外贸英语函电——第五版(尹小莹)课后答案详解(翻译、 课上例句、单词)
Unit 2 (1) 我公司是该地区电子产品的主要进口商之一, 我们借此机会与贵方接洽, 希望与贵方建 立贸易关系。 We are one of the leading importers dealing in electronic products in the area, and take this opportunity to approach you in the hope of establishing business relations. (2) 我公司经营机械设备的进出口业务已多年,我们的产品在许多国家享有盛誉。 We have been engaged in handling importing and exporting of machinery and equipment for many years, and our products have enjoyed great popularity in many countries. (2) 承我国驻北京大使馆商务参赞处介绍,得知你公司的姓名、地址。 We owe your name and address to the Commercial Counselor’s office of our Embassy in Beijing. (4) 我们了解到你们是日用化学品制造商。我们有一客户想要购买贵国化妆品,如能立即航 寄目前所能供之货的目录及价格表,我们将不胜感激。 We are given to understand that you are a manufacturer of daily chemicals. One of our clients intends to buy cosmetics from your country. We will appreciate it highly if you can airmail the catalogue and the price list of your products available at present. (5) 有关我们的资信情况,请向中国银行上海分行查询。 For our credit standing, please refer to the Bank of China, Shanghai Branch. Unit 3 1. 请报你方最优惠的上海到岸价,包括我方 3%佣金。 Pease quote us your best price CIF Shanghai, inclusive of our 3% commission. 2. 如果你方价格有竞争力的话,我们打算订购 30 万码棉布。 Should your price be found competitive, we intend to place with you an order for 300,000 yards of Cotton Cloth. 3. 我方有一家客户对贵国琴岛海尔电冰箱感兴趣,请电开 400 台伦敦到岸价 4 月船期的报 盘。 One of our customers is now interested in the Qingdao Haier Refrigerator made in your country. Please offer CIF London for 400 sets to be delivered in April. 4. 为了方便你方了解我方的产品,我们立即航寄样品数量分。 To enable you to have a better understanding of our products, we are sending you by air 5 copies of our catalogue and 2 sample books. 5. 为答复你方 4 月 28 日询价,随函寄去我方最新价目单以供参考。 In reply to your enquiry dated April 28, we are now sending you our latest price list for your reference. Unit 4 (1). 我们正在仔细研究你方报盘,希望将此盘保留到月底有效。. We are studying the offer and hope that it will keep open till the end of the month (2). 我方的产品质量好,价格合理因此相信贵方能大量订货。 We believe that you will place a large order with us owing to the high quality and reasonable price of our products. (3). 如果你方能订购 500 打或 5000 打以上,我们将给与 10%的折扣。 We will allow you 10% discount if you purchase 5000 dozens or more. (4). 关于支付条件,我们通常要求保兑的、不可撤销的,凭即期汇票支付的信用证。 As to terms of payment, we often require a confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit payable by draft at sight. (5). 请接受此难得再有的报盘,最近可望有大笔订单自美国方面来,届时将导致价格猛涨。 You are cordially invited to take advantage of this attractive offer. We are anticipating a large order from the United States, and that will cause a sharp rise in price. (6). 如果 3 月 10 号之前收到你方订单我方将报 5 月上旬船期的实盘。 We will send you a firm offer with shipment available in the early May if you order reaches us before March 10.

