2008 年考研英语应用文黄金预测范文集锦
第一节应用文黄金预测范文 一. 私人信函 范文 1 Directions: One of your best friends, Mary, moved to another city a few days ago. Write a keep ? in ? touch letter to her, telling her you missed her, asking how she is going on, and introducing the latest information about yourself. Write in no less than 100 words. You don ? t need to write the address. Don ? t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Lily instead. Dear Mary, You ? ve been on my mind a lot the past few days; I have been missing you so much. Now I felt it was time to sit down and write. Are you settled in yet? Have you met any of your new friends? Things are not a piece of cake for you in a new place. It seems as if you ? ve been gone forever. One sad fact about human nature is that we don ? t seem to appreciate what we have till it ? s gone. That ? s how I ‘m feeling now. So much has happened since you left; I have been to the police station once, because my wallet was stolen on the bus. And I had to prepare for the CET six, I felt extremely exhausted these days. Fortunately, the exam is over, so I got time to write to you. Be sure to write soon. I ? m eager to hear from you. Affectionately, Lily 译文 亲爱的玛丽: 这几天我一直想着你,我真的特别想你。所以决定坐下来给你写信。你在那边都安顿好 了吗?有没有见到一些新朋友?去一个新的地方对你来说不轻松。 我感觉你好像永远在我生活中消失了。人类的一个弱点就是总是在失去以后才懂得珍 惜。我现在就是这么想的。

你走后发生了很多事情。我去了趟警察局,因为我的钱包在车上被偷了。另外我还要准 备六级考试,这些天真的感觉好累。还好,考试结束了,我可以给你写信了。 尽快给我回信好吗?我真的想早点收到你的信。 挚爱的:莉莉 范文 2 Directions: Your aunt subscribed 21st Century for you as a present. Write a letter to your aunt, expressing your thankfulness, telling her how you like it. Write in no less than 100 words. You don ? t need to write the address. Don ? t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Ella instead. Dear aunt, Thank you very much for the subscription to 21st Century for me. I have received the latest edition by post mail. Someone must have told you that it is my favorite newspaper; and of course, you know it is very helpful for me to enlarge my vocabulary and enhance my reading comprehension through reading English newspapers. Every week the arrival of a new copy will mean new studying projects to me, and seeing the newspaper will remind me of your kind love. You couldn ? t have chosen a better present for me. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely yours, Ella 译文 亲爱的姑姑: 谢谢你订阅的 21 世纪报纸。邮局已经给我送来了最新一期。一定有人告诉你这是我最 喜欢的报纸,当然你肯定知道阅读英文报纸对于我扩大词汇量和提高阅读理解很有帮助。 每周收到新的一期, 对于我来说都意味着新的学习, 每次看到这份报纸都会让我想起你 给我的爱。这是我收到最好的礼物。 期待着收到您的回信。 你真挚的:艾拉 二. 邀请信

范文 Directions: You want to invite Mr. Williams to give a lecture on "American literature" in your college. Supposed you are the assistant of the English department, write a letter and say: 1) the purpose of the invitation. 2) the time of the lecture. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don ? t need to write the address. Don ? t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Linda instead. Dear Mr. Williams, I am writing on behalf of the English Department to invite you to give a lecture in our college. We know that you are an expert on American literature. As English majors, our students would like to know something about American literature. We would be very grateful if you could give a talk on "Contemporary American Literature" to students of the English Department on Saturday, June 4. If this subject does not suit you, any other similar topic would be welcome as well. We have already had several very interesting talks from some distinguished visitors from various countries and we look forward early to the opportunity to benefit from your experience and wisdom. Yours truly, Linda 译文 威廉姆先生: 我代表校英语系邀请您来做一次演讲。 我们知道您是美国文学方面的专家。 作为英语专 业的学生, 我们想了解一些美国文学的知识。 如果你能在 6 月 4 日能在英语系做一场“当代 美国文学”的演讲,我们将不胜感激。如果您觉得这个题目不合适,任何相似的题目都会很 受欢迎。 来自不同国家的著名学者已经在我系做过演讲, 我们真诚的期待能够有机会分享您的经 验与智慧。 你真挚的:琳达 三. 感谢信

