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(I)★★★ MONTREAL (Reuters) – Crossing the US-Canada border(边界)to go to church on a Sunday cost a US citizen $10,000 for breaking Washington’s strict new security(安全)rules. The expensive trip to church was a surprise for Richard Albert, who lives right on the Canadian border. Like the other half-dozen people of Township 15, crossing the border is a daily occurrence for Albert. The nearby Quebec village of St. Pamphile is where they shop, eat and go to church. There are many such situations in these areas along the largely unguarded 5,530-mile border between Canada and the US-which in some cases actually runs down the middle of streets or through buildings. As a result, Albert says he did not expect any problems three weeks ago when he returned home to the US after attending church in Canada, as usual. The US customs (海关) station in this are is closed on Sundays, so be just drove around the locked gate, as he had done every weekend since the gate appeared last May, following a tightening of border security. Two days later. Albert was told to go to the customs office, where an officer told him he had been caught on camera crossing the border illegally(非法). Ottawa has given out special passes to some 300 US citizens in that area so they can enter the country when Canadian customs stations are closed, but the US stopped a similar program last May. That forces the people to a 200-mile detour along hilly roads to get home through another border checkpoint. Albert has requested that the customs office change their decisions on the fine, but he has not attended a Sunday church since. ―I feel like I’m living in a prison,‖ he said. 1.We learn from the text that Richard Albert is . A.an American living in Township 15 B.a Canadian living in a Quebec village C.a Canadian working in a customs station D.an American working in a Canadian church 2.Albert was fined because he . A.failed to obey traffic rules B.broke the American security rules C.worked in St. Pamphile without a pass D.damaged the gate of the customs office 3.The underlined word ―detour‖ in paragraph 5 means . A.a drive through the town B.a race across the fields C.a roundabout way of travelling D.a journey in the mountain area 4.What would be the best title for the text? A.A Cross-country Trip B.A Special Border Pass C.An Unguarded Border D.AnExpensiveChurch Visit (II)★★ A young British sailor was missing at sea yesterday in similar circumstances(情况)to the way his father died five years ago. The dinghy(救生橡皮船),used to take Richard Smith,21,to his yacht(快艇),was discovered empty, floating in seas off the Caribbean island.An air and sea search was carried out but he has still not been discovered. Richard’s mother, Bicknell,said from her home in Hampshire,“It’s so much coincidence.Richard always

carried a photograph of his father attached to a poem,which included the date of his disappearance.” “Now, it’s very strange because all they have found is Richard’s dinghy.We need to know this time what has happened one way or another. you know at least you can go through the grieving process(悲痛的过程). If ” In November 1996,Mr. Smith’s father, Charlie,was sailing in the Tasmen sea between the Australian mainland and the island of Tasmen with his new wife.They lost radio contact with the shore and they, together with their yacht were never seen again,and their disappearance remains a mystery. Richard is described a talented(有才能的)and experienced sailor who has crewed for the champion ocean racer.He had sailed to the。Caribbean in November to crew ocean racing yachts for entertainment.He ended the evening drinking in the Abracbabra bar but left after local police closed it for being too noisy. About 2 am the following day Richard headed back for his dinghy.He started its outboard motor before giving all elderly woman a lift to her yacht after her dinghy had gone missing.It was the last time he was seen. 1.Richard Smith was in 2000. A.ten B.fifteen C.twenty D.eighteen 2.People searched for Richard using . A.ship only B.ship and radio C.ship and plane D.yacht and car 3.According to the passage,we know Richard died because . A.he was a green hand in sailing B.some unknown animal attacked him C.that was a maze in the area he was sailing D.of something we don’t know 4.Which statement is NOT true according to this passage? A.Young Smith had lost radio contact with the shore before he died. B.Richard’s father had married two women at least. C.Richard didn’t drink on the evening before he was lost because the policeman closed the bar. D.Richard was seen at about 2 am the day he disappeared. 5.The writer tells us . A.a story about two heroes B.a piece of news about a merchant ship C.a coincidence D.the dying process of Richard (III)★★★ An epidemic (流行病) of the use of street-culture language broke out in some English exams, according to examiners. A report said there were “a surprising number of small mistakes” in standard (标准) English. It asked teachers that they should prevent pupils from using "street language and text style", adding, “Most answers require formal expression of language.” “Many concerns were expressed by examiners about basic errors, often appearing in the work of clearly able students,” the report continued. It added that the use of street and text language “appeared with surprisingly regularity in the work of students who clearly desired a higher grade”. “Most answers require formal expression but even when an informal style is appropriate--students should know the examination context and, in particular, should not use street language and text style.” it said. There is rising concern about pupils’ writing skills, especially among boys. National test results for

