(时量:80 分钟
班级 姓名 计分

总分:100 分)

一、听力(计 20 分)
第一节 (计 10 分) 每小题你将听到一段对话,每段对话后各有一个问题,请选择正确的答语: (听二遍) 听第 1 至 10 段材料,回答第 1 至 10 题。

5. What does Xiao Xue want to do? A. To wash the cage. B. To feed the parrot. C. To do nothing. 6. What is Mary doing now? A. Speaking English. B. Writing a letter to her friend. C. Practicing basketball. 7. How often does Amy take her dog for a walk? A. Once a day. B. Twice a day. C. Three times a day. 8. Why are the workers having a rest? A. Because they are too dirty. B. Because it’s too late. C. Because they’re too tired. 9. Which subject is Helen’s favorite? A. Geography. B Computer Studies. C . Maths. 10. Who is the shortest of the three students? A. Nike. B. Jim. C. Mike.
第二节(计 10 分) 听下面 3 段对话和短文,每段对话和短文后有几个小题,从题中 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。每段对话和短文读两遍。 听第 1 段材料, 回答第 11 至 12 题。

11. What are they talking about? A. Films. B. Songs. 12. In which year was their football star born? A. In 1997. B. In 1970. 听第 2 段材料,回答第 13 至 15 题。

C. Sports. C. In 1979.

Lost(寻物启示) 1. When On the morning of 13 _________ 2nd. 2. Where In the reading room of the school. 3. What A school bag. 4. The things inside Three English books and a 14 ___________. 5. The loser ’s address In Room 15 __________, on the fourth floor. 13. A. August B. April C. October 14. A. pencil B. pen C. pencil-case 15. A. 405 B. 504 C. 403 听第 3 段材料,回答第 16 至 20 题。 16. What does Julie do with her friends after class? A. She chats with her friends about their school life. B. She studies English with her friends. C. She plays basketball with her friends. 17. Does Julie’s teacher, Michael wear glasses? A. Sorry, we don’t know. B. Yes, he does. C. No, he doesn’t. 18. What’s the teacher like? A. He’s good at swimming. B. He’s tall and handsome. C. He loves music. 19. What kind of language do they usually use to talk in their letter? A. Chinese. B. English. C. Putonghua. 20. Why does Julie’s teacher go to the Reading Club every weekend? A. Because he can share books with his friends in the club. B. Because he can listen to music there. C. Because he can play computer games at the Reading Club. 二、笔试部分(满分 80 分)

21.There isn’t _____tea in this glass,but there’s _____in that one. A.some;some B.some; any C.any; some 22.---How was your camp in Dalian last year? ---_______.I had a good time with my friends A.Bad B.Great C.Expensive 23.Lily is ___TV and Lucy is _____clothes. A.watch;wash B.watching;washing C.washing;watching 24.We can’t arrive late for class.We must _____on time. A./ B.are C.be 25.---Why do you like elephants? ---Because they’re________. A.scary and big B.shy and small C.friendly and smart 26.---_____is the weather in Beijing? ---It’s sunny. A.How B.what C.when 27.My sister is ______medium height,and she _______long hair. A.about;has B.of;has C.about;is 28.---______did you do last weekend? ---I stayed at home and watched TV. A.When B.How C.What 29.---Don’t run in the hallway,Peter! ---_________. A.Thanks a lot B.You are welcome C. Sorry Miss Li. I won’t 30.Our teacher often tells us________computer games on weekdays. A.don’t play B.not to play C.to not play
Ⅱ、完形填空(10 分)

May, 15th Today we had _ __31 _ exciting trip. My father, my mother and I _ __32 _ to summer camp. We went to the mountains. First, we ___ 33_ to the foot(脚) of the mountain___ 34__ bus. In the middle of the mountain, there was a

