Module Three




tidal wave / tsunami




Task: 1.阅读理解所学文章。


bury disaster feathers fur occur tropical
? ?



fur you can see this on an animal _________ describing the hottest parts of the earth, north and south of the equator ___________ tropical disaster a terrible event _________ feathers you can see these on a bird __________ bury to place in the ground or tomb _________ occur to happen _________

Fast reading

Article one Tornado

Article two
Article three


Match the article with its main idea.


Article one


Charles Coghlan’s story in the worst hurricane disaster.
A rotating column of air and its power. Hurricanes are strong tropical storms and introduce its power and the worst disaster by it.


Article two




Article three

Careful reading
Read the articles carefully and answer questions.

1. What is a tornado?

A tornado is a rotating column of air from a thunderstorm to the ground.
2. What can happen to furniture when a house is destroyed by a tornado?

Furniture can be inside exactly where it was.

3.Describe how violent the hurricanes are. There are winds of 120 kilometers per hour or more, which cause huge waves, heavy rain and floods. 4.When was the worst hurricane of all time? 8th September, 1900

An extraordinary event
5.Who was Charles Coghlan?
He was a nineteenth-century Irish actor who went to live in Canada and died in Galveston.

6.What happened to him after the hurricane?
His coffin was dropped in the sea by a hurricane and it was carried to Canada by the Gulf Stream.


Huge waves, heavy rain, and floods

Definition rotating, column of strong tropical
air, thunderstorm
Phenomena (现象)

violent winds

Bad results

pick up; take off; Kill people and furniture; deaths destroy buildings and injures The worst occurred in 1925; In1900,Galveston; example over 700 people high waves; killed had been killed, and destroyed and 2700 injured

How do you retell the text?

According to the form


Huge waves, heavy rain, and floods Kill people and destroy buildings In1900,Galveston; high waves; killed and destroyed

Definition rotating, column of strong tropical
air, thunderstorm violent winds
Phenomena (现象)

Bad results

pick up; take off; furniture; deaths and injures The worst occurred in 1925; example over 700 people had been killed,and 2700 injured

Choose the best answer as quickly as possible.

1. What does not usually happen in a hurricane? A. huge waves B. heavy rain

C. thunderstorm
D. floods

2.Why did Coghlan travel back to Canada” after his death? A.He was an Irish actor who lived in Canada. B.His coffin was carried by the Gulf Stream to Canada. C.He was buried in Canada.

3.Which is wrong about tornados? A.They can take the fur off the back of the cat. B.They can pick up cars, trains and houses. C.They can cause huge waves, heavy and floods. D.They can cause deaths and injures.

4.Which is right about hurricanes?
A. They are rotating columns of air.

B. On average, there are 800 hurricanes in the US every year. C. They usually affect the east coast of the US. D. Charles Coghlan died in the worst hurricane.

Homework: Write a report on the description of tornado or hurricane.


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