A radio telescope

A telescope

A microchip

DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid

Exercise 1
Biology Physics Information technology Astronomy

1.A radio telescope 2.An atom 3.A microscope 4.A microchip 5.DNA

Exercise 1
Biology Physics Information technology Astronomy

3.A microscope 5.DNA
2.An atom 4.A microchip
1.A radio telescope

Exercise 2
biology physics astronomy information technology

Artificial intelligence Data processing Online Search engine


Black hole Deep space
Galaxy Light year Solar system universe

Energy equation gravity
mass radioactivity

Exercise 3 listening
The answers are:
1.news 2.interview 3.educational 4.quiz

Exercise 4 think about the answers
these questions
1.have three students read out the questions
2.students work in pairs and discuss the answers

Lesson 1 Futurology
Before you start Read to learn
Language points Summary

1.Look at the headlines below.What do You think they mean?
From the past to the future The future business Tomorrow’s world A perfect future?

2.Read the text and complete the table


What are the predictions?


What are the predictions?

Very soon In the next few years
By the year 2020 By the year 2030 By the middle of the century By the end of the century

Use our voice to give instructions to computers
Use life-sized video screens to communicate with our friends around the world
Computers will be more handy and powerful
We may live for at least 150 years
A new species might have developed
We will find other places for living

3.Why is the writer interested
in futurology?

Language points

1.look into向...的里面看, 窥视; 浏览; 观察, 调查
eg: The mayor promised to look into whether the clash was designed, or it just happened by accident. 市长答应调查 这次冲突是预先计划好的,还是偶然发生的。
He looked through a number of journals before he started the research project.

2. hundreds of好几百, 许许多多
3. millions of times数以百万倍的
4. both…and… 既...又...
5. link…to… (与on, to, in to连用)联合, (常与together, to, with连用)连接

6. communicate with通话, 通信;[英]
(房间等)互通 to communicate with a person
与人联络 eg:The Minister for Foreign Affairs
has already communicated on this event with the American President. 外交部长已经跟美国总统就此事件交换过
意见了。 This room communicates with the other
room. 这个房间与那一个房间相通。

7. in terms of adv. 根据, 按照, 用...的话, 在...方面;
8. the amount of… …数目 an amount of相当数量的; 一些
a large amount of大量

9. carry out 完成, 实现, 贯彻, 执行
eg:I have carried out my work. 我已经完成了我的工作。
10. by the year 2020 到2020年之前 by the middle of the century 到本世纪中叶之前 by the end of the century 到本世纪末

11. suitable for/to adj.适合...的 eg: This toy is not suitable for
young children. 这个玩具不适合小小孩玩。 books suitable for children
适合儿童阅读的书籍 This wine is not suitable to my

The important phrases

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