【配套K12】广东省2017年中考英语复习 第一部分 语法知识盘点 第11讲 句子种类和成分检测

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第 11 讲 句子种类和成分


( )1.I ________ you can finish the exam in two hours.(2016 年兰州)

A.does believe B.do believe C.did believed D.do believed

( )2.—What's the matter, Jenny? —________ something wrong with my bike.(2016 年武汉)

A.It is B.There is C.I have D.It has


( )3.—Could you tell me ________ it takes to walk to the Disneyland? —About 20 minutes.(2016 年陕西)

A.how far B.how long

C.how often D.how soon

( )4.—________ are these bananas?

—$ 3.99.(2016 年北京) A.How much B.How long

C.How heavy D.How big

( )5.—________ Disney amusement parks are there in China?

—Two.(2016 年上海)

A.How many B.How often C.How soon D.How long ( )6.—________ do you have an English test?

—Once a month.(2016 年永州)

A.How often B.How long C.How soon


( )7.________ me an e?mail before you come to Hangzhou.I'll meet you at the

airport.(2016 年长春)

A.Sending B.To send C.Sends D.Send ( )8.________ to smile at your life when you are in trouble, and you will

soon be happy again.(2016 年黄石)

A.Try B.To try C.Trying D.Tried

( )9.________ your umbrella, or you'll catch a cold on such a rainy day.(2016

年攀枝花) A.Take B.To take C.Taking D.Taken

( )10.—________ dressed now! We have to go in ten minutes.

—OK, Mom.(2016 年济南)

A.Getting B.Get C.To get D. Gets

感叹句 ( )11.—We are going to take part in Running Man.

—________ exciting news!(2016 年丹东)

A.What B.What an C.How D.How an

( 云南)

)12.________ exciting boat race it was! Many people watched it.(2016 年

A.What a B.What an C.How D.How a

( )13.—Did you watch the China's Military Parade on TV?

—Yes. ________ great it was!(2016 年宿迁) A.How B.What C.How a D.What a

教育配套资料 K12

教育配套资料 K12
( )14.—Volunteers from Lantian Saving Team have saved many travellers in the mountains.
—________ they are!(2016 年陕西) A.How great a man B.How great men C.What a great man D.What great men

( )1.Something unusual happened yesterday, ________?

A.isn't it B.didn't it C.don't they D.aren't they

( )2.How beautiful the rainbow is, ________?

A.doesn't it B.does it C.isn't it D.is it

( )3.Please ________ your dog here.

A.not walk B.not walking C.don't walking D.don't walk

( )4.—You forget that man, don't you?

—________.He's a writer.

A.No, I don't B.No, I do C.Yes, I do D.Yes, I don't

( )5.They hardly know what you did, ________?

A.don't they B.do they

C.did they D.didn't they

( )6.________ amazing the performance is!

A.What a B.What

C.How a D.How

( )7.________ nice man he is!

A.What B.What a C.How D.How a

( )8.I supposed my sister would come back tomorrow, ________?

A.did I B.wouldn't I

C.did she D.wouldn't she

( )9.—________ do you go to school every day?

—By bus.





( )10.—Are you going to borrow a dictionary or a magazine?


A.Yes, a dictionary B.No, a magazine

C.A dictionary D.Yes, both

( )11.These are wonderful, ________?

A.aren't they B.are they C.is it D.isn't it

( )12.Let's go for a drive, ________?

A.do we B.will we C.shall we D.will you

( )13.The light is off.He must go to bed, ________?

A.mustn't he B.doesn't he C.need he D.needn't he

( )14.—Don't forget to return his dictionary to him.

—OK, I________.





( )15.—Peter, ________ do you visit your grandparents?

—Twice a month.

A.how long B.how soon

C.how far D.how often

( )16.—Tom hardly hands in his homework on time, does he?

—________.Our teacher is always angry with him.

A.Yes, he does B.No, he doesn't C.Yes, he doesn't D.No, he does

( )17.—________ have you been in the sports club?

—Since the first month I came to the school.

A.How old B.How long C.How much D.How soon

( )18.________ useful advice!

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教育配套资料 K12
A.What a B.How a C.What D.How ( )19.—Excuse me, sir.________ is it from here to the nearest shopping mall? —Well, only about five minutes' walk. A.How often B.How long C.How far D.How soon ( )20.—Hello, Peter! ________? —Not bad, thanks. A.How high is it B.What are you doing C.How's it going D.What about going shopping ( )21.—Dylan won the first prize, and she did a good job. —________. A.So did she B.So she did C.So did I D.So I did ( )22.There are many children playing on the playground, ________? A.aren't there B.are there C.are they D.aren't they ( )23.—Happy Mother's Day! Here are some flowers for you. —________ beautiful flowers they are! Thank you. A.How B.How a C.What D.What a ( )24.—Do you usually have lunch at school? —________. A.Yes, I do B.No, I am not C.No, I do D.Yes, I not ( )25.—Danny, there ________ a dictionary and some books on your desk.Please put them away. —OK, Mum.I'll do it right away. A.are B.is C.was D.were ( )26.Something is wrong with your watch, ________? A.is something B.isn't something C.is it D.isn't it ( )27.—The students are taking part in the 800 meters race.Look! —How ________ Tom runs! A.quickly B.quick C.fast D.fastly ( )28.—Jim can deal with the difficulties by himself,________? —Yes.He is old enough now. A.can't he B.mustn't he C.shouldn't he D.isn't he ( )29.—Excuse me.Is there a post office near here? —No,________.But you can find one on Hexing Road. A.it isn't B.here isn't C.there isn't D.they aren't ( )30.You mustn't stop your car here,________? A.must you B.need you C.are you D.do you
第 11 讲
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