1,Greeting: Hello boys and girls. (蹲下和小朋友们打招呼,伸手打招呼的动作要大) How are you? 引导:I’m fine.thank you Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you .too How do you do ? how do you do? 2, rolling call S: I’m here.(xx is not here) 3:Review: Words: black pink white brown(fast reaction) Sentence: What color is it ?it ’s..........(answer the question) 4.Warming up Okay, let ’s sing a song . Look at me and listen to me. I’ll do some actions now, and everybody please follow me.。 Head and shoulders( Head shoulders knees and toes Head shoulders knees and toes Eyes and ears and mouth and nose........) Head shoulder knees 分解单词再一起唱 5.,Presentation 引入: (1).Words: knee shoulder arm leg Okay. Now, sit down please. Let ’s look at the picture.learn some new words.. Do you know the body? For example:eyes ears mouth ....now,let ’s learn the other bodies . knee(手指屏幕中的 knee ee-/i:/ touch your knees Wow ,here is our .....yes shoulder sh-/t?/ flow me shoulder . touch your shoulder Touch your knees. Arm m-/m/ arm touch your arm Leg g-/g/ leg touch your leg Let ’s play a game ,When jam say touch your leg you should do it faster. Ok? Wonderful This time I need two student come here .touch the others body.like this :listen to me touch his/her arm .who want to try?

6. Sentences How many ....do you have ?(T 问句子。引导学生说 I have two ......... 7.Closure:

Song: goodbye teacher