2010 年中考英语短文改错模拟训练试题及答案解析

(一) We’ve just moved in a house and we want to 1. _____ buy a new color television set, and I’m not 2. _____ sure about a size. Maybe we should buy a big 3. _____ one. If we buy a small one, we might have 4. _____ to change for it in a few years’ time for a bigger 5. _____ one. My husband thinks it’s no necessary to buy 6. _____ a very big one. He said our sitting room isn’t very 7. _____ big. If we put in a very big television, they will 8. _____ be bad for our eyes. Anyway, we’d better to make 9. _____ quick decision because the price may go up soon. 10. ____ 【答案解析】 1. in 改为 into。in“在……里”表静态的位置;而 into 则表动态的位置,意为“进入”。 2. and 改为 but。前后句之间是转折关系。 3. a 改为 the。这里表特指,指要买的电视机的大小。 4. 此行正确。 . 去掉第一个 for。“把 A 物换成 B 物”的英语表达是 change A for B。文章中该句句意为 “几年之后就要把小电视换成大电视”。 6. no 改为 not。因为 no 是形容词,修饰名词,而 necessary 是形容词,所以要用副词 not 来修饰。 7. said 改为 says。因为上下文都是用的一般现在时,这里指现在的思想,现在的想法。 8. they 改为 it。这里指的是 the big television。 9. 去掉 to。had better 后接动词原形。 10. quick 前加 a。make a decision 意为“作出决定”。 (二) I live in the country and my father was a farmer. 1. __________

He is now forty-five year old. Because of years of 2. __________

hard work, he looks old than his age. When I was

3. __________ 4. __________

young, he is used to tell me the importance of study.

Father knows little about English and other subjects,5. __________ but he usually gives me some good advices on how 6. __________

to learn my lessons good. He is not only kind to me 7. __________ but also very strict in me. With his help, I’ve made 8. __________

great progress. I’ll never to forget what he taught 9. __________ me. I think my father is best father in the world. 10. _________ 【答案解析】 1.was 改为 is。根据上下文的时态可知。 2. 第一个 year 改为 years。因它受 forty-five 的修饰。 3. old 改为 older。因其后有表示比较的 than。 4. 去掉 is。比较:used to=过去经常,be used to=习惯于。 5. 此行无错。 6. advices 改为 advice。advice 为不可数名词。 7. good 改为 well。修饰动词要用副词,不用形容词。 8. in 改为 with。be strict in 后接某事,be strict with 后接某人。 9. 去掉 to。因助动词 will 后要接动词原形,不能接不定式。 10. best 前加 the。形容词最高级前通常要加定冠词。

(三) Thank you for your offer invite me to the free 1. __________ summer English course in your school. As for my 2. __________ 3. __________

choice of the two courses, I’d prefer the five-weeks course for 50 hours. This would allows me more time to see your beautiful country while learned language. I’d like to do some traveling and make

4. __________ 5. __________ 6. __________ 7. __________ 8. __________

a few new friends. In all the subjects I’m learning at school, I like English best. I hope me to take this chance to improve my spoken English level as much as possibly. I believe I will have a wonderful time in England this summer. 【答案解析】 1. 把 invite 改为 inviting。现在分词作定语修饰 offer。 2. 此行正确。

9. __________ 10. _________

3. 把 five-weeks 改为 five-week。 “数词+连字符号+名词”作定语, 其中的名词要用单数。 4. 把 allows 改为 allow。在助动词 will,would 及情态动词 can,may,must 等后面,永 远要用动词原形。 5. 把 learned 改为 learning。while learning=while I’m learning。 6. 在 language 前加 the。特指英语这种语言。 7. 把 In 改为 Of。subjects“科目”,English 是其中一个“科目”,表示最高级的比较范 围,若是整体与个别的关系,就用 of。指时间、地点范围,才用 in。 8. 去掉 me。主语希望自己做某事,直接用 hope to do sth,事实上,也不能用 hope sb to do sth 这一句型。 9. 去掉 level。这是中文式英语。improve=make…better。 10. 把 possibly 改为 possible。as…as possible(尽……)是习语。 (四) but now I live in Beijing when she lives in 1. _____ Guangzhou. We don’t look each other very often, 2. _____ but we’re keep in touch all the time. I often write 3. _____ to Mary and telling her about the things that4. _____ are happened at my company, and she often 5. _____ writes to me about her work. We talk on phone6. _____ once a week. Sometime I call her on her 7. _____ car phone, or we send e-mail to each other. 8. ____ We’re really luck. There are so many ways 9. ____ we can keep in touch with each other. 10. ____ 【答案解析】 1. all 改为 both。指 Mary 和作者两个人。 2. when 改为 and 或 while。因为两个分句没有主从关系。而是并列关系,或者有对比或对 照的含义。 3. look 改为 see。因为此句意为“两个人不能经常见面(see)”。 4. 去掉 keep 或把 we’re 改为 we。因为 keep 是动词,若不是进行时态或被动语态,动词 前不用 be,但句中没有动词时必用 be。所以去掉 keep 或去掉 are, 5. telling 改为 tell。tell 和 write 是并列谓语。 6. happened 改为 happening。因为这是现在进行时态。 7. phone 前加 the。因为 on the phone 是习语,意为“用电话(交谈)”。 8. Sometime 改为 Sometimes。此处表示“有时候”,而不是表示“某个不定的时候”。 9. 此行正确。

10. luck 改为 lucky。用形容词作表语。 9. 去掉 to。had better 后接动词原形。 10. quick 前加 a。make a decision 意为“作出决定”。 (五) I have come in China for two years. My friends in 1. __________ England sometimes write to me, ask me how long 2. __________ I’ll stay here, when I’m thinking of returning 3. __________ home. The answer of their questions is simple: I 4. __________ do not know when I return home. At the moment, 5. __________ I have no reason to return back to England. I like 6. __________ living in China; I enjoy meeting Chinese people 7. __________ and travel around the country. My work is very 8. __________ interested, and there are so many things I don’t know 9. __________ about China that I hope to discover it in the future. 10. ________ 【答案解析】 1. 将 come 改为 been。come 是终止性动词,不与时间段连用。 2. 将 ask 改为 asking。现在分词作伴随状语。 3. 在 when 前加 and。when 引导的从句与 how long 引导的从句是两个并列的宾语从句(作 asking 的宾语)。 4. 将 of 改为 to。在 answer,key,way,entrance 等名词后,习惯上用介词 to。 5. 在 return 前加 will。这是将来时。注意:不要误以为 when 引导的是时间状语从句,用 一般现在时代替将来时。事实上,when 引导的是宾语从句。 6. 去掉 back 或将 return 改为 go。因为 return=go back。 7. 此行正确。 8. 将 travel 改为 traveling。因为 traveling 与 meeting 并列,作 enjoy 的宾语。 9. 将 interested 改为 interesting。表示某事物“令人……的”用-ing 形容词;-ed 形容 词则表示某人“感到……的”。 10. 将 it 改为 them。因为此处是指 many things。



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