高考英语 大二轮总复习测试 语法专题 专题十 连词和状语从句



Ⅰ.用适当的从属连词填空 1.—My son is addicted to computer games.He is hopeless,isn't he? —Yes,________ he is determined to give up and start all over. 2.Provide your doctor with a detailed medical history ________ he can give you accurate treatment. 3. ________ the parking regulations have become stricter,more people will use public transport and leave their cars at home. 4.________ Sandy's damage is unlikely to last long,it would apparently hurt the total economic output of the fourth quarter. 5.________ you read English easily,you'll find it is another cup of tea to make conversation in English. 6. ________ I saw the beautifuldecorated house, I really wondered how she could manage that all by herself. 7.________ he could call the police,the thieves had run away with the suitcase,leaving him shocked and helpless. 8.—Well,Jane has many advantages,too. —Oh,yes.________ others are weak,she is strong. 9.________ the news,so far,has been good,there may be days ahead when it is bad. 10.The woman rushed out ________ she felt the house shaking. 11. After the war,a new school building was put up ______ there had once been a theatre. 12.—I wonder how much you charge for your services. —The first two are free ________ the third costs 30. 13.How can they expect to learn anything ________ they never listen? 14.Please call my secretary to arrange a meeting this afternoon,or ________ it is convenient to you. 15.Scientists are warning that ________ emissions of carbon (碳排放) are cut,we could be heading for an environmental disaster. 16.I will accept Guy coming with us,________ he pays for his own meals. 17.The movie Life of Pi is so attractive that it holds the audience's curiosity ________ the story reaches the end. 18.________ interesting a book it is,the boy never seems to be able to finish it off. 19.You seem to have a readymade answer ________ I ask you a question. 20.________ you need something,please don't hesitate to let me know. 答案 1.unless 2.so that 3.Now that/Since 4.Although/Though 5.Even if /Eventhough 6.When 7.Before 8.Where 9.While 10.immediately/ nstantly/directly/as soon as /the minute/the instant 11.where 12.while 13.when 14.whenever 15.unless 16.only if/unless 17.until 18.However 19.whenever 20.In case Ⅱ.用适当的连词填空

1.Bring the flowers into a warm room ________ they'll soon open. 2. Find ways to praise your children often, ________ you'll find they will open their hearts to you. 3.One Friday,we were packing to leave for a weekend away ________ my daughter heard cries for help. 4.The problem was a little hard,________ I was able to work it out. 5.I then realized she had no arms ________ legs,just a head,neck and torso. 6.The government of a developed country may well prefer to see a slowly increasing population, rather than one which is stable ________ in decline. 7.Stand over there ________ you'll be able to see the oil painting better. 8.He found it increasingly difficult to read,________ his eyesight was beginning to fail. 9.We were swimming in the lake ________ suddenly the storm started. 10.We are going to the bookstore in John's car.You can come with us ________ you can meet us there later. 11.At last,we found ourselves in a pleasant park with trees providing shade ________ sat down to eat our picnic lunch. 12.Some of us don't have much pocket money,________ we feel unhappy. 13.79.3% of the surveyed netizens say that their main motivation is to help their parents to live a better life ________ 67.7% claim that they work hard in order to change their own fate. 14.It looked like rain.________,it is clear this morning. 15.She said that it was so,she was mistaken,________. 答案 1.and 2.and 3.when 4.but/yet 5.or 6.or 7.and 8.for 9.when 10.or 11.and 12.so 13.while14.However 15.however

用适当的从属连词填空 Gandhi was honored as the father of the Indian nation.He has been respected and beloved by the Indians with the belief __1__ he is an Indian national hero. He was born in India in 1869.__2__ is recorded,he got married at the age of 13,following the local custom.In 1888 he sailed to England,__3__ he studied law for three years and became a lawyer.__4__ his return to India,he was sent to South Africa to work on a law case. In South Africa he was surprised to find __5__ the problem of racial discrimination was serious.There he formed an organization and this was __6__ he started to fight for equal rights. Gandhi returned to India in 1915,__7__ India was controlled by the British.He led the Indians to fight for an end to the British rule and independence for his country.__8__ in the political movement many Indians including Gandhi were put in prison and it was still not sure __9__ they could gain independence,the struggles never stopped.The British government had to give in and India won its independence in 1947.Unfortunately Gandhi was shot by an Indian __10__ opposed his views and died on January 30th,1948. 答案 1.that 2.As 3.where 4.On 5.that 6.how 7.when 8.Although/Though 9.whether 10.who

Ⅰ.根据上下文和括号里的提示,运用状语从句完成句子 Long time no see! I miss you very much.Now I am so excited 1.______________________(我迫

不及待地和你分享一次难忘的经历 ).I gave my first lesson today,which left me a deep impression.2.______________________(当我的学生看到一位年轻的老师走进教室的时候 ), they began to make more noise.I stood on the platform,feeling embarrassed and not knowing what to do,3.________________________(因为我缺乏教学经验).Then I realized something must be done.I asked the kids whether they liked English songs.4.________________________(我深呼一口气后),I sang a song I had practiced many times.To my surprise, all the kids were concentrating on my class later on.From this thing, I came to realize 5.________________________(无论发生什么事),we must stay clam first and then find a wise solution. 答案 1.that I can't wait to share with you an unforgettable experience 2.When my students saw a young teacher enter the classroom 3.because I was lacking in teaching experience 4.After I took a deep breath 5.whatever happens Ⅱ.完成句子 1.________________(无论哪国) you go,you should observe the law of the land. 2.The firefighters showed ________________(极大的勇气) that they were highly praised by the government. 3.________________(无论身在何处),you can keep an intimate contact with the rest of the world. 4. I believe that you'll build a good friendship with the people around you ________________ (只 要你想). 5.There are some other factors that need to be considered,________________ (即使你是正确 的). 6.The task was difficult and the time was not planned well,________________(结果他没有按 时完成任务). 7.You can't see the president of the university ________________(除非你预约). 8.Table tennis is such an interesting and popular game ________________(我们都喜欢玩). 答案 1.No matter which country 2.such great courage 3.No matter where you are 4.as long as you want to 5.even if you are right 6.so that he didn't finish it on time 7.unless you make an appointment 8.that we all like it