广西桂林市某知名学校七年级英语下学期期中试题(含听力) 外研版

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广西桂林市第一中学 2015-2016 学年七年级英语下学期期中试题
注意事项:1.试卷分为试题卷和答题卡两部分,在本试题卷上作答无效 ; .......... 2.考试结束后,只将答题卡交回,试题卷不用交 ,自己保管好以备讲评使 .............. 用。

一、听力部分(20 分) I. ( ( ( ( ( II. ( ( ( ( 听句子,根据所听内容选择对应的信息. 句子读一遍.(5 分) ) 1.A. camera ) 2.A. pencil ) 3.A. bank ) 4.A. fat ) 5. A. square B. crayon B. piano B. park B. fresh B. bookstore C. chalk C. tennis C. beach C. free C. museum

听对话, 根据所听内容选择正确的答案.对话读一遍. (5 分) ) 6. Whose pen is it? A. Lily’s A. Purple. B. Ben’s B. Pink. C. Lily’s brother’s ) 7. What colour is Alice’s skirt? C. Yellow. B. Have a picnic. C. Visit her friends. C. ) 8. What’s Lisa going to do this weekend? A. Stay at home. ) 9. What are they talking about? A. The life in the future. B. The school life now. The fruit and vegetables.


) 10. Where are they talking now? A. In a clothes shop. B. At school. C. In the library.

III. 听对话, 根据所听内容选择正确的答案.对话读两遍. (5 分) ( ( ( ( ( ) 11. When will they go shopping? A. This afternoon. A. Blue. B. Black. B. Tomorrow morning. C. Tomorrow afternoon. C. Green. C. A watch. ) 12. What colour does Tom’s mother like best? ) 13.What’s Cindy going to buy for her mother? A. A scarf. A. A doctor. A. On foot. ( B. A hat. ) 14.What may Cindy’s mother be? B. A teacher. C. A farmer. B. By bike. C. By bus. ) 15. How are they going to do some shopping?

IV. 听短文,根据所听内容选择正确答案。短文读两遍。(5 分) )16.How is the weather today?

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A. Clear. ( ( ( (

B. Windy.

C. Rainy C. Her brother.

) 17. Who will Cherry go shopping with? A. Her mother. B. Her father. ) 18. What can Cherry’s brother do? A. Dance and cook. B. Draw some pictures. C. Sing some songs. ) 19. What does Cherry often do with her brother? A. Plays tennis. B. Takes a walk. C. Eats out for dinner. ) 20. What will Cherry get after shopping? A. A wallet. B. A watch. C. A mobile phone.

笔试部分(100 分) 二、单项选择 (每小题 1 分,共 10 分) ( ( ) 21. I play ____ basketball in the afternoon. A. \ A. Yes, I can . C. No, I can . ( ( ( ( ( ( A. my A. In A. or A. swim A. How many A. Hundred of C. Three hundreds ( A. will have C. is going to be ( B. a C. the D. an ) 22. Can you speak Chinese? ________________. B. Yes , I can’t. D. yes, I can. B. I B. On B. but B. draw C. me C. At C. because C. write D. so D. sing C. How far D. How much D. To D. mine

) 23. Is this your book or ______? ) 24._____ twenty years’ time , maybe there won’t be any school! ) 25. —The boy gets up very late, ______ he is late for class. ) 26. He can ______, so he wants to join the Swimming Club. ) 27.__________ is it from Beijing to Shanghai? B. How long ) 28. ______ ducks are here. B. Hundreds of D. Three hundreds of B. is going to have D.are going to be —______. B. I’m not sure D. See you tomorrow

) 29. There __________ a meeting tomorrow afternoon.

) 30. —Do you think he will meet the film star? A. That’s a good idea C. Have a good time

三、情景交际 (每小题 1 分,共 10 分) A、根据对话内容,从方框中选出恰当地句子补全对话。 Shop worker: Good morning! What can I do for you?. Lingling: 31 .
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Shop worker:


? 33 ?

Lingling: Purple Shop worker: All right. Lingling: Small Shop worker: What about this one? Lingling: 34 ? Shop worker: Certainly. Lingling: Look at the price. It’s 198 yuan. That’s too much. Shop worker: But wait a minute! There’s a sale on today. ______35_______. Lingling: OK. I’ll take it.

A. What color does she like? B. I’d like to buy a T-shirt for my mum. C. Everything is half price. D. What size does she take? E. May I try it on?


Ⅰ Ⅱ 36. Betty’s? 37. doing? aren’t.. 38. Would you like to go shopping? 39. Where is the bookshop? E. They are dancing ______42 Good idea! 40. How can I get to the bank? 四、完形填空 (每小题 1 分,共 10 分) Welcome 41__ the New York City Lost and Found Office. People often 43____. That’s things when they’re traveling or when they’re in a the Lost and Found Office every day. They are looking watches, computers and many other things. 44____ there C. By bus. D. What are Are the crayons A. Over there. they B. No, they

are lost and found offices at airports and stations. Hundreds of people come to 45_____their phones, cameras, 48_____about a
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46_____the moment, there are also some

47____things at the New York City Lost and Found Office. There

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hundred bikes and a large boat. There are also a lot of They’re here too! 41. A. with 42. A. buy 43 A. hurry 44. A. who 45. A. to 46. A. In 47. A. ready 48. A. are 49. A. camera B. to B. find B. home B. why B. of B. At B. tidy B. is B. phones C. in C. lose C. word C. whose C. with C. On C. silly C. be C. animals D./

49________, such as three 50______of sausages?

