Yongfeng middle school physical education research
Object: a three class (24) Teacher: Mr Wu email: 1640632587 @qq.com 1. Yongfeng middle school physical education is how to do? Through to the yongfeng middle school physical education field observation, the survey found yongfeng middle school physical education, is basically a outdoor physical education in track and field and basketball court, as there is no indoor stadium yongfeng middle school, they do not have conditions on the indoor gym class. Yongfeng middle school with a standard four hundred - meter track and field, eight standard basketball courts, badminton courts, two of four standard table tennis, volleyball, and thirty and some space equipment is available for students, such as horizontal bar & parallel bars used for gym class. Chat with my classmates can be found on a rainy day when they could not be outdoor physical education curriculum, to self-study in the classroom! I think yongfeng middle school's sports field is very wide, with a class, together P.E. class arrangement is reasonable, won't cause congestion for the problem of sports venues, variety is rich, in line with the general middle school sports teaching, the students can be free to choose their favorite sport. 2. Yongfeng middle school physical education teacher is how to carry out the teaching? PE teacher in class five to ten minutes after the class athletics member of committee in the basketball court group head count collection reform, then let the athletics member of committee with all the classmates to track two laps around the track to warm up, back to the original collection sites, scattered into gymnastics formation, began to do warm-up exercise, each joint activity through exercises the body, avoid unnecessary damage in the back of the movement, physical education teacher will guide you throughout finish the warm-up exercises, and then concentrated together talk about sports class should pay attention to safety, after finished the dissolution make students free to exercise, sat on the basketball court on the west side of the most teachers are under the trees to chat on the bench, under the five minutes class, teacher of physical education will blow his whistle, let the students back, count disbanded. It said a P.E. class. Teacher of physical education teaching in this way, there is no real sports skills and skills to teach students, not to let the students to correct the understanding of the necessity of sports, the teacher

say that finish after dissolution, some classmates to play basketball, playing badminton, playing table tennis, most of the students to sit together, as well as the teachers together to chat, also some people to go for a walk. Such sports classroom is in the range of teaching, the teacher did not have the task of teaching sports skills, students cannot learn correct sports skills from teachers and improve the level of motor skills, under the system of students in the classroom can't learn any sports skills, the body cannot get the correct movement guidance, not conducive to the healthy development of high school students. This kind of curriculum pattern, and the degree of attention to the sports school leave the relationship, the improvement of ordinary high school too much emphasis on culture, ignore the physical education for students, led to a decline in students' physical quality, cause students eyesight to drop, people more and more, with a pair of glasses in the sports college entrance examination examination physical quality tests has also led to many students can't pass, this will affect the whole society of high school students physical deterioration, big enough to affect national security. High schools should change the view of sports, attach importance to sports, sports development, lets the student have a good physical quality, this is the school agrees to should do, so as to cultivate talents, intelligence and physique full scale development to the nation. 3. How students in physical education learning motor skills? School for each class two times a week physical education, physical education class of athletics member of committee, with a student id card to school sports equipment room borrow sports equipment, each class can borrow: basketball, football, a two deputy, rope skipping, badminton table tennis pat a root, a volleyball. But due to some sports skills, students do not have, cause they are not the right to use the sport skills, such as: volleyball, sports teachers don't teach the students how to play volleyball, so my classmates and have the volleyball sports equipment they will not to the sport. Other sports skills by yourself at ordinary times, together with other classmates motor learning to learn, but many of their action is not very standard, they can't make oneself of the sports skill improve the quality. There are a lot of students is not very correct attitude toward physical education, physical education used to rest rather than go to exercise, from their own itself, in the heart, there is no the sport as an important thing,, don't want to go to sports of fear of sweating, and don't know how to exercise, etc., are they make themselves excuse not to take part in sports. Also has on the one hand, because

students' culture learning pressure big, desire for academic degree is higher, most of the time will be spent on cultural learning, learning after class, and sometimes this can lead to late for physical education, and students simply don't go to the gym in the classroom, and this is absent, the phenomenon of early has, no class, some students have been out of the dining hall meal, extern, pushing the bike early was waiting by the school gate. Because the student own hobby is different, in the same teaching content, appear overly positive phenomenon and disgusted phenomenon. Enter the third year, students of physical education learning appeared polarization phenomenon: some students have a passion for sports (especially male classmate), exercise in the gym, intensity adjustment more wrong, back to the classroom after strenuous exercise, especially in the summer, full head big sweat, the next class and math teaching, the teacher will see much discontent, his class is also hard to avoid due to fatigue and lack of concentration, affect learning. While another part of the students bored or afraid of physical education classes (mostly female classmate), think in school just to learn cultural knowledge, and even worry about spend too much energy on physical education affects cultural learning, extracurricular exercise can delay cultural learning time, usually in sports class, besides the teacher staring at them several times practice, other time never participated in the activities actively, for some preparation activities and games, and always give up, do not wish to attend, inspection project some also did not attend, even using physical review of other academic content. Over time, these students falling body ability because of the lack of physical exercise. In view of the above characteristics and through the girls' PE practice teaching, I think the girl on the contents of physical education should try to arrange excitant small, moderate difficulty, exercise, frequency of actions to facilitate self adjusting project and pay attention to exercise. Such as to arrange female classmates favorite sport badminton, table tennis, like sports, basketball, volleyball. All the classmates for middle-distance race the most don't like sports.

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