1.I don't allow _____ in my drawing room. I don't allow my family _____ at all. A. smoking;to smoke B. to smoke;smoking C. to smoke;to smoke D. smoking;smoking 选 A。allow 要用动名词做宾语,用动词不定式作宾语补足语。 2.Your clothes need _____. A. washed B. to be washed C. to wash D. being washing 选 B。need to be done 相当于 need doing, 表示被动语态。 3.This bike is not worthy _____. A. to be repaired B. of repairing C. to repair D. repairing 选 A。be worthy to be done 的意思是"某事值得被做"。 4._____ provides us with essential nutrients, while _____ provides us with oxygen. A. To eat; breathing B. Ea ting; to breathe C. Eating; breathing D. Eaten; breathed 选 C。while 是并列连词,连接两个并列的动名词结构。 5.Rebecca was unhappy for _____ the first chance to go abroad. A. not having been given B. not having given C. not giving D. having been given 选 A。not having been done 是动名词的完成被动式的否定形式,表示动作发生在 谓语动词之前,而且是被动的。 6._____ is better to love than _____. A. That; to be loved B. That; be love C. It; be loved D. It; to be loved 选 D。It 在句中作形式主语;than 连接两个并列的动词不定式。 7.I've got the loaf; now I'm looking for a bread knife _____. A. cutting it by B. cutting it with C. to cut it with D. to cut it by 选 C。动词不定式作后置定语;with 表示工具;by 表示手段。 8.I'm glad _____ by him yesterday. A. not be seen B. to not have been seen C. not to have been seen D. not to have seen 选 C。not to have been done 是动词不定式的完成被动式的否定形式,表示动作发 生在谓语动词之前。 9.-What do you think about English? -It's a difficult language _____. A. speaking B. to be spoken C. to speak D. spoken 选 C。可以在不定式前加上 for sb.作为逻辑主语,因此是主动的。 10.He would rather stay at home than _____ out with you. A. go B. to go C. going D. goes
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选 A。句型 would rather do than do 意思是"宁愿……也不愿……"。 11.I'm considering _____ your offer. A. to have accepted B. being accepted C. accepting D. to accept 选 C。consider 表示"考虑"时后面用动名词形式。 12.-----What's made Ruth so upset? ----- _____ three tickets to the folk music concert. A. Lost B. Losing C. Because of losing D. Since she lost 选 B。只有 losing 这个现在分词才可以作句子的主语。 13.Before _____ to the college, he had to go through an examination. A. admitting B. to admit C. being admitted D. having been admitting 选 C。before 是介词,后面要用动名词;被大学录取应该用被动形式。 14.She pretended _____ me when I passed by. A. not to see B. not seeing C. to not see D. having not seen 选 A。pretend 后面要用动词不定式。 15.The story was so funny that we _____. A. couldn't help laugh B. can't but laugh C. couldn't help laughing D. couldn't help but to laugh 选 C。can't help doing 表示"情不自禁"。 16.Don't forget _____ this book to John when you see him. A. to return B. returning C. return D. to returning 选 A。forget to do 表示"忘记去做某事";forget doing 表示"忘记做过某事"。 17.-It's getting very late. Maybe we shouldn't go. - No, let's go. Getting there late is better than _____ at all. A. we don't arrive B. to arrive not C. not to arrive D. not arriving 选 D。than 连接两个并列的动名词结构。 18.Only one of these books is _____. A. worth to read B. worth being read C. worth of reading D. worth reading 选 D。be worth doing 表示"某事值得被做"。 19.We are both looking forward to _____ next week. A. going on vacation B. go on vacation C. be going on vacation D. have gone on vacation 选 A。在 look forward to 中,to 是介词,后面接动名词。 20.Remember _____ the newspaper when you have finished it. A. putting back B. having put back C. to put back D. will put back 选 C。remember to do 表示"记得去做某事"; remember doing 表示"记得做过某事 "。
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21.He had no difficulty _____ the problems. A. working out B. having worked out C. to have worked out D. to work out 选 A。have difficulty in doing 表示"在某方面有困难"。 22.The sentence wants _____ once more. A. to explain B. explaining C. being explained D. to be explained it 选 B。want doing 相当于 want to be done, 表示被动。 23.Articles used by patients must be disinfected before _____ others. A. using B. being used by C. used by D. being using 选 B。before 是介词,后面用动名词;本题要用被动形式。 24.I regretted _____ that to her. A. having said B. to have said C. to say D. / 选 A。regret doing 表示"后悔做过某事"。 25.Our monitor suggested _____ a discussion of the subject. A. to have B. should have C. have D. having 选 D。suggest 后面只能用动名词,不能用不定式。 26.I can't understand _____ at her. A. you laugh B. you to laugh C. why laugh D. your laughing 选 D。understand 后面用动名词;your 是动名词的逻辑主语。 27.In order to reach the top of the hill in six hours, they try _____. A. to climb the mountain hardly B. hard to climb the mountain C. to climb hardly the mountain D. to climb the mountain hard 选 D。hard 是"努力"的意思;hardly 是"几乎不"的意思。 28.I happened _____ the article when he asked me about it. A. having read B. to have read C. to be read D. reading 选 B。happen 后面用不定式;to have done 是完成式。 29.He is said _____ to London already. A. having sent B. to be sending C. to have been sent D. being sent 选 C。本句的意思是"据说他已经被送去伦敦了",用不定式的完成被动式。 30.The little boy insisted on _____ with a cake. A. being served B. to be served C. serving D. serve 选 A。insist on 是"坚持"的意思,后面用动名词,本题要用被动形式。 31.Mr. Crossett seemed _____ the visitor somewhere before. A. meeting B. to have met C. to be meeting D. to meet 选 B。seem 后面用不定式,to have met 是完成式。
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32.He asked who was the man _____ on. A. to be operating B. operating C. to operate D. being operated 选 D。being operated on 是后置定语,表示"正在被做手术的"。 33.I apologize for _____ my promise. A. not having kept B. being kept C. not to have kept D. having not kept 选 A。介词 for 后面用动名词的完成式。 34.He doesn't like _____ in public. A. praising B. to be praised C. to praise D. praised 选 B。like 后面可以用动名词也可以用不定式;本题要用被动形式。 35.The doctor was careful _____ the patient the truth. A. not having told B. not to tell C. to not tell D. not telling 选 B。在 careful 这样的表示性质或状态的形容词后面常用不定式。 36.Will you _____ me _____ out this problem myself? A. forbid; to work B. allow; work C. le; work D. permit; working 选 C。let 后面用省略 to 的不定式作宾语补足语。 37.-What do you think of this school? -It is a very good _____. A. studying school B. school for children to study C. school to study in D. school to study 选 C。school 与 study 的关系是状语与动词,因此介词 in 不能省略。 38.He loves parties. He is always the first _____ and the last _____. A. of coming; of leaving B. comes; leaves C. to come; to leave D. coming; leaving 选 C。在序数词后面用不定式作后置定语 39.Before liberation he had no chance _____. A. of going to the school B. to go to school C. to go to the school D. going to school 选 B。在 chance 后面可以用不定式,也可以用 of 的形式;表示"上学"时 school 前面不用冠词。 40.You'd better _____ her the bad news now. A. don't tell B. not tell C. won't tell D. not to tell 选 B。had better 后面用动词原型。

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