人教课标 高一 必修 3 Unit 1

1. Which of these words can become

adjectives with the -ous or -al ending?
Which can become nouns with the

-(a)tion ending? Choose the correct
ending for each word and then write out

the new word. Use the dictionary
to help you.


dangerous humourous courageous cultural national seasonal

humour courage culture nation season origin



production education celebration



2. Complete the passage below with the words and expressions in the box.

as though belief celebration Christians custom have fun with origin religious Many people think that Christmas is a western __________, celebration but in fact it is really a worldwide holiday. Christmas actually started as a _________ religious festival celebrated by ___________ Christians around the world.

Its ______ origin is around the 3rd or 4th century AD, when the ________ custom of remembering Jesus’ birth on December 25th first started. Today, of course, many people celebrate Christmas _________ it were just a holiday to ____________ as though family, rather have fun with than a holiday about a ______. belief

3. Complete each of the sentences with a suitable word or phrase from the box in its correct form. Then read theses famous quotes aloud. Can you think of any Chinese idioms or sayings that carry the same meaning?

custom admire feast harvest trick belief starve gather gain look forward to

1. Don’t ______________ look forward to the day you
stop suffering, because when it comes

you know you’ll be dead.

— Tennessee Williams

2. A dog ________ starving at this master’s gate
predicts the ruin of the state.

— William Blake

3. I would rather have a mind opened by 宁愿创新,不愿陈腐 wonder than one closed by _______. — Gerry Spence custom 4. _______ Gather you rosebuds while you may, old time is still a-flying, and this same flower that smiles today, tomorrow will be dying. — Robert Herrick


5. However big the fool, there is always 山外有山,天外有天 a bigger fool to _______ admire him. — Nicholas Boileau-Despreaux 6. _______, Belief then, is the great guide of 信念是人生的伟大指南 human life. — David Hume 7. Other people’s __________ harvests are always 别人的收成是最好的, the best __________, harvests but one’s own children 自家的孩子是最乖的。 are always the best children. — Unknown

feast on earth that does 8. There is no ______ not end in parting. — Unknown 9. Everyone has some _____ tricks they can do, 八仙过海 各显神通 but each has his own way of doing them. — Unknown 10. Those who can lose shall _____; gain 有意栽花花不开 gain shall those who wish for _____ 无心插柳柳成荫 lose. — Unknown


I. 根据下列各句句意及所给单词的首字母或 汉语提示,写出所缺单词的正确形式。 1. No official permission p_________ has been given for the event to take place. 2. Our society expanded into a(n) worldwide _________ (遍及世界的) organization.

3. Mary said she was doing it to help me fooled (欺骗). but I wasn’t _______ II. 根据语境,选择合适的情态动词填空。 W: Hello. This is Cindy Fine. I’m calling about my car. M: I 1 (can’t, can’t may not) hear you. 2 (Could, Could May) you speak louder, please? W: This is Cindy Fine. Is my car ready yet?

M: We’re working on it now. We’re almost finished. can I pick it up? W: When 3 (would, can) M: It will be ready by four o’clock. W: How much will it cost? M: $375. W: I don’t have that much money right now. 4 (Can, May) May I pay by credit card?

M: Yes. You 5 (may, may might) use any major credit card. (Later, at the mechanic’s shop.) M: Your car’s ready, ma’am. The engine problem is fixed. But you 6 should replace your brakes. (may, should) They’re not so good. W: Do I have to do it right away?

M: No, you don’t have to do it immediately, but you 7 (would, should) should do it within a month or two. If you don’t do it soon, you 8 (may, may would) have an accident. W: How much will it cost to replace the brakes? M: It 9 (would, will) will cost about $200.

would like to make an W: I 10 (will, would) appointment to take care of the brakes next week. 11 (Can, Can Will) I bring my car in next Monday? M: Yes, Monday is fine. You 12 (could, should should) bring it in early because we get very busy later that day. W: OK. See you Monday morning.

Finish Using Words and Expressions on Page 42 of Workbook.


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