仁爱版英语八年级上册 Unit1 重点句型短语
1:cheer sb.on 为某人加油. 2:dream of/about 梦见. 3.prefer doing sth. 更喜欢做某 事 = like doing sth. Better Prefer?to? 比 起 ..... 更 喜 欢...... 4.quite a bit/lot 许 多 大 量 quite a few 相当多的 5.join + 组 织 (sb.) take 9.keep(make)sb.sth+adj 使某人 /某物保持如何 You must keep heart healthy 10. in the future 今后 in the past 在过去 11. arrive (in 大地点/at 小地点) (get to)(reach 及物动词)+ 某地 12. play against sb/team 对抗 某人/某组织 13. leave for?? 动 身 去 某 地 leave??for??离开某地去某地 14. 间 +on 力 . 15.be good at ? 擅长......, 后接名词.动名词 I am good at English=I do well in English 17.be good for 对.....有益 play for?? 效


part in+活动 the World Cup 6.see<saw> sb (do 全过程/doing 正在进行) sth. 7.spend+ 时

sth/(in)doingsth 花费时间在某 事 上 / 做 某 事 to =It do

takessb.sometime something

8.keep fit=keep healthy 保持健 康

be bad for 对.....有害

18. do sb a favor = help sb(out) = give sb a hand 19.Wound you mind not doing sth? “你介意不做...吗?” Wound you mind helping me ? . 20.practice 后接名词,动名词 You shound practice speaking English。 21.with the help of sb=with one’s help 在 某人的帮助下 22.do one’s best=try one’s best “尽力做某事” 23. right now(away)=at once=in a minute 24. You’d<had> better (not) do sth 做好(别)做某事 25. be sure →①+(that)句子 I am sure (that) his dream will come ture. ②to do sth I’m sure to win this time.





about/of my answer. 26. have a fight<n.> 吵 架 fight<v.> with sb 和某人吵架、 打架。 27. turn down/up 调 小 / 大 声 turn on/off 打开/关闭 28. keep sb doing sth 让某人一 直做某事 Don’t.keep me waiting too long. 29. be important to sb 对某人 很重要 30. 没 关 系 →Never mind It doesn’t matter That’s OK/all right Not at all 31. another(另一,又一+单数名 词) other(其余的别的+复数名词) the other(范围内别的其余的+ 复数名词)另一个:I have two pens.One is red,the other is

green. others(其余的别的,不 跟名词) the others(范围内的别的其余 的,不跟名词) .32.too,also, either .也 a. I’m a student.She is a student,too b. My father is also a teacher. c. I don’t like this

36. have (great) fun doing sth 做某事有乐趣 have fun/ have a good time/ enjoy oneself . 37. ride in my taxi=take my taxi 38. Speaking English?? 动名词 作主语,谓语动词用单数形式 39. maybe=perhaps<adv.> may

be<动> Maybe he is at home. /He may be at home. 40. make friends with sb 和某 人交朋友 41. lots of=a lot of many 可数 much 不可数 42. be friendly<adj> to sb 对 某人友好 43. big enough 足够大 .enough 修饰形容词要放在其后. .44. build ourselves up 增强体质 45. be fond/like/love/enjoy of (doing) sth. .46. It’s adj/n. to do sth. 形式主语

book,either. 33.so that 以便(引导目的状语 从句) He gets up early so that he can catch the early bus. 34. get tired/sound great/look happy<fit>/fell well→ 联 系 动 词+adj 系表结构 35. instead(of) 代 替 I often stay at home instead of going out . Last night I watched TV,but this eveni→ng I will do my homework instead.

47. tell sb (not) to do sth 告 诉某人(别)做某事 48.watch/see<saw>/hear<heard> /find/feel( 感 官 动 词 ) sb do sth(全过程)/doing sth(正在进 行)

49.kick/pass/throw/show/give sth .to sb Make/buy/sth.for sb
50.thank for sb.doing sth 感谢某 人做某事

. . . .


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