范文 Directions: While your family was on vacation, your friend, Cathy looked after your dog, smart. Now you came back, write a letter to her to show your gratitude. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don ? t need to write the address. Don ? t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Emily instead. Dear Cathy, I am writing to express our heartfelt thanks for taking good care of smart while we were on holiday. He was such a happy dog when we got home; we knew he must have had lots of loving attention. When we used to pick up from the kennel he would whimper and carry on for hours. You not only saved us some money, you also spared us the worry of how he was doing while we were away. Your kind help is very much appreciated, not only by smart, but also by our whole family as well. Yours truly, Emily 译文 我写信是要谢谢在我们度假期间你帮助我们照顾小狗。 我回来时看见它是那么高兴, 就 知道你对它一定很好。以前每次度假回来,去寄存中心接它时它总是非常难过,要持续几个 小时。 你不但帮我们省了钱,也使我们免于对于它的担心。对于你的帮助我们都非常感谢。 你真诚的:艾米丽 四. 道歉信 范文 Directions: one of your pen friends, John, will be visiting your city. However, for some reasons, you can not meet him at the airport on time. Write a letter asking to wait for you at the airport and tell him how to recognize you. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don ? t need to write the address. Don ? t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Alice instead. Dear John,

I am eagerly looking forward to your visit to our city. After all these years of writing to each other, I can not wait to see you. However, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to meet you at the airport on time. The reason is that your flight will arrive early in the morning, and the earliest I can reach the airport will be about an hour after you land. Will you please wait for me in the arrival lounge? You can have breakfast while you wait. By the way, as we have never met I must tell you home to identify me: I am of 165cm tall and have a long hair. In addition, I will wear a white skirt and carry a China Daily at hand. Hope we can meet soon. Sincerely yours, Alice 译文 亲爱的约翰: 我非常期待着你来参观我们的城市。这么多年来我们一直通信,我早就想见到你了。但 是很抱歉我不能按时到机场接你。 因为你的飞机是一大早就到达机场, 而我最早也要 1 小时后才能到。 你能不能在旅客休 息室等我,你可以利用这段时间吃早饭。 随便说一句,因为我们没过面,我得告诉你怎么找我:我大概 1.65 米,长发。另外我 会穿一件白色的裙子,手上拿一份中国日报。 希望早点见到你。 你真挚的:艾丽丝 五. 祝贺信 范文 Directions: Your friend Jack has got his master ? s degree. Write a letter to show your congratulations. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don ? t need to write the address. Don ? t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Wang Li instead. Dear Jack, Heartfelt congratulations on your graduation from the Graduate School.

I have good reasons to feel proud of you. I know the degree of master meant many years of assiduous study and hard work. Now you have come through with flying colors and high honors. I have heard of your excellent record in research and extra ? curricular activities. In this you took the right road to emerge as a fully ? developed young man to society. I take pride in your achievements and avail myself of this opportunity to extend to you my best wishes for your success and happiness. Yours sincerely, Wang Li 译文 亲爱的杰克: 真心地恭喜你从研究生院毕业。 我有足够的理由引你为豪。我知道这个硕士学位代表着你多年来的勤奋学习和辛苦工 作。 现在你已经胜利而光荣地度过了这一关。 我已经听说了你在科研和课外活动方面的优秀 成绩。你走了一条正确的道路,使自己成为一个有益于社会的全面发展的人。 我为你的成绩感到骄傲,并借此机会向您致以良好的祝愿,祝你今后取得更大的成绩, 幸福愉快。 你诚挚的:王丽 六. 介绍信 范文 Directions: one of your friends Mary Brown is going to enter Mr. Johnson ? s school after her graduation. Write a letter to Mr. Johnson to introduce her. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don ? t need to write the address. Don ? t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Emma instead. Dear Mr. Johnson, I take great pleasure in introducing Mary Brown one of my classmates and best friends to you. She is going to pursue her education as a postgraduate in your university after her graduation here. She and I had lived and studied together for four years. No friend deserves so much love and respect as she does. Now that we have finished our study here we had to part with each other.

