Applicant for Computer Science Program from Tsinghua University Personal Statement For nearly one year, when all other colleagues had gone back home after work or to the bars for relaxation, I kept myself busy with the designing, programming, and refactoring work. When I got home every day after ten o’clock in the night, I would read papers of XXX and continue for seeking the universities and professors attractive to me until one o’clock in the morning. My sense of responsibility for the company made me obliged to finish all the projects in my hands before I leave for America. And my yearning for the free American environment which is easy to inspire researchers’ potential made me willing to live such hard life under much greater pressure. Although over two years’ software development work in Beijing Grandsoft Technology Co., Ltd has already helped me accumulate considerable experience in software programming and designing and make some achievements admirable in others’ eyes, I, who will be promoted as a senior development engineer, know clearly that only the xxx program in your department can fully exert my strength and make my pursuit come true. I know that I belong to the kind of people who are able to better realize the life values and meaningfulness while doing certain interesting things, who enjoy challenges and thinking and who are always in pursuit of creative ideas. However, the work I was taking up now is almost always repetition of what has already existed. That’s why I gave up the achievement without hesitation. I know that I will be able to master the most advanced technology and thoughts in the xxx program. In such a bright and promising field, I believe I will be able to inspire all my ability in facing challenges, and finally become a top talent to make contributions to the development in the field. Moreover, my studying and working experiences make me very confident in myself to believe that I have got the ability and potential to realize my pursuit. I became interested in computer science in Chongqing Nankai Middle School, a school emphasizing cultivating personal interests. But my unusual performance in the National Entrance Examination failed me for entering the Department of Computer Science of Tsinghua University. Being clear of my interest and goal, I spent quite a lot of time in computer science besides the basic courses required by the university. Although I didn’t gain an extraordinary GPA, I succeeded in transferring to the School of Software. Afterwards, my GPA continued increasing and my foundation in the major was consolidated. I have a good habit in learning and working. No matter how great the pressure was, I would stick to my studies after work. And I finished reading books like Interconnection Networks - An Engineering Approach and reviewed (Introduction to Algorithms, Computer Networks, Database Systems Concepts) twice. In addition, I am very creative. I could solve the instability in file transmission by using FTP/HTTP

Applicant for Computer Science Program from Tsinghua University method instead of the original Web Service/COM+ method to cope with different network situations after independent thinking; I could solve the problem of difficulties in managing the patch files by putting the client patch files on the server for Auto update, improving the clients’ satisfaction greatly. What’s more, I am very strict with myself and always keep a heart for excellence. I successfully became a formal employee in advance during the probation period. And I gained the Intermediate Engineer position in only one year which normally took three years by others. At the same time, my strong sense of responsibility helped me never disappoint my supervisors and colleagues even when it was necessary to work overtime continuously or all night. Besides, I can even get enlightened when facing failures. My experience in taking charge of the GCM—Grandsoft Cost Management project can be cited here as an example. In this project, we adopted C/S structure using COM+/Web Service as the communication method, and SQL Server 2000 as the database. Although the SQL was optimized and different DB engines and components were tried, the querying efficiency was not improved obviously when dealing with mass data and complex business logics. However, I learned in the course how to improve the efficiency of database query for huge amount of data, how to conduct efficiency test and experiment and how to use the simplest query to realize the huge business logics. In trial use of the Qlikview software of a professional data query company, although I was not able to solve the problem, I learned the BI thoughts to cache data into the memory to improve the application efficiency. However, though I have laid a solid foundation in my years of studies in Tsinghua University and my self-studies during the work, though I have improved my ability in practice and problem-solving, I still lack in theories which can be seen from the above examples. Only practice is not enough to solve problems completely. The importance of theories can be also seen in my adjusting the tree traversing algorithm. I improved the GCM product’s tree building efficiency by dozens of times after I analyzed the general law of data distribution. Therefore, I am more determined to continue my further education abroad. Having gone through the thinking during the learning-working-learning process, I believe that I’ve already found what I need. The xxx program will be the most meaningful place for me in my life. The next ten years of concentrative research coupled with my determination to accept new challenges will enable me to become a paving stone on the road of CS development.


