2010届高考英语总复习(五年高考)(三年联考)精品题库第四章 语法

2010 届高考英语总复习(五年高考) (三年联考)精品题库:第四章 语法 练习分类汇编

第十三章 特殊句式

2009 年高考题

1. (09 福建 25) For a moment nothing happened Then A. voices had come 答案 B 解析 副词 then 位于句首,且当句子的主语是名词时,句子用全部倒装句,选 B。 2. (09 湖南 21) Every evening after dinner, if not A. being tired 答案 C B. tiring from work, I will spend some time walking my dog. C. tired D. to be tired B. came voices all shouting together. C. voices would come D. did voices come

解析 省略句式。在 if 引导的条件状语从句中,从句中还原应为 if am not tired from work,根据省略的原则,所以答案选 C。 3. (09 湖南 32) You and I could hardly work together, A. could you 答案 D B. couldn’t I ? C. couldn’t we D. could we

解析 反义疑问句的用法。根据陈述部分是肯定形式,疑问部分用否定形式;反之。陈述部分中含有否定词 hardly,故疑问 部分用肯定形式,主语是 you and i。故应选 D。 4. (09 湖南 33) Either you or one of your students ______ to attend the meeting that is due tomorrow. A. are 答案 B B. is C. have D. be

解析 主谓一致的用法。Either …or…. 连接两个主语,按就近原则来确定谓语的单复数。One of your students 谓语应用单数 形式。 5. (09 江西 24) According to statistics, a man is more than twice as likely to die of skin cancer _________ a woman. A. than 答案 D 解析 比较级的结构,as ….. as , 注意句中的 more than 只是修饰 twice 6. (09 江西 27) It was _____ he came back from Africa that wear _________ he met the girl he would like to marry. A. when; then 答案 C B. not; until C. not until; that D. only; when B. such C. so D. as

解析 强调句型。根据 It is ……that 结构可知。 7. (09 江西 35) Some of you may have finished unit one. _____ , you can go on to unit two. A. If you may 答案 D 解析 省略句的用法。 If so = If you have done that / so 8. (09 海南 31) The computer was used in teaching. As a result, not only _________, but students became more interested in the lessons. A. saved was teachers’ energy C. teachers’ energy was saved 答案 B B. was teachers’ energy saved D. was saved teachers’ energy B. If you do C. If not D. If so

解析 句意为:计算机应用于教学。结果,不仅教师节省能量,而且学生对课程更感兴趣。考查“not only...but also...”, 放在 句首作状语,句子则进行部分倒装。前一部分倒装,后一部分不倒装。 9. (09 山东 27) So sudden ________that the enemy had no time to escape. A. did the attack 答案 C 解析 考查倒装,so ..that.., such ..that..的句子结构中,若 so, such 和与其所修饰的词置于句首,实行部分倒装,又 sudden 是形 容词,作表语,所以选 C。 10. (09 陕西 16) He must be helping the old man to water the flowers, A. is he 答案 B B. isn’t he ? D. mustn’t he B. the attack did C. was the attack D. the attack was

C. must he

解析 考查反意疑问句。陈述句中的谓语中虽有情态动词 must,但此处 must 表示对正在进行的动作进行推测,将其不看作 情态动词。而 must 后有助动词 be,故反意疑问句根据助动词 be 来构成,选 B。 11. (09 陕西 18) Little about her own safety, though she was in great danger herself. B. Rose did care C. Rose does care D. does Rose care

A. did Rose care 答案 解析 A

little 是具有否定意义的词,位于句首时句子用部分倒装句,选 A。

12. (09 四川 11) —I wonder ________ you’ll water this kind of flower. —Every other day. A. how often 答案 A B. how long C. how soon D. how much

解析 相似疑问词的区别。根据答语 Every other day 可知对方问的是多久浇一次这种花。how often 问频率,符合题意。 13. (09 四川 16)

Not until I came home last night ________ to bed. A. Mum did go 答案 B B. did Mum go C. went Mum D. Mum went

解析 倒装语序的用法。not until 位于句首时要用半倒装的句型,把助动词 did 提到主语 Mum 的前面。所以答案为:B 14. (09 四川 17) The teacher together with the students ________ discussing Reading Skills that ________ newly published in America. A. are; were 答案 B B. is; were C. are; was D. is; was

解析 考查主谓一致。 A together with B 作主语时谓语动词与 A 的单复数保持一致; 第二空为定语从句 that 指代 Reading Skills, 由于 Reading Skills 是书名所以谓语动词用单数。 15. (09 重庆 33) Unsatisfied _________with the payment, he took the job just to get some work experience. A. though was he 答案 B 16. (09 全国Ⅱ6) It is often A. said 答案 A that human beings are naturally equipped to speak. B. to say C. saying D. being said B. though he was C. he was though D. was he though

解析 固定句型(it is +Ved +that 从句) 。 17. (09 江苏 33) —What’s the matter with Della? —Well, her parents wouldn't allow her to go to the party, but she still __ A. hopes to 答案 A B. hopes so C. hopes not D. hopes for

2008 年高考题
1.(08 全国Ⅱ20) It was in New Zealand A.that 答案 A 解析 句意为:正是在新西兰伊丽莎白第一次见到史密斯先生。It+be+被强调成分+that 句型为强调句。 2.(08 天津 8) It was along the Mississippi River _______ Mark Twain spent much of his childhood. A. how 答案 C 解析 此处构成 It was…that…强调句式,句中强调了介词短语 along the Mississippi River。 3.(08 江西 31) B. which C. that D. where Elizabeth first met Mr.Smith. B.how C.which D.when

It was announced that only when the fire was under control A.the residents would be permitted C.would the residents be permitted 答案 C

to return to their homes.