river. The water was clean. I washed my face with the ___ 35 _. I t was warm. There __ _36 __ some fishes in the river. And there were a lot of __ _37 __ flowers in the mountain. At 12 o’clock, many people got together, and they were very _ __38_ _ . We made our lunch in the mountain. The food was very ___ 39___ , and we liked it very much. After lunch, we went on our trip. At last, we got to the top(顶部) of the mountain. We were very ___40 ___. All in all, we enjoyed the trip very much. ( ) 31. A. a B. an C. the ( ) 32. A. go B. goes C. went ( ) 33. A. get B. got C. gets ( ) 34. A. by B. take C. in ( ) 35. A. water B. food C. trip ( ) 36. A. is B. were C. was ( ) 37. A. ugly B. difficult C. beautiful ( ) 38. A. friendly B. boring C. expensive ( ) 39. A. terrible B. delicious C. exciting ( ) 40. A. happy B. unhappy C. lovely Ⅲ. 阅读理解(30) (A) The city zoo bought a new kangaroo (袋鼠) from Australia. It was famous for jumping very high. The zoo keeper was worried that the kangaroo would run away. He built special 3-metre-high walls around it. But the next morning people found that the ani mal was playing around outside. So the zoo keeper made the height of the walls 5 metres. But the kangaroo got out again the following day. The zoo keeper felt very angry, so he made the walls as high as 10 metres, but the kangaroo still got out. “How high do you think he’ll keep on building the walls?” a giraffe asked the kangaroo. “I don’t know,” said the kangaroo. “Maybe they’ll reach 300 metres. It all depends (取决于) on whether (是否) he remembers to lock the gate.” 41. Which country was this kangaroo from? A. China. B. Japan. C. Australia. 42. What was this new kangaroo good at? A. Climbing. B. Jumping. C. Catching birds. 43. What did the zoo keeper do to stop the kangaroo from going out? A. To build the high walls. B. To lock the gate. C. To frighten (使害怕) the kangaroo. 44. How high did the keeper make the walls the second time? A. 3 metres. B. 5 metres. C. 10 metres. 45. What do you think of this zoo keeper? A. Clever. B. Careful. C. Careless. (B) Love, sometimes we can’t see it! This is an old story. One day, a man was not happy when his 7-year-old daughter made a box with some paper. The family didn’t have much money. So the father thought his daughter wasted(浪费)the paper. The next day, the little girl gave the box to her father and said,“Dad, today is your birthday. This box is for you.” The man was happy. But he was not happy again when he found there was nothing in the box. “Why didn’t you put anything for me in the box?” He asked his daughter. The little girl looked at him and cried, “Dad, I put my love in the box. It’s all for you!” The man felt sad and said sorry to his daughter. Sometimes, we can’t see love with our eyes. ( ) 46. How old was the daughter? A. Six years old. B. Seven years old. C. Eight years old. ( ) 47. What did the daughter do the next day? A. She gave the box to her father. B. She put some money in the box. C. She gave some paper to her father. ( ) 48. Why was the father was not happy again when he opened the box? A. Because he didn’t like the box. B. Because there was nothing in the box C. Because he thought his daughter wasted paper. ( ) 49. How did the father feel at last?


A. Happy. B. Sorry. ) 50. Which of the following is true? A. The family had lots of money. B. The daughter loved her father. C. The father didn’t like his daughter.

C. Bored.

(C) Mc Donald’s If you are busy and want to have a quick lunch, you can go to the Mc Donald’s. You can also take it home to eat. Hamburger: $1.5 each French fries: $ 1 each bag Fried chicken leg: $ 2 each (on weekdays) $ 1.5 each (on weekends) Telephone: 7645321 Jiahe Dumpling House Do you like eating dumplings? Please come to Jiahe Dumpling House. There are different kinds of dumplings and there are really nice. Beef and onion dumplings: 10 yuan for 20. Chicken and tomato dumplings: 10 yuan for 30. Telephone: 3227228 ( ( ( ( ( Cici Dessert House After dinner, would you like some dessert? Please come to Cici Dessert House. The dessert is great. And also you can enjoy music here. Strawberry ice cream: 7 RMB each Orange juice: 5 RMB each glass Green tea: 10 RMB each cup Telephone: 3678905

Lanzhou Noodle Room In China, many people like noodles for lunch. In our room, you can eat two kinds of noodles. Chicken and cabbage noodles: 10 yuan for a small bowl and 16 yuan for a large bowl Egg and tomato noodles: 8 yuan for a small bowl and 12 yuan for a large bowl Telephone: 4876590

) 51. How much is each fried chicken leg on Saturday? ? A. $1.5. B. $2. C. $2.5. ) 52. How many kinds of dumplings are there in Jiahe Dumpling House? A. Two. B. Three. C. Four.? ) 53.You can call _______ if you like eating noodles. A. 7645321 B. 3227228 C. 4876590 ? ) 54. If you eat two small bowls of egg and tomato noodles, you need to pay_____. A. ¥10. B. ¥16. C. ¥20 ? ) 55. Which of the following is true? A. You can call 3227228 for some orange juice. B. You can enjoy music in Cici Dessert House. C. Green tea is 5 RMB each cup on Sunday.