Applicant for Computer Science Program from Tsinghua University

Master of Accounting Personal Statement In 2009, when everyone in China was saving money for real estate investments, I was putting money away so that I could come to the United States and study. This was not a popular decision among my family and friends. Why would I give up a great job and life to travel half way across the earth and become a poor college student again? I don’t know how many times I tried to explain to them that I thought it would be a good investment and that in the end it would benefit my life and my career tremendously. The second reason (and maybe the most important) is that I truly enjoy learning and obtaining knowledge; it makes me feel I am growing as a person and gives me a great sense of self-satisfaction. My grandfather was a respected professor at a prestigious university prior to the Cultural Revolution and both my parents are senior engineers who graduated from the best university in China. Though we were never rich by any means, my parents always made it a priority to take me to museums, bookstores, and famous colleges in their spare time. I loved reading stories about famous scientists, especially those who persisted in their theories no matter how difficult the situation. The atmosphere in my house was one that allowed me to cultivate my mind and find my passion. My decision to major in accounting came from my three-year term as the treasurer of my high school class. There I was responsible for recording, archiving receipts, making the annual budget, and collecting and refunding money for programs. This job transformed me into a patient and organized person who wanted to learn more about financial management. In 2001, I enrolled as an accounting student at the (college name). (college name) is one of the most competitive universities in China and my time there taught me a lot about the spirit of hard work. Each of my last three years at the university I was awarded a level 3 scholarship as an outstanding student. Upon graduation my major GPA was a 3.6 which ranked me among the top 15 percent of my class. To prove my accounting sense and financial management capability I postponed my graduate education and accepted a position as an auditor at (accounting firm name) Beijing Branch. During my 4-year employment there I had the opportunity to experience the full range of planning, auditing, and reporting. Among my duties there were: (1) the designing of suitable audit methods for clients, (2) using procedures to exam and analyze accounts, (3) evaluating the fairness of financial statements and reports, (4) and providing recommendations regarding improving operations and financial positions of clients.

Applicant for Computer Science Program from Tsinghua University My largest client when I was with (accounting firm name) was (company name). I worked as an auditor of their IPO program and on the first annual audit after that. One of the things I am most proud of is the Revenue and Cost recognition model I created while I was there. It was based on the percentage-of-completion method and could check for inconsistencies within the data, calculate the revenue of projects, and exam clients’ combination results when there are inter-subcontracts. This model was adopted as the major tool for the entire team of auditors (approximately 100) and to my knowledge is still used in (company name’s) audit team today. My work there not only confirmed my competence in the accounting field, but also trained me into a diligent and persevering professional. More than 50% of my clients were new clients, meaning we had no records in our database to refer to. The challenge of starting from the very beginning is stressful and exciting at the same time. I found myself extremely motivated when I had the authority to design procedures and make decisions. The feeling of success and confidence I gained from serving new clients is the main reason why I stayed with the (company name) team for 20 months. My work there gave me a great sense of self-satisfaction and was recognized by my peers and supervisors. I was rewarded for my hard work by being one of the top paid employees at my level during my last three years of employment. When working as an auditor, the thing that interested me most is the conversion between different GAAPs. My experience of serving publicly listed companies in China, Hong Kong, and the US made me realize there are many theoretical differences between PRC GAAP, IFRS, and US GAAP. The accounting principles adopted by different countries not only show their stages of development, but also express their culture and social preferences. So is it really possible that we eliminate the GAAP difference by implementing IFRS? I am not sure what the right answer is but it is my opinion that the current IFRS employed in Hong Kong is vague and can be the source of many discussable issues. US GAAP, on the other hand, provides a much more advanced and structured approach to accounting. Maybe the US will adopt the IFRS eventually, but I believe that the US GAAP will still provide helpful guidance in the future. Learning more about the US GAAP is one of the main reasons I want to pursue an Education in the United States and I hope to obtain the AICPA license prior to my graduation. I chose the accounting program at the (college name) not only because of its great reputation, but also because of the financial services option that I am especially interested in. Though my auditing experience proved my accounting skills, I also want to learn more about financial tools, such as bonds, forward contracts, and arbitrage. New businesses are relying more and more on the capital markets and having a solid knowledge of financing is a necessary commodity in the accounting field. With (college name’s) financial services option I would be able to take more than 20 credit hours of finance classes, which will help me become much more proficient in the area of financial analysis.

Applicant for Computer Science Program from Tsinghua University After graduate school, I plan to go back to China and consider a career in a new developing industry. The ability to see my accounting and financial management knowledge evolve into a hopeful, healthy, developing business is my motivation for this choice. Although many of my family and friends may not think that coming to the US to study is the best decision, I believe it will broaden my knowledge of accounting to an extent that I could never find in my home country. Also it will allow me to follow my own passion and learn from another culture which will be an invaluable asset for the rest of my life