B.had the residents been permitted D.the residents had been permitted

解析 句意为:据宣布,只有在火势被控制住的时候居民们才被允许回到家中。that 从句中 only 引导的时间状语从句位于 句首,that 从句需用部分倒装结构。 4.(08 湖南 24) the website of the Fire Department in your city,and you will learn a lot about firefighting. A.Having searched 答案 D 解析 祈使句+and+简单句,相当于 if 引导的条件状语从句。 5.(08 陕西 7) Not until the motorbike looked almost new A. he stopped 答案 B 解析 not until 位于句首时,主句要用倒装语序。 6.(08 重庆 22) It was not until midnight A.that 答案 A 解析 考查强调句。 7.(08 重庆 26) Only when I left my parents for Italy A.I realized 答案 D 解析 考查部分倒装。 “only+状语”放于句首时主句用部分倒装。 8.(08 福建 30) —Who should be responsible for the accident? —The boss,not the workers.They just carried out the order A.as told 答案 A 解析 as told=as they were told,此处是 as 引导的方式状语从句的省略。当从句主语与主句主语一致,且谓语动词含有 be 时,将从句的主语和 be 省略。又因为 workers 与 tell 之间是被动关系,排除 C、D。 9.(08 辽宁 35) Bill wasn’t happy about the delay of the report by Jason, and ______. A. I was neither 答案 B B. neither was I C. I was either D. either was I B.as are told C.as telling . D.as they told B.I had realized how much I loved them. C.had I realized D.did I realize B.when they reached the camp site. C.while D.as B. did he stop repairing and cleaning it. C. stopped he D. he did stop B.To search C.Searching D.Search

解析 句意为:Bill 对 Jason 耽误了报告的事不高兴,我也是(我也不高兴) 。表示“某人也不??时” ,应该 用“neither/nor+助动词/系动词/情态动词+主语” 。 10.(08 江苏 27) It is often said that the joy of travelling is the journey itself. A./;but 答案 D 解析 not...but...不是??而是??,连接两个并列成分。句意为:据说旅游的快乐不在于你所到达的地 方而在于旅程本身。 11.(08 江苏 32) you eat the correct foods A.Only if;will you 答案 A 解析 句意为:只有吃适当的食物,你才能够保持??,only if 位于句首时,主句应用部分倒装形式。 be able to keep fit and stay healthy. C.Unless;will you D.Unless;you will B./;or C.not;or D.not;but in arriving at your destination in

B.Only if;you will

2004-07 年高考题
1.(07 全国Ⅰ28) We all know that, ,the situation will get worse.? B.if not carefully dealt with ? D.not if carefully dealt with

A.not if dealt carefully with ? C.if dealt not carefully with ? 答案 B 解析

that 后跟宾语从句,宾语从句中含有一个主从句,if 从句使用了省略句式,完整的形式应为 if it is not

carefully dealt with,it 指代主句中的 situation。 2.(07 全国Ⅱ11) If Joe’s wife won’t go to the party, A.he will either 答案 B 解析 neither 引导倒装句,表示前者不做某事,后者也不做。 3.(07 北京 34) When you’ve finished with that book, don’t forget to put it back on the shelf, A.do you 答案 C 解析 祈使句的反意疑问句一般用 will you。 4.(07 上海 31) —How was the televised debate last night?? —Super!Rarely so much media attention.? B.don’t you ? C.will you D.won’t you ? B.neither will he ? .? C.he neither will D.either he will

A.a debate attracted C.a debate did attract 答案 B

B.did a debate attract ? D.attracted a debate

解析 否定副词置于句首时,谓语动词要用部分倒装结构。 5.(07 上海 32) The little boy came riding full speed down the motorway on his bicycle. A.What a dangerous scene ? C.How a dangerous scene ? 答案 A 解析 What a dangerous scene it was! = How dangerous the scene was! 6.(07 安徽 22) Little ? A.he realized 答案 D 解析 否定副词 little 提前,主句用部分倒装。 7.(07 安徽 25) In my opinion, life in the twenty-first century is much easier than A.that used to be 答案 D 解析 表示“过去常常??”用 used to do??,并且本题中动词原形 be 不能省略。 8.(05 湖北 30) He hasn’t slept at all for three days. A.There is no point 答案 C 解析 句意为:他已经 3 天没睡觉了,怪不得他那么疲倦。There is no point. 没有意义;There is no need. 不需要;It is no way. 没门。本题不需技巧,只要记清这四个选项各自的意义即可。 9.(05 湖北 34) —Father,you promised!? —Well, A.so was I 答案 D 解析 本题考查固定句式。 “so+系动词/助动词/情态动词+主语”表示“??也??” ; “so+主语+系动词/助动词/情态动词” 表示“??的确如此” ,由此及句意可知,A、B 两项不对;上句为实义动词 promised,下句应用助动词 did,故选 D 项。 10.(05 安徽 35) —Maggie had a wonderful time at the party.? — and so did I. .But it was you who didn’t keep your word first. B.so did I ? C.so I was D.so I did B.There is no need ? he is tired out.? C.It is no wonder D.It is no way B.it is used to ? C.it was used to .? D.it used to be B.he didn’t realize ? C.didn’t he realize D.did he realize that we were watching his every move, so he seemed to be going his own way in this business. B.What dangerous a scene ? D.How dangerous the scene it was!?

A.So she had 答案 C

B.So had she ?

C.So she did

D.So did she

解析 本题考查 “so+助动词+主语”与“so+主语+助动词”的意义区别。 “so+助动词+主语”表示“某人做某事,某人也做 某事” 。而“so+主语+助动词”则表示说话人赞同对方所讲的话,或对前面所发生的事情表示确定。句意为:——玛吉在晚 会上玩得很愉快。——是的,她很愉快,我玩得也很愉快。 11.(04 广西 32) —I would never come to this restaurant again.The food is terrible! — A.Nor am I 答案 B 解析 “neither/nor+助动词+sb./sth.”意为“某人/某物也不??” ,助动词的时态应与主语保持一致。因此本题答案选 B 项。 12.(04 上海 43) Why!I have nothing to confess(坦白). A.What is it that 答案 A 解析 句末为问号,排除 B、D 两项;say 为及物动词,排除 C 项。此句为强调句型,强调部分为 what。 13.(04 湖南 25) Turn on the television or open a magazine and you families.? A.will often see 答案 A 解析 祈使句+and/or/then+简单句结构中,简单句常用 will do 形式。这儿 will 表示意愿和即时的将来。 14.(04 上海春 37) It was only with the help of the local guide A.was the mountain climber rescued C.the mountain climber was rescued 答案 B 解析 本题考查连词用法。从句子结构分析,该句为强调句。强调句的结构为 It is+被强调部分+that(who)+其他成分,故选 B 项。 .? B.that the mountain climber was rescued D.then the mountain climber was rescued B.often see ? C.are often seeing D.have often seen advertisements showing happy you want me to say?? C.How is it that D.How it is that . B.Neither would I ? C.Same with me D.So do I

B.What it is that ?

