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Lesson 4 Let’s dance

Disco 5

Classical ballet 2

Chinese folk dance 1

3 Waltz Breakdance



Chinese folk dance


恰恰(cha cha ), 起源于墨西哥,音乐为 4/4拍,速度每分钟31 小节左右。恰恰,音乐 有趣,节奏感强,舞态 花俏,舞步利落紧凑, 在全世界广流行


Tap dancing


the Charleston


Listen to the tape and tell types of dances mentioned.

Put the sentences below in the correct gaps in the text. Use the Strategies to help you.

Read the text and do exercise 3 with the help of Reading Strategies.

5 a) In the mid-1980s, breakdancing became popular.
b) They are easy to learn and are 3 usually danced in couples.

2 c) Other kinds of folk dances are the sword danced and the colorful peacock dance. 1 d) One of the most famous ballets is called “Swan Lake”. 4 e) In the 1960s, people danced without touching their partner.

F 1.Folk dance are usually popular for only a
short time.

T 2.The Unite States is the home to Tango.

F 3.Ballet can date back to the 15th century
in Russia and France

F 4.Folk dance exists only in China.

T 5. Social dance wasn’t popular with

common in Europe until the eighteen centuries.

F 6.Folk dances come from social dance. F 7. Waltz is a kind of popular dance.

T 8.Ballet uses music and actions to express

Read the text again and answer these questions. 1. Who started folk dance? Ordinary people. 2. What is the main difference between folk and popular dances? Popular dances are usually popular for only a short time.

3. What is a ballroom dance that came from folk dance? Waltz. 4. Why did a lot of new dances come from the United States?

The mixing of immigrant cultures produced new forms of dance.

5. What type of dancing became popular in the mid-1980s? Breakdancing.

Make compound words by matching one word from each list.

African known African-American ball American ballroom rock room rock music art form art dance well-known well 1980s mid-1980s mid form folk music folk dance

Match four words from Exercise 5 with their definitions.

1. adj.

known by many people

well-known 2. noun. a traditional dance from a specific community folk dance

3. noun. a large room for formal

social dancing
ballroom 4. noun. in the middle of the 1980s mid-1980s

Read this questionnaire and think about your answers. Then in pairs, tell your partner about yourself.

1. Do you like dancing? 2. What kind of dance do you like? 3. What kind of music do you like dancing to? 4. How well can you dance? 5. What special dances can you do? 6. What dance would you like to learn?

Thank you


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