(7). 由于此货供求量甚大,所以该盘有限期不能超过 5 天。 Because there is a brisk demand for the goods, the offer will be open only for 5 days. (8). 兹报实盘,以我方时间 7 月 10 日星期二下午 5 时以前复到为有效。 We are giving you a firm offer, subject to your reply here by 5 p.m. our time, Tuesday, July 10 Unit5 1). 如果你方能给我方5%的佣金,我方将试购500台。 We shall place a trial order with you for 500 sets if you will give us a 5% commission. 2). 我们正在执行你方678号订单,请相信我们定将在你方所规定的期限内安排装运。 We are working on your Order No. 678 at present and please believe that we will effect the shipment within the time you stipulated. 3) 由于大量承约,许多客户的订货都未发出,因此我们目前只能接受10月船期的订单。 Owing to heavy commitments, many orders haven’t been made, we can only accept orders for October shipment. 4) 因为存货受罄,我们不能接受新订单,但是一旦新货源到来,我们即去电与你方联系。 Our stock is exhausted and we are not in a position to accept fresh orders. However, we will contact you as soon as new supplies are available. 5) 该货须分三批装出,每月100吨,从8月份开始。 Shipment should be made during August to October in three lots, with 100 tons each. Unit 6 1. 品质、数量和重量的异议与索赔:货到目的口岸后,买房如果发现货物品质及/或数据/ 重量与合同规定不符, 除属于保险公司及/或船公司的责任外, 买房可以凭双方同意的检 验机构出具的检验证明向卖方提出异议,品质异议须于货到目的口岸之日起 30 天内提 出,数量/重量异议须于货到目的口岸之日起 15 天内提出。 Quality, quantity and weight of objections and claims: goods to the port of destination, the buyer found that the goods if the quality and / or data / weight are not in conformity with the contract, except those which are insurance companies and / or the shipping company's responsibility, the buyer can agree upon by both parties. The inspection agency issued the challenge test to prove to the seller, the quality of opposition to the port of destination in goods within 30 days from the date, quantity / weight of objection to the goods at the destination within 15 days from the date made. Unit 8 1. 去年 12 月 1 日签订的 CT345 号合同规定,5000 公吨棉花今年 3 月交货,可是迄今为止 未听到你方任何有关发货的消息。我方客户急需此货,务请你方在合同规定的期限内发货。 否则,我方只好向你方提出索赔并保留取消合同的权利。 We refer to the contract No. CT345 signed on December 1 last year for 5000 tons of cotton, which is stipulated to delivered in March of this year, however, up till now we have not received from you any information concerning this lot. Our customers are in urgent need of the goods, please delivery the goods within the time limit stipulated in the contract .Otherwise, we have to lodge a claim against you and reserves the right to cancel the contract. 2. 关于我们购货确认书 345 号项下的 5000 条白兔牌毛毯, 现通知你方, 我们已由 XX 银行 开立了保兑的、不可撤销的信用证 789 号,总金额计…美元,有效期至 8 月 31 日为止。 请注意上述货物必须在 8 月底前装运,保险需按发票金额的 130%投保一切险。我们知道, 按照你们的一般惯例,你们只按发票金额另加 10%投保,因此额外保险费由我方承担。 请按我方要求洽办保险,我方等候你方的装船通知。 About our confirmation of purchase No.345 of 5000 pieces of "White Rabbit Brand" blankets., we inform you that we have made by XX bank to open a confirmed, irrevocable letter of credit No.789, the total amount of US $ XX, remains valid until august 31st. Please note that the above-mentioned goods must be shipped before the end of August, insurance must according to 130% of the invoice value against all risks.We know, in accordance with your general rule, you only invoice value plus 10%, therefore, the extra premium by our side. Please according to our request to arrange insurance, , we wait for your shipment notification. Unit9 1. 检验报告证明,箱子及货物受损西运输途中粗鲁搬运所致,而不是你们所说的因包装不 慎引起的。 The survey report indicates that the damage to the carton and goods was due to rough handling in

transit, rather than poor packing as you stated. 2. 损坏是由于包装不良所致,这样又大又重的机器应在出口木箱内定位填塞。 The damage was caused by improper packing, such a big and heavy machine should have been fixed and stuffed in export wooden case. 3. 经检查,未发现有任何质量低劣或工艺不佳现象,所用燃料是最优质的。 Upon examination, we found that there was no sign of poor quality and bad handicraft, and that the dye used is excellent. 4. 你方接受错发货物,致谢。我们可按发票减8%,希望你方同意。 Thank you for your acceptance of the wrongly delivered goods. We will give you a discount of 8% on invoice price. Please agree. 5. 请速传真告知你方9月15日以前能否发货,倘若不能,我方不得不撤销订单。 Please let us know by fax whether you may ship the goods before September 15. If not we shall be compelled to cancel the order.

