黄金答题模板 说明文是以说明为主要表达方式来解说事物、阐明事理而给人知识的文章体 裁.它通过揭示概念来说明事物特征、本质及其规律性. 说明文一般介绍事物的形状、构造、类别、关系、功能,解释事物的原理、含义、特点、演 变等.

Dear Tom, In your last e?mail, you showed a great interest in our National Stadium— 事物.Now I’d like to introduce it to you. The Bird’s Nest is located on 位置,and covers an area 建筑面积.Its construction was started in December,2003 and completed in 2007.It looks just 外观 made of tree branches. During the Olympic Games,用途.After the Games it has been used for 用途. The Bird’s Nest is thought highly of by officials and experts all over the world. UN Ex?Secretary?General Kofi Annan also gives the thumbs?up to its design and thinks that it will be 评价. I hope that my introduction satisfies you. Yours sincerely, Li Ming

黄金答题模板 要求论述两个对立的观点并给出自己的看法. ①有一些人认为…… ②另一些人认为…… ③我的看法…… The topic of(主题)is becoming more and more popular recently. There are two sides of opinions about it. Some people say A is their favorite. They hold their view for the reason of(支持 A 的理由一).What is more,(理由二).Moreover,(理由三). While others think that B is a better choice in the following three reasons. Firstly,(支 持 B 的理由一).Secondly (Besides),(理由二).Thirdly (Finally),(理由三). From my point of view, I think(我的观点).The reason is that(原因).As a matter of fact , there are some other reasons to explain my choice. For me, the former is surely a wise choice.

黄金答题模板 It is well?known that 现状.What impressed us most is________. It is true that 进一 步说明某现状.Why does such circumstance occur?The main reason is 原因一. Besides,原因二。Thirdly, since________, it is natural that 原因三. As a result,描述结果.Of course it is not easy to deal with the problem, but is worth trying. We should do something such as 举例 to improve the present situation, and maybe everything will be better in the future.

黄金答题模板 Dear Sir/Madam, Your advertisement for 应聘的职位 in 看到该招聘广告的地方 interested me because the position that you described sounds exactly like the kind of job I am seeking(简述应聘的原因). According to the advertisement, your position requires 该职位的应聘条件. I feel that I am competent to meet the requirements(表达自信). On one hand, I 本人优势一. On the other hand, I 本人优势二.My ability to 本人优势三 is out of question. If I’m lucky enough to have the opportunity to work in your 对方单位,I would 表达 决心. I would appreciate your time in reviewing my enclosed resume(如有附件,礼貌地请 对方过目).Please contact me on 你的联系方式一: 电话号码 or E?mail me at 你的联系方式二:电子邮箱地址. I am looking forward to your early reply(表达愿望). With many thanks, Li Hua

黄金答题模板 称呼, I’m glad to receive your letter asking for my advice on how to 要建议的事情. Here are a few suggestions. First, it is important to(第一件应该做的事情).As you’ ll be able to 这样做的好处一. Then, it also helps to 这样做的好处二. Besides, it should be a good idea to(第二件 应该做的事情).You can also(第三件要做的事情).This does good to(这样做的好 处). I believe, if you take these good advice, you can(表达祝愿). 落款

黄金答题模板 第一段:描述图画 As is vividly shown in the picture above,图画的内容. The picture tells us that 这幅图 画大致反映的意思. 第二段:解释、说明和分析图画 The implied meaning of the picture should be taken into account seriously. First/To begin with,揭示涵义/原因/结果 1.Second/What’ s more,揭示涵义/原因/结果 2.Last but not least/Finally, 揭示涵义/原因/结果 3(如果有的话). And the social problem(如果是现象的话可以 用 phenomenon)has arisen the great concern/care of our whole society/world/all the people.

第三段:给出自己的看法和想法以及解决问题的办法 In my view/point of view/As for me, we should take some measures as follows to deal with the problem shown in the picture. First, we should 具体的措施 1.And then we have to/must 具体的措施 2.Only in these ways can we solve the problem of 具体 的问题.

黄金答题模板 As is shown by the figure/percentage in the table/picture,某种现象 has been on the rise/decrease, significantly/dramatically rising/decreasing from 相关数据 in 某方面 to 相关数据 in 某方面. From the sharp/marked rise/decline in the chart, it goes without saying that 某种结 果. There are at least two good reasons accounting for 这种结果. On the one hand,原因 一.On the other hand,某种结果 is due to the fact that 原因二.In addition, 原因三 is responsible for 结果.Maybe there are some other reasons to show 结果.But it is generally believed that the reasons mentioned above are commonly convincing. As far as I am concerned, I hold the point of view that 个人观点.I am sure my opinion is both sound and well grounded.

黄金答题模板 时间 is memorable because 人物 had a meaningful experience on that day. In the morning, we 活动一.Upon arrival, we began to 活动二. Some were 活动三.Others were 活动 四.After getting the work done, we 活动五.Seeing 活动六,we 感受.We feel it’ s our duty to 动作.

