2014春季网上作业(大学英语3 (本))

题号:1 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: After the Minister of Education had finished speaking at the press conference, he was made ______ all sorts of awkward questions. A、answer B、answering C、answered D、to answer

标准答案:D 学员答案:D 本题得分:5 题号:2 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: — Shall we sit up here on the grass or down there near the water? — _______ A、I’d rather stay here if you don’t mind. B、Sorry, I don’t like neither. C、Certainly, why not? D、Yes, we like these two places.

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:3 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: _______ these honors he received a sum of money. A、Except B、But C、Besides D、Outside

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:4 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: It is the best _______ I have seen. A、that B、who C、whom D、which

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:5 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: — Congratulations! You won the first prize in today’s speech contest.— _______. A、Yes, I beat the others. B、No, no I didn’t do it well. C、Thank you. D、It’s a pleasure.

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:6 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: Neither John ______ his father was able to wake up early enough to catch the morning train. A、nor B、or C、but


标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:7 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: The dean of the Philosophy Department requested that the visiting scholar ______ a lecture on the philosopher Sartre. A、gave B、give C、would give D、had given

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:8 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: — Can you go to the concert with us this evening? — _______ A、No, I already have plans. B、I’d love to, but I’m busy tonight. C、No, I really don’t like being with you. D、I’m ill, so I shouldn’t go out.

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:9 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: I wish everybody _______ the meeting tomorrow. A、will attend

B、would attend C、had attended D、is going to attend

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:10 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: While I was in the university, I learned taking a photo, _______ is very useful now for me. A、it B、which C、that D、what

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:11 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: _______ his examination of the patient, the doctor wrote out a prescription. A、Having finished B、Finishing C、Finished D、Having been finished

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:12 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: You ______ buy some reference books when you go to college.

A、could B、will have to C、must to D、might

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:13 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: — Must I take a taxi?— No, you _______. You can take my car. A、had better to B、don’t C、must not D、don’t have to

标准答案:D 学员答案:D 本题得分:5 题号:14 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: When the railway is completed, we ______ get to town much easily A、must B、would C、are able to D、will be able to

标准答案:D 学员答案:D 本题得分:5 题号:15 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5

内容: The atmosphere ______ certain gases mixed together in definite proportions. A、composes of B、is made up C、consists of D、makes up of

标准答案:C 学员答案:C 本题得分:5 题号:16 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —Oh, sorry to bother you. —____________ A、That’s Okay. B、No, you can’t. C、That’s good. D、Oh, I don’t know.

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:17 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —May I see your tickets, please?;—____________ A、No, they are mine. B、No, you can’t. C、Sure. D、Yes, you can.

标准答案:C 学员答案:C

本题得分:5 题号:18 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: — We are going to have a singing party tonight. Would you like to join us? — _______ A、I’m afraid not, because I have to go to an important meeting. B、Of course not. I have no idea. C、No, I can’t. D、That’s all set.

标准答案:A 学员答案:A 本题得分:5 题号:19 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: I was satisfied with her explanation, ______. A、so my classmates were B、so were my classmates C、so my classmates did D、so did my classmates

标准答案:B 学员答案:B 本题得分:5 题号:20 题型:单选题(请在以下几个选项中选择唯一正确答案) 本题分数:5 内容: —Thank you for inviting me. —____________ A、I really had a happy time. B、Oh, it’s too late C、Thank you for coming D、Oh, so slowly?

标准答案:C 学员答案:A 本题得分:0

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