北师大版高中英语必修一 Unit 2 Heroes Communication Worshop 教案,

Communication workshop --- speaking
Teaching plan Topic content Unit 1 lifestyle Students will ? listen to the interview and grasp the main idea of the interview. ? Learn to use the express ions of strong agreement , agreement and disagreement in a conversation. ? Prepare a discussion ? Listen to the song and complete part of the lyrics. ? Talk about the song. Students will be able to prepare a discussion about one of their favourite sport stars. ? ? ? Listening Speaking discussion Students’ activities ? ? ? ? Read the i nstruction Look at the photos a nd listen Chess their guess. Hear the stress and intonation in the voices and mark the expressions. Repeat it with stress and intonation.
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Learner outcome Activities

Step by step steps Step1
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Teacher ’s activit ies Warming up ? ask the students to read the instruction, and look at the photos. ? Play the tape to lead in.

Teaching purpose ? ? ? Know what they will do. Lead into the topic. Arouse their intere st.

Step 2

Listening again Play the tape again pausing after each expression.

Students will know which is agreement and which is disagreement..

? Step 3 Practice Show an example

1.Finish the minidialogue. (见学案 I) 2.Nark the expressions in the function file. 1. Choose a hero or heroine from films, music or sport. write down the reasons why they like them best. practice saying your opinion.

Know how to use these expressions.

Step 4

Prepa re a discussion 1. ask the students to decide who he’d like to talk about and what are they ? 2. Ask the students to write down the reason to support their opinions and share with the class. 3. Give students some


Train the students’ speaking and orgaining ability and put what they’ve learned into use.



expressions to show their own ideas. Step 5 Discussion Ask the students work i n groups ,discussing their hero or heroines. Presentation Ask some volunteer to share their discussion with the class.

(见学案 II) Discuss and one will be a secretary to write do wn their agreement and report back to the class. Listen t o the discussion and write down how many agreement or disagreement they have used in the discussion. Achieve the goal.


Evaluation Questions Does he or she have a clear idea? How is the language? How many agreements or disagreements are used? Your evaluation Yes so-so no Evaluator

Excellent good acceptable 5 4 3 2 1


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