高中英语 Unit4 Earthquakes

Unit 4

Warming-up and Reading1

? 1. Knowledge: (1) Get a general idea of earthquakes and some other natural disasters. (2) Know the cause of an earthquake. ? 2. Ability: (1)Train the students’ speaking ability by describing, talking and discussion. (2)Train the students’ listening ability. (on page62) (3)Train the students’ ability to cooperate with others. ? 3. Emotion: Know the damage that the earthquake and other natural disasters could bring about.

教学重点 Train the students’ speaking ability by describing, talking and discussion. 教学难点 Training the students’ speaking ability.

Talk about the following questions with your desk mate . Do you know what happened in the Indian Ocean at the end of the year before last year?

tsunami Do you know any other natural






drought earthquakes


natural disasters
volcanic eruptions


sand storms snow storms diseases --- Sars land slides thunderstorms 滑坡

City after earthquakes

The whole city was in ruins.

The railway tracks

became useless pieces of steel.

Huge crack cut across houses,roads,and canals.

Do you know what an earthquake is ?

The earthquake is a disaster. It causes great damages. Can we foretell(预言)an earthquake so
that we can reduce the damages? What can we see before an earthquake?

find out the answers to the following questions:
1.When did the earthquake happen?

On July28, 1976
2. How many people died or injured in this disaster?


Number each of these things during the Tangshan earthquake. Give a “1” to the first thing that happened and a “5” to the last thing that happened.

3 ___Brick buildings were destroyed. 1 ___ The walls of the village wells had cracks in them. 5 ___ Shelters were put up for those with no homes. 2 ___Road got huge cracks. 4

? 1. People in Tangshan were warned of the earthquake and didn’t go to bed. ( ) F ? 2.People in Beijing also felt the earthquake .

( ) ? 3. More than 400000 people were killed in the quake. ( ) ? 4. Many rescue workers and doctors were trapped under the ruins during the aftershock. ( )



What strange things had happened before the earthquake?
1.Water in the wells
2.The well walls

rose and fell
had deep cracks too nervous to eat ran , looking for jumped

3.Chickens and pigs
4.Mice 5.Fish

6.Bright lights and the could be seen and heard sound of planes cracked and burst 7.The water pipes

Careful reading:

1.How do you think the earthquake was? Why? 2.What was the city like after the earthquake? 3.How did people do to help the city?

In Beijing One-third of the nation A huge crack Steam Hard hills of rock The city Could be heard

Main idea

Cut across burst became Lay in ruin

It was the biggest earthquake of the world

Two-thirds of the died and injured people were killed Thousands of families were left Many children


All the hospitals and most of the factories and buildings and homes Bricks Two dams and most of the bridges The railway tracks

Main idea

were lost covered

useless steel Never give milk died
Were filled with sand

Everything in the city was destroyed

Pigs and chickens The wells Water, food and electricity

were hard to get


Soldiers The army
were sent to

Main idea
All hope was not lost. Slowly, the city began to breathe again.

Organized to dig out and bury
built shelters was taken to the city

Workers Fresh water

1.Why do we say it was “A Night the Earth Didn’t Sleep”?
2.What does the sentence “The city began to breathe again” mean?

Unit 4 Earthquake
Period 2

Summary and Language points for Reading1

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