Will you please give her some guidance in regard to the entrance examination? Any information you can provide, as well as your introduction for him to meet the future tutor shall be appreciated very much. Yours truly, Emma 译文 亲爱的约翰逊先生: 很高兴地向您介绍我的同学也是我的好朋友, 玛丽。 她毕业后想继续到你们学校读研究 生。我们在一起生活和学习了四年。没有一个比她更好的朋友,可是马上要毕业了,我们也 不得不面对分离。 你可以给她提供一些有关入学考试的信息吗?你如果能给她提供一些信息, 能帮她安排 和导师见面的话,我将非常感谢。 您真挚的: 艾玛 七. 申请信 范文 Directions: You want to apply for a job as a personal secretary to the general manager of a company. Write a letter to the Human Resources Department of that company offering your services. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don ? t need to write the address. Don ? t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Anita instead. Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to express my interest in your recently advertised position for a personal secretary to the general manager. I am fully confident that I am the right person for the job. I know that my future boss have lots of work each day, however, it is exactly the challenge inherent in my perspective job that attracts me and makes me to submit this application to you. I have worked as the private secretary in an insurance company for two years and gained many experiences. I believe my qualifications and work experiences will combine to produce an excellent work performance.

I would like to meet you to discuss the possibility of working in your company at a continent time. I can be reached at 8976-5678. Thank you for considering my application. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. Yours sincerely, Anita 译文 亲爱的女士或先生: 我对贵公司最近招聘经理秘书的广告非常感兴趣。我相信我是这个职位最合适的人选。 我知道我以后的领导工作非常繁忙, 但正是这份工作中的挑战吸引了我, 我才决定写申 请信。我在一家保险公司做过两年的秘书,积累了很多经验。我相信我的能力和工作经验可 以保证我能够出色的工作。 方便的话我想能和您就此事面谈。我的电话是 8976-5678. 感谢你对这份申请信的关注。请尽快和我联系。 您真挚的:安妮塔 八. 建议信 范文 Directions: Your local library intends to improve its service and facilities. As a regular library use, please write a letter to the chief librarian, offering your suggestions. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don ? t need to write the address. Don ? t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Donna instead. Dear Sir or Madam, I am glad to hear that the library is to take some measures to improve its service and facilities. So I am writing to offer my proposals. We all know that libraries play a vital role in the education and entertainment of the general reader. In my opinion, our library should do its best to purchase the latest publications as well as make sure that it has a full set of classical and reference works. Another important facility I suggest is the Internet via

computers. In this way, the library will expand its services to a larger number of readers. All in all, I think a library should take all necessary measures to keep up with the times. I will highly appreciate your consideration of my proposals. Yours sincerely, Donna 译文 亲爱的女士或先生: 听说我们的图书馆将改善服务和设施我很高兴。我写信想提些我的建议。 我们都知道图书馆在对大众的教育和娱乐方面起了很重要的作用。 我认为我们的图书馆 应该尽量购买最新的出版物, 另外要保证收藏所有的经典书和参考书。 另外我要建议的是电 子图书馆。这样,更多的人可以享受到图书馆的服务。 总之,我想一个好的图书馆应该紧跟时代的发展。希望你能考虑我的建议。 你真挚的:堂娜 九. 投诉信 范文 Directions: You found something wrong with the telephone bill you have received from the local post office. You made a call to inquire about this; however the person who answered the call was very rude. Write a letter of complaint to the manager of the post office, explaining the situation and giving your suggestions for improvement. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don ? t need to write the address. Don ? t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Donna instead. Dear Sir, I am writing to let you know the deplorable attitude of one of your staff member. I received my telephone bill for the previous month from you and thought there were some errors in calculation: I had been overcharged for two overseas calls. However, when I called your Complaints Department, the girl who answered my phone was very rude. For one thing she interrupted me continually, for another she even said that the fault was my own. Needless to say, such a way of dealing with customers is unacceptable.

I would like to suggest that the girl in question should be disciplined, and instructed on the proper way to deal with clients. And I hope she can make formal apology to me. An early response will be appreciated. Sincerely yours, Donna 译文 亲爱的先生: 我写这封信是为了让你知道你们一个员工的服务态度。 我收到你们上个月的话费单后发 现有些计算错误,我觉得我被多收了两个国际长途费用。 但当我打电话询问客服部门时, 接电话的女孩态度非常粗鲁。 一方面她总是打断我的话, 另一方面她甚至说错误在我。这样对待客户的态度实在让人难以接受。 我建议对这个女孩进行惩罚,另外告诉该如何对待客户。我希望她能向我正式道歉。 请早日回复。 真挚的:堂娜 十. 咨询信 范文 Directions: You are going to study at a foreign university. Write a letter inquiring about the specific information as regards accommodation, fees and qualifications there. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don ? t need to write the address. Don ? t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Li Hua instead. Dear Sir or Madam, I am a Chinese student who wishes to pursue further study at your university. I plan to start my course next semester, and it would be highly appreciated if you would provide me with some essential information. First, how much are the tuition fees? Though I intend to be self ? supporting, I would be interested to know if there are any scholarships available for international students. Second, I wonder what qualifications I need to follow a course at your university, now I have got a master ? s degree in a Chinese university,