1.(07 重庆 34) ,his idea was accepted by all the people at the meeting.? A.Strange as might it sound ? C.As strange it might sound ? 答案 D 解析 as 引导让步状语从句时,从句要用倒装语序,其结构为:adj. /adv. /n.?+as+主语+句子其他部分,因此 B.As it might sound strange ? D.Strange as it might sound

D 项正确。 2.(07 浙江 10) It we had stayed together for a couple of weeks B.was until;that ? 答案 D 解析 本题考查强调句。强调句的基本结构为:It is/was+被强调部分+that 从句。句意为:我们在一起呆了几个星期后我才发 现我们有许多共同之处。not...until...直到??才??。 3.(07 辽宁 23) I have been living in the United States for twenty years, but seldom felt 答案 A 解析 将现在与以前相比较,故用现在完成时,当否定副词置于句首时,句子要用部分倒装形式。句意为:??但我很少感 B.I had felt ? C.I have felt so lonely as now. ? A.have I C.wasn’t until;when I found we had a lot in common.? A.was until;when D.wasn’t until;that

D.had I felt

觉到像现在这样孤独。 4.(07 江苏 31) —My room gets very cold at night.? — A.So is mine 答案 C 解析 “so+助动词+主语”表示前面陈述的情况也适合于后者。 5.(07 山东 33) The country has already sent up three unmanned spacecraft,the most recent last March.? A.has been launched 答案 B 解析 句中没有连接词, 故不能选作谓语动词的 A 项; the most recent having been launched 为独立主格结构, 由 at the end of last March 可知应选用表示动作完成的 B 项。 6.(06 江西 31) — I reminded you not to forget the appointment.? — A.So you did 答案 A 解析 so+与前句相同的主语+助动词,表示赞同,意为“确实” 。 .? B.So I do not ? C.So did you D.So do I B.having been launched ? C.being launched D.to be launched at the end of .? B.So mine is ? C.So does mine D.So mine does

7.(06 安徽 31) Never in my wildest dreams A.I could imagine ? 答案 B 解析 表否定意义的词与短语如 never,hardly,seldom,little,few,by no means,at no time 等置于句首时,主句部分使用倒 these people are living in such poor conditions.? C.I couldn’t imagine ? D.couldn’t I imagine

B.could I imagine ?

装语序。 8.(06 广东 27) Sarah had her washing machine repaired the day before yesterday, A.had 答案 D 解析 主句是一般过去时态的肯定句,因此其反意问句应该用一般过去时态的否定句。 9.(06 四川 28) At the foot of the mountain A.a village lie 答案 B 解析 地点状语提前引起倒装,正常句序为 A village lies at the foot of the mountain。 10.(06 陕西 16) Only then A.she realized 答案 D 解析 “only+介词短语/句子”这一结构置于句首时,整个主句必须倒装。此外,由 then 可确定用过去时态。 11.(06 陕西 17) Faced with a bill for $10,000, A.John has taken an extra job ? C.an extra job has been taken ? 答案 A 解析 句意为: (约翰)面对着一张 10 000 美元的账单,接受了另一份工作做兼职。这个句子意思已表明,face 的逻辑主语 与主句主语应当一致,都是得到兼职工作的 John。 12.(05 江西 29) and no way to reduce her pain and suffering from the terrible disease,the patient sought her doctor’s help to end her life. A.Having given up hope of cure ? C.There being hope for cure ? 答案 B 解析 本题考查 with 结构(独立主格结构) 。根据句意,显然其余三项不符合。 13.(05 江苏 35) about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research. A.So curious the couple was ? C.How curious the couple were ? 答案 B 解析 句意为:这对夫妇对于野生植物是那样的好奇;以致于他们决定去马达加斯加进一步研究。此题考查主谓一致和倒装 B.So curious were the couple ? D.The couple was such curious B.With no hope for cure ? D.In the hope of cure .? B.the boss has given John an extra job ? D.an extra job has been given to John how much damage had been caused.? B.she had realized ? C.had she realized D.did she realize .? C.does a village lie D.lying a village B.did ? C.hadn’t she?? D.didn’t

B.lies a village ?

结构。主语是 couple,所以谓语用复数形式;该句子用部分倒装,so 修饰的形容词或副词提到句首。

14.(05 全国Ⅰ30) It wasn’t until nearly a month later A.since 答案 D 解析 考查强调句的用法。强调句型的构成是:It is/was+强调部分+that/who/whom+其他,不管强调什么成分,都可用 that, 在强调指人的“主语”时可用 who,强调指人的“宾语”时可用 whom。如果强调的是状语,只能用 that。在这个句子中, 所强调的是时间状语 nearly a month later。 15.(05 上海 29) There was a loud scream from the backstage immediately after the concert ended, A.wasn’t there 答案 A 解析 考查反意疑问句。因为陈述部分是肯定形式,所以反意疑问部分用否定形式。 16.(05 上海 39) Never before A.has this city been 答案 A 解析 本题考查倒装语序。当含有否定意义的副词或连词放在句首时,句子通常用部分倒装。结合语境判断,本题应为完成 时态,而 C 项为过去时态,不合适。 17.(05 天津 4) They have a good knowledge of English but little A.have 答案 D 解析 本题考查倒装语序。 本题应该注意连词 but 后面是个否定副词 little, 根据语法理论, 否定副词放在句首要用部分倒装, 结合句子时态的运用,句子应该用一般现在时态,所以本题答案为 D 项。 18.(05 天津 9) It is what you do rather than what you say A.that 答案 A 解析 It is...that...引导强调句,对主语从句进行强调。 B.what matters. C.which D.this B.did C.had they know about German. D.do in greater need of modern public transport than it is today.? B.this city has been ? C.was this city D.this city was B.was there ? C.didn’t it D.did it ?? B.when I received the manager’s reply.? C.as D.that

19.(05 辽宁 35) In the dark forests A.stand many lakes 答案 B 解析 本题干的前半部分的正常结构应为:Many lakes lie in the dark forests。而此处把地点状语提前,构成了倒装句。如选 A 项可改为 In the dark forests stand many monuments,stand 表“耸立,屹立” ,不能修饰 lake。B 项中的 lie 表“躺;位于” 。 20.(05 福建 32) Only after my friend came A.did the computer repair ? C.was the computer repaired ? .? B.he repaired the computer ? D.the computer was repaired ,some large enough to hold several English towns. B.lie many lakes ? C.many lakes lie D.many lakes stand

