高中英语 Unit4 Earthquakes


What strange things happened before
the earthquake?

1. The animals were too nervous to eat 2. Mice ran out of the fields 3. Fish jumped out of bowls and ponds

4. The water in the well rose and fell
5. Bright light appeared in the sky

At 3:42 One-third Two-thirds

Began to shake 1/3 of the nation felt it Died or injured
The number of people who died or injured
Factories, buildings or homes were gone

75% , 90% Tens of thousands of 150,000 Most of 10,000

Cows died The soldiers who the army sent to help the rescue workers The miners who were rescued from the coal mines

Find out the main ideas of each paragraph in two words
Paragraph 1

The signs The damage Rescue work

Paragraph 2-3

Paragraph 4

Further information about Tangshan earthquake
Where Degree The damage

Struck at 3:42a.m. on July 28, 1976
Hebei China, 11km below the city 7.8 magnitude 242,419 people killed(12.8% of Tangshan’s population) Economic damage: about 3 billion yuan Cause 2,200 people to become paraplegics

If you notice the signs of the earthquake
When the earthquake comes

After the earthquake

Find some information about the earthquake happened in San Francisco in 1906.
Compare with these two earthquakes and find something in common.

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