牛津模块一unit2 growing pains grammar_图文

Unite 2

Growing Pains


When we were small, happiness was a simple thing. After we have grown up, simplicity is a happy thing.

小时候,幸福是件很 简单的事;


长大后,幸福是件很 简单的事。

I am so young that everything sad or happy seems very impressive to me. A gentle touch could be a big deal. 只是因为太年轻,所以所有的快乐和悲伤 才显得那么深刻,轻轻一碰就惊天动地。

Grammar & Usage

Attributive clause Prep + which/whom


关系代词:that, which, who, whom

? 定语从句中,指物(things)用which/that

? 定语从句中,指人(people)用who/that

定语从句中,先行词是从句动词的宾语时, that, which, who, whom可省略

Fill in the blanks with relative pronouns. (which/that) 1. This is the story ____________ we wrote for our storytelling contest. (which/that) 2. The book ____________ I borrowed from the library is very interesting. 4. The girl ______________ you have just seen (who/whom/that) is very good at English. 5. I don’t know the name of the teacher (who/whom/that)I met in the computer room. ____________

Conclusion: The relative pronouns serve as the objects of the __________. verbs

Fill in the blanks with relative pronouns. (which/that) 6. Is this the play ____________ you were talking about just now? (who/whom/that) 7. Daniel is the person ______________ I want to make friends with. 8. Art is the subject ____________ I know little (which/that) about. 9. The Maths teacher is the person (who/whom/that)I got an A plus from. ____________

Conclusion: The relative pronouns serve as the objects of the __________.


补充说明: 此时关系代词作从句中介词的宾语 who,which,whom,that可以省略。

Join the sentences with relative clauses: We could expect good decisions from you. We thought you were such a person. We thought you were a person (who/whom/that) we could expect good decisions from. (informal) We thought you were a person from whom we could expect good decisions.


定语从句中,当关系代词是介词的宾语时 1. 用介词+ which/whom引导定语从句(正 式). 2.介词后的关系代词which/whom不可用 “that” 或 “who”替代. 3.关系代词不能省略

Fill in the blanks with “prep.+ to which which/whom”: 1. Are you interested in any songs ____ _____ on which you’ve listened. 2. Tomorrow is a particular day ____ _____ his daughter will get married. with which 3. This is the knife ____ _____ I usually cut bread. from which 4. We can’t live without the sun ____ _____ we get heat and in which light. 5. The subject ____ _____ Eric is interested is physics.

? 但是,像listen to, look at, depend on, pay attention to, take care of等 固定短语动词,在定语从句中一般不宜将 介词与动词分开。例如:

? This is the boy whom she has taken care of.

? 当先行词是way的时候, 要用that/in which引导定语从句,也可以 省略。 ? E.g. I didn’t like the way (that/in which )
she talked to me. ? The way (that/in which) he English is interesting. teaches


1. We saw several natives advancing towards our party, and one of them came up to us, ______ we gave some bells and glasses. (06 湖南) A. to which B. to whom C. with whom D. with which Tip: give something to somebody

Exercises: 2. I have many friends, _______ some are businessmen. (05全国) A. of them B. from which C. who of D. of whom Tip: some of my friends

? Being nice to someone/sth you dislike doesn’t mean you are a fake. It means you are mature enough to tolerate your dislike towards them.
能够善待不太喜欢的人/事,并不代表虚伪,而是 意味着你成熟到可以容纳这些不喜欢。

1.完成教材课后习题prep+which and prep+whom的部分 2.预习关系副词when, where, and why 的用法

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