dogs, two ducks and a pig. Are you looking for fifteen

D. take D. country D. how D. for D. across D. strange D. will D. taxi

50. A. kilos B. hundred C. second D. life 五、阅读理解。 (51-55 每小题 1 分,56-65 每小题 2 分,共计 25 分) 阅读短文,选出最佳答案。答案填到题前的括号内。 (A) Found Is this your book? Please call John at 4953456 Lost My pencil case: blue and white Call Tom at 4567800 Found A wallet Please call Betty at 4982456 My crayons. Call Lingling at 4827635 A white watch. Call Lisa at 4129856 Lost Found Is this your black bag? Please call Mary. Phone number:4765939. Lost

51. If(如果) you want to find your lost book, you can call John at __________. A.4765939 A.book A.green and white C. yellow and white B. wallet B. 4 54.Lisa lost her_________. A.book A. 3 C. white watch D. black bag 55.There are _________ lost and found notes in all(总共). C. 5 D. 6 (B) The air here is fresh. There are not many tall buildings in our town. The best building is in our school. There are four hundred students and twenty-five teachers
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B.4953456 B. wallet

C. 4982456 C. crayons

D. 4129856 D. black bag

52.If you lose your_________, you should call Mary. 53.Tom’s pencil case is _______________. B. blue and white D. blue and red

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in our school. In the front of the school, there is a playground. I often play basketball with my classmates on it. There is a little garden behind our school. And we can grow beautiful flowers and plant trees in the garden. Next the garden, there is an orange orchard(果园). You can hear birds singing everywhere. There is a river not far from our school. In summer, we usually go swimming in it. ( )56. The writer lives _______. A. in a small town B. in the city of Guilin C. in a village D. in a tall building )57. There is _____ in the front of our school. A. a river B. a tall building C. a playground D. a garden )58. People can hear ____ singing here and there. A. students B. birds C. cows D. teachers )59. The students often _____ in summer. A. play basketball B. plant trees C. grow flowers D. go swimming )60. What is the best title of the passage? A. The garden B. A small town C. The River D. The best building (C) Karl goes shopping with his mother on Sunday. What do they buy in the supermarket? What fruits do they buy? Karl’s father likes apples very much. They buy some apples for him. Karl’s mother likes bananas, but there are many bananas at home. So they don’t buy them. But she buys some strawberries for herself. Karl likes oranges very much, so his mother buys some for him. The vegetables in the shop are very good. They buy some tomatoes and onions. Karl doesn’t like onions, but his father and mother like them. After shopping, Karl and his mother have some milk and ice creams. And then they go back home with the fruits and vegetables. 61. Karl and his mother go shopping on _________. A. Thursday A. bananas A. Karl C.Karl’s mother B. Friday B. apples C. Saturday C. strawberries D. Sunday D. pears 62. Karl’s father likes _________ very much. 63. The oranges are for ________. B. Karl’s father D. Karl’s brother B. Vegetables and shoes D. Vegetables and clothes.





64.What do Karl and his mother buy in the supermarket? A. Fruits and biscuits C. Fruits and vegetables

65.What do Karl and his mother do after shopping?
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A. They cook meal at home. C. They go to buy some clothes. 六、词汇 (每小题 1 分,共 10 分)

B. They go to the bus station. D. They have some milk and ice creams.

根据所给的中文或首字母提示,写出单词在句中的正确形式。 66.The street aren’t __________ (安全的) at night. 67. I have eleven subjects this __________ (学期). 68. The restaurant is ______ (营业的) from 7:00 in the morning to 10:30 in the evening. 69. Mary wants to ____________ (获胜,赢得) this match. 70. I have got a long ________(尺子).

71. These are our ________(录音带). 72. He likes running, he can run f_______. 73.The teachers write on the blackboard with c_________. 74. There are a lot of f__________ paintings in the museum. 75. The sun is r___________. 七、句型转换 (每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 根据题后括号内的要求完成下列各题。 每空一词

76. Mary is going to listen to music next Sunday .(对划线部分提问) _______ ________ Mary going to listen to music? 77. He can go with me. (改为否定句) _______ _______ go with me。 78. Tony wants to buy a basketball. (对划线部分提问)

________ ________ Tony want to buy? 79. We will have a piano lesson tomorrow afternoon. (改为一般疑问句) ________ ________ have a piano lesson tomorrow afternoon? 80.Does she often help her mother with the housework? (做否定回答) ________ , she ___________ . 八、 完成句子。(每小题 2 分,共 10 分) 81. 欢迎来我们学校。 ____________ ___________ ___________ our school. ___________ the street to the park. 82. 沿着这条街走可以到公园。 83. 这只钢笔你想支付多少钱? How much do you want to ___________ ___________ the pen?
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84. 我与全班同学都相处得很好。 I ___________ on well __________ all the classmates in our class. 85. 从现在开始我们要尽量做得更好。 ___________ ___________ on , we will try to do better.

九、书面表达(15 分) 五一节(May Day)即将来临,请以 My May Day holiday plan 为题,写一篇不少于 60 词的 短文,介绍你的假期活动安排。 参考词汇: have a good rest, get up early , see my grandparents, go to the cinema, play table tennis, have a picnic , help with the housework, watch TV , do my homework 注: 1、开头已给出,不计入总数。 2、所给词必须用上,可以适当拓展。

My May Day holiday plan May Day is coming soon. We will have a 3-day holiday.

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1----5 ABCBC 6-----10 CABAA 11---15 BABCA 16----20 AACBA 21---25AADAD 26----30 ACBCB 31------35BADEC 36-----40 BEDAC 41------45BCABD 46-----50 BDACA 51----55BDBCD 56-----60 ACBDB 61-----65 DBACD 66. safe 67.term 68.open 69.win 70.ruler 71.tapes 72.fast 73.chalk 74.famous 75.rising/red 76.When is 77.He can’t 78.What does 79.Will you 80.No, doesn’t 81.Welcome to 82.Go along/down 83.pay for 84.get with 85.From now

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