Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation? Section B (2a-2e) Designed by 徐金鑫 湖北省大悟县芳畈镇中学 New words delicious 美味的 expensive 昂贵的;价高的 exciting 兴奋的,有趣的 cheap 便宜的 terrible 可怕的, 糟糕的 boring / bored 无聊的 Where did … go on vacation? 1 2 How was/were the…? 3 4 5 6 2a. Discuss the questions with your partner. 1.What do people usually do on vacation? 2. What activities(活动) do you find enjoyable(令人愉快的)? playing computer games, watching TV, listening to music New words 1. activity n. 活动 There are lots of activities after school. 2. enjoyable enjoy adj. 令人愉快的 V. 喜欢,享受 enjoy doing sth. 喜欢做某事 ? eg. I enjoy wathing TV. 3. arrive in 到达 eg. I arrive at school 2 o'clock every sunday afteroom. 4. decide意为“决定;下决心”,后接动词 不定式充当宾语。如: decide to do sth. 下决定做某事 decide not to do sth. 下定决心不做某事 eg. I decide to study hard. 我决定努力学习。 I decide not to go to the mountains this week. n. decision eg. I made a decision to study hard. 5. try v. n. 尝试 努力 try doing sth.尝试做 eg. She tries paragliding. 她尝试滑翔伞运动. try to do sth. 努力去做 eg. I try to pass the exam, but failed. Have a try. 试一试 6. feel like(prep.) 感受到 eg. I felt like I was a bird(鸟). eg. I feel like flying. 7. ride bicycle 骑自行车 v. ride rode 8. building n. 建筑物 v. build built eg. The worker built a lot of buildings ten years ago. 1. 9. difference n. 差别 different adj. differently adv. eg.There are two differences between us. They are different in speaking. 10.top n. 顶部 eg. We climbed up to the top of the mountains. at the top of .... eg. He is at the top of English exam. wait v. 等待 wait for sb. He is waiting for me now. Anna: Who ______ you go with ? did Jane: I went with my __________. family Anna: What did you do? Jane: The weather was hot and sunny on Monday, so we went _______ ___________ on the beach. Then paragliding rode in the afternoon, we _______ bicycles to Georgetown . Anna: Sounds great! Jane:Well, but the next day was not father and I went as good . My _________ To Penang Hill , but the weather _____really bad and rainy. was We______a waited long time for the train and we were _____ wet and cold because we forgot to bring an _________. umbrella Anna: Oh, no! Jane: And that’s not all! We also didn’t bring _______ enough money, so we only had one bowl of rice and some fish. 2e. Imagine Jane went to Penang again and had a great day. Fill in the blanks in her diary entries with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets. Thursday , July 18th was (be)a beautiful day. My Today ______ wen


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