)protested against

(3)protested one accord that

4.decline n.下降 vi.下降;衰退;谢绝 she wasn't feeling well.


She declined to have lunch with her friend, saying that 她说她身体不舒服,婉拒了与她的朋友共进午餐。

in decline 在下降 on the decline 走下坡路,在衰退中 the decline of life 晚年,暮年 decline to do sth.婉拒做?? decline an invitation 谢绝邀请


完成句子 (1)The number of students in our school is 我们学校的人数正在减少。 (2)Disco music and rock music were the mid1970s. 在 20 世纪 70 年代中期, 迪斯科音乐和摇滚乐开始衰退。 in .

(3)The number of tourists to the resort 10% last year. 去年,到这个胜地旅游的人数减少了 10%。 (4)He attend the meeting.



(1)on the decline

(2)in decline

(3)declined by

(4)declined to

5.quit vi. 离开,辍学,辞职;停止 vt. 离开,放弃, 停止 If he doesn't pay his rent, he will receive notice to quit. 如果他不付房租,他将被通知搬出去。 One friend of mine has decided to quit his highly paid but demanding position in his company recently. 最近,我的一个朋友已决定辞去他在公司里的那份工资 高但要求也高的工作。

(1)quit office 离职 quit school 退学 quit one's hometown 离开家乡 (2)quit (doing) sth. 放弃(做)某事

【易混辨析】 abandon 与 quit 这两个词都含有“放弃”之意。具体区别如下: abandon 指完全、永远地放弃,尤指放弃应负的责任或 义务,如放弃一个项目或计划。 quit 指突然或出其不意地放弃,一般指“停止”。如: quit work 辞职。quit 后面跟动词时必须用 v.ing 形式。


语法填空 He climbs hills every morning, which has (strength) his health.
答案与解析 strengthened 句意:他每天早晨爬山, 增 强了他的体质。strengthen“增强,加强”。



1.take advantage of 利用,占??的便宜 It never occurred to me to take advantage of him. 我绝没有想到过要占他的便宜。 He never helps me without trying to take advantage of me. 他每次帮我都想占我便宜。 He has always been taking advantage of me. 他老是占我的便宜。

at an advantage 有利地 get the advantage over 胜过,优于 have an advantage over 胜过,优于 give sb. an advantage over 使某人处于更有利的地位 to sb.'s advantage(=to the advantage of sb.)对??有利


翻译句子 (1)他趁着天气好,出去散散步。 (2)In my opinion, you'd better the opportunity to improve your English. advantage of

答案 for a walk. (2)take

(1)He took advantage of the good weather to go

2.far from 远离(远远不),完全不 The house isn't big enough for me, and furthermore, it's too far from the town. 这栋房子不够我住,而且它离市区太远。 It is far from the truth. 这哪里是事实。

The project is far from perfect. 这项企划很不完美。 as far as 远到;直到;到??为止;至于;就??而言 so far 到目前为止;就此范围(程度)来说 So far so good.到现在为止,一直都还不错。 that far 那么远;到那里为止


完成句子 (1) the truth, she loved everyone.

事实远非如此,她喜欢每一个人。 (2)The art show was great success. being a failure; it was a


(1)Far from (2)far from

3.keep to 遵守,信守;坚持,不偏离 ?归纳拓展 keep to the point/one's promise/one's post 不偏离主题/遵 守诺言/坚守岗位 keep (on) doing sth. 继续做某事;反复做某事 keep out 不进入(某处);不卷入

keep up with sb./sth. 跟上;与??同步前进 keep up 保持,维持,继续 keep away from (使)不靠近,(使)远离 keep sth. back (from sb.) 阻挡;控制;隐瞒某事物;扣 留


根据语境选用上面短语的适当形式填空 (1) (2)We must (3)The prices (4)You high . this(=do not get involved), Mother. cost the path or you'll lose your way. our post. of raw materials is

It's none of your concern.

(5)I got the feeling that he was something .


