一、概念:表示在过去某个时间里所发生的动作或存在的状态。常和明确的过去 时间状语连用。如:yesterday,yesterday morning/ evening,the day before yesterday (前天) ,last night/week/ month/year, just now(刚才), two days ago,a week ago,in 1990 等。如:I went to bed at eleven last night. 昨 晚我 11:00 睡觉。 二、行为动词一般过去时变化规则 1.一般在动词末尾加-ed,如:pull-pulled, cook-cooked, play- played 2.结尾是 e 加 d,如:taste-tasted 3.末尾只有一个元音字母和一个辅音字母的重读闭音节,应双写末尾的辅音字 母,再加-ed,如:stop-stopped,plan-planned, prefer-preferred 4.以“辅音字母+y”结尾的,变 y 为 i,再加-ed,如:study-studied 5.小学阶段不规则动词一般过去时: am/is→was sit→sat take→took get→got see→saw hurt→hurt 三、句式变化 (1) Be 动词在一般过去时中的变化(表状态) ① am ,is 过去式为 was,was 的否定形式 wasn’t(= was not) ② are 过去式为 were,were 的否定形式 weren’t(= were not) ③ 带有 was 或 were 的句子,其否定、疑问的变化和 is, am, are 一样,即否定 句在 was 或 were 后加 not,一般疑问句把 was 或 were 调到句首。 即:1.肯定句:主语+ was/ were+ 表语 例子:I was late yesterday. 昨天我迟到了。 2.否定句:主语+ was/ were + not + 表语 例子:We were not late yesterday.

are→were give→gave write→wrote go→went teach→taught cut→cut

have/has→had run→ran ride→ rode make→made buy→bought fall→fell

do→did come→came drive→drove

sing→sang eat→ate speak→spoke

know→knew read→read say→said put→put

3.一般疑问句:Was/ Were+ 主语 + 表语 例子:Were you ill yesterday? 你昨天病了吗? 肯定回答:Yes, I was. 是的,我病了。

否定回答:No,I wasn’t. 不,我没病。 4.特殊疑问句:特殊疑问词+ was/were +主语 +表语 例子:Where were you yesterday? 你昨天在哪里?

(2)行为动词的一般过去时的句子(表动作) 1. I watch TV every day.(一般现在时) → I watched TV last night.(一般过去时) 否定句:I didn’t watch TV last night. 一般疑问句:Did you watch TV last night? 肯定回答: Yes, I did. 否定回答:No, I didn’t. 特殊疑问句:What did you do last night?(对上述划线句子提问)

2. Jim does homework every day.(一般现在时) Jim did homework yesterday. (一般过去时) 否定句:Jim didn't do homework yesterday. (didn't +动词原形)

一般疑问句:Did Jim do homework yesterday? (在句首加 did,句子中的动词 过去式变回原形) 肯定回答:Yes, I did. 否定回答:No, I didn’t. 特殊疑问句:What did Jim do yesterday? 一般过去式练习题: 一、写出下列动词的过去式或动词原形。 1. go________ 2. is_____ 3.buy__________ 4.swim_________ 5. have ______ 6. watched ________ 7. ate________ 8. got_________ 9. lived _______ 10. saw __________ 11. spend _______ 12. talk ________ 13. do _________14. teach _______ 15. win _______ 16. like _______ 17.write _______ 18.cry _________ 19.study ________ 20.ask __________ 二、 用单词的适当形式填空。


1. ________ you ________(water) the flowers yesterday.2. Su Hai _________(go) for a walk last Sunday. 3. Mike didn’t ________(finish) his homework yesterday. 4. I _______ (pick) apples on the tree last month. 5. I _______(is) ten years old last year. On that day, I _______(blow) the candles out. 6. There ________(are) five books on the desk a moment ago. 7. They ________(sweep) the floor just now. 8. I _________ (meet) Miss White the day before yesterday. 10. I _______ (wash) clothes last weekend. 11. What did you you do on your holiday? I ________ (go) swimming. 三、 选择正确的答案。 1. I ____ presents for my parents yesterday. A. buyed B. bought C. buying 2. Susan _____ swimming yesterday. A. go B. goes C. went 3. Danny _____ breakfast five times last week. A. eat B. ate C. eated 4. Last Sunday____ Tree Planting Day. A. is B. were C. was 5. I ____ a lot from our textbook. A. learned B. learnes C. learning 6. We ____ to the zoo and ___ a lot of animals yesterday. A. go; see B. went; saw C. goes; sees 7. What did you do last weekend ? --I _________ A. read a book B. wash the clothes C. go fishing 8. What did you do on your holiday? I ________ A. bought a present B. go skiing C. learn English 9. What did he _____ yesterday? He ____ his homework. A. did; did B. do; did C. do; do 10. Yesterday my presents and I ____ our house. A. were cleaning B. cleaned C. are going to clean 11. What _____ to trees in the different season? A. happen B. happens C. happened 12. Last summer. I ____ in the lake and played on the beach. A. swim B. swam C. will swim 13. Did you eat good food in China? ______. A. Yes, I do B. No, I didn’t C. No, I did 14. We played basketball _____. A. sometimes B. on Saturdays C. last Saturday



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