Unit 4

Why don’t you talk to your parents?
(Section A)
武汉二中广雅中学 范鎏

Topic: International communication Teaching targets: Talk about problems and give advice. The focus and difficult points:
Learn how to talk about problems and give advice. Train students’ ability of reading comprehension.

The teaching means:
multi-media, tape recorder, pattern-drills, question-answer drills.

Teaching procedures:
Step 1: Warming up Do some oral work with students to create an English speaking environment. Step 2: Lead-in Do you have any trouble/problems in your daily life? What are they? Step 3: Presentation Show some pictures of different kinds of problems on the screen and ask students to talk about them. Step 4: Finish part 1a ①Let students discuss the question: Do you think these problems are serious or not? ②Help the students get the results to their discussions and give a report. ________________________. I think it’s a serious problem. Step 5: Listening Finish part 1b Step 6: Pairwork 1. Practice the target language in the picture in pairs. 2. Ask some pairs to present their dialogues. Step 7:Listening Practice 1. Listen to the tape and try to fill in the blanks. 2. Listen and answer the following two questions. ①Who has problems? ②Who is giving advice? What does he do? Step 8: Careful reading Step 9: Retell Retell the letters according to this form: Sad and Thirteen’s main problem is that… Step 10: Homework


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