宝清二高 高一 英语暑假作业

11-year-old boys’ writing standards had fallen this year. Only 55 percent reached the level expected of an 1l-year-old by the time they left primary school, the results showed. Many educationalists are now arguing that teachers should also think of ways of improving writing standards. The report said spelling was “in general inconsistent (不一致)” and “variety of vocabulary and of sentence structure is often limited”. It went on, “Punctuation (标点符号) errors continue to be widespread.” However, it added, “Some examiners felt that this year they had met an improvement in the whole structure of students' writing.” 1. What does the passage mainly talk about? A. The street-culture language is being examined in English exams. B. Street language is appearing in the standard English exams. C. The English say no to the street-culture language in daily life. D. What the street-culture language is in England. 2. The underlined word “appropriate” (in Paragraph 5) means “ _______” A. comfortable B. possible C. acceptable D. valuable 3. What problems concerned examiners? A. Small mistakes in spelling and punctuation, B. Limited vocabulary of boy pupils. C. Teachers teaching writing skills. D. Poor sentence structure, and errors in spelling and standard English. 4. How does the author feel in writing this passage? A. worried but positive B. worried and negative C. concerned and sad D. warm and excited 5. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE? A. In English exams, most answers require informal expression of language. B. When an informal style is correct, the students are allowed to use it. C. Boys' writing skills are worse than those of girls in England. D. There is no improvement in the whole structure of students' writing. (IV)★★★ The quality of drinking water in Shanghai will meet European Union standard by 2010 and, a decade later, citizens in Shanghai will drink the best water in the world. These were the goals set out by the Shanghai Water Authority. With the city’s population expected to increase only slightly and the economy to boom by 2020, Chen Yin, and official with the water authority, said Shanghai’s water consumption will not increase from its present amount. Zhang Yue, director of the Urban Construction Division under the Ministry of Construction, said, ―Shanghai is the first city in the country to publicize these ambitions. They will not be easy to achieve.‖ He said water saving will help keep the sustainable development of China’s economy. Saving one cubic meter of water means saving the city’s infrastructure (基础设施) costs by 10,000 Yuan. Last year, Shanghai saved 300 million cubic meters of water either from readjustment of industrial structure or the employment of new technology. ―The aim is to arouse public awareness of the seriousness of water shortages,‖ Chen said. ―The abundant

surface water and amount of rain of the city are so misleading that they result in improper use of water.‖ Shanghai lacks drinkable water. The Huangpu River, which supplies 80 percent of the city’s drinkable water, is nearing exhaustion. The city, therefore, has been exploring new sources from the Yangtze River and growing forests along it to conserve quality water. Besides penning regulations, the authority is popularizing technology among the public to efficiently cut the amount of water used. At present, the city has 600,000 family toilets, each using 13 liters of water per flush. These are to be renovated(整修)to use only 9 liters of water per flush. The authority is renovating the first 200 toilets for households – at a cost of 40 Yuan each. In three years, all the toilets will be renovated, which saves the city nearly 15 million Yuan every year in water conservation. Another task the city is engaged in is the treatment of sewage(污水)to improve the water environment. At present the city can only treat 44 percent of its daily 5.04 million tons of waste water. To meet the total demand, 27 more sewage treatment factories are to be established with an estimated investment of 18 billion Yuan. 1.People in Shanghai get their daily water mainly from _______now. A.the underground because . B.the rain C.the Yangtze River D.the Huangpu River 2.According to the passage, some people have the wrong opinion of using water A.the renovating of family toilets will save plenty of water B.about half of waste water has been treated already C.advanced technology makes people use water as much as possible D.there is plenty surface water and large amount of rain at present 3.The authority is renovating the first 200 toilets for households to C.ease employment pressure a.improve drinking water quality e.renovate some family toilets A.a, b, c, d D.meet the total demand of water b.change some industrial structure d.speed the economic development of Shanghai C.b, c, d, e . D.a, b, e, f f.build more sewage treatment factories . A.make people’s living more convenient B.improve people’s living standards 4.Which group of measures are all mentioned in the passage to save water? c.introduce or use some new technology B.b, c, e, f

5.We can infer from the passage that

A.the boom of economy will need a larger amount of water in the future B.citizens today in Shanghai drink the best quality of water in the world C.not everyone today in Shanghai is aware of water shortage D.all the family toilets will be renovated to save water within 3 years A 1-4 ABCD B. 1-5 CCDCC C. 1—5 DBAC D. 1-5 DDDBC


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