Unit2 Establishing Business Relations & Inquiring Credit Reference 建立贸易关系及信用调查 1. If your price is competitive,we will place an order with you 如果你方价格有竞争力的话, 我们将向你方发出订单 2. Your products has no competitive capacity in our market 你方产品在我市场上没有竞争 力。 3. We should compete with other enterprises in the quality of the products 我们必须在产品的 质量方面与其他企业竞争 4. We trust that the superior equality, attractive design and reasonable price of our products will surely enable us to defeat the competitors 我们相信我方产品的优良质量、诱人设计、 合理价格定能使我方击败竞争对手 5. We are permitted to mention the Bank of England,London,as reference 我们已征得伦敦 的英国银行同意,把它作为我们的咨询银行 6. Regarding the terms of payment,we require confirmed and irrevocable Letter of Credit 关于 支付条件,我们要求保兑的、不可撤销的信用证。 7. We enclose a copy of our price list 随函附上我方价目表一份。 8. We believe you will find the enclosed interesting 我们相信你们对附件会感兴趣 9. We will ship by the first steamer available next month 货物将由下月第一条便船装运。 10. This is the only stock available 这是唯一可供之货 11. We are sending you under cover a catalog covering the goods available at present 随函附上 一份我方目前可供之货的目录单 12. Our company deals with (handles)the import and export of chemical products 我们公司 经营化工产品的进出口业务。 13. Your letter of November 8 addressed to our Head Office has been forwarded to us to attention and reply 你方 11 月 8 日致我总公司的函已转给我们办复 14. We are favourable to your terms and conditions of this transaction 我们同意你方这个交易 的条件。 15. The market has so changed as to be favourable to the sellors 市场变为对卖方有利 16. The time is not favourable for the disposal of the goods 现在不是卖货的有利时机 17. We specialize in the import and export of Arts and Crafts 我们专门经营工艺品的进出口 18. Judging from our experience in marketing our garden tools in Australia,we are rather confident that they will soon become quick-selling products in your market 根据我们在澳 大利亚销售园林工具的经验,我们相信这些产品将很快在你方市场上成为畅销品

19. For further details,please contact our local office 详情请向我们当地的分支机构探询 20. We have been in contact with that firm for nearly two years 我们与那家公司有近两年的交 往 21. In order to acquaint you with our products, airmailed you two samples this morning 为使 we 你方了解我方产品,我们今晨寄去两个样品 22. We highly appreciate your kind cooperation 我们十分感激你方的合作 23. We shall appreciate your giving this matter your serious consideration 若你方对此事发认真 考虑,我方将十分感激 24. We shall appreciate it if you will send us a brochure and sample book by air immediately 如 能立即航寄一份说明书和一份样本,不胜感激 25. We hope you will appreciate our position 希望你们能理解我们的处境 26. It will be greatly appreciated if you will send us your samples immediately 如能立即寄来你 方样品,我们将不胜感激 27. Your prompt reply will be greatly appreciated 如能尽快回复将不胜感激 28. One of our customers is in the market for Chinese Black Tea 我方一位客户想要购买中国 红茶 29. Please refer to the Bank of China,Xi’an Branch for our credit standing 请向中国银行西安 分行查询我方资信情况 30. We refer to your telex of May 5 兹谈及你方 5 月 15 日电传 31. Please approach(contact)them again 请再与他们联系 32. Please make us a firm offer in compliance with our request 请按我们要求发实盘 33. We hope you will be able to comply with our request 希望你方能按照我方要求办理 34. We have been approached by several buyers for the supply of walnuts 已有好几家买主向我 们联系核桃的供应 35. I am much obliged to you 我非常感激你 36. Suzhou Textile Import and Export Company is an old-established one 苏州纺织品进出口公 司是一家老字号公司 Unit3 Enquiries and Replies 询价及回复 1. If you order 5,000 sets,we would grant you 10% discount 如果你方能订购 5000 台,我 们将给予 10%的折扣 2. We give 10% discount for cach payment 现金付款,我们将予以九折优惠 3. The goods are selling at a discount 该货正以低价销售 4. We assure you of the reliability of the information 我们可以向你方保证这信息的可靠性 5. We assure you that we shall do our best to expedite shipment 请确信我们将迅速装运 6. You may(Please)be assured that we will contact you as soon as our fresh supply comes in 请确信一俟我方新供货到来,我方即与你方联系 7. We are desirous of entering into direct business relations with you 我们热切盼望与你方建 立直接的贸易关系 8. What do you desire to buy at present? 你方目前想要买些什么? 9. It is desired that the catalogues shall be airmailed to us within one week 深盼在一周内给我 们航邮目录本 10. We are glad that our ideas coincide 很高兴我们双方意见一致 11. Your enquiry coincided with our offer 你方询盘正好与我方报盘同时发出 12. We have already written to you regarding this matter 关于此事我们已给你方写过信