以下是一篇申请美国金融专业的出国留学个人陈述范文,很长,大家可以参 考一下,取长补短。美国金融专业的申请竞争还是非常激烈的,所以个人陈述的 写作力求新颖亮点突出,文章不在长,而在质量。过于冗长的文章,并不一定对 申请起到助力作用。 Finance is the lifeline of modern economy and if there is no finance globalization, there is no economy globalization. Finance globalization promoted to enlarge international finance market; multinational trade species and the scale, to make finance innovative appeared, strengthen international capital function and to play an important role on the resource distribution in the world. With the communication among nations increase and the technology information development, the development of finance tends to globalization. Finance globalization is the motor of economy globalization, finance and economy was one of the important factors for holding for the whole world, information, technology and other industry were developed on the base of finance and economy. The economy strength of a nation decided its place in the world. In the future, the world finance market would present themselves with different styles; non-essential economy began to play an important role in the world, the development of information industry made finance market develop more quickly. Moreover, finance influenced largely on the daily life of common people and made common people more concern the development tendency of finance then before and made out the relevant reaction according to getting information from all aspects, for example, the change of inflation, stock and exchange rate etc. All that influenced common peoples (people’s) lives and economical programs. I began to realize that finance in fact was the different (difference) between microcosmic and microeconomic and macroeconomic knowledge through my

Applicant for Computer Science Program from Tsinghua University learning in the university, and it owned strong practice and was not abstract knowledge. For instance, currency banking, investment and international finance etc. all offered many cases and made me realize the meaning of finance. Then I knew that finance covered a wider scope and researcher needed strong academic background and ability on macro-control by practices and analysis of cases. For example, I acted as a leader of group, each group represents an enterprise and discussed whether open new produces instead of old produces, I told every member to answer for a part and consult materials, then we talked about them together and found some materials had superposition and didn’t have close logic, even each member had different emphasis and expressions which made me know cooperation was very important in a enterprise. So I held the second meeting to talk about these questions. I asked all members to look for materials relevant to this case respectively and then analyzed them together. During the process, we thought about them deeply and fully, finally we got a best scheme. Through this experiment, I became lover finance major than before, because it not only brought me model and data but also interest on (in) connecting knowledge with practices to make data and model vivid. Even each new idea produced different result. Finance is not a material concept but is social science, which contains a wider scope. I am very glad to involving discovering unknown things in this field. Just like discussion, many members’ thoughts inspired me and we got satisfied results. Finance is a social science which embodied human being is the essential. We could cultivate our academic taste during the learning symposia and academic discussion process. In the practices we could cultivate intuition added combination with academic background and mathematic theory; we could understand finance better. So I pay attention to connect theory and practices more than before, in my spare time I took part in social practices, for example I visited “international finance” of newspaper office and “Shanghai stock exchange”, besides I took part in planning for the “second finance year meeting” in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. During the process, I met many finance people and got a chance for visiting Holland bank. Moreover I often consulted lots of finance journals and website materials etc. In order to connect theory with practices better, I carried on special researches on these problems. For example, I began to research “RMB Globalization problem” and its aim was to review substantial economy and non-substantial economy how to influence currency international globalization from demonstration and theory angle to help us understand the experiences and lessons happened on the process of each national currency globalization and offered some feasible references for RMB international globalization. I connected the fact of our national economy development, especially, the base fact of RMB used by some nations around China, through researching the general rule of currency internationalization globalization, to discuss the problem on RMB international globalization process.

Applicant for Computer Science Program from Tsinghua University First, I reviewed the main countries’ currency globalization process in the world, and found that currency globalization must have two basic conditions. The first was rich economy strength; the second was to keep valuta long stabilization. Second, I pointed out RMB globalization was the necessity choice of our national economy persisting development and the benefit of currency globalization according to the impersonality requirement of economical globalization development, and RMB globalization would more enlarge the degree for opening to foreign. At the same time I thought that stable, quickly developmental national economy and larger economical scope made RMB of our country globalization strengthens and higher ability against risk, the last part emphasized the process of RMB globalization and the research on keeping away from risk. The process of RMB internationalization was: first implement RMB regional strategy on the basis of East Asia currency cooperation and East Asian free trade, then implement RMB globalization stratagem under many perfect factors influence. But during this process, it was very difficult for me to research non-substantiality economy in China. At present familiar to us, it was the stock market, while in China the stock market system did not very perfect and exist some problems on efficiency, security and fair. For example, I consulted many materials and knew several stages of Chinese stock issue, international paper department how to issue stock and the relative policy and system of stock market, then I asked my advisor how to comment on it and collected some comments of experts on the website. Besides I logged in MARKET WATCH and bought several stocks to do experiment to find out the conclusion that China it was more perfect, so Chinese stock market needed to be improved. Finance is very important in all fields and no other field can exist with breaking away from finance, so the requirements for financer should be improved in the future. Above all, in the future society, the requirement for financer was higher than before, the talent only mastered profession will unfit the future society. Because in China there are limit resources for me and I am impressed by your esteemed university, so I decided to go abroad for my future education


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