Part I Structure (15 minutes) 16._____ what to do, he went to the manager for help. A) Not to know B)Not knowing C)Not having known D) Having not known 17. _____ the sports meeting will be held is not known yet. A)If B) Whether C) Weather D)Both A and B 18.The shirt _____ was very expensive. A) bought last week B)he bought week C)which he bought it last week D)he bought last week 19. We moved to the town _____ we could go to see our parents often. A)even if B)in case C)so that D)as if 20.1 think it's high time we _____ measures to protect the environment. A) took B) will take C)take D) have taken 21. Mary has got a full mark in the test. She _____ very hard all the time. A)will work B)must have worked C)may work D)could have worked 22.1 would pay _____ for the book because I love it so much. A) much twice B)two times C) twice as much D)as much twice 23. Scarcely _____ asleep when the phone rang. A)had I fallen B)I had fallen C)fell I D)I fell 24.More than one official _____ involved in the case. A)were B)was C)being D)be 25.The student is different _____ all the students I have seen. A) on B) among C)with D)from Section B 26.Neither the clerks nor the manager (know)_____ anything about the accident now. 27. If I (leave)_____ a little earlier, I would have caught the train. 28. In some ways these schools are (differ)_____ from Chinese middle schools. 29.They would rather try and fail than (give)_____ up the plan. 30. They are all opposed to (put)_____ the meeting off. 31.People (live)_____ comfortably in the towns hardly feel the pleasure of living in the country. 32. Women are sometimes (fair)_____ paid even though they do the same job as men. 33.The British political system (evolution)_____ over several centuries. 34.After a medical examination, the doctor gave me a (favorably)_____ report on my health. 35.He knows even (little)_____ about the Olympic Games than I do. Part III Reading Comprehension (40 minutes) Task 1 It would be difficult to have society like ours without public goods such as defense, transportation, and other services.

A public good is one that a person can use without reducing the use of it for another person. One of the best examples of a public good is national defense. One person can benefit from our national defense without reducing another person's benefits. In fact, it is difficult to keep any person in our society from enjoying the benefits of national defense. The market system does not work well in producing public goods. This is because a person who refuses to pay for a public good cannot be kept from using it. Suppose that the neighbors in a high crime area decide to hire a police force. Each neighbor, except Mrs. Smith, agrees to pay $ 100 a year for it. Mrs. Smith refuses to pay because she knows that if all the others pay the $ 100, the police will guard the area anyway. So Mrs. Smith can enjoy the services of the police force without paying $ 100. The market system has no way to deal with this type of problem. For this reason, we cannot ask each person to make a direct payment in the form of product price. Therefore, we collect money for public goods by using taxes. 36. According to the passage, public goods are _____. A) services enjoyed by all people B)what we can buy and sell in public C) products that we make for national defense D) taxes paid by the people involved 37.The writer gives the example of national defense in paragraph 2 in order to show that A) there will be no safety if there is no national defense B)all the people should be responsible for national defense C)a public good is a shared benefit for the whole society D)some public goods are more important than others 38.The person who does not pay for a public good _____. A) keeps himself from using its benefit B) cannot enjoy its benefit at any time C)fails to keep its benefit from being used D) enjoys its benefit all the same 39. In the third paragraph the author explains ______. ., c A) what role the market system plays in producing public goods B)how weak the market system plays in producing public goods C)why some people refuse to pay for public goods D)what we can do to make use of the market system 40. From the passage we learn that the purpose of collecting taxes is ___ A) to ensure the continuous supply of public goods B)to reduce the difference between the rich and the poor C)to get extra money to support public goods D)to remind people of their duty


Task 2 People in different parts of the world have very different ideas about what is good to eat. Even when people in different countries eat the same food, they often prepare it very differently. If you were in Germany, you would find soup that is thick and heavy. If you were in China, you would find soup that is thin and clear. On holidays most of us eat special foods. Year after year, even if many other things change, the food is always the same. Sometimes housewives begin weeks in advance to prepare the special foods that are traditionally served on certain holidays. People in different parts of the world also have different ideas about what is good to drink. Among the most popular hot drinks are coffee and tea. Coffee is very popular in northern Europe and in the Middle East. Some people put cream and sugar in their coffee. But in the United States, many people drink their coffee "black" that is without cream or sugar. Tea is the national drink in China, Japan, and other Oriental (东方的)countries. In the Orient, people drink tea without sugar. But in England, where it is also a national drink, many people use both sugar and hot or cold milk in their tea. 41. People in different parts of the world _____. A) cook the same food in different ways B)like the same kinds of food C)have the same ideas about foods D)know how to prepare the same food 42. Special foods on holidays will _____. A) change a lot year after year B)have different tastes with the years passing by C)remain the same for many many years D)be served before certain holidays 43. When drinking coffee, many Americans like to _____. A)add tea to it B)add milk to it C) drink it with cream or sugar added D) drink it with nothing added 44. In England,_____ is a popular national drink. A)cold milk B)tea C) hot milk D)black coffee 45. Which of the following is the best title for the passage? A) We Should Eat Different Foods B)Special Foods on Certain Holidays C) People in Western Countries Lake Coffee Most D) Different Ideas about Foods and Drinks Task 3 The University Bookstore is a self-supporting university-owned organization, which was founded in 1921. It provides students, faculty, staff and campus visitors with a variety of

products and services. In order to fulfill its primary mission, the bookstore stocks new and used textbooks, general books, school supplies, office products, educationally priced computer software, and art and engineering supplies. As a convenience, the bookstore also stocks additional items like gifts, sportswear, greeting cards, candy and sundries (杂货). Services the bookstore provides include bookbinding, special order book service, gift wrapping, photo developing, used book buy-back and postage stamps, as well as fax services. The bookstore is located on the main floor of the Wyoming Union. Hour of operation during the academic year (学年)are:9:00a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday; 10:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m. Saturday; 9:00 a.m. to 30 minutes prior to kickoff (开球)on Saturday with home football games. The University Bookstore Owner of the store: 46 Time of founding: 47 Items provided: various products and Location of the store: on the 49 Working hours on weekdays: 50 Task 4 A) demand deposit C)face value E)Automatic Teller Machine G) cable transfer I)high rate savings K)open an account M) irrevocable credit O) receipt in foreign currency 51.( 52.( 53.( 54.( 55.( Task 5 Hangzhou ABC Export Corporation 182, Xihu Road, Hangzhou September 15, 2002 Lawson & Company 1470 St. Louis Street