13. Regarding the balance,we will advise you of the position in a few days 关于剩余数量的情 况,将于日内告知 14. Please quote us your lowest price for walnuts 请向我方报核桃最低价 15. This offer is inclusive of your 2% commission 此报盘包括你方 2%佣金 16. If your price is in line, will send you an order for 5, sets 如果你方价格与市价相符, we 000 我们将订购 5000 台 17. If you allow us 10% discount,we will order 10,000 dozen 如果你方给予 10%的折扣,我 们将订购 10000 打 Unit4 Quotations,Sales Letters,Firm Offers & Counter Offers 报价、推销信、报盘及还盘 1. The price is £90 per ton ex warehouse London 价格为伦敦仓库交货每吨 90 英镑 2. The goods ex S.S.Peace have been inspected 由和平轮卸下的货已经验收 3. The new regulation will take effect from its date of promulgation 此新规章自公布日起开始 生效 4. This offer is subject to our final confirmation 此报盘以我方最后确认为有效 5. Subject to your shipment in May,we will order 5,000 tons 如果你方 5 月份装运,我们 将订购 5000 吨 6. We have made arrangements with Bank of Japan,Tokyo,to open a credit in your favour 我 们已安排由东京日本银行开立以你方为抬头的信用证 7. The market situation is entirely in our favour 市场情况完全对我们有利 8. As soon as the goods are available,we will inform you by fax 一俟此货可以供应,我们将 传真通知你方 9. It is universally acknowledged that the quality of our goods is of first-grade 大家一致公认我 方产品的质量是一流的 10. We acknowledge the receipt of your letter of September 15 我们收到了你方 9 月 15 日的来 信 11. We confirm you offer of 2,000 kilos Black Tea 你方 2000 公斤红茶的报盘收悉 12. We handle a wide range of light industrial products as per list enclosed 我们经营多种轻工 业品,详见附表 13. As per your request,we have marked the cases with gross,tare and net weights 我们已按 你方要求在箱上注明毛重、皮重及净重 14. The price you counteroffered is not in line with the prevailing market 你方还盘价格与市场 价不符 15. We are sorry to tell you that we can not accept your counter-offer 非常抱歉的告诉你方,我 方不能接受你方还价 16. We are glad to take advantage of this opportunity to introduce our various products available to you 我们很高兴利用这个机会向你方介绍我方可提供的各种产品 17. You will benefit from investing in China 你们将从在中国投资中获益 18. We have now various designs of Machine Printed Rayon Sateen available for exporting 我方 目前有多种图样的人丝贡缎可供出口 19. We can offer you considerable quantity of first-grade walnut meat from stock at present 我方 目前可现货提供你方相当数量的一级核桃仁 20. As a rule,we give our agents 3% of commission 通常我们给代理商 3%的佣金 21. Such an amount is taxing for a firm of moderate means 这样一笔数额对一个中等财力的商 号是有压力的

22. As a result of energy crisis,the price of oil is unprecedentedly high 由于能源危机,石油价 格空前高涨 23. As agreed,we are drawing on you for the value of this sample shipment 按照商定,对这批 样货的价款,我们开出汇票向你方索取 24. As agreed,we are drawing on you at sight against your purchase of a sample lot 按照商定, 对你方所购样货我们开出即期汇票向你方索取 25. Your letter of credit is to allow 5% more or less in drawings 你方信用证应准许在收款时有 5%的上下浮动 26. We will give priority to your orders 我们对你方的订单将给予优先考虑 27. The question of payment will take top priority in our discussions 支付问题将在我们讨论中 占最优先地位 28. You may enjoy priority in our offers 你方可在我方报盘方面享有优先权 Unit5 Orders,Acceptances and Rejections 订单、接受和回绝 1. Please confirm your telephone message by fax 请以传真确认你方电话内容 2. All important problems must be submitted to the Board of Directors for discussion 一切重要 的问题都必须提交董事会讨论 3. When the Sales Contact has been signed by the seller,it will be counter-signed by the buyer 销售合同经卖方签署后,须经买方会签 4. Please return the duplicate completed with your counter signature 请会签后退回一份 5. Our contact stipulates that payment should be made by irrevocable letter of credit payable by sight draft,so you must act accordingly 合同规定应以不可撤销的信用证支付,因此你方 必须照办 6. We hope everything will turn out satisfactory in the end 我们希望最终一切都能令人满意 7. We should like to take this opportunity to offer you the following material as a close substitute for your consideration 我们借此机会向你方提供下列材料作为替代品参考 8. The demand of this goods is appreciably decreasing 该货的需求量在明显减少 Unit6 Sales Confirmation and Purchase Contract 售货确认书及购货合同 1. We have opened the L/C in your favour 我们已开立了以你方为抬头的信用证 2. This treaty is binding on all parties 本条约对缔约各方都具有约束力 3. The contract stipulated that the goods should be delivered in September 合同规定必须在 9 月份交货 4. All the stipulations in your L/C should be conformity with those in the contract 你方信用证 的所有条款都必须与合同条款一致 5. The insurance fees should by borne by the buyers 保险费应由买方负担 Unit7 Payment 支付 1. Bills of Lading are to be made out to order and blank endorsed 提单要按空白抬头和空白 背书缮制 2. Please inform us by fax as soon as your application for import licence has been endorsed 一 俟你方进口许可申请得到批准,请即电告 3. The quality of this product has been widely endorsed 这种产品的质量已得到广泛的赞许 4. We trust you will honour our draft on presentation 我们相信你们在我们的汇票提交时会 立即照付 5. In reimbursement of these extra expenses,please draw on us 为付还这些额外费用,请开 汇票向我们支取