答案 C 解析 本题考查倒装句。 “only+状语”放在句首时,句子要用倒装语序。句意为:直到我的朋友回来后,电脑才修好。很

明显 computer 与 repair 之间是被动关系,所以谓语动词要用被动语态。

1.(07 陕西 10) that Marie was able to set up new branches elsewhere.? A.So successful her business was ? C.So her business was successful ? 答案 B 解析 本题考查倒装。so+ adj. /adv. 置于句首时,其主句需用部分倒装。 2.(07 重庆 27) It is not who is right but what is right A.which 答案 C 解析 本句为 It is...that...强调句型。 3.(06 全国Ⅰ35) Mary, A.come 答案 A 解析 本题考查了祈使句的用法。Mary 和 everybody else 作为呼语出现,后面的句子为祈使句,省略了第二人 称的主语 you,故应用动词原形。 4.(06 全国Ⅱ7) We forgot to bring our tickets,but please let us enter, A.do you 答案 C 解析 祈使句的反意疑问句通常用 will you,意思是“好吗,可以吗” 。 5.(06 全国Ⅱ9) It was not until she got home A.when 答案 B 解析 强调句的基本结构为“It is/was+被强调部分+that/who...” 。本题强调时间状语从句,用 that。 6.(06 天津 3) —Did Linda see the traffic accident?? —No,no sooner A.had she gone 答案 A than it happened.? B.she had gone ? C.has she gone D.she has gone B.that Jennifer realized she had lost her keys.? C.where D.before B.can we ? C.will you ?? D.shall we here—everybody else,stay where you are.? B.comes C.to come D.coming B.it is of importance.? C.that D.this B.So successful was her business ? D.So was her successful business

解析 no sooner...than...为固定结构形式,表示“刚??就??” ,no sooner 后常接“had+主语”这一倒装结构。 7.(06 辽宁 35) It was after he got what he had desired A.that 答案 A 解析 该句为强调句,强调句子的时间状语 after he got what he had desired。强调句的结构是 It is/was+被强 调部分+that/who+句子的其余成分。 8.(06 浙江 9) by keeping down costs will Power Data hold its advantage over other companies.? A.Only 答案 A 解析 本题考查倒装句。根据句子结构可知,本句使用了倒装句,在给出的 4 个答案中,只有 only+状语放于 句首时,句子用倒装语序。 9.(06 福建 29) I’m sure you’d rather she went to school by bus, A.hadn’t you 答案 B 解析 本题考查反意疑问句。在反意疑问句中,如果主句的谓语动词是 think,suppose,believe,imagine,be sure 等,且主语为第一人称,简略问句仅有肯定或否定是与主句相对应,而主语和时态要与宾语从句一致。 10.(06 福建 30) homework did we have to do that we had no time to take a rest.? A.So much 答案 A 解析 以“so+形容词”开头的句子要倒装。句意为:有这么多家庭作业要做,因此我们没有时间休息。 11.(06 福建 34) — It’s burning hot today,isn’t it?? — Yes. A.So was it 答案 A 解析 So was it yesterday.意为“昨天也是这样。 ” ;So it was yesterday.意为“昨天的确这样。 ”这需要与上文主 语一致,从句意来看应选 A 项。 12.(06 湖北 33) AIDS is said few years.? A.that it is 答案 D 解析 句型 sb. /sth. is said to+不定式,当不定式动作表示完成时,不定式需用完成形式,本题需用被动形式,因此选 D 项。 B.to be ? C.that it has been D.to have been the biggest health challenge to both men and women in that area over the past yesterday.? B.So it was ? C.So it is D.So is it B.Too much ? C.Too little D.So little B.wouldn’t you ? C.aren’t I ?? D.didn’t she B.Just C.Still D.Yet B.when he realized it was not so important.? C.since D.as

13.(06 重庆 24) I’ve tried very hard to improve my English.But by no means A.the teacher is not satisfied ? C.the teacher is satisfied ? 答案 D 解析 本题考查倒装句的用法。by no means 意为“绝不” ,放在句首时,句子要用部分倒装语序。因此 D 项正确。B 项多了 not 一词。 14.(06 重庆 27) and I’ll get the work finished.? A.Have one more hour ? B.One more hour ? 答案 B 解析 本题考查“祈使句+and+简单句”的用法,其中祈使句可转换成名词短语,如 One more word and flat.因此 B 项正确。如果选 C,D 两项,要去掉 and。 15.(06 山东 32) I just wonder A.why it does 答案 D 解析 本题题干相当于 I just wonder what makes him so excited.的意义,所以该题实际上为强调句型的特殊疑问句式,what 为宾语从句的连接词且在从句中作主语。 16.(05 重庆 27) ,he talks a lot about his favorite singers after class.? A.A quiet student as he may be ? C.Be a quiet student as he may ? 答案 B 解析 as 引导让步状语从句时,表语要调至句首,其前的冠词要省略。 17.(05 重庆 31) —What should I do with this passage?? — the main idea of each paragraph. B.Found out ? C.Find out D.To find out B.Quiet student as he may be ? D.Quiet as he may be a student that makes him so excited.? B.what he does ? C.how it is D.what it is I’ll beat you C.Given one more hour ? D.If I have one more hour with my progress.?

B.is the teacher not satisfied ? D.is the teacher satisfied

A.Finding out 答案 C

解析 本题考查在具体语境中的省略,第二句补充完整应为 You should find out the main idea of each paragraph。 18.(05 山东 31) — that he managed to get the information??

—Oh,a friend of his helped him. A.Where was it 答案 C 解析 It was...that...引导强调句,对 how 进行强调。特殊疑问句,疑问词放在句首。 B.What was it ? C.How was it D.Why was it

19.(04 重庆 34) I failed in the final examination last term and only then A.I realized 答案 D 解析 only+副词/时间状语从句/介词短语位于句首时,句中的主语与谓语往往倒装,此句时态为过去时。 20.(04 福建 31) Scientists say it may be five or six years patients.? A.since 答案 C 解析 根据句子的意思“科学家说药品(进行反复试验)五六年后才能用于病人身上” ,因此答案选 C 项。 B.after C.before D.when it is possible to test this medicine on human B.I had realized ? C.had I realized the importance of studies. D.did I realize

第二部分 各地联考题汇编
2009 年联考题
1. (09 北京市西城区高三二模) —You should have thanked the hostess before leaving. —I meant A.to do 答案 B . But I couldn’t find her when I was leaving. B.to C.doing D.doing so

2. (09 年北京市西城区高三二模) —In which part of the play was —In the last ten minutes. A.that where 答案 C B.this when C.it that D.it where your brother appeared?