Pollution, protect the environment, give off a bad smell, send out smoke and poisonous gases into the air, pour waste water into the river, cut down trees, throw litter, sandstorm, global warming, Greenhouse Effect, live in harmony with, take proper measures to, improve the environment, pose a great threat to, be endangered, die out, become extinct, species, be from bad to worse, spring up like mushrooms, flood into...

话题 二:中学生的兴趣爱好

Spare time, hobby, entertainment, be interested in, have special favor to, be fond of, be keen on, have a taste in, read novels, surf the interne t, chat online, collect stamps, doing sports, develop an interest in, play musical instrument...

Make friends with, friendship, friendly, trust each oth er, righteous, honesty, knowledgeable, standard, precious, be loyal to, keep in touch with, keep company with sb., have a lot in common, share happiness and bitterness with each other, treasure, good-tempered... A friend is a present which you give yourself. A life without a friend is a life without a sun.

Offer service to, heart and soul, physical labor, mental labor, honorable, earn pocket money, part-time job, full-time job, steel one’s mind, enlarge one’s knowledge, get working experience, apply for, major in, graduate from, degree, scholarship, be skilled in, confident, experience d, perform well in school, leadership, communicative, cooperative, competitive, diligent...

School rules and regulations, obey, be neatly dressed, respect one’s teachers and parents, be on time, keep the environment clean, break the rules, spit, cheat in exam, get in line, punish sb for, it’s shameful to, library card, student ID, bicycle-permit, be absent from... 秘笈二:巧用插入语,点亮量分点。 1. what’s more 更重要的是;更何况;而且 You should go to see her, because she misses you, and what’s more, she needs your help. 你应该去看她,因为她很想念你,更重要的是,她需要你的帮助。 He will surely help you, because he is your best friend, and what’s more, he is so kind. 他肯定会帮你,因为他是你最好的朋友,更何况他的心地又是如此之好。 2. besides 更何况 You can pass the exam, because you study very hard, and besides, you are so clever. 你能通过这次考试,因为你学习很认真,更何况你又很聪明。 3. what’s worse, to make the matter worse, worse still 更糟糕的是 You can’t play computer games too much, because it will do harm to your health. What’s worse, it will waste your time. 你不能过分玩电脑游戏,因为它会损害你的 身体。更糟糕的是,它会浪费你的时间。 4. that is(to say)也就是说,即

He will come on National Day, that is (to say), October 1st. 他国庆节,即十 月一日来。 5. or rather 更确切地说 He arrived home late last night, or rather, early this morning. 他昨天深夜, 更 确切地 说,今天一大早才回家。 6. in other words 换言之 You needn’t come to work tomorrow, in other words, you are out of work. 你明 天不用来上班了,换言之,你下岗了。 7. believe it or not 信不信由你 Believe it or not, he is more than one hundred years old. 信不信由你,他已经 100 多岁了 。 8. generally speaking, generally, in general 一般说来 Gene rally speaking, boys are more active than girls. 一般说来,男孩比女孩更 活跃。 9. altogether 总之 She is kind. She is diligent. She is considerate. Altogether she is a good girl. 她善 良,她勤奋,她善解人意。总之,她是一个好女孩。 10. in a word 总之 This book is very interesting. This book is very instructive. This book is very fashionable. In a word, this book is very good. 这本书很有趣,这本书有教育意义, 这本书很时尚。总之,这本书很好。 11. similarly 同样 A machine needs fuel. Similarly, man needs food. 机器需要燃料,同样道理,人 类需要营养。 12. worst of all 最糟糕的是 It was very dark, and I lost my way. Worst of all, it began to rain. 天很暗,我又迷 了路,最糟糕的是,天又开始下雨。 13. in fact, actually, in reality, as a matter of fact 实际上 She seems thirty-five, but in fact, she is only thirty. 她看起来有三十五岁, 但实际 上只有三十岁。 14. in turn 反过来 T heory begins with practice and in turn serves practice. 理论来源于实践又反过 来为实践服务。 15. in return 做为报答 She gave me much help, and in return, I gave her some money. 她给我许多帮 助,做为报答我给她一些钱。 16. above all 尤其重要的是,最为重要的是 You can’t waste anything, and above all, you can’t waste your time. 你不能浪费 任何东西,尤其不能浪费时间。 17. after all 意思为“毕竟,终究”,放在句首时含有别忘了之意,用来表示听话 人似乎忘记了某一个重要环节而需要被加以提醒, 放在句末时有与预料中的情况 相反之意 Let her go alone; after all, she is eighteen, she is no longer a child. 让她一个人去 吧,毕竟,她十八岁了,不再是一个小孩了。

I thought he was sure to die that night, but he lived through after all. 我以为他活不 过当晚,但他竟然活过来了。 18. in one’s opinion, in the opinion of sb. 以……之见 In my opinion, your plan is not considerate. 依我看,你的计划并不周全。 19. exactly 非常确切,确切地 —We should serve the people heart and soul. —Exactly. It is our duty to do so. —我们应该全心全意为人民服务。 —确切地说。这是我们的责任 20. as a result 结果 It rained very hard, and as a result, he couldn’t go out. 雨下得很大, 结果他不能 出去。 21. no wonder 难怪 —He started very early yesterday morning. —No wonder he got there ahead of time.


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