上海牛津高二第二学期unit 3 more reading

More reading

Every culture associates colors with different ideas and emotions. In China, we assign red to happiness, and white to death and mourning. Do you know how other countries interpret color?

Free talk
What does red, yellow, blue or other colors mean?

Red 1. The color of life, of the glowing sun and of fire. 2. Making the blood boil, increasing the pulse rate, raising the blood pressure and the rate of breathing. 3. The color of desire. 4. Success.

1. The brightest of all colors. 2. Yellow reflects light in all directions,

an impression of liberation.
3. Yellow drives us forward towards new,

modern frontiers.

1. Blue is the color of peace and infinity. 2. Blue calms and relaxes us.

1. Orange is the color of cheerfulness. 2. It stands for kind-heartedness and warm-heartedness of an individual. 3. Orange fills us with joy and cheerfulness. 4. It affects both our bodies and our minds.

In our daily life, people can often imagine something from a certain kind of color.
Have a try and tell your classmates what you can imagine from the following colors using some adjectives to describe it.
color What you imagine color

excited, enthusiastic, noble happy, energetic, active



What you imagine


bright, hopeful, joyful

Yellow Purple Green Blue

mysterious, gentle, elegant
peaceful, comfortable, fresh wise, outgoing, fresh depressed, pessimistic serious, calm, firm


Do you think people in different cultures have different or the same opinions on the same colour?

Scan the passage and decide whether the following statements are true or false.
1.Each culture has a different colour custom from another one. F 2. You must wrap gifts using red in China. F 3. White is a colour of death in all countries. F 4. Purple clothes are worn when there is T mourning in Spain while white wears are used in many Asian countries. 5. You shouldn’t wear white to attend a T European wedding.

Read again to choose the best answers.

1.The passage is most useful especially for D ___. A. students B. teachers C. travelers D. parents 2. It is likely to be acceptable to use black for gifts in ___. B A. America B. India C. France D. Germany

3. You will offend others in some Asian C countries to attend a party dressing in ____. A. pure white B. red C. white D. purple 4. It’s a custom that in Britain the wedding B colour. dress for the bride is usually in ___ A. red B. white C. light green D. purple

5. Avoid dressing in purple in the following countries except ____ A when you are travelling. A. America B. Spain C. Italy D. Brazil 6. The colour “white” is related to the following meanings except ______ D in different countries according to the passage. A. mourning B. purity C. calmness D. prosperity

Read and fill in the table.
Colour red black white countries meanings Dos or don’ts

Asian countries America Europe


Colour red black



Dos or don’ts

USA Asian countries Europe America

Happiness & Wrap gifts, lanterns prosperity wedding dress Darkness and Don’t use it for gifts night Death and mourning Virtue and purity Calming, relaxing Don’t be dressed in white to a party Don’t wear white to a wedding The doctor or nurse wears. Don’t wear purple when travelling


purple Spain, Italy, mourning Brazil

Use the information in the leaflet to answer the questions below.
1. What are three examples of the use of the colour red in China? Red packets, red lanterns and red wedding dresses.

2. What colour might someone from France wear to a funeral? Black.

3. Why might people in Asia think it unlucky to receive gifts wrapped in white?

Because white is a symbol of death and mourning to them.

4. Why do Western brides wear white?

Because it symbolizes virtue and purity.

5. What should guests wear to a wedding in Europe?

Men should wear formal suits and ties, and women should wear smart dresses. They should avoid white.

Discuss with your classmates what these colours mean to you and why. yellow purple white green brown black



Of all the colors, I prefer red color. Because, as far as I am concerned, red can represent many things and has many symbolic meanings in China. Usually, Chinese like to associate happy and successful things with red. For instance, in Chinese there are phrases such as “红利”、 “红火”、“红包”(to express happy or fortunate things )“披红”、“开门红”、“满堂 红”(to express successful things or good wishes

Also, as we all know, our national flag, to which we salute every day, is a five-star red flag. The red color of the flag represents the revolution, the blood and lives of revolutionary martyrs. There are many other examples of the red color’s popularity in China. So, in my opinion, red is the most widely-used color in China and it’s my favorite color.

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