(1)Keep to

(2)keep to

(3)keeping; up

(4)keep out of

(5)keeping; back



1.As well as attracting huge audiences in its Hong Kong home, Cantopop has spread offshore, and its stars are known in Beijing, London and New York. 粤语流行音乐不仅仅吸引了香港本地的大量听众,而且 传到海外的其他国家,香港的歌星在北京、伦敦和纽约都很 有名。

(1)as well as 使用频率十分高,用途非常广泛。它可以 用作连词和介词,也可以用在 “as...as...” 结构中表示同级比 较。as well as 可以用来连接两个相同的成分,如名词、形容 词、动词、介词,通常不位于句首。

此时,as well as 连接的虽然是两个并列成分,但强调的 重点在前面,不在后面,意思为“不但??而且??”、 “既??又??”、“除了??之外,还有??”,翻译时 要先译后面,再译前面。如: He as well as I wants to go to England. 他和我都想去英国。 He is lovely as well as healthy.他既健康又可爱。

(2)和 as well as 的用法一样,连接主语时,谓语动词和 前面一致的短语还有:with, along with, together with, but, besides, rather than 等。如: Nobody but my parents agrees with what I planned. 只有我父母同意我的计划。

(3)as well 表示“也,还”,相当于 too,作为副词短语 使用,它一般放在句末,有时和连词 and 或 but 搭配使用。 如: She can ride a horse and swim, she can shoot as well. 她会骑马、游泳,她也会射击。 China possesses enormous quantities of coal and is rich in other minerals as well. 中国拥有大量煤炭,其他的矿藏也很丰富。

(4)do well to do...最好做?? may (just) as well do...不妨??,无妨(比 had better 委 婉的表达法)。

【易混辨析】 as well as,not only...but also 与 both...and (1)这些词组在连接成份时其侧重点不同。 as well as 侧重 前者, not only...but also 侧重后者, both...and 两者同等重要。

(2)连接主语时谓语动词的使用有区别。 as well as 连接主 语时, 谓语动词由 as well as 前的主语决定, not only...but also 连接主语时,谓语动词由最靠近的主语决定 (在陈述句中由 but also 后的主语决定,在疑问句中由 not only 前的主语决 定),both...and 连接主语时,谓语动词用复数。

Lin Tao as well as I wants to do it. 林涛,还有我,想做这件事情。 Not only Lin Tao but also I want to do it. 不仅林涛,我也想做这件事情。 Both Lin Tao and I want to do it. 林涛和我都想做这件事情。


完成句子 (1)They own a house in Jinan Qingdao. 他们在济南有一套房子,在青岛也有一栋别墅。 (2)She is lively 她既健康又活泼。 healthy. a villa in

(3)Tom, park.

his parents often goes to the



(1)as well as (2)as well as (3)as well as

2. Songs that are spoken rather than sung are called rap. 说出来的而不是唱出来的叫做说唱音乐。 (1)rather than...意为“而不是”、“而没有”,侧重客 观上的差别,还可以表示“与其??,倒不如(宁可)??”, 侧重句子主语或说话人主观上的选择。它连接的并列成分可 以是名词、代词、形容词、介词 (短语)、动名词,分句、不 定式、动词等。

I'd call her hair chestnut rather than brown. 我宁愿说她的头发是栗色,而不是棕色。(连接两个形容 词) I'd prefer to go in summer rather than in winter. 我宁愿夏天去,不愿冬天去。(连接两个介词短语) It ought to be I rather than you that sign the letter. 在信上签名的该是我,而不是你。(连接两个代词)

I always devote my time to helping children with study rather than playing games. 我总是宁愿把时间用于帮助孩子学习而不是玩游戏。 (连 接两个动名词) I decided to write rather than telephone. 我决定写信而不打电话。(连接两个不定式)

?特别提示 rather than 连接两个名词或代词作主语时,谓语动词应 与 rather than 前面的名词或代词在人称和数上保持一致。 You rather than I are going to go camping. 是你而不是我要去野营。

?2?rather than 常用于下列句型: would do...rather than do...=would rather do...than do... 宁愿做??,也不愿做?? prefer to do...rather than do... 宁 愿 做 ?? , 也 不 愿 做?? had rather do...than do...宁愿做??,也不愿做?? other than 除了??之外 rather better than 似乎稍好些


(1)Why not get some work experience first rather go straight on to university? (2)—Would you like to go out for a drink? —Actually, I'd rather school without breakfast. if you don't mind. go to (3)I always prefer to get up early rather


(1)than (2)not (3)than

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