Unit 6 I'm watching TV课后练习

Unit 6 I’m watching TV. Period One
1.new(名词) ___________ 2. use(形容词) ___________ 3.wash(三单) ___________ 4.newspaper(复数)______________5.listen(现在分词)___________6.dish(复数) ___________

1. He is __________(使用) the computer now. 2. They’re ___________(听)to a CD. 3. It’s very useful to read ______________(报纸). 4. My mother always __________(洗)clothes for the family. 5. Let’s go to the ____________ (去电影院)tomorrow.

1.看电视______________________ 2. 读报纸________________________ 3.打电话交谈___________________________4. 做汤__________________________ 5.洗碗________________________ 6. 出去吃饭______________________

1.What’s he doing?__________________________________________________________ 2.He’s using the computer.____________________________________________________ 3.他们正在听 CD。_________________________________________________________ 4.My TV show is also not very interesting.________________________________________ 5.你想去看电影吗?_________________________________________________________

( )1.—Would you like to go to the movies with me? —That sounds ________. A. delicious B. well C. good D. boring ( )2. ________ you helping your mother ________ housework? A. Are; to B. Are; with C. Is; with D. Do; to ( )3. — Is Jack doing his homework? — No,he ________.He is ________ the guitar. A. doesn’t; playing B. isn’t; play C. isn’t; playing D. is; plays ( )4. They are talking ________the movie over there. A. to B. about C. with D. on ( )5. Tom is good_______ football. He is_____ the football team. A.in;on B.at;on C.on;in D.in;in ( )6. —Is David playing computer games? —_______ . A.Yes,he is B.No,he is C.Yes,he does D.No,he doesn’t ( )7. Here_____ some photos of my family.

A.is B.are C.has ( )8. I_______ to go shopping now. Do you go with me? A.want B.wants C.to want ( )9. Thanks for________ me, John. A.help B.helping C.to help ( )10. He is studying________ a test. A.with B.for C.on

D.have D.am wanting D.helps D.of

1. talk ____________ 2. watch____________ 4. use ____________ 5. make ____________ 7. listen____________ 8. shop____________ 10.have____________ 11.take ____________ 3. clean____________ 6. exercise____________ 9. swim____________ 12. work____________

1.听,他正在打电话呢。 Listen, he __________ ____________on the phone. 2.我的家人正在看电视。 My family _________ ____________TV now. 3.有时我和妈妈一起去购物。 Sometimes I __________ ___________ with my mother. 4.你想要和我一起吃晚饭吗? Do you want to __________ __________ for dinner? 5.到时候见! __________ you _________!

Li Mei: _____1____ Bill: A picture. A. No, they aren’t. Li Mei: Can I have a look at it? Bill: ____2_____ B. He is reading a newspaper. Li Mei: Oh, there's a beautiful woman in the picture. ____3_____ C. Sure. Bill: She's making cakes. D. What is she doing? Li Mei: What's the man doing? Bill: _____4____ E. What’s on the table? Li Mei: Look at the two boys. Are they playing cards? Bill: ____5_____ They're drawing pictures. 1.__________ 2. __________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. __________

Tony and Bill are in the same school,__1__they are in different classes. Their favorite__2__is Chinese. They__3__Chinese is very interesting. They go to school on weekdays. They come to school__4__7:00 in the morning. Today is Tuesday. Tony and Bill are in their own(自己的) classrooms. Tony__5__an English class. Look! He is talking__6__ his English teacher in English. Bill is having a Chinese class. His teacher is talking__7__ Beijing Opera with them. The students are looking at their teachers. They__8__carefully (认真地).But one of Tony’s classmates __9__ a

book,because he isn’t good at English and he __10__ English. ( )1.A.but B.and C.or ( )2.A.sport B.language C.country ( )3.A.say B.speak C.tell ( )4.A.in B.on C.at ( )5.have B.is hasing C.has ( )6.at B.to C.for ( )7.to B.in C.about ( )8.A.listen to B.listening to C.are listening ( )9. A.are reading B.is reading C.reads ( )10. A.likes B.doesn’t lik e C.don’t like

D.because D .subject D.talk D.about D.is having D.of D.at D. are listening to D.read D.isn’t liking

It’s seven forty in the morning. The children are coming into the classroom. A boy is opening the windows. Some students are laughing and talking. Some are listening to them. Some are reading. Mr Wang is standing in front of the teacher’s desk. He is writing something on the blackboard. Li Xin and Liu Dong are wearing their new dresses today. Li Xin is cleaning her desk. Liu Dong is helping her . They look happy. What is Alice doing? She is still playing basketball. ( ) 1. What time are the children coming into the classroom? A. At 7:40pm. B.At 7:14pm. C. At 7:14 am. D.At 7:40am. ( ) 2. Who’s their teacher? A. Miss Li. B.Mr Wang. C.Mrs Wang. D.Mrs Liu. ( ) 3. What is their teacher doing? A. He is cleaning his desk. B. He is writing something on the blackboard. C. He is helping his students do their homework. D. He is wearing his new shirt. ( ) 4. Who does the underlined word “her” refer to? A. Mr Wang. B. Li Xin. C. Alice. D.Jane.

1.他正在学习使用电脑。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. 我正在听 CD,但是有些无聊。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. 我爸妈不在家,我们可以出去吃饭。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. 他难道不是正在运动吗? _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. 对你来说看电视能让你放松。 _____________________________________________________________________________

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