Unit 1 Stay Healthy
Lesson 5 Jane's Lucky Life

Can disabled people live a happy life? Why or why not? If you have a problem, what do you do first?

n. 损害, 伤害 vt. 损害 vi. 损害
eg. 1. An earthquake sometimes causes
damage. 地震有时造成重大损失。 2. The storm damages lots of houses

wheelchair [ w i: l ]

adj. 残疾的,残废的
Aid to the Poverty-stricken disabled 残疾人扶贫 Protection of disabled Children 残疾儿童的保护

Listen and tell us true or false F 1. Jane became disabled when she was forty. T 2. Jane controls her wheelchair with her mouth. F 3. Jane has 11 children.

Read and answer the questions: Jane can’t do many things because...
She can’t move her arms or legs.
How does she write letters?
She writes letters by talking to a special computer.
Does she live a happy life? Why or why not?
Yes. Because she thinks about the good things in her life.

with 用法

因为,由于 eg. When Jenny was ten years old, she
became ill with a kind of disease. 和……一起 eg. She lived with her parents. 有 eg. I bought a cup with three legs. 用 eg. We see with our eyes. 跟,和 eg. Don’t talk with strangers.

be able to 能 eg. I am able to speak three
languages. be not able to = be unable to eg. He is not able to speak English.
= He is unable to speak English.

enjoy doing sth eg. She enjoys encouraging her daughter.
encourage sb to do sth eg. They encourage me to lose weight.

But she dares to try many things.
dare在本句中为实义动词,意为“敢,敢于”,其后多接带to的不定 ,dare to do sth.意为“敢做某事”。
dare也可作情态动词,意为“敢”,其后接动词原形,通常用于否定 或疑问句,一般不用于肯定句。
focus on意为“集中于,致力于”,表示在一段时间内专注于某一件 情。
focus one’s attention/mind/effort on sth.

Read the passage again and answer the questions.
1. What happened to Jane1.wSmhoekningshies wbaadsfoter nyoyuer ahresaolthld. ?
2. Smoking can hurt other people .
She became ill with a t3e.rIfriyboulesdmioskeea, syeo.u will have lung 2. How does Jane move aroduisneads?e .
4. If you breathe too much
She has a wheelchair. Shceigcaorenttteroslsmoitkew,ityhouherwimll outh.
get a headache .
3. What special thing does5.JIfanyoeuhadvone’?t smoke , you will She has a special telephostnaye thheaatlthisy ,hlievresloanlgoenre. . She can answer it
So you should give up
by saying “hello”. smoking . Don’t smoke , please !
4. Who does Jane think is really disableJde?nny and Brian People who don’t know how lucky theSyepa. r1e2t.h 2016

Complete the sentence with the clues given.

1. Smoking is bad for your health .

1. The traffic lights are __co_2.n_S_tmr_oo_lk_line_gd__cabnyhaurtceonthterralpceoomplep.uter.

2. The _t_e_le_p_h_o_n_e_ rang, an3d.IfPyeotuersmanoskew, eyoreudwiitll. have lung

3. 4.





5. The boy is _k__ic_k_i_n_g___ a gbeatll ain thheeadyaacrhde. .

6. What a _p__it_y___ it is tha5t. Iyf oyuoumidsosne’dt tshmeokceo,ncyoeurt!will
stay healthy , live longer .

So you should give up

smoking . Don’t smoke , please !

Jenny and Brian Sep. 12th 2016

Make sentences using1t. hSmeogkiinvgeisn biandfoforr myoaurtihoenal.th .

2. Smoking can hurt other people .
1. thousands of people l3o.Isf tyothu esimrohkeo,myouesw/iltlhheavfeirelung
disease .
Thousands of people4.lcIofigsatyroetuttheebirsremahothkoeem, teyoosouamswuiacllhresult of the fir
get a headache .







bi5g. sImftayyiosuthaekdaoeltnh’yt

smoke , you , live longer .


So you should give up
He lost his job as a srmeoskuinlgt. oDofnh’t issmbokieg ,mpleiasstea!ke.

Jenny and Brian Sep. 12th 2016

外语教学与研究出版社 九年级 | 全一

1. Smoking is bad for your health .

1. his room/ history bo2o. Skmsoking can hurt other people .

3.If you smoke, you will have lung

disease .
His room is full of hi4s.tIforyyouboborekatsh.e too much

cigarette smoke , you will

2. Danny’s mind/ funn5y. gIfiedtyeouaasdohne’atdascmhoek.e , you will

stay healthy , live longer .





give up , please !

Jenny and Brian Sep. 12th 2016

外语教学与研究出版社 九年级 | 全一
Try to fill in the blanks according to the text. Jane is a disabled woman . She is fortyyears old now. She move her arms or (and)legs. She is unable (not able)to do many things such as brushing (brush)her teeth and putting on her shoes . But dares__ to do (do)many things . She is married (marry)an (have)two children.She likes to watch her son play (play)socce daughter play the piano . She says ,“ If you think about your pro you will have (have)a life full of problems.”She thinks every should know how_l_u_c_k_y_(luck)they are.

Work in pairs. Which of these things do you think is the most

important. money

fam1il.ySmokingaisgoboadd fjoor byour heahlteha. lth
2. Smoking can hurt other people .

good loo3.kIfsyou smoke, you fwrililenhdavse lung

disease .

I think that hea4.ltIfh iysouthebrmeaothset imtopoormtuacnht because ... .

cigarette smoke , you will

get a headache .
Yes, I agree wit5h. Iyf oyuo.u.. .don’t smoke , you will

stay healthy , live longer .

And we shouldsmtShookiinngky.oaDubono’utshtsomhuolodkwe ,tgopilvekeaeseeup!phealthy.

We can






hanJdeS,nen.p.y.. 1.a2nthd

Brian 2016

? 老师上课都有一定的思路,抓住老师的思路就能取得良好的学习效果。在上一小节中已经提及听课中要跟随老师的思路,这里再进一步论述听课时如何 抓住老师的思路。
? ① 根据课堂提问抓住老师的思路。老师在讲课过程中往往会提出一些问题,有的要求回答,有的则是自问自答。一般来说,老师在课堂上提出的问 题都是学习中的关键,若能抓住老师提出的问题深入思考,就可以抓住老师的思路。
? ② 根据自己预习时理解过的逻辑结构抓住老师的思路。老师讲课在多数情况下是根据教材本身的知识结构展开的,若把自己预习时所理解过的知识 逻辑结构与老师的讲解过程进行比较,便可以抓住老师的思路。
? ③ 根据老师的提示抓住老师的思路。老师在教学中经常有一些提示用语,如“请注意”、“我再重复一遍”、“这个问题的关键是····”等等,这些 用语往往体现了老师的思路。来自:学习方法网
? ④ 紧跟老师的推导过程抓住老师的思路。老师在课堂上讲解某一结论时,一般有一个推导过程,如数学问题的来龙去脉、物理概念的抽象归纳、语 文课的分析等。感悟和理解推导过程是一个投入思维、感悟方法的过程,这有助于理解记忆结论,也有助于提高分析问题和运用知识的能力。
? ⑤ 搁置问题抓住老师的思路。碰到自己还没有完全理解老师所讲内容的时候,最好是做个记号,姑且先把这个问题放在一边,继续听老师讲后面的 内容,以免顾此失彼。来自:学习方法网
? ⑥ 利用笔记抓住老师的思路。记笔记不仅有利于理解和记忆,而且有利于抓住老师的思路。