We will reimburse you the additional premium 我们将把外加的保费付还你们 It behoves you to deliver the goods within the stipulated time 对你们来说应该在规定的时 间内交货 8. As there is no direct steamer to your port, please amend the L/C to allow transshipment 因没 有驶往你港的直达轮,请将信用证修改为允许转船 9. We enclose a cheque in partial payment for the goods shipped on consignment 随函附寄支 票一纸,作为所装来的寄售货物的部分款项 10. The goods in question have been in good demand since the beginning of this year 自本年初 以来该货一直畅销 Unit8 Transport and Insurance 1. It is imperative that you ship the goods immediately 你方必须立即装运该货 2. We have got a new lot of colour TV set for sale 我方新到一批彩色电视机出售 3. You may ship the goods in three lots 你方可分三批装运此货 4. When are the goods due at Xingang 货物应该什么时候到达新港 5. The ship is due to leave on or about 10 May 该轮预计 5 月 10 日或左右离港 6. The borrower should pay the principle as well as the interests when the loan becomes due 当 贷款到期时,借方应付本金和利息 7. We have improved the packaging 我们改进了包装方法 8. The packages are intact 包件完整无损 9. Please insure the goods against all risks and war risk 请将此货投保一切险和战争险 10. Please insure against breakage 请投保破碎险 11. We shall cover TPND on your order 我们将对你方订货投保偷窃、提货不着险 12. The goods are to be insured against leakage 此货需保渗漏险 13. The clause “All expenses are for the beneficiaries’ account”should be deleted from the L/C “一切费用由受益人负担”之条款应从信用证中删除 14. This class of goods is sold with a franchise of 3% 此类商品按免赔率百分之三出售 Unit9 Complaint,Claim and Settlement 申诉、索赔和理赔 1. We are much obliged to you for your help 非常感激你对我们的帮助 2. We must ascertain the actual conditions and arrange accordingly 我们必须了解具体情况, 做出相应的安排 3. Our contract stipulates that the goods should be packed in seaworthy packing,so you must act accordingly 我方合同规定货物包装应为适于海运的包装,你方必须照办 4. We shall lodge a claim against the Insurance Company for the goods damaged during transit 对于货物在运输途中损坏,我们将向保险公司提出索赔 5. We file a claim against you for the short delivery of 145 Ibs. 我方向你方提出短交 145 磅的 索赔 6. We should claim US﹩1,500.00 from you for the loss caused by improper packing 我们必 须为由于不良包装所造成的损失向你方索赔 1500,00 美元 7. The bid bond is refundable to those bidders who are not the winner 对于不中标者,投标保 证金予以退还 8. You should compensate us for the loss caused by the late delivery 你方必须向我方赔偿因 迟交货物所引起的损失 9. Further to our fax of July 15,we have today sent you our latest pricelist for your consideration 继我方 7 月 15 日传真,今日寄去我方最新价目单供参考 6. 7.

10. You should be entirely responsible for the losses we sustained owing to improper packing 因 不良包装使我方遭受的损失,你方应负完全责任 11. We attribute our business successes to our mutual effort 我们把业务上的成功归功于共同 的努力

ambassador 大使 available 可利用的 可得到的 可供应的 commodities available for export 供出口的商品 not available 缺货 acquaint 使认识,使了解 as per 按照 依据 as per list price 按照表上价格 as per enclosed documents 根据所附单据 attach 附加 approach 与?接洽 assume 假设 假定 assume the direction of a business 负责主持一项业务 assume the reins of government 开始执政 assume no responsibility 不承担责任 appeal to the most selective buyer 吸引最挑剔的买主 a draft at sight= a sight draft 即期汇票 assure 向?保证 automobile 汽车 attachment 附件 accommodation 居住设施 招待设备 acknowledge 承认 告知收到 alteration 改变 改动 as a rule = usually 通常 acknowledgement 认收 apply for L/C 申请开立信用证 A-I Grade 甲级 appreciable 可估计的 an appreciable increase in demand 需求的明显增加 at economic prices 经济的价格 较低的价格 attest 证实 证明

