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Unit 3 Computers
Learning About Language

The history of computers
the second generation The first generation (1956-1963) (1945-1956)

the fourth generation (1971- )

the third generation (19641971)

calculating machine analytical machine universal machine


Pc(desktop /notebook)

artificial intelligence

Listen, Read and Talk


In your opinion, what should I do?

They have nothing in common.

He is a simple—minded man.
4.他跑得太快,我赶不上他. .

He ran so fast that I couldn’t catch up with him.


How will you deal with the car accident?




Active voice or Passive voice?


1.The old man has been dead for two years. 2.They have done the job. 3.The house has been built for 3 years.
现在完成时被动语态谓语: has/have+been+past participle



找 *They have read 20 books . ______ ------宾 have been read by them. 作 20 books 主, *I have bought a car . 看 A car has been bought me) (by 时 定 式

Please do the following: Active voice
1.We have bought a new personal computer.

Passive voice

A new personal computer has been bought by us

2.We have found many problems with our new computer.
Many problems have been found with our new computer. 3.They have built a PC the way we wanted.

A PC has been built the way we wanted.

4.They have just joined our computer to the Internet. Our computer has just been joined to the Internet. 5.We have used the computer every day since we bought it.

6.We The computer a lotbeen used every day since we bought it. have written has of e-mails on the computer in the past year.

A lot of e-mails have been written on the computer in the past year.

1.You can see the house_____ forC years.
A. isn’t painted

B. B.hasn’t painted
C.hasn’t been painted D.hadn’t been painted 2.---How long_____ at this jobs? B ---Since 1990. A.were you employed B.have you been employed C.had you been employed D.will you be employed

3.Great changes__in the city, and a lot of factories__. (B)

A.have been taken place; have been set up
B.have taken place; have been set up C.have taken place; have set up D.were taken place; were set up 4.She has______ by her classmates. A.laughed D B.laughed at C.been laughed D.been laughed at

5.Both my brithers work at the power station that___in 1996.C A.has set up B.has been set up

C.was set up

D.is set up

6.Rainforests_____C burned at such a speed that and they wll disappear from the earth in the near future. A.cut C.are being cut B.are cut D.had been cut

Discovering useful words and expreessions
totally 1._______________ completely (p19) revolution 2._______________ completely change So…that 3.________________ to make something happen 4.________________ when a baby or anomal is born birth 5.________________unable to understand difficult things simple-minded

go by 6_________________pass deal with 7._________________take correct action network 8.______________broadcast on several different channels truly 9.______________indeed

10.______________used to show that sth.happens anyway in spite of a problem

Complete the passage with the words:
One day I decided I would change the way I work and make a_________in the office. So I bought a computer and made sure it revolution was joined to a _________. And it was ____ exciting____my network neat and tidy and everybod y could read my writing. letters became so that But as time________I begain to feel that my idea had went by been________ wrong. Now I was no longer able to feel that my work was_____my own. When I became unhappy, my____________ totally __colleagues thought I needed a more advanced model of truly computer.________ they bought me a new one.So I have never been simple-minded able to escape from technology and___________ my work as I think fit! Anyway

deal with

Tick the right word
1.Life (total/totally) changed when I went to university. 2.I was (amazing/amazed) to find that I won the competition to design a new computer.
3.The competition was so (excited/exciting) that we cheered all evening.

4.I was so (excited/exciting) at the thought of meeting Yang Liwei that I could not sleep.
5.Robots can be bought so (cheap/cheaply) that I gave one to each of my friends. 6.It was so (unlucky/unluckily) that you lost your watch at the concert.

Using words and expressions(EX.1. and EX.2.) P56—p57
Using structures(EX.1. and EX.2.)

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