Oprah,相信很多人都知道,美国一个非常有名的脱口秀主持人,她绝对是个非主流的主持 人,首先她是个黑人,而且她长的还很胖,很难看,但就是这个又黑又丑的女人征服了无数 美国观众,2008 年她被邀请到 Stanford 做 commencement speech,就是下面这个:


这个演讲延续了 Oprah 诙谐幽默的主持风格,将了 3 个方面的问题:感情,失败和最求幸 福(feelings, failure and finding happiness.)

1. feeling:

When you're doing the work you're meant to do, it feels right and every day is a bonus, regardless of what you're getting paid.

Every right decision I've made—every right decision I've ever made—has come from my gut. And every wrong decision I've ever made was a result of me not listening to the greater voice of myself.

You want your work to be meaningful. Because meaning is what brings the real richness to your life. What you really want is to be surrounded by people you trust and treasure and by people who cherish you. That's when you're really rich.

2. learn from the failure:

I'd built that school from the outside in, when what really mattered was the inside out. What matters most is what's inside. What matters most is the sense of integrity, of quality and beauty.


you have to live for the present. You have to be in the moment. Whatever has happened to you in your past has no power over this present moment, because life is now.

Don't live for yourself alone. This is what I know for sure: In order to be truly happy, you must live along with and you have to stand for something larger than yourself. Because life is a reciprocal exchange. To move forward you have to give back. And to me, that is the greatest lesson of life. To be happy, you have to give something back.

The lesson here is clear, and that is, if you're hurting, you need to help somebody ease their hurt. If you're in pain, help somebody else's pain. And when you're in a mess, you get yourself out of the mess helping somebody out of theirs.

Not everybody can be famous. But everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service



2008 年她被邀请到 Stanford 做 commencement speech,就是下面这个: 这个演讲应该很容易听懂,不翻译了,实在听不懂看这里 这个演讲延续了 Oprah 诙谐幽默的主持风格...


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