is it enough? Third, as regards to accommodations, if possible, I would like to have a single room, but if single rooms are expensive, I would be willing to share. I am looking forward to your reply, and to attending your esteemed institution. Yours sincerely, Li Hua 译文 亲爱的先生/女士: 我是一个中国学生,我想到贵校继续深造。我打算下学期开始上课,如您能告知我一些 基本的信息将感激不尽。 首先, 学费是多少?尽管我想自费, 但如果有为国际留学生提供的奖学金我也非常感兴 趣。第二,我想知道到贵校上学需要什么资格,我现在拿到了中国一所大学的硕士学位,这 样可以吗?第三,至于住宿条件,如果可能我想要单人房间,但如果单人房间太贵,我也可 以合住。 我期待着您的回复,更希望早日成为贵校的一员。 您诚挚的:李华 十一. 备忘录 范文 Directions: Someone put forward a proposal to adopt the “punch ? in” system in her memo in June 12, 2006. Write a memo to her with the information below. Your memo should be in no less than 100 words. To: Mr. Brown manager of operations From: Betty Green Supervisor Subject: comments on the "punch ? in" system Date: September 21 This is further to your memo dated back to June 12, 2006, in which you proposed that the employees adopt the “punch ? in” system. I fully agree with you that we should take measures to increase the productivity and that we would a tighter control over the employees if the “punch ? in” system is adopted. However, honestly speaking, I don ? t think that adopting a tighter

system will increase productivity. The most effective way to increase productivity, in my opinion, is to give the employees more incentives to work. I think we could further discuss other possibility of achieving this goal. Your consideration of this suggestion would be highly appreciated. Yours sincerely, Betty Green 译文 这是回复你 2006 年 6 月 12 日的备忘录,当时你建议所有的员工采用打卡考勤制度。 我非常同意你的看法, 我们应该采取措施提供工作效率, 如果采用打卡考勤制度我们可 以更严格的控制员工。但说实话,我并不认为实行打卡制度就可以提高工作效率。我认为, 提高工作效率最好的办法就是给员工更多的鼓励。 对于实现这一目的的方式我们还可以继续 探讨。 希望你能认真考虑这个建议。 你真挚的:贝蒂·格林 十二. 摘要 范文 Directions: Study the following essay carefully and write a summary in about 100 words. Student Rights By Jeff Bakersfield Who knows better than the students themselves what a university should do for them and how they should be treated? Yet how often do students have any say at all in such important issues as faculty selection, curriculum planning, and scheduling? The answer is obvious: never. If university administrations refuse to include student representatives in the decision-making process, something drastic must be done. Let ? s examine what is happening right here on our own campus in the areas mentioned above. The first major issue is the selection of faculty members. Never in the history of this college has a student been permitted to interview, examine the credentials of, or even meet prospective professors. All hiring is done by a joint administrative ? faculty committee, often made up of people who will not even