3. (09 北京市宣武区高三二模) Can it be in the drawer A.where 答案 B you put your keys? B.that C.what D.when

4. (09 山东省聊城市高三二模) I don't remember how many years ago ______ people began to grow crops. A. it was when 答案 B B. it was that C. was it when D. was it that

5. (09 山东省临沂市高三二模) I don't think he could have done so much homework last night, __ ? A. do I 答案 B B. did he C. has he D. could he

6.(09 山东省枣庄市高三二模)

Under no circumstances, I was warned, _________ to give the password to someone else. A.could I 答案 D B.I could C.I was D.was I

7.(09 山东省淄博市高三二模) —Where was it ____ the earthquake broke out yesterday ? —In an Italian city. A.where 答案 D B.which C.how D.that

8.(09 天津市河北区高三年级总复习质量检测(二)) It was in New Zealand Elizabeth first met Mr.Smith. A.that B.how C.which 答案 A


9.(错误!未找到引用源。09 天津市河西区第二学期高三年级总复习质量调查) —Who is making so much noise in the garden ? 一 the children. A.It is B.They are C.That are D.There are 答案 A

10.(错误!未找到引用源。09 天津市河西区第二学期高三年级总复习质量调查) 一 Lovely day, isn’t it? 一 Yes, A.you are right. B.isn,t it? C.sure. D.is it? 答案 B

11.(09 天津市红桥区高三英语二模) Little that danger in the earthquake when they were busy saving their students. A.the teachers realized B.the teachers didn’t realize C.didn’tthe teachers realize D.did the teachers realize 答案 D

12. (09 天津市南开区高三年级质量调查(二)) ____________that the trade between the two countries reached its highest point. A. During the 1990’s B. That it was in the 1990’s C. It was in the 1990’s D. It was the 1990’s 答案 C

13. (09 河北省邯郸市高三第二次模拟) —Did you know any Chinese before you arrived in Beijing? —Never _______ it, actually. A. had I learned B. have I learned C. I learned D. was I learning
答案 A 14. (09 河北省邯郸市高三第二次模拟) _______happened to be no one in the building when the fire broke out.

A. It
答案 B

B. There

C. This

D. That

15. (09 江西省临川一中高三下学期期中考试(二模)) Woman ___ Hillary Clinton is, she was bold enough to participate in the presidential campaign, 2008.? A. who 答案 B B. as C. that D. like ?

16. (09 临沂市高三教学质量一模) It was when searching for the lost book whose cover was missing _____a secret letter addressed to his mother. A.did he find B.until he found C.that he found D.had he found 答案 C

17. (09 江苏省南通市高三一模试题) —Mrs. Smith, please teach me how to draw on the computer today. —Oh, no. ____ _. You have to get familiar with the keyboard first. A. It is never too old to learn B. Think twice before you do C. Learn to walk before you run D. One today is worth two tomorrows 答案 C

18. (09 山东省滨州市高三一模试题) Could you tell me ______ it was ______ the accident occurred? A.where;that B.which;that C.that;where 答案 A D.where:which

19. (09 北京市东城区高三一模试题) Between the two generations, it is often their different views of life and value _______cause family conflicts. A. which B. what C. who D. that 答案 D with each other.

20. (09 北京市高三 4 月抽样试题) The old couple have been married for 50 years and never once A.thev have qtmrreled B.they quarreled C.have thev quarreled D.had they quarreled 答案 C

21. (09 北京市海淀区高三 4 月期中练习) Don’t interrupt while another student is speaking, A.will you B.won’t you C.do you 答案 A

? D don’t you

22. (09 山东省潍坊市高三一模) It was not just the size of the party last night meant to our company. A.what;that 答案 B B.that;what C.what;what D.that;that made it unique ,but it

23. (09 安徽省示范高中皖北协作区高三联考) Much he states he has a good taste of his own,he can’t avoid being influenced by advertisement. A.that B.which C.as D./ 答案 C

24. (09 安徽省示范高中皖北协作区高三联考) If 1 am admitted by a famous college this summer,my parents will take me to Hong Kong and Macao.If ,they . A.not;won’t B.no;don’t C.not;haven't D.no;didn’t 答案 A

25. (09 日照市高三模拟考试) 一 What did he want to know,John? 一 that we could finish our work. A.What it was B.When was it C.When it was 答案 C

D.What was it

26. (09 江西省十所重点中学联考盟校第一次模拟考试) Hardly had all the points that the teacher taught down when the bell rang. A.to aken B.taking C.taken D.been taken


D we were used to. D.in which;where

27. (09 江西省十所重点中学联考盟校第一次模拟考试) It is the way he talks with his mother is different from A.that:that B.which;what C.that;which 答案 A

28. (09 福建省泉州市高中毕业班质量检查) A strange thing suddenly occurred to me in my childhood.It was ____ I was ten A.while 答案 B B.when C.as D.until

29. (09 石家庄市高中毕业班第一次模拟考试) —Which team do you think will win the game, Houston Rockets or New Jersey Nets? —I don’t know, _______ A. nor do I care 答案 A B. nor I care C. so I care D. so do I care

2008 年联考题
1.(08 潍坊市高三第二次教学质量检测) Mom promised to buy me a nice gift for my birthday, A.which 答案 C 2.(08 江苏省启东中学高三阶段考试) I had a few problems to deal with. A.Hardly have I arrived when C.Hardly had I arrived when 答案 C 3.(08 江苏省启东中学高三阶段考试) Mrs.Black doesn’t believe her son is able to design a digital camera, A.doesn’t she 答案 B 4.(08 南通市高三第一次调研测试) I have been working there for 15 years,and never before A.I found 答案 D 5.(08 北京市海淀区第一学期期末练习) It was only when I reread his poems recently A.so 答案 D 6.(08 北京市海淀区第一学期期末练习) B.as I began to appreciate their beauty. C.then D.that B.I have found my boss so serious! D.have I found B.does she C.is he ? D.isn’t he B.Hardly did I arrive than D.Hardly had I arrived than B.that beyond my imagination. D.the one


C.did I find

These children are wild.I feel sorry for A.who 答案 C 7.(08 沈阳二中高三模拟 1 月) Either you or the headmaster A.is handing out 答案 D 8.(08 天津十二区一联 2 月) B.whom

has to be their babysitter. C.whoever D.whomever

the prize to these gifted students at the meeting. C.are handing out D.is to hand out

B.are to hand out

The police were seeking more information to find out A.who was it that killed C.it was who killed 答案 B 9.(08 北京市东城区高三教学目标检测) Not until quite recently paid work outside the home.

the rich merchant.