48 of the Wyoming Union

B) fixed deposit D)cash payment F) black market H) chain bank J)not transferable L) current account N) credit card

)现金支付 )定期存款 )不得转让 )面值 )活期存款

( ( ( ( (

)电汇 )开户 )自动柜员机 )不可撤销信用证 )高息储蓄

Los Angeles, CA 90015 U.S.A. Gentlemen, Many thanks for your letter of September 10, 2002. We are interested to hear that you saw our advertisement in the SILK GARMENTS, and appreciate your interest in Peony brand products we stock. We are enclosing a copy of our terms of business, where you will find details of our quantity discounts and our price list for the complete range of Peony products. As you will see, we can grant special terms for orders of the value you mention. By the way, our sales representative for the United States will be in California from the 20th to the 26th of this month, and we have asked him to call on you during this period. He will bring some samples of our Peony clothes and is authorized to discuss the terms of an order with you or to negotiate a contract. We hope our products will be just what you want for the fashionable trade, and look forward to the opportunity of performing our reliable services. Yours truly, Li Qiang Sales manager 56. Who is the receiver of this letter? 57. What kind of discount is offered? 58. Who will pay a visit to the importer sometime this month? The _____ of the exporter in the U.S.A.. 59. What will be brought to the importer for examination? Some _____ of the goods. 60.How does the exporter describe their services? They are _____. Part F Translation (25 minutes) 61. School spirit is a quality that begins early and often lasts a lifetime. A)学习精神是一种很早开始便养成而最后延续到你一生的素质。 B)校园精神是一种很早就养成的并常常能持续终身的品质。 C)学校的目的是为培养学生从开始一直延续到生命最后的一种品格。 D)学校教育质量常常是在人生的早期就开始而且对一生有关。 62.Remaining in a bad relationship not only causes continual stress but may even be physically harmful. A)保持不良关系不但会引起持续的精神紧张,甚至可能有害健康。 B)僵硬的人际关系不但引起持续的压力,而且引起身体的危害。 C)留在一个坏的关系中,不仅会造成大的压力,而且会精神衰弱。 D)保留坏行为,引起的是继续的压力,但不引起物理上的危害。

63.People who are not self-confident depend too much on the praise of others in order to feel good about themselves. A)人们不自信地信任别人,只为了让他们自己过得快乐。 B)不自信的人通常在意他人的赞扬,为了让自己感觉好。 c)缺乏自信心的人过分依赖他人的赞赏来使自己感觉良好。 D)没有自信的人靠别人的怜悯来使自己感觉舒服。 64.We'd like to cancel the order for the goods because of the change in the home market. A)我们喜欢购买东西,只是为了满足家庭的需要。 B)我们想要撤销商品的订单,是因为家庭市场起了变化。 c)因为超市价格发生了变化,我们想要退货。 D)由于国内市场的变化,我们想取消该批货物的订单。 65.We request that no foods or beverages(饮料)be brought into Disneyland.A picnic area is located west of the main entrance for your convenience.Also,for the comfort of those around you , we request that there be no flash photography , eating or drinking in any pleasure grounds.Guests with very young children may take turns enjoying these places. Part V Wrriting (15 minutes) 你是辽宁大学的一位教授,李力。你的学生田刚要申请去佛罗里达大学学习。请为他 写一封推荐信。必须包括对收信人的称谓、写信日期、发信人的签名等基本格式。 Words for reference:学士学位 a bachelor' degree;优异的成绩 outstanding marks;勤奋 diligence;坚忍不拔 perseverance;潜力 potentiality;学术的 academic



16~25 B B D C A


SECTION B 26. knows 27. had left 31. living 32. unfairly 36~45 A C D B A 46. the university 50. 9:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. 51. D G 52. B K

28. different 33. has evolved ACDBD 47. 1921

29. give 30. putting 34. favorable 35. less

48. services

49. main floor

53. J E

54. C M

55. A I 58. sales representative

56. Lawson & company 57. Quantity discounts 59. samples 60. reliable

2---1.5---1---0 61. B—A—C—D 62. A—B—C—D 63. C—B—D—A 64. D—B—C—A 65. 我们要求您不要将食品带进迪斯尼乐园。为了您的方便,我们在正门西边设有野餐区。 另外,我们要求您在任何游乐区都不要用闪光灯拍照,也不要在游乐区吃东西或喝饮 料。带幼童的游客可以轮流玩这些地方。

Liaoning University Shenyang 110031 China January 23,2003 Dear Sir, This letter is on behalf of one of my best students, Mr. Tian Gang, who studied in Liaoning

University. There he earned a bachelor ’ degree and graduated with outstanding marks. As one of his teachers, I was very impressed with his diligence and his perseverance in his studies. Besides, he was quick in response, able to think clearly and wisely and approached academic problems in a systematic and original way, hence my perfect confidence in his high potentiality for academic study and independent research. I am sure that you will enjoy being in association with him. I think that Mr. Tian Gang would do well in his future program and that you would enjoy having him as a student. Sincerely yours, Li li Professor of Liaoning University




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