aside from 除了?以外 accountee (信用证)申请开证人 authorize 授权 aggregate 总计 合计为 amendment 修改,修正 a special rate 特惠保率 accordingly 照着,相应地 arbitration 仲裁 assume responsibility 承担责任 All Ricks 一切险 aid with no conditions attached 无附加条件的援助 be amicably settled 友好的解决 the amount due to sb 应付给(或欠)某人的款项

brochure 小册子 bona fide holder 合法持有人 bid 报价 投标 bid price 递价 投标价格 bank note checker 验钞机 brand 牌子 our bankers are 我方银行是 beneficiary 受益人

commercial 商业的,商务的 commercial counselor’s office 商务参赞处 commercial attaché 商务专员 commercial articles 商品, (报上)商业新闻 commerce 商业 connected with? 与?有联系 competitive 有竞争力的 ~ price 竞争价格 ~ capacity 竞争能力 ~ power 竞争能力 ~ edge 竞争优势 catalog 目录

chemicals 化工产品 化学制品 contact 与?联系 commission 委任 委托 ~ house 委托商行 证券经纪公司 ~ sale 委托销售 ~ agent 佣金商 代理商 ~ broker 掮客 经纪人 ~ of authority 授权书 ~ for acceptance 承兑佣金 ~ ticket 佣金票证 a commission of?% 百分之几佣金 your commission of 你方百分之几佣金 two or several items of commission 两笔或几笔佣金 all commissions 一切佣金或各项佣金 cotton fabrics 棉织品 cosmetics 化妆品 claim 索赔 compensation trade 补偿贸易 compel 强迫 complaint 申诉 commercial invoice 商业发票 this being the case 事实既然如此 consignment 发售 寄售 consignment merchandise 寄售品 consignment shipment 寄售发货 continuation sheet 续页 consecutive 连续不断的 for your consideration 供你方考虑 Certificate of Origin 原产地证明书 Certificate of Weight 重量证明书 confirm 证实 确定 确认 Purchase Confirmation 购货确认书 Sales Confirmation 销售确认书 confirmed credit 保兑信用证 confirming bank 保兑银行 cash against documents on arrial of goods 货到后凭单付款(CAD) considerable quantity of? 相当数量的?

counter offer 还盘 还价 cargo 船上所载的货物 coincide (意见等)一致 (时间上)相同 craftsmanship (工匠的)技术,技艺 letter of Credit payable by sight draft 即期信用证 letter of Credit 信用证 CIF(cost insurance freight)到岸价 comply with 依照 符合 in compliance with 依从? 按照? confidence 信赖 信任 the chamber of commerce 商会 inclusive of our 5% commission 包括我方5%佣金 confirmed, irrevocable Letter of Credit payable by draft at sight 保兑的,不可 撤销的,凭即期汇票支付的信用证 countersign 副署,联署,会签 consent 许可 同意 the captioned goods 标题项下的货物

dealer 商人 deal on credit 信用交易,赊账买卖 retail dealer/retailer 零售商 wholesale dealer/wholesaler 批发商 deal with 经营,处理 debit 借方 discount 折扣 be desirous of 渴望 想要 desire 期望 渴望 要求 请求 growing demand 增长的需求 a large demand 大的需求 a great demand 很大的需求 latent demand 潜伏需求 overfull demand 过多需求 demand and supply 供与求 供求 delivery date 交货期 be desirous of sth 想要某物 drawer 出票人

drawee 付款人 drawing on us at 60 day’s sight 开出见票60天付款的汇票向我们收款 description 规格 deliver 交货 do. ditto 的缩写,意思是:同上,同前 distributor 经销商 批发商 disposal 处理 处置 drilling equipment 钻井设备 denomination (钱币等的)单位,面额 due 预期的 deadline 最后期限 disposal 处理 处置

embassy 大使馆 enclose 封入 enclosure 附件 enjor great popularity 享有盛誉 ex-work 在工厂交货 ex stock = from stock 现货 ~ factory(mill)工厂交货 ~ godown 卖房仓库交货 ~ buyer’s godown 买方仓库交货 ~ store 仓库交货 ~ ship 船上交货 ~ pier 码头交货 effect 完成 实现 ~ shipment 装船 装运 ~ payment 付款 支付 ~ insurance 投保 equity joint venture 合资经营 合作经营企业 endorser 背书人 endorsement in blank 无记名式背书 endorsement in full 记名式背书 equally authentic 同等效力 elapse (时间)过去,消逝 to the extent of? 最高金额