have extensive dealings with the individuals after they begin teaching. Those who have the most at stake and whose lives and academic careers will be governed by the professors - the students themselves - never even meet the new teachers until the first class meeting. No one is better equipped to evaluate a professor ? s ability to communicate with students than those whom he or she intends to teach. Anyone can read curriculum vitae to ascertain the level of professional training and experience someone has had, but the best judges of a teacher ? s ability to teach, which is the primary function of any professor, are undoubtedly the students themselves. WWW.GONGWU.COM.CN 2005-8-13 2:39:46 Students ? interest in and commitment to appropriate curricula are even more obvious. We have come to college with very specific purposes in mind: to prepare ourselves intellectually and practically for the future. We know what we need to learn in order to compete successfully with others in our chosen fields. Why should we be kept out of the curriculum planning process? If we pay for the textbooks, spend hours in the library doing research, and burn the midnight oil studying for tests and exams, why are we not permitted to give our opinions about the materials we will spend so many hours studying? It is imperative that our views be made known to curriculum planners. Finally, the area of scheduling is of vital interest to students. The hours at which classes are offered affect the workings of our daily lives. Many of us must juggle work and class schedules, but often administrators ignore such problems when they schedule classes. Schedules must be convenient and flexible so that all students have equal opportunities to take the most popular classes and those which are most essential to their majors. If students helped with scheduling, never would there be two required courses offered at the same time for only one semester per academic year. Never would we have to wait two or three semesters to take a course that is a prerequisite for other desired courses, nor would we have to race across campus in ten minutes to get from one class to the next. Students are vitally concerned with the scheduling area.W004-5-27 22:15:08 In the 1960s and early 1970s, students were not too shy or fearful to demonstrate against the injustices they saw in the draft system and the Vietnam conflict. Why should students today be afraid to voice their opinions about the very important issues that affect their very lives? It is imperative that students act to protect their own rights. Fellow university students, I urge that you meet together and draw up demands to be presented to the administration. We must take the future in our own hands, not be led to it like passive sheep. Let us act now so that we will not be sorry later!

Summary : In his essay, Student Rights, Jeff Bakersfield stated that students had the right to be involved in university administrative decisions. Using the current situation on his own college campus as an example, he emphasized that students should be included in decisions regarding selection of faculty, curriculum planning, and scheduling of classes. He pointed out that students not only had more vital interests in the decisions made in these areas than those who traditionally settle the issues, but that they were also better equipped through their experiences as students to make intelligent decisions about them. Bakersfield concluded by stating that it was crucial for students to become actively involved in protesting unilateral administrative decisions and proposed that they meet to discuss their mutual interests and demands. 译文 在学生的权利一文中,Jeff Bakersfield 强调学生有权利参与学校行政决定的过程。 他举了他所在学校作为例子, 强调学生应该参与到员工招募、 课程设置和课时安排等方面的 决定。他指出学生对这些决定比那些做决定的人更感兴趣,另外,让他们做出关系切身利益 的决定使他们更能成为好学生。 Bakersfield 总结到学生应该主动要求打破原来单边决定模 式,学生应该在一起讨论他们共同的兴趣和要求。 十三. 报告 Directions: You are now preparing for your graduation paper on the advantage and disadvantage of electronic mail; write a progress report to your tutor telling him what you have done last week. Your report should be no less than 100 words. To: Professor Barbara Felton From: James Green Date: April 12, 2005 Subject: First progress report on research paper This is the first of the two progress reports you asked me to submit about my research paper on the advantages and disadvantages of electronic mail. Last week, I gathered information from library materials and from an interview. Of the twelve references listed on my proposal, I found only nine, for others I will go to search in a larger library.

As far as interview concerned, I had an extended interview with Mr. Moore of General Dynamics, who gave me some brochures as well as a copy of a report on electronic mail he wrote for General Dynamics-materials I hope to use in my paper. Starting tomorrow, I will begin organizing my paper. I will be able to submit a rough draft by the end of this month. Sincerely yours, James Green 译文 这是您要求我做的有关电子邮件的利与弊论文的两个进展报告中的第一篇。 上周我收集的资料主要来源于图书馆和采访。 您建议的 12 本参考书, 我只找到了 9 本, 其他的我准备到大些的图书馆去找。 至于采访, 我对研究基础动力学的摩尔先生进行了一次深入的采访。 他给了我一些介绍, 同时还有一份他写的关于电子邮件的报告,我打算放到我的论文中。 从明天开始,我要开始组织我的论文。在月底应该可以将草稿给您看。 您诚挚的:詹姆士·格林



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考研英语应用文模板_研究生入学考试_高等教育_教育专区。考研英语应用文模板 第一部分 应用文模板 1. 介绍信 Dear ___, The bearer of this letter,Ms. / Mr...


考研英语应用文模板_研究生入学考试_高等教育_教育专区。第一部分 应用文模板 1. 介绍信 Dear ___, The bearer of this letter,Ms. / Mr.(姓名),is (rela...


凯程考研,中国最权威的考研辅导班 2017MPAcc 考研英语应用文写作范文: 推荐信推荐信 结构要点推荐信是向收信人推荐某人做某事的信件,一般分为三个部分: 1.指出被...