B.who it was that killed D.who was it killed

A.most mothers in Britain took C.took most mothers in Britain 答案 B 10.(08 郑州市高中毕业班第一次质量预测) —Are you a Beijinger? —

B.did most mothers in Britain take D.were most mothers in Britain taken

.I was born in Henan.I came to Beijing when I was ten and have lived here ever since. B.No actually C.Just so-so D.Not really

A.Exactly 答案 D

11.(08 成都市高中毕业班第一次诊断性检测) Albert Einstein is said A.to have learnt 答案 A 12.(08 安徽江南十校 3 月) —Can you help me? —Yes. A.Follow 答案 A 13.(08 安徽省皖南八校高三第二次联考) Only by bringing in new management,I guess, A.we can prevent 答案 C 14.(08 安徽省皖南八校高三第二次联考) It is only 6.7% of Korean students have ever read Chinese books or watch Chinese TV B.we have prevented our hotel from bad to worse. C.can we prevent D.have we prevented your teacher’s advice,in my opinion,and everything will be OK. B.Following C.To follow D.Followed to play the violin in order to relax himself when tired. B.to be learning C.to learn D.learning

programs. A.which 答案 C 15.(08 西安地区八校联考) In front of the candy shop A.where stood a huge poster C.stood there a huge poster 答案 B 16. (08 西安地区八校联考) different life today is A.How;from 答案 A what it was 20 years ago! C.What;from D.How;with . B.appeared a huge poster D.did a huge poster appear B.whoever C.that D.what

B.What a;from

17.(08 西安地区八校联考) mainly for the invention of the telephone,Alexander Bell devoted his life to helping the deaf. A.He is remembered 答案 D B.To remember C.While remembering D.Though remembered

18.(08 浙江省金华十校高三年纪联考) ,I believe,and you will find Tom is very outgoing. A.Having a talk with the student C.Given a talk with the student 答案 B B.One talk with the student D.If you have a talk with the student

19.(08 东北三校一模 3 月) rapid progress has he made that we all admire him. A.Very 答案 C B.So C.Such D.Too

20.(08 石家庄市高中毕业班复习教学质量检测) I still remember how many years ago A.when it was 答案 D B.was it that I last met her in the countryside. C.when was it D.it was that

1.(08 合肥市高三第一次教学质量检测) Sorry.At no time in this building,sir. B.smoking is permitted C.does smoking permit D.smoking does permit

A.is smoking permitted 答案 A

2.(08 合肥市高三第一次教学质量检测) I would appreciate if you could give me a lift to the Lakefront School.

A.that 答案 B 3.(08 杭州高三模拟 4 月) A cup of water, A.or 答案 D




you will feel better. B.but C.so D.and

4.(08 重庆市高三第一次联合诊断性考试) Two hours away from the tall buildings of New York A.some of the world’s largest bears live C.do some of the world’s largest bears live 答案 D 5.(08 重庆市高三第一次联合诊断性考试) where to stand,and I’ll move the world. A.Given 答案 C 6.(08 湖南省高三十二校联考) —When was it the Nanhai No.1,the sunken ship,was raised from the seabed? B.If given C.Give me D.Giving me .

B.lives some of the world’s largest bears D.live some of the world’s largest bears

—On December 22,07. A.that 答案 A 7.(08 湖南省高三十二校联考) Chang’e-1 satellite is named after a famous Chinese fairy,who is said A.having flown 答案 B 8.(08 皖南八校联考 5 月) Nowhere else in the world A.your enjoy 答案 B 9.(08 安徽省江南十校高三素质测试) Despite what I’d been told about the local people’s attitude to strangers,at no time any rudeness. A.I had met 答案 D 10.(08 天津南开中学模拟 5 月) —How unhappy your roommate looks! —Yes,but he’s not willing to tell me what it is A.what B.which C.as is troubling him. D.that B.I met C.have I met D.did I meet more attractive country scenery than in wales. B.can you enjoy C.you can enjoy D.enjoy you B.to have flown C.to be flying to the moon. D.flying B.what C./ D.which



11.(08 南昌市高三第一次调研测试) —Serina has been watching the TV series the whole night. — . B.So have been her parents D.So have her parents

A.So her parents have C.Her parents have been so 答案 D

12.(08 南昌市高三第一次调研测试) All flights because of the snowstorm,many passengers could do nothing but wait. B.were cancelled D.having been cancelled

A.had been cancelled C.have been cancelled 答案 D

13.(08 福建省高三第一次质量检测) With some books badly needed A.buying 答案 C ,she hurried to the bookstore. C.to buy D.buy


14.(08 江南十校联考 5 月) the naughty boys realized it was too late to take a bus to go home. A.No sooner it grew dark than C.Scarcely had it grown dark than 答案 D B.Hardly did it grow dark that D.It was not until dark that

15.(08 济南市高三第一次统一考试) Wasn’t it until Michael ran into me A.then 答案 D B.when he recognized I was once his partner? C.which D.that

16.(08 山东实验中学高三模拟 5 月) In which play of Shakespeare’s is it A.where 答案 D B.which Viola appears? C.who D.that

17.(08 日照市高三第一次模拟考试) ,a man who expresses himself effectively is sure to succeed more rapidly than a man whose command of language is poor. A.Were other things equal C.To be equal to other things 答案 B B.Other things being equal D.Other things to be equal

18.(08 日照市高三第一次模拟考试) ,and you’ll pass the entrance test to be held this June.