expedite shipment 加速装运 execute an order 执行订单 the extension of a contract 合同有效期的延长 ~ explicitly 清楚地 endeavour 努力 enquiry note no. 1345 1345号询价单 to that extent 到那种程度 loan 贷款偿还期的延长

financial standing 财金情况 finances 财源,资金情况 forward 转交 传递 favourable 有利的 赞成的 有帮助的 favourable price 优惠价格 favourable reply 合意的回答 for one’s file 以便某方存档 force majeure 人力不可抗力 furnish 提供 final and binding 决定性的并具有效力的 freight prepaid 运费预付 freight 货物 运费 ~ charges 运费 ~ agency 运货代理商 ~ forwarder 运输公司 ~ rate 运费率 ~ service 货运 ~ tariff 运费表 franchise 免赔率 forwarding agents 运输代理 ~ order 托运单

forwarder 运输商 in favour of 以?为抬头 fall due 到期 finalize an order with them 接受他们的订单 further to 继?

honour 履行 承兑 照付 honour a bill 承兑一张票据

light industrial product 轻工业产品 inquiry 询价 询盘 illustrated catalog 附有插图的目录 issue 开立 签发 issue an L/C 开立信用证 I/E corp 进出口公司 incumbent 负有义务 an integral part 不可分割部分 in question 该 所涉及的 imperative 绝对必要的 Insurance 保险 ~ agents 保险代理人 ~ amount 保险额 ~ certificate 保险凭证 ~ coverage 保险范围 in view of the above 鉴于上述情况 inferior 劣等的 installation guide manual 安装手册

joint effect 共同努力 joint venture company 合资企业 合营企业公司 joint venture corporation 合伙公司 合营公司 joint capital 合资 joint stock 合资 合股

keen competition 激烈的竞争 keen interest 强烈的兴趣 keen price 薄利的价格 低价

leading importer 主要进口商 leading market 主要市场 leading stock 主要股份 loading 装货 loading and unloading 装卸 lot 一批货 liner 班轮 look into 调查 观察

manufacturer 制造商 厂商 manufacture 制造(品) 制造业 manufactured article 人工制品 goods 制成品 products 工业制品 of Chinese(home、 foreign)manufacture 中国(本国、外国)制造的 Chinese manufactures = Chinese makes 中国制品 silk manufactures 丝制品 the textile manufacture 纺织业 manufactory 制造厂 工厂 a hardware manufactory 五金工厂 be in the market for 想要购买 make out 缮制 填写 more often than not 经常 多半 modify the terms of a contract 修改合同条款 Manufacturer’s Certificate 生产厂家证明 maintenance operation manual 维修手册

notify 通知 namely 即 也就是 neutral packing 中性包装 null 无约束力的 无效的 Non-negotiable Bill of Landing 不可转让提单

oblige 要求(某人做某事) old-established 老字号 overleaf 在(书等的某一张的)另一面 oversight 疏忽出错 order with conditions attached 带有附加条件的订单 order 订单 on the high side (指价格)偏高 offer 报盘 outset 开端 occasion 诱因 理由

pharmaceutical 药品 药剂 profitable 有益的 有利的 可获利的 profitable fields of investment 有利的投资场所 profits 利润 net profits 净利润 total profits 总利润 profit ratio(rate)利润率 gross profits 总利润 毛利 sell sth at a profit 出售某物而获利 purchase 购买 place a large order with you 向你方大量订货 parts and components 零部件 pcs. pieces 的复数 a sharp rise in price 价格急剧上涨 provided 假若 倘使 假如 priority 优先 top/first priority 最优先考虑的事 give priority to 给?以优先权 take (top or first)priority in 在?中占优先地位 enjor priority in 在?方面享有优先权 place with you an order 向你方订货 pour in 涌进 present 提交

packing list 装箱单 provisional rules 暂行条例 暂行规则 procedure 程序 presentation 提交 呈递 punctual delivery 按时交货 on perusal 在细阅之后 partial shipment 分批装运 pick up (车辆等)中途带(货) premium 保险费 popularize 普及 推广 packing list 装箱单

quotation 报价 行情 quotation table(list) 价目表 exchange rate quotation 外汇行情 discount quotation 贴现行情 market quotation 市场行情 quote 开价 quote a price 报价 quote favourable terms 报优惠价 query form 询价表

regarding 关于 a wide range of 大范围的 各类的 refer to sb for sth 想某人打听(查询)某事 refer to 提到 谈判 谈及 涉及 be represented by 由?代理 representative 代理人 a legal representative 法定代理人 reasonable 合理的 regular 定期的 经常的 固定的 不变的 a regular customer 老顾客(老客户) a regular meeting 例会 registered 注册的 登记的 挂号的 ~ capital 注册资本

