Interpretation Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. It’s my great honor and pleasure to be here sharing my lesson with you. I have been ready to begin this representation with five parts. Analysis of the teaching material, the teaching aims, the important and difficult points, the studying methods, and the teaching procedure. Part 1 Teaching Material The content of my lesson is New Senior English for China Book___ Unit____________________. This unit is about____________________ (topics). By studying of this unit, we’ll enable students to know_________________________ and develop the interest in___________________. At the same time, let the students learn how to____________________ (functional items). From this lesson, it starts___________________________(structures). (As we all know, reading belongs to the input during the process of the language learning. The input has great effect on output, such as speaking and writing.) Therefore, this lesson is in the important position of this unit. If the Ss can master it well, it will be helpful for them to learn the rest of this unit. Part 2 Teaching Aims According to the new standard curriculum and the syllabus (新课程标准和教学 大纲 ), and after studying the teaching material, the teaching aims are the followings: 1.Knowledge objects (语言目标:语音,词汇,语法,功能,话题) (1)The Ss can master the usage of the important words and expressions. (2)The Ss can use the __________________ (grammar) in the proper situation. (3)The Ss can understand the content of the lesson, talk about _______________________ (information) and get their own idea about _______________________________. 2.Ability objects (技能目标:听,说,读,写) (1) To develop the Ss’ abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing (2) To guide Ss to set up effective studying strategies. (3) To improve the student’s reading ability, especially their skimming and scanning ability. (4) To train the Ss’ abilities of studying by themselves and cooperating . 3.Emotion or moral objects (情感目标:兴趣,自信,合作,爱国,国际视野) (1)By completing the task, the Ss increase their interest in ____________________and set up self-confidence in _____________________. (2)Teach the Ss_________________________, put the moral education in the language study. Part 3 the Important and Difficult Points Based on the requirement of the syllabus. The important points are__________________________ such as ______________. The difficult points are_________________________ for example_____________.

Part 4 Teaching Methods As is known to us all, a good teaching method requires that the teacher should help Ss develop good sense of the English language. For achieving these teaching aims, (after the analysis of the teaching material and teaching aims,) I will use the following methods according to the modern social communication teaching theories(现代社会交际教学理论) . 1. Communicative Approach(交际教学法) 2. Whole Language Teaching(整体语言教学法) 3. Task-based Language Teaching (任务教学法) 4. Total Situational Action ( 情景教学 ) a “ scene — activity ” teaching method , it establishes a real scene and the interaction between the teacher and the Ss. At the same time, CAI ( 电脑辅助教学 ) can provide a real situation with its sound and picture, it can develop the Ss creativity in learning English. Part 5 Teaching Procedure Step 1. Lead-in. (_____min) ___________________________________________________________________ Purpose of my design: (1) to catch Ss ’ attention about the class/topic/passage. (2) To set up suspense/develop interest in _______________. Step 2. Pre-reading Task 1. (Individual work, pair work, group work, class work; _____min) Let Ss _____________________________________________________________ Task 2. (Individual work, pair work, group work, class work; _____min) ___________________________________________________________________ Now, let’s see what happened to the_______________/ let’s check whether it is right or not. Purpose of my design: (1) to get to know something about the _________________. (2) To have a better understanding about the importance of ___________________. Step 3. While-reading Task 1. (Individual work, pair work, group work, class work; _____min) Skimming: Ss should read the material fast to find out the main idea/topic sentence for each paragraph. Para 1 ___________________ Para 2 ___________________ Para 3 ___________________ … Task 2. (Individual work, pair work, group work, class work; _____min) Scanning: Listen to the tape part by part to finish ___________________________.


Task 3. (Individual work, pair work, group work, class work; _____min) Scanning: Guide Ss to read the material carefully and take some important notes, then answer the following questions.

Task 4. (Individual work, pair work, group work, class work; _____min) Scanning: Ask Ss to read the material carefully and find out the correct answers to finish the following chart.

Purpose of my design: Enable students to understand the given material better by using different reading skills. And proper competition can arouse the Ss’ interest in English learning. “Task-based” teaching method is used here to develop the Ss ’ ability of communication and also their ability of co-operation will be well trained. Step 4. Post-reading Task 1. (Individual work, pair work, group work, class work; _____min) (接 task3)Ask Ss to close books and finish the summary according their notes.
(接 task4)Retell the story /Sum up the passage in Ss’ own words according to the chart.

Task 2. (Individual work, pair work, group work, class work; _____min) Discuss _______________________________________________with other group members and then choose a reporter to share their opinions about ____________________________________ with the whole class.

Purpose of my design: I think If the Ss can finish this task well, they will benefit a lot in their spoken English. Most Ss can take their parts in the activities, especially for the Ss who have trouble in English study. Step 5. Homework 1. __________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________

Purpose of my design: Homework is so important and necessary for to master the knowledge they learned after class. It will check whether the Ss achieve the teaching aims.



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