Period 1 Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia Introduction Reading & Vocabulary Introduction-1. Vocabulary (5m) Use the words in Activity 1, Page 31 to fill the blank. People arefr_ig_h_t_e_n_e_d_ in the sandstorm. Sometimes the sand can_b_u_ry__the whole building. This is a_s_a_n_d_s_to_r_m__. It hasl_a_s_te_d__for ten hours and was very___fr_ig_h_t_e_n_in_g__. The wind is_b_l_o_w_in_g__the sand high around the house. Introduction-2. Answering (5m) Answer the questions with the help from Activity 2, Page31. 1.Where do sandstorms begin? Sandstorms begin in desert areas. 2. What causes deserts? Deserts are created by climate changes. And it is also because people cut down trees and dig up grass. 3. How does the sandstorm affect different places? Sandstorms from Asia have blown across the Pacific Ocean to America. 4. What differences between sandstorms in different areas? The inland region has more sandstorms than the one near the sea. Reading & Vocabulary-1.Pre-reading (5m) Look at the photo. Answer the questions. Answers: 1. There is a sandstorm blowing. 2. They’ve wearing hoods, masks and glasses to protect themselves. 3. It moves very slowly. Because it is not clear to see everything on the road and people must take great care. 4. Stay at home. Reading & Vocabulary -2.Intensive-reading(8m) read the passage , and get the main ideas of each part. 1. Sandstorms have been a major disaster for many Asia countries for a long time. 2. The winds in sandstorm can sometimes be strong enough to move and dunes; When Ren Jiabao was in Inner Mongolia he experience a terrible sandstorm in desert. 3. Sandstorm in China appear to have increased in resent years as a result of “desertification” 3. Cutting down trees and digging up grass can cause the climate to change make the land become desert. 4. Traffic moved very slowly as the thick dust makes it difficult to see. 5. What the government do to prevent the desert coming near. Reading & Vocabulary -3.Exercise (5m) Finish the exercise at Activity 2, Page 33. Answers: 1. _cy_cle_(_v_) __ 2. _ex_pe_rt____ 3. p_ro_c_es_s ___ 4. c_iti_ze_n____ 5. _du_st_____ 6. _su_rv_ive____ 7. _fo_rec_a_st___ 8. _sit_ua_tio_n___ Reading & Vocabulary –4.Exercise (5m) Finish the exercise at Activity 3, Page 33. Answers: 1. _B____ 2. _B____ 3. _A____ 4. _A____ Reading & Vocabulary –5. Exercise (6m) Finish the the exercise at Activity 4, Page13. Answers: 1. prevent you (from) seeing the sun / strong enough to move sand dunes. 2. he exp