第二卷(共 30 分) IV 任务型阅读(10 分) D Now there are many thousands of computers all around the world. Some of them are big and some of them are small. They are very useful. People can use them to send and get e-mails, look for things on the Internet, play computer games ... But in 1946 the first computer in the world cannot do these things. It is for calculating. It is as big as a room! Only some scientists can use it. Some people say the first computer is in China. Why do they think so? Because the first abacus(the oldest calculating machine) appeared much earlier in China than the big computer in America. Notes: calculate 计算 scientist 科学家 abacus 算盘 appear 出现 回答下列问题:

56.What can people use the computer to do ? ________________________________________________ 57.Can the first computer do these thing in 1946? _______ _________________________________________ 58.What is the first computer used for? ________________________________________________ 59.Why do some people think the first computer is in China? ________________________________________________ 60. Do you think the first computer is in China ,too? Why? Ⅴ、补全对话(共 10 分;每题 2 分) 2012 年伦敦奥运会上,在女子 200 米蝶泳决赛中,焦刘洋以 2 分 04 秒的成 绩夺取金牌并创造新的奥运纪录。 假设你是中央电视台体育频道的记者,对焦刘洋做下面的采访。请阅读对话,在方框中选择正确的句子填在下面的 横线上。 A: Hello. Ms Jiao. Congratulations (祝贺)on your success at the London Olympic Games. B:________61 A: May I ask you some questions? B: ________62 A: ________63 B: I am from Harbin, Heilongjiang Province. A: ________64 B: I’m twenty- two years. A: Thank you. B:_________65 A. You’re welcome. B. How old are you? C. Thank you! D. Do you like English? E. Where are you from? F. When is your birthday? G. Yes, of course.

VI、.书面表达。 (10 分) Emma 假如你是 ,想应聘2014年南京青奥会(YOG)志愿者。请根据下面提供的信息,用英文给组委会写一封 自荐信。 要求:1. 表达清楚,语句通顺,意思连贯; 2. 要点须包括表格中的信息,可适当发挥,但不要使用真实姓名和校名等; 3. 字数70字左右(开头已给出,不计入总字数) Personal 是一个十四岁的男孩, 擅长英语、 电脑 information 和体育,学东西很快,电脑使用得好,友好 (个人信息) 且乐于助人,对南京非常了解。。。 Your wishes 参观者们能够在南京玩的开心。。。 Dear Madam/Sir, I’m writing to recommend myself as a volunteer for the 2014 YOG in Nanjing.

Yours sincerely, Emma

第一节(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分) 听下面 10 段短对话,每段对话后有一个小题,从题中 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。每段对话读两遍。 听第 1 至 10 段材料,回答第 1 至 10 题。 1. M: Do you that man, Tom? He is very famous in our city. W: Yes, he is my uncle. He is a doctor. 2. M: Wendy, what does your pet look like? W: She has four white paws and a black and white tail. She likes eating fish. 3. M: Do you have to work tomorrow? W: No, I never go to work on Saturdays. 4. M: Shall we have fish for dinner tonight? W: That’s my favorite. M: Don’t feed the parrot, Xiao Xue. W: No, I just want to wash the cage. 5. M: Are you prac ticing speaking English, Mary? W: No. I’ m writing a letter to my friend. 6. M: Amy, your pet dog looks so lovely and strong. W: Of course, I walk my dog once a day. 7. M: What are the workers doing? W: They are having a rest because they are too tired. 9. M: Helen, which subject do you like best? Math, Geography or Computer studies. W: Math isn’t easy to learn, my favorite subject is Geography. 10.M: Mike is tall. Jim is taller than Mike, but Nike is shorter than Mike. W: Oh, of the three boys, Jim is the tallest and Nike is the shortest. 第二节(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分) 听下面 3 段对话和短文,每段对话和短文后有几个小题,从题中 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳选项。每段对话和短文读两遍。 听第 1 段材料, 回答第 11 至 12 题。 M: Do you like sports? W: Yes, I like ball games very much, especially football. I am a football fan. M: Really? Which football star do you like best? W: I like Owen best M: Wow, the same as me. When was he born? W: He was born in 1979. 听第 2 段材料,回答第 13 至 15 题。 On the morning of August 2nd, I was careless and lost my school bag in the reading-room of our school. There were three English books and a pencil-case inside. Will the finder please send it either to the assistant or to myself? Many thanks to the finder. My bedroom is in Room 403, on the fourth floor of our school. 听第 3 段材料,回答第 16 至 20 题。 Dear Andy, I am writing to you in English so I can practice. I hope you can understand it. I love studying here and I have many new friends. They are very friendly to me. We often have a good time chatting with each other about our school life after class. I have a great English teacher. His name is Michael. He’s very tall and handsome. He has brown hair and wears round glasses. Every day he

gives us one class. He always wears a big smile. He likes listening to music and loves swimming. He goes to the reading club every week end with his friends because they can share books with each others in the club. I can’t think any more to say. Please write soon in English. Best wishes, Julie 参考答案 听力部分1-5ACABB 6-10 BACAA 11-15 CCACC 16-20ABBBA 笔式部分 21-25CBBCC 26-30 ABCCB 31-35 BCBAA 36-40 BCABA 41-45CBABC 46-50 BABAB 51-55AACBB 56 People can use them to send and get e-mails, look for things on the Internet

57. No,it can’t 58 It is for calculating 59 Because the first abacus(the oldest calculating machine) appeared much earlier in China than the big computer in America. 60.No,Idon’t, because.... 61-65 CGEBA



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