A.Making a bit more effort C.Given a bit more effort 答案 B

B.A bit more effort D.If you make a bit more effort

19.(08 厦门高三联考 5 月) Never A.has lost 答案 C time come again. B.will lose C.will lost D.lose

20.(08 苏、锡、常、镇四市高三教学情况调查一) understanding the challenges faced by the world’s poorest people can we expect a new future free of extreme poverty and hunger. A.On 答案 D B.Through C.Only D.Only by

21.(08 镇江市高三第三次调研测试) We don’t think it any good A.allow;to chat 答案 D children on line without any restriction. C.to allow;chatting D.allowing;to chat


22.(08 镇江市高三第三次调研测试) In no country Britain,as is often said, B.other than;can one experience four seasons in a day. C.rather than;one can D.other than;one can

A.rather than;can one 答案 B

23.(08 南通市四县高三第一次联考) Some companies have introduced flexible working time with less emphasis on pressure A.than more on efficiency C.and more on efficiency 答案 C B.and more efficiency D.than efficiency .

24.(08 南通市四县高三第一次联考) the whole passage,so that you will get a general idea of it. A.Scanning 答案 C B.To scan C.Scan D.Having scanned

2006-07 年联考题
1.(07 江苏如皋中学月考) By no means to your parents. B.this is the first time you have lied D.is this the first time you have lied

A.is this the first time you are lying C.this is the first time you tell a lie 答案 D

2.(07 江苏如皋中学月考) —I found it easier to learn Russian than to learn English. — . B.So I notice C.So notice I D.Did I notice so

A.I notice so 答案 B

3.(07 湖北部分重点中学高三第一次联考) There is A.not to know 答案 D 4.(07 北京海淀区高三第一学期期中练习) How long do you think A.it will be before 答案 A 5.(07 北京海淀区高三第一学期期末练习) Wood does not conduct electricity; A.so does rubber 答案 B 6.(07 年郑州高中毕业班第一次质量预测) There’s a feeling in her A.which 答案 D 7.(07 广东汕头) —Were all the toys for the children carried to their new kindergarten? —No, A.it was 答案 A 8.(07 安徽省皖南八校高三第二次联考) —What did she want to know,Tom? —She wondered A.when was it 答案 D 9.(07 江苏苏州二模) Not only kind. A.can travel;it can 答案 A B.travel can;can it C.can travel;can it D.travel can;it can give people relaxation and pleasure,but increase their knowledge of any we could complete the experiment. B.it was when that C.it was when D.when it was that only some of them. B.they were C.there were D.there was she’ll be chosen to attend the conference on behalf of her company. B.of which C.what D.that . C.nor rubber does D.so rubber does the computer company brings out a new product? B.will it be until C.will it be when D.it will be that whether we will be able to get enough raw materials. B.not know C.not knowing D.no knowing

B.nor does rubber

10. (07 重庆高三联合诊断性考试)

It is said that the old coins discovered. A.had buried 答案 B

under the earth for about 100 years by the time they were

B.had been buried


D.were buried

11.(07 重庆高三联合诊断性考试) got on the train when it began to move. A.No sooner had I 答案 C B.I had no sooner C.Hardly had I D.I hardly had

12.(07 山东枣庄二模) our earth,or else it will be no longer fit for us to live on. B.To protect C.Protecting D.Protect

A.Protected 答案 D

13.(06 湖北黄冈市部分学校模考) It is the Long March Rocket 2F,as reported, A.which 答案 C B.what sent Shenzhou VI spaceship into space. C.that D.as

14.(06 江苏部分重点中学统一考试) By no means little about the interests of the people. B.does the Party care D.doesn’t the Party care

A.the Party cares C.the Party doesn’t care 答案 B

15.(06 湖南长沙联考) a mobile phone can you ring A.Using;whoever 答案 B you want to talk with anywhere. C.By;whatever D.With;anyone

B.Only on;whomever

16.(06 北京东城区教学目标检测) —Was it what he said or something that he did —No,not really. A.which 答案 B B.that C.when D.what made you cry so sadly,Sarah?

17.(06 湖北八校第一次联考) the people have become masters of their country A.It is only then;that C.It is only when;that 答案 C science can really serve the people.

B.It was that; when D.It was when;then

18.(06 江苏一联) Autumn coming,down .

A.do the leaves fall C.fall the leaves 答案 C

B.the leaves will fall D.the leaves have fallen

19.(06 成都第一次诊断性检测) Long,long time ago,there was a mountain.At the top of the mountain used to tell stories. A.a temple stood C.stood a temple 答案 C B.is there a temple D.a temple was there ,in which an old monk

20.(06 杭州高三期末考试) —I’ve bought some medicine for Tom’s cough. —But he has got out of it. A.Don’t you know C.Didn’t you know 答案 C that? B.Haven’t you known D.Hadn’t you known

21.(06 重庆联合诊断性考试) Not until Jane got off the bus A.did she find 答案 A B.she found her wallet missing. C.didn’t she find D.she didn’t find

22.(06 福州高三质量检测) At no time in the passage. B.bicycles are permitted to be parked D.bicycles are permitted being parked

A.are bicycles permitted to be parked C.are bicycles permitted being parked 答案 A

23.(06 山东青岛模拟) The man we followed suddenly stopped and looked as if direction. A.seeing 答案 D B.having seen C.to have seen D.to see whether he was going in the right

24.(06 南京高三第一次模考) Every one of us must know: A.by changing the way only C.by only changing way 答案 B we live can we save the earth. B.only by changing the way D.by changing only the way

1.(07 江西师大附中、临川一中高三第二次联考)

it is A.Whatever;that 答案 A

you obtain,you must tell your parents. B.No matter what;/ C.What;that D.Whatever;/

2.(07 江西师大附中、临川一中高三第二次联考) Not only A.is;has 答案 C 3.(07 南京高三质量调研) When I try to understand expect,it seems to me A.why;that 答案 C 4.(07 西安高三第一次质量检测) ,and the problem could be settled. A.If you double your efforts C.Making greater efforts 答案 D 5.(07 西安高三第一次质量检测) The machine has been used much too long. A.It’s no wonder that C.It’s unlikely 答案 A 6.(07 山东日照) It is you,rather than he,that A.is to blame 答案 B 7.(07 石家庄高中毕业班复习教学质量检测一) Easy as we made it A.to understand 答案 A 8.(07 湖北部分重点中学高三第二次联考) —Do you know? Henry didn't win that speech contest. — A.Do I 答案 D 9.(07 安徽江南十校高三素质测试) Much he has a good taste,he can’t avoid being influenced by advertisements. ? I was sure he would.He worked so hard on it. B.Don’t I C.Did he D.Didn’t he the importance to keep earth in place,some villagers wouldn’t listen. B.understood C.understanding D.to be understood for the accident. C.is blame D.are blame it doesn’t work well sometimes. B.There’s no doubt if D.That’s because B.So long as you keep up your spirits D.A bit more efforts it is that prevents so many Americans from being as happy as one might there are quite a few causes. B.which;as C.what;that D.whether;since the jewelry she been sold for her son’s gambling debts but also her house. C.has;has D./;has


