(新)外研版高中英语必修3 Module4 Sandstorms in Asia reading精品课件_图文

Introduction Reading and Vocabulary hurricane tornado earthquake Natural Disasters sandstorm lightning volcanic eruption Look at the picture below .Complete the sentences using the correct form of these words . blow bury frightening sandstorm last (v) There has been a sandstorm . It lasted for ten hours and was very frightening . The wind was blowing the sand high around the houses , and some cars were almost completely buried by the sand . citizen cycle (v) dust expert forecast 1. to ride a bicycle process situation survive cycle 2. someone who knows a lot about a particular subject expert 3. things that happen one after another , and have a result process 4. someone who lives in a particular town or country 5. very small bits of dirt or earth , on the ground or in the air 6. to continue to live after a difficult or dangerous situation or event 7. to say what will probably happen citizen dust survive situation 8. everything that is happening at a particular time forcast Activity 3 Directions: choose the correct answers ①Sand dunes (in Paragraph 2) means_________. (a) plants growing in sand (b) sand hills ②desertification (in Paragraph 3) means ___________. (a)making land become desert (b) throwing something away ③If you want to wear a mask (in paragraph 5) ,you should wear it over your _________. (a)face (b) body Fast reading: Match the main idea of each paragragh. ? ? ? ? ? ? Para.1 Para.2 Para.3 Para.4 Para.5 Para.6 a. the description of sandstorms b. the causes of sandstorms c. a major disaster in Asia d. the effects of sandstorms e. the government’s measures f. the forecast and suggestions II. Read the text carefully and complete the following chart. Sand storms in Asia Sandstorms are 1. _________________________ strong, dry winds that _________________________. carry sand The main Central Asia, North America, places where 2. Africa and Australia sandstorms Central _________________________ frequently occurred Definition Sandstorms in China ※ Sandstorms begin in desert areas and have increased as a result of 3. Sand ___________ these years. desertification storms ※ In Beijing the storms in Asia Something about sometimes continue all day the sandstorms and the 4. _________ thick dust in China makes traffic move very slowly. ※ Sometimes the strength of the storm is 5. surprising and it’s __________, difficult to breathe. Sandstorms in China Ways to solve the problem A mass campaign 6. ________________ has been start