~ trademark 注册商标 ~ certificate of stock = ~ stock 记名股票 ~ check 记名支票 ~ security 记名证券 ~ bonds 记名债券 ~ mail 挂号邮件 ~ post 挂号邮件 挂号信 registration 注册 登记 place (country, district)of registration 注册地点(国家,地区) registration fee 注册费 registration procedures 注册(登记)手续 register 注册 remark 备注 revert to the original state 回复原状 recourse 追索权 reimbursement 赔偿 补偿 reserve 保留 bank’s reserve 银行储备金 foreign exchange reserve 外汇储备 reserve fund 公积金 reserve balance 储备余额 reserve currency 储备货币 reinforce 加固 refund 归还 偿还 revolving letter of credit 循环信用证 regular monthly shipments 按月付运

standing 资信情况 信誉 ~ cost 长期成本,固定成本 ~ orders 长期定单 ~ director 常务董事 credit standing 信誉情况 specialize in 专门(从事) 专门(经营) scrupulous test 严格检验 service after selling 售后服务 strict confidence 严格保密 固定的 永久的

from other sources 从其他渠道(从其他供货商) synthetic fabrics 合成纤维织品 shipping 装运 船运 运输 ~ documents 装运单据 One set of shipping documents 一套装运单据, (包括:Bill of Lading 提单,Commercial Invoice 商业发票, Certificate of Quality 质量证明书, Certificate of Quantity 重 量证明书,Insurance Policy 保险单, Weight Memo 重量单) ~ advice 装船通知 ~ agents 装运代理人 发货代理人 ~ company 船运公司 ~ container 船运集装箱 ~ order 装货单 ~ space 舱位,载位 ~ dock 装卸码头 ~ expense 装运费 ~ instruction 装运指示 ~ invoice 货物装运单 ~ notice 装船通知 ~ process 装运手续 ~ weight 启运重量 submit 呈递 呈交 提交 substitute 代替物 sample cutting 剪样 Supplementary Conditions 附加条款 shipmailed along with the goods 与货物一起随船代交 Standard export case 标准出口箱 Shipping mark 装船标志 a large stock of 大批存货 have/keep in stock 有现货 out of stock 脱销 stipulate 订定 规定 sailing date 起航日期 should be borne by sb 应由某人负担 special instructions 特别条款 subsequent 继?之后的 sufficient 充足的 stipulation 规定 sell by lots 分批出售

shortweight 短重 short delivery 缺少 短交 short shipment 短装 装载不足 short-calculated 少算 ~ ~ established 少开 invoiced 发票少开

~ landed 短卸 ~ ~ shipped 短装 paid 少付

Survey Report 检验报告 sustain 蒙受 遭受 standstill 停止 中止 susceptible 易受影响的 standard export cardboard carton 标准出口纸箱 spare part 备件 subject to 以?为条件的 to step up the trade 为促进贸易

turnover 营业额 terms of payment 支付条件 taxing 难以负担的 使人感到有压力的 tie-up of funds 占用资金 tight money 银根紧 the General Terms And Conditions 一般条款 transhipment 转运 转船 to order 空白抬头 tariff 运费表 关税 ~ compact 关税协定 ~ diminution 关税减让 ~ quota 关税限额 ~ rate 关税率 take delivery 提货 trial order 试订(货) take advantage of this opportunity 利用这一有利时机


unprecedentedly 空前地 unharsh terms 不苛刻的条件 under advice to sb 并通知某人 universally 普遍地 广泛地

a valid reason 正当的理由 via 经由 void 无用的,无效的 validity 有效期

with reference to 兹谈及 withstand 抵挡 反抗 warranty 保证(书) waive 放弃 whole foreign venture 外国独资经营企业 worn and torn 磨损

ready sellor,quick sellor, quick-selling product in duplicate 一式二份 in triplicate 一式三份 in quadruplicate 一式四份 quintuplicate 一式五份的



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