B.are to blame

A.that he claims 答案 C

B.does he claim

C.as he claims

D.is it that he claims

10.(07 安徽省江南十校高三素质测试) —I hear that Tom can’t afford his schooling this fall. — A.If any 答案 D 11.(07 广东珠海) We have been told that under no circumstances A.may we use 答案 A B.we may use the telephone in the office for personal affairs. C.we could use D.did we use ,let’s do something for him. B.When necessary C.When possible D.If so

12.(07 江西九所重点中学高三联合考试) ,the more severe the winters are. A.The more north you go C.The more you go north 答案 D B.The farther you go the north D.The farther north you go

13.(06 潍坊高三统一考试) Only under special circumstances A.are freshmen permitted C.permitted are freshmen 答案 A to take those tests. C.freshmen are permitted D.are permitted freshmen

14.(06 威海高三教学质量检测) It isn’t that long(3 days) A.since 答案 D B.when I’ve gone,but it seems so long. C.as D.that

15.(06 威海高三教学质量检测) It was not long A.when 答案 D he sensed the danger of the position. B.until C.since D.before

16.(06 陕西高三质量检测) It Lin Feng and Wang Hai that often B.is;helps me with my lessons. C.is;help D.are;helps

A.are;help 答案 C

17.(06 陕西高三质量检测) Out ,and away . B.went the man;he was D.the man went;he was

A.the man went;was he C.went he;he was



18.(06 宁夏银川模拟) At A.no 答案 A time does the salesgirl get up late in the morning.She is too busy to take a good rest. B.any C.each D.one

19.(06 西安地区八校联考) Senior people and ladies with kids,get aboard first, A.do you 答案 D B.don’t they C.will they ? D.will you

20.(06 苏、锡、常、镇四市质量调查) It was several years A.when;that 答案 C I finally realized B.that;when David had lied to me. C.before;that D.until;why

21.(06 山东烟台) I really don’t know A.when was it that 答案 C I had my money stolen. B.that it was when C.where it was that D.it was where that

22.(06 长春、沈阳、大连、哈尔滨第一次联考) It is fashion differs from country to country may reflect the cultural differences

from one respect. A./;that 答案 D B.that;/ C.how;that D.that;that

23.(06 长春、沈阳、大连、哈尔滨第一次联考) It’s nothing unusual to experience failure,and A.in no time 答案 C B.by all means ought we to be so discouraged. C.by no means D.in any condition

第三部分 创新预测题精选
1.My parents is lots of food and money then to make sure I don’t starve;so starving of my worries. B.did have left;the most D.did leave;the least

A.do leave;the most C.do have left;the least 答案 D 2. is it A.What;that 答案 A has made you feel so upset? B.How;which



3.Personally I think it is the headmaster,rather than the students, respect. A.is 答案 B 4.It is around 100 years,as is known to all, A.before 答案 C 5. this afternoon,you would have to come again next week. B.that B.that is C.are

to blame in this

D.who are

the first modern Olympic Games were held. C.since D.when

A.The boss didn’t return C.Were the boss not to return 答案 C 6.—It is

B.The boss were not to return C.Didn’t the boss return

that Zhang Dan and Zhang Hao will win pairs free skating programme. . B.certain;sure C.sure;sure D.certain;certain

—Don’t be so A.sure;certain 答案 B

7.—All the passengers were injured in the accident? —No, A.it was 答案 A 8.All the tasks ahead of time,they decided to go on holiday for a week. B.were finished C.having been finished D.been finished only three children. B.it were C.there were D.there was

A.had been finished 答案 C

9.Alice,you see to it that the children here are well fed, A.don’t you 答案 C 10.We have to admit that never in the past twenty years A.did the city change 答案 11. C ,we had to hire a taxi,for we missed the last bus. B.doesn’t she C.will you

? D.would she

so greatly as today.

B.the city has changed C.has the city changed D.the city had changed

A.As it being pretty late C.It was being pretty late 答案 B

B.It being pretty late D.Being pretty late

12.—What a beautiful picture! —It’s years A.that 答案 C how much time you had wasted? I painted a picture as beautiful as this one. B.since C.before D.when

13.Was it not until you began to work

A.did you realize C.did you not realize 答案 B

B.that you realized D.that you didn’t realize

14.—Believe it or not,Wang Peng,the naughtiest boy in our class,has been admitted into Tsingdao University. —Never A.I had thought 答案 15. C we have achieved in the protection of the environment,we still have a long way to go. B.As much C.Though much D.Much he could achieve so much success. B.I would have thought C.could I have thought D.will I have thought

A.Much as 答案 16. A

in the regulations that you should not tell other people the password of your e-mail account. B.What requires C.It is required D.It requires

A.What is required 答案 C

17.This couple have strange habits.He likes to sleep with the lamp the window . B.burnt;widely opened C.burnt;wide open

at night and his wife with

A.burning;wide open 答案 A

D.burning;widely open

18.Was it near the building, if I may ask, A.where 答案 19. A.In;are 答案 A C B.which

Martin Luther King gave the speech I have a dream? C.that D.when

learning English,listening,speaking,reading,and writing B.On;is C.For;is

the four basic skills. D.To;are

20.In no city of China A.the government cares

little about the economic development. B.does the government care D.the government doesn’t care

C.doesn’t the government care 答案 B

21.It was with great joy of South Korea. A.because;which 答案 D

he received the news

on December 19,07 Lee Myung-Bak was elected President




22.—Would you please help me with my luggage? —Sorry,I it.Mine is even heavier. B.cannot help but carry C.cannot but carry D.cannot help carry

A.cannot help carrying 答案 D

23.The bus hit against a tree in the fog and

to the deep valley,with ten passengers killed

and twenty wounded. A.down did it roll 答案 D that she could have a sound B.down rolled it C.it down rolled D.down it rolled

24.Not until she got the letter saying that she was employed sleep . A.did she find 答案 A B.she found C.would she find

D.that she found

25.One more month, A.or 答案 B

these baby birds will fly out of their nest